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Originally Published on Nov 30, 2020
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Why House Names?

A house name is the identity of your house. Before someone even gets inside, your house name tells them a lot about your personality, the local environment, your family name, and your generic preferences. People often form their first impression about you and your family from your house name. Giving your house a unique, courteous, and welcoming name is necessary. However, the task of naming a house can be challenging. It takes a lot of time, thought, effort, and energy. Naming a house can make it feel more personal and unique and can also serve as a way to distinguish it from other homes in the neighborhood. Some people choose to name their houses after family members or loved ones or after a significant event or experience in their lives. In some cultures, it is traditional to give a house a name. Sometimes, it is practical to have a name for a house to quickly identify it for mail and other deliveries.

Popular House Names

View of Red barn with violet flowers on its fence

1. Bell Cottage

2. The Birchwood House

3. Corner House - This house name is perfect if you live in a corner.

4. Fairview - This house name will be most appropriate if you have a beautiful home with beautiful views.

5. Firs Point - A popular name for a home set in a forest of fir trees.

6. Gables - The house is famous for its roofing style and can also be associated with the novel 'Anne Of Green Gables'.

7. Haven - It is a popular name for a home as it suggests a calm and peaceful dwelling.

8. Highclere - The house is named after the castle called 'The Real Downtown Abbey'.

9. Ivy House - Ivy is an evergreen plant representing eternity and strong affection.

10. Lilac Cottage - The name can be kept after the name of the Lilac plant, which is a sign of peace.

11. Lakeside House- This house name can be perfect for a home with a lakeside view.

12. Laurels - The name refers to the leaves of bay trees seen as a symbol of honor and victory.

13. Meadow View - This name will be the best if you are lucky to have meadows in your surroundings.

14. Nook - This house name is famous for tiny houses.

15. Oak Barn - The name can be fitted for houses with oak trees.

16. Orchard House - This name is popular among homeowners with a beautiful orchard.

17. Old School House- The name gives off the feeling of being traditional and 'old school' instead of modern.

18. Primrose Cottage - The house name gives you the impression of a new life.

19. Rose Cottage - The name after the rose flower gives the impression of a charming lifestyle.

20. School House - It will be the perfect name for the students taking education in the houses.

21. Springfield - The name is linked to nature, offering you peace.

22. Sunnyside - The house's name gives an impression of a wonderful and warm home.

23. The Mill House - The owner could use the name keeping of their trade as an inspiration and name it so.

24. The Old Rectory - The owner can give this name to their house if they live in a converted rectory.

25. The Old Vicarage

26. The Old Post House 

27. Tree Cottage - The house name depicts the house surrounded by green trees.

28. Treetops - The name creates a simple, natural, and rustic feel about your home.

29. Wayside - The house name is generally kept for houses on the edge of a road.

30. White House - The name is given the presidential residence in Washington.

31. White Cottage - The name will be perfect for the cottage with peaceful surroundings and a meadow view.

32. Winterfell House - The home name can be inspired by the winter of the environment it is situated in and can be a reference to the place in 'Game Of Thrones'.

