Top 101 Amazing Armenian Names That You'll Love

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Originally Published on Aug 17, 2020
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National flag of Armenia on the background of Sevanavank Monastery on the shore of Lake Sevan

Armenia is an ancient country in the Caucasus region, small yet significant.

Armenia was one of the first countries to adopt Christianity, and so it is imbued with a rich history, as many people and cultures have lived there. For this reason, Armenian names are beautiful and have many meanings.

You might have noticed a lot of Armenian surnames end in 'ian', like the Kardashians. This is because 'ian' signifies possession or belonging.

An Armenian name can be really popular, some referring to ancient Gods and Goddesses, while some are really unique and only found in certain areas. Whether popular, sweet or unique, there are plenty of names to be inspired by. We have some names Armenian people love that are sweet, wonderful and historical.

An Armenian name can have many dimensions to them and often their meanings are associated with locations, biblical female names, biblical male names, aristocratic Armenian names for boys and girls, and personality traits.

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Cityscape view of Armenian city

Armenian Girls' Names

Armenian names for girls are some of the most beautiful because of how diverse the country is. Many different cultures have settled there and as one of the oldest nations in the world, the names for girls are plentiful.

Armenian girl names can have biblical references, some are of Arabic and Greek origin, and often they denote beauty in many different forms. Here are some popular names for you to be inspired by.

1.Aida  (Arabic origin) meaning 'prosperous', 'happy'.  

2.Aiki (Armenian origin) which means 'vineyard', Armenia has some of the oldest in the world.

3.Aleni (Greek origin) this means a 'mermaid', a variation of the Greek name Eleni.

4.Alis, Alisa, Alisia (Armenian origin) which is a modern variation of Alidz.  

5.Alidz (Armenian origin) meaning 'joyous', "merry", 'gentle'.

6.Almasd, Almast (Armenian origin) this means 'diamond' (Persian origin).

7.Amalia, Amala (Armenian origin) meaning 'industrious one'.

8.Amar (Armenian origin) this translates to 'summer' in Armenian.

9.Ano (Armenian origin) which is the goddess of Armenian mythology representing family and fertility.

10.Anush (Armenian origin) meaning 'sweet', 'nice'.

11.Ardemis (Greek origin) meaning healthy, referring to the Greek Goddess Artemis, associated with nature.

12.Arev (Armenian origin) meaning 'sun'.

13.Berj (Armenian origin) this means 'superb', 'abundant', 'luxurious'.

14.Dalita (Armenian origin) which means 'pure'.

15.Decille (Armenian origin) this means 'vision'.

16.Dzia (Armenian origin) which is short for Dziadzan meaning 'rainbow'.

17.Dirouhi (Armenian origin) which means 'princess', 'lady'.

18.Dzirani (Armenian origin) this means 'colour of apricot'.

19.Gaia (Greek origin) short for Gayane which is Armenian.

20.Gali (Armenian origin) feminine version of Galoust, which means 'arrival'.

21.Gateel (Armenian origin) which means 'drop of water' or 'raindrop'.

22.Gasia, Gacia (Armenian origin) this translates to 'cinnamon tree'.

23.Hera (Greek, Armenian origin) short for Heranoush. Hera is the Greek goddess of family and marriage.

24.Houri (Islamic, Armenian origin) which means 'fiery'.

25.Kami (Indian, Armenian origin) 'strong wind'.

26.Karoon (Armenian origin) meaning 'spring'.  

27.Lara (Greek origin) meaning 'pleasant'.

28.Lena (Arabic, Latin, Greek origins) to mean a 'charming woman'.

29.Nanor (Hebrew origin) meaning 'sleep', 'lullaby'.

30.Nareh (Armenian origin) which mean the 'colour of pomegranate'.

31.Narin (Kurdish origin) which means the part of the branch of the pomegranate tree that has the fruit and flowers.

32.Noji (Armenian origin) which means 'tree'.

33.Oror (Armenian origin) meaning 'lullaby'.

34.Paleni (Armenian origin) meaning 'cherry.'

35.Pareli (Armenian origin) meaning 'embraceable', 'lovely'.

36.Pari (Armenian origin) meaning 'kind', 'kindness'.

37.Pergri, Pega (Armenian origin) which is short for Pergrouhie meaning 'delight'.

38.Salpi (Armenian origin) meaning 'cypress tree'.

39.Serli (Armenian origin) which means 'full of love'.

40.Shakar (Arabic, Armenian origin) meaning 'sugar', and 'grateful' in Arabic.

41.Yeva (Armenian, biblical origin) which means Eve, from the biblical story of Adam and Eve.

Armenian Boys Name

Just like girl names, Armenian boy names are equally as rich, diverse and meaningful. There are even famous Armenians on our list too. Sometimes, you will see different spellings for this same name. The reason for this is that one spelling is typically found in Western Armenia, while the other in Eastern Armenia.

42.Acher (Hebrew, Armenian origins) meaning 'the eyes'.

43.Adis (Armenian origin) which is short for Avedis and meaning 'good news'.

44.Adour (Armenian origin) which is short for Asdvadsadour, to mean 'gift from God'.

45.Ara (Armenian origin) which is an Armenian mythological name that symbolises 'the springtime'. Ara is Arabic, Armenian and Hebrew in its roots.

46.Arad  (Persian, Armenian origins) which means 'abundance'.

