100 Indian Boy Names With Meanings For Your Baby

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Are you looking for that perfect baby name for the newest and the tiniest member of your family?

Look no more! We have got you covered with a list of unique Indian names for boys.

Most Indian names are derived from the religious-cultural values that implicate the way to a dignified life. This is the main reason why people make sure to choose a suitable name from the rich and diverse Indian heritage for their kids.

Giving your child a name that is derived from a widely-admired culture can come a long way. Indian culture is filled with thousands of inspirations and values necessary for shaping one's life.

If you are on the lookout for an apt Indian name for your newly-born baby boy, then you can check out our categorized list of Indian baby boy names.

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Some Common And Popular Indian Boys' Names

If you wish to pick a common and popular name for your baby, below are some of the unique Indian baby boy names that you can consider for your little baby.

1.Aadavan - It represents the vivid brightness of Lord Sun.

2.Aakesh - A unique ancient name that means the 'the lord of the sky.'

3.Amay - This divine name represents the strength and power of Lord Ganesha.

4.Abhik - A perfect modern Indian name that means 'fearless' and 'loved by everyone.'

5.Arpit - This is a trendy name representing the spirit of giving or dedicating with a pure soul.

6.Bhuvan - An ubiquitous Indian name derived from the word 'Bhavya,' it refers to purity and honesty.

7.Chitvan - Meaning 'a soothing delight for the eyes and the soul,' it is an excellent name to highlight the outstanding qualities of your baby boy.

8.Chaitanya - Chaitanya was a very famous and beloved Hindu saint. The meaning of the name is 'a source of high positive energy.'

9.Dhavak - The word is derived from ancient Sanskrit Literature. The name exhibits the qualities of leadership and a strong will to keep moving ahead.

10.Dhir - An exceptional short name for a baby boy, it represents the quality that teaches you to be patient and calm whenever needed.

11.Daiwik - A name that represents sheer spirituality. It means the impact and blessings of Lord Vishnu.

12.Deekshant - Let your child know how much he means to you with this precious name. It means 'the gift of god.'

13.Dhanvin - If you are looking for a name that bestows the blessings of Lord Shiva, then Dhanvin is a perfect name for a baby boy.

14.Doshagya - An extremely special and unique name, which means 'he knows the difference between good and evil, and he knows how to prevent evil.'

15.Ehit - A person who can change things with a nice smile.

16.Erish - A way of cherishing every small and big thing in life.

17.Gaman - This name refers to the spirit that keeps you active and going all the time.

18.Gana - Someone who belongs to the tribe of Lord Shiva.

19.Harman - A common Punjabi name, it means 'straight from the heart of God.'

20.Harshit - Bless your little boy with a smile that stays for the lifetime with this beautiful name. It refers to the quality of a charmer who always brings joy to others.

21.Harin - Another famous Punjabi name with a profound meaning -- 'stream of purity.'

22.Harishva - The name sounds quite modern, but has roots in Hindu traditions. It is one of the many names of Lord Shiva.

23.Hiresh - Hiresh is a very popular Indian name for a boy, which means 'king of gems.'

24.Hridhaan - This distinctive name is derived from the word 'Hridhay,' which means heart. The meaning of Hridhaan is 'the one with a big heart.'

25.Ijay - There are thousands of names in the Indian culture that represent the grace of Lord Vishnu. This is one of those names.

26.Illesh - Let your baby boy embrace the most extraordinary qualities with the name Illesh which means 'the leader of the earth.'

27.Idhayan - Idhan is an exceptional and distinguished name for a boy. It represents the pure joy that remains within the heart in all situations.

28.Joshit - Means  'joy and happiness.'

29.Kavish - A pure Hindi word derived from the core literature, it means 'the king of poets.'

30.Kishan - One of the many names of Lord Krishna.

31.Kiaan - If you are looking for a baby boy name that is old and unique with a modern appeal, then Kiaan is undoubtedly a great name to pick.

32.Kalagya - If you wish for your son to perform well in the art arena, Kalagya is a suitable name as it means 'skilled in the arts.'

33.Kanj - Is one of the numerous names of Lord Brahma.

34.Kavan - Those who specifically look for modern Indian baby names, Kavan, can be a good choice. It is another word for water.

35.Kanan - Means 'forest.' It is also the name of the YouTube sensation Kanan Gill.

36.Kunal - You probably know a guy or two with this name. It means 'the one who has the prettiest eyes.'

37.Medhansh - The name represents the quality of immense wisdom and intelligence, which is used for the sake of humanity.

38.Manvik - Refers to a boy with a kind heart who always puts others before himself.

39.Maahir - The name represents the skilful qualities of a person who is always eager to learn.