33. Woodhouse Barn - The name will be fantastic for houses made of wood.

34. Woodside - The name gives a natural feeling if surrounded by a forest.

35. Yew Tree Cottage - Yew tree cottages are praised for their mysterious appearance.

Funny House Names

Wooden tree house with window

36. Atlantis- Especially for a house by a lake or river, referencing to the legend of Atlantis.

37. Fall-Tints

38. Barefoot Beach House

39. Pearly Gates - References the pearly gates of Heaven.

40. Bog View - Describes the comical view of the house.

41. Bushy Cottage - Refers to the bushy surroundings of the house.

42. Cardiac Rest - Describes the owner's requirement for peace and rest.

43. Costa Fortune - A funny way to say the house 'cost a fortune'.

44. Snow White's Cottage - References the cottage of the Disney Princess, where Snow White lived with the seven dwarfs.

45. Dog In The House

46. Ersandmyne 

47. Fanta Sea - A funny word play on 'fantasy'. Even better if the home is by the sea.

48. Allmodcons

49. Bad Manors - A hilariously creative way to say 'bad manners'.

50. Binalong Way - The fun alternative to the phrase 'been a long way'.

51. Just Beachy - The beachy alternative to the expression 'just peachy', perfect for a house along the coast.

52. By The Way 

53. The Moore Relaxing Home

54. Deja View - Haven't we been here before? A funny name instead of 'deja vu'.

55. No Wake Zone

56. Paddock House

57. Cyaluvyabi - A very Gen Z name for the popular farewell phrase of the generation 'see you, love you, bye!'.

58. Rubblehall - For a house made of rubble stones.

59. Salty Dog 

60. Dew Drop Inn - Can also be a fun way to say 'do drop in!'.

61. Frozanova 

62. Homeleigh - A comical play on the word 'homely'.

63. Tumbleweed 

64. The Last Post 

65. It'll Do

66. Utopia

67. Vitamin Sea - A humorous alternative to 'vitamin c', especially if the house is by the sea.

68. Never Inn 

69. Wits' End 

70. Windy Bottom - A tribute to the windy environment around the house.

Fancy House Names

71. Bridgelands - For a land house with bridges around it.

72. Brookvale 

73. Campion 

74. Cedar Cabin - Perfect for a house surrounded by cedar trees.

75. Chestnut - A great name for a house filled with chestnut trees.

76. Church View - Can be a good name for a house situated around churches.

77. Court Lodge -

78. Daisy Cottage - Could refer to the daisy flowers in the house's garden.

79. Dreamwood

80. Elm Tree Wood - For a house with elm trees around.

81. Elmsgate 

82. Heatherbell 

83. High Trees - Refers to a house surrounded with tall trees.

84. Hunters Wood - Could express the owner's love for hunting.

85. Jackdaws 

86. Kuredu

87. Lealands - Means 'from the meadow land' or 'pasture grounds'.

88. Little Copse

89. Mighty Oaks - For a home with the beautiful view of oak trees.

90. Mulberry - Could describe the presence of mulberry trees nearby the house.

91. Nabdean 

92. Robins Hedge - Refers to the hedges around the home.

93. Rosemary House - Refers to a house with a rosemary in the garden.

94. Silverwood 

95. South Bank

96. The Cherrie

97. The Cuckoo's Nest - Could refer to the chirpy sweet sound of cuckoo birds around the house.

98. The Warren

99. Welcombe

100. Wild Bank

Royal House Names Inspired By Legendary Creatures

101. Celestial Palace - A home that feels like it's in the heavens, fit for royalty.

102. Cerberus's Keep - Inspired by the legend of Cerberus.

103. Crown Jewel 

104. Dragon Queen's Palace 

105. Dragon's Lair - Inspired by the legend of dragons.

106. Dragonfly's Haven 

107. Dragonlord's Castle 

108. Empress' Enclave 

109. Firebird's Nest - Inspired by the legend of firebirds.

110. Gorgon's Lair - Inspired by the legend of gorgons.

111. Grand Monarch 

112. Gryphon's Roost - Inspired by the legend of griffins.

113. Hydra's Hideout - Inspired by the legend of hydras.

114. Imperial Domain 

115. Imperial Residence - A home fit for an emperor or empress.

116. Mermaid's Grotto - Inspired by the legend of mermaids.

117. Noble Manor 

118. Palace Paradise

119. Phoenix's Perch - Inspired by the legend of phoenixes.

120. Regal Abode - A home that exudes luxury and refinement.

121. Regal Domain 

122. Regal Retreat - A place fit for royalty to relax and unwind.

123. Regal Sanctuary

124. Royal Enclave

125. Siren's Song - Inspired by the legend of sirens.

126. Sovereign's Haven 

127. Sphinx's Den - Inspired by the legend of sphinxes.

128. Unicorn's Retreat - Inspired by the legend of unicorns.

Creative House Names For Pets

129. Bark Mansion - A spacious home for dogs.

130. Canine Cottage - A comfortable and inviting home for dogs and their families.

131. Critter Cottage - A home for small, furry creatures.

132. Feathered Folly - A colorful and vibrant home for birds and their owners.

133. Feline Fortress - A home for cats and their owners.

134. Fishbowl Mansion - A home for fish and other aquatic pets.

135. Furry Friend's Fortress - A safe and secure home for all types of pets.

136. Furry Hollow - A home for all types of furry pets.

137. Hoofed Hideaway - A home for horses and other hoofed animals.

138. Hounds Haven - A home for dogs and their owners.

139. Paws Palace - A luxurious home for pets to live in.

140. Pawsitively Purrfect - A home for cats and their owners.

141. Pawsome Pad - A fun and playful home for cats and dogs.

142. Purr-fect Paradise - A comfortable and serene home for cats.

143. Scaly Sanctuary - A home for reptiles and other scaly creatures.

144. Snakeskin Retreat - A home for snakes and other reptiles.

145. Tail-Waggers' Abode - A cheerful home for dogs and their families.

146. Tails End - A great name for animal homes.

147. Wagging Wonders - A happy home for dogs and their families.

148. Whisker's Wonderland - A cozy and magical home for cats.

149. Winged Wonder - A home for birds and other winged pets.

150. Woof-tastic Villa - A grand and spacious home for dogs and their families.

Nice Sounding House Name Ideas

151. Ace Of Woods

152. August Cottage

153. Baker Avenue Bungalow

154. Black Lake Cabin

155. Breezy Bungalow

156. Bungalow Deluxe

157. Cabin Key

158. Casa Ahora

159. Charm Retreats

161. Cozy N' Cool Cabin

162. Daydream Lodge

163. Deck Deluxe

164. Downtown Penthouse Oasis

165. East Shore Hideaway

166. Eastern Cabin

167. Everyday Shack

168. Fall Retreat

169. French Woods

170. Golden Deck

171. Hawthorne Crown Jewel

172. Hearty Hours

173. Little Woods

174. Los Angeles Highlands Haven

175. Luna Lake

176. Magical Woods

177. Maui Beach Retreat

178. Miami Getaway

179. November Camp

180. Oriental Deck

181. Palm Springs Bungalow Hideaway

182. Paperback Cabin

183. Pennsylvania Avenue's Best Kept Secret

184. Phantom Woods

185. Rockaway Beach Villa

186. Royal Chalet

187. Sandy Beachfront Oasis

188. Silverlake Hills Hidden Gem

189. Slumber Cottage

190. Stereo Chalet

191. Sun Camp

192. The Antique Deck

193. The Base Cabin

194. The Brooklyn Penthouse

195. The Coral Reef Estate

196. The Easy

197. The Hollywood Hills Estate

198. The Home Away From Home

199. The Home Sweet Home

200. The Iconic Allen St. Clubhouse

201. The Little James St. Manor

202. The Little Peaceful Retreat

203. The Red Bungalow of Deerfield

204. The Retreat On Lansdale

205. The Ruby Garden

206. The Secret Westside Lounge

207. The Ultimate Escape

208. Tranquil Shack

209. West Shore Country Hale

210. Williamsburg Abode

211. Woods Camp


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