47.Arakel (Armenian origin) to mean 'disciple of Jesus'.

48.Arek, Arekag (Hebrew, Armenian origins) meaning 'sun'.

49.Arka (Armenian, Sanskrit origin) meaning 'king', and 'light' in Sanskrit.

50.Berj (Armenian origin) which means 'superb', 'abundant, 'luxurious'.

51.Chan, Jan (Armenian origin) meaning 'soul', 'soulful'.

52.Christapor (Armenian origin) is the Armenian version of Christopher. A famous freedom fighter has the name Christapor.

53.Dir (Armenian origin) which is from the mythological god of Armenian letters, sciences, arts and eloquence.

54.Garo (Armenian origin) meaning 'looming', 'desire'.

55.Hagop (Armenian origin) meaning James.

56.Hazar (Armenian, Islamic origins) meaning 'a thousand'.

57.Heros (Armenian, Greek origins) this means 'hero'.

58.Hoki (Armenian origin) to mean 'soul', 'spirit'.

59.Ishkhan (Armenian origins) which means 'prince'.

60.Jirair, Jiro (Armenian origins) that means 'an active man'.

61.Kach (Armenian origins) meaning 'brave'.

62.Kami (Armenian, Indian origins) to mean 'strong wind'.

63.Levon (Greek, Armenian origins) meaning 'lion'.

64.Melik (Turkish, Armenian, Arabic origins) which means 'prince', 'king'.

65.Raffi (Armenian origins) which means 'a flash of lightning' and 'a glorious man'.

66.Sayat (Arabic, Armenian origins) that means 'hunter 'in Arabic.

67.Shen (Armenian origins) this means 'joyful', 'cheerful'.

68.Toros (Armenian origin) that means 'gift from God', variation of the name Theodore.

69.Viken (Latin origin) that means 'victorious'.

Popular Armenian Names

Armenian scout girl holding flag

These are some of the most popular Armenian names, they have their roots in many different cultures and histories. Although Armenia is small, the country has a rich and vibrant history, which means Armenian name history is just as interesting. The Armenian name is important as it helps people feel connected to their country and culture.

70.Davit (Hebrew origin) from David, which means 'beloved', 'loved by God'.

71.Narek (Armenian origin) a boy name, named after the Armenian Saint Grigor of Narek.

72.Gor (Armenian origin) a boy name, this means 'brave', 'proud'.

73.Hayk (Armenian origin) a boy name, named after Hayk the Great, the founder of the Armenian nation.

74.Alex (Greek origin) this means defender of the people, named after Alexander the Great.

75.Erik (Norse origin) this means 'eternal ruler', fit for a king.

76.Arman (Armenian origin) this means 'will' and 'purpose'.

77.Samvel (Hebrew origin) this means 'told by God'.

78.Tigran (Iranian origin) a baby boy name, to mean 'pointed'.

79.Aram (Armenian origin) a baby boy name, this means 'Son of the Sun'.

80.Nare (Armenian origin) a girl name, this means 'pomegranate' or 'fire'.

81.Milena (Slavic origin) this means 'gracious'.

82.Mani (Iranian origin) a baby girl name, this means 'thinker'.

83.Anna (Greek, Hebrew) this means 'favour', 'grace'.

84.Anahit (Armenian origin) a baby girl name, this means Goddess of Healing, Water and Wisdom.

85.Mariam (Hebrew origin) this means 'Lady of the Sea', and 'rebellion'.

86.Elen (Armenian origin) variant of Helen, this means 'light'.

87.Mary ( Aramaic, Hebrew) this means 'beloved', 'drop of the sea', variant of Maria, Mariam.


Unisex names are beginning to be more common, they're so versatile and just as beautiful. Unisex Armenian baby names are less common, but they're still just as interesting and rich in history. A unisex Armenian name can refer to a location in Armenia, regal animals and more.

88.Adrine (Latin origins) which refers to someone of the Adriatic Sea, which borders multiple countries, such as Italy, Croatia Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovenia.

89.Amasia (Armenian origin) referring to a village and rural community in the Shirak province.

90.Ani, Ania (Armenian origin) referring to the ancient capital of Armenia, now the ruins are located in modern-day Turkey. At its height, it was one of the world's largest cities, with around 100,000 people.

91.Araz (Armenian origin) a name referring to one of the largest rivers in the Caucasus, Arax River, with one of its borders Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran.

92.Arates (Armenian, Greek origins) for someone who 'sees the glass half full'. Variation of the Greek name Arete, which means excellence, or moral virtue. This person is said to live up to their potential.

93.Artik (Armenian origin) referring to a city in Armenia’s Shirak province.

94.Arek (Armenian, Hebrew origin) this means 'sun', or 'high mountain', fit for a king.

95.Chiva, Shiva (Armenian origin) referring to a village in Armenia.

96.Kami (Armenian, Indian origin) this means strong wind, or 'desires are fulfilled'.

97.Louys (Armenian, Latin origins), meaning 'light', variation of the name Louis.

98.Nayiri (Armenian origin) this is often what Armenians call their country, translating to Armenia.

99.Paze (Armenian origin) to mean 'falcon', for a fierce and powerful daughter.

100.Saren (Armenian origin) this means 'from the mountain', sometimes meaning star.

101.Yerevan (Armenian origin) referring to the capital city of Armenia, home to the oldest surviving church in the world and Gregory Cathedral, the largest cathedral in the world.

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