40.Nayan - A  Sanskrit word for eyes, it also implies 'the apple of the eye.'

Traditional Indian Names For A Boy

There are several Indian baby boy names that show strength and represent the ultimate traditional values. The below-mentioned Indian baby names are widely used across the different states of the country.

41.Jagan - Short for 'Jagannath,' this is another name of Lord Vishnu.

42.Kushal - The one who is clever and proficient.

43.Kapil - Implicates the innocence of Lord Shiva.

44.Lavish - The messenger of love and affection.

45.Malhar - A popular Raga in Indian classical music.

46.Nihir - The one who is as free as the wind and embraces everything that comes in his way.

47.Namit - The messenger who brings everyone towards the righteous path of humanity.

48.Nihan - Means 'profound.'

49.Amas - A name that depicts the quality of tenderness and mercy.

50.Nisin - Another modern derivation of one of the many names of Lord Shiva.

51.Ojas - The bodily strength of a person that also influences nobleness and wisdom.

52.Ojasvi - The one who is very bright and brave, and can make huge differences through positive energy.

53.Amava - Someone who can turn things around with immense strength.

54.Punit - Name meaning to maintain the magical aura of a person and effectively liberate the vibes of purity.

55.Prashant - Means 'peaceful' and 'kind.'

56.Purnit - An uber-cool and modern Indian baby boy name, it refers to the one who is created to complete.

57.Poorav - A modern name meaning 'east direction.'

58.Prateek - Name meaning 'symbol.'

59.Ronit - A sweet short name meaning 'happiness brought by prosperity.'

60.Akhil - Someone who knows how to evaluate things properly.

61.Anay - Is the one who has the power to rise without anyone else's support.

62.Rihaan - The chosen one who, with the grace of Lord Vishnu, can conquer the enemies.

63.Reeyaansh - Refers to the first ray of sunlight that touches the earth's surface.

64.Saahil - The one who is serene like a beach but is filled with possibilities like an ocean.

65.Saket - This name was chosen for ancient Ayodhya, as it is believed to be the closest place to heaven.

66.Sarin - Refers to someone who is always ready to help others.

67.Sankalp - Implies determination that cannot be denied.

68.Shivansh - A part of Lord Shiva.

69.Satvik - A name that represents the calming and giving nature of Lord Shiva.

70.Shayan - A person who is patient and courteous.

71.Samarth - It is a fancy name that interprets all the well-known qualities of Lord Krishna.

72.Sreeyan - One of the many names of Lord Vishnu.

73.Shlok - If you are willing to name your kid based on Vedic verses, then Shlok is most-recommended.

74.Swar - A small and divine name with thousands of meanings, including the sky, the sun, heaven, sound, and the word pronounced after Om.

75.Tatpara - A name commonly used for Lord Ganesha that has an impact on dedication and dignity.

76.Taral - It is a Hindi word referring to a liquid that can turn into anything when given the right directions.

77.Utkarsh - Implies a sudden awakening to be better and more flourishing.

78.Vivaan - Another name of Lord Vishnu meaning 'hope for life.'

79.Viraj - The most powerful entity in the universe.

80.Zeeshaan - A person who appreciates and promotes peace and passion.

Best Indian Baby Boy Names

cool indian names of indian boys

Your search for the perfect Indian baby names for your beloved boy ends here.

81.Atharv - Another common Indian name for a baby boy derived from the Vedic treasure.

82.Apurva - If you wish to give your child a highly popular name with an intense meaning, then this is the one. It means 'unmatched and unique.'

83.Adri - Means 'as strong as a mountain.'

84.Chinmay - A name derived from Hindu mythology, meaning 'pure thoughts.'

85.Mayank - A charming name for a boy with a cool and calm personality.

86.Devak - Someone who is chosen to spread the divine glory of God.

87.Kanishk - The one who derived the vehicle of Lord Vishnu.

88.Nimit - The one with a firm will to bring a change through determination and wisdom.

89.Chaitya - Someone who is easygoing and always prevents mess.

90.Divit - Refers to a power that cannot be diminished.

91.Ishivatva - A superior entity no one can stop..

92.Kanav - Someone who holds a lot of experience and is very wise for his age.

93.Lakshay - The one who is bound to reach his goals!

94.Loukya - A name derived from the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

95.Meer - A man who is always prepared to take on responsibilities.

96.Mihit - Another name of Lord Sun.

97.Samar - An Indian name with Arabic origin, it means 'the presence of positive possibilities.'

98.Samrat - Means 'the king of the world.'

99.Vihaan - Refers to the first ray of sunlight in the morning.

100.Zehaan - Refers to the positive impact of the ultimate brightness.

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