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Best List Of Eagle Names

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Eagles are majestic birds that are essentially large birds who prey on other birds and animals.

Eagles have a very acute and sharp eyesight and are often associated with mythological sky Gods. Male and female eagles are both simply referred to as eagles, however young or baby eagles are often referred to as fledglings.

Eagles live by catching prey and eating them for sustenance. That is why an eagle is also often referred to as a bird of prey. There are over sixty types of eagle. The type of eagle that’s most dangerous is the Harpy eagle but each form of eagle is mighty and ferocious in its own ways.

An aquila ('aquila' is the Latin genus name for an eagle) is symbolic of victory, longevity, fierceness, royalty, pride, speed, inspiration, power, freedom and courage. With all of these amazing qualities, it is no surprise that thousands of people are mesmerized by eagles. That is why we have written this list of the best names meaning eagle and eagle name ideas. Whether it’s to find names that mean eagle for a baby or powerful eagle names for your pet (or toy!) eagle, there are numerous interesting choices available to you. To help you out and give some inspiration, we have prepared a list of 50+ eagle names that you are sure to love. Looking for hawk names or names for bird of prey that are fierce and powerful too? Don't worry, we have included some hawk names on this list as well!

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Eagle Names For Boys

Eagle flying high in sky

Looking for boy names that mean eagle or are closely related to an eagle? If you’ve got a new baby boy and wish to name them something powerful and majestic, choosing to go with a name related to eagles in some form is an excellent option. From Old English to Latin to Italian, there’s a name related to eagles from all origins. Have a look at the top eagle names in the list below and choose from a collection of the most powerful names in the world.

1. Adler (Old English origin) meaning “eagle or hawk”.

2. Adolar (Old German origin) meaning “an honorable warrior like an eagle”.

3. Ahren (German or Hebrew origin) meaning “the mountain of the enlightened eagle”.

4. Altair (Arabic origin) meaning “the mighty flying eagle who hunts”.

5. Amoldo (Spanish origin) meaning “power of an eagle”.

6. Anca (Native American origin) meaning “black hawk”.

7. Anker (Scandinavian origin) meaning “eagle man” or “harvest worker”.

8. Arathorn (Old English origin) meaning “the fierce Lord eagle”.

9. Aren (English or Spanish origin) meaning “the eagle ruler” or “mighty enlightened mountain”.

10. Aquila (Latin origin) meaning “a fierce and powerful eagle”.

11. Arundel (Old English origin) meaning “the valley of the eagle”.

12. Darvell (Old English origin) meaning “eagle town”.

13. Ezio (Old Greek origin) meaning “hawk”. This would make a great name for your pet (or toy!) hawk too.

14. Isarno (German origin) meaning “eagle of iron”.

15. Makyah (Native American origin) meaning “the hunter of eagles”.

Eagle Names For Girls

Got a new baby girl at home whom you wish to name something fierce and powerful? Giving a baby girl a fierce name will help her develop a strong personality. Eagle names are a great way to go about this. If you are looking for female names related to the aquila birds, look no more. Or perhaps you are looking for eagle names for your female pet bird, either way, here are the best eagle names for girls with their origins and meanings for you to choose from.

16. Aleria (Latin origin) meaning “the fierce eagle”.

17. Amoldina (German origin) meaning “the capable strength of the eagle”.

18. Annifrid (Scandinavian origin) meaning “the beautiful and majestic eagle”.

19. Arlie (Old English origin) meaning “eagle wood”.

20. Arnalda (German origin) meaning “the one who rules all the eagles”.

21. Arnhild (German origin) meaning “hawk” or “battle” or “fight”.

22. Arnia (Old English origin) meaning “someone who is as strong as the mighty eagle”.

23. Arnulfa (Old German origin) meaning “the eagle wolf”.

24. Arvida (Old English origin) meaning “hailing from the eagle tree”.

25. Earna (English origin) meaning “the mighty eagle”.

26. Ehrentraud (German origin) meaning “the strength and power of the fierce hawk”.

27. Hokioi (Maori origin) meaning “the mighty bird of prey from New Zealand”.

28. Lazalea (Old Greek origin) meaning “the eagle ruler” or “the one who rules all the eagles”.

29. Migisi (Native American origin) meaning “resembling the mighty eagle”.

30. Washi (Japanese origin) meaning “the ferocious eagle”.

Top Names That Mean Eagle

Whether the name is of Greek origin, Old English origin or Latin origin, there are numerous names that mean eagle. These names can be used for a baby, a character in a video game, a fictional character in a novel or even for your pet eagle if you have one. These are just as unique as the rare eagles we love and admire so much. Your search for the top eagle names in the world has finally come to an end. Enjoy the best eagle names below, we hope you find the perfect name!

Eagle flying near a tree

31. Andor, a brave name perfect for little baby boys or your pet eagle.

32. Arden, coming from the name of the mystical forest from Shakespeare’s play called ‘As You Like It’, this name also means "eagle valley".

33. Arnault, from the popular French businessman, Bernard Arnault, the CEO of Louis Vuitton.

34. Arnelle, the famous daughter of the Heisman Trophy winner OJ Simpson, this eagle name is perfect for a girl.

35. Arnold, from the world famous and beloved bodybuilder, Hollywood actor and politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger known for his movie ‘The Terminator’.

36. Aquilina, from the famous British songwriter, Lauren Aquilina, this name is a different form of the word ‘aquila’.

37. Aquilo, from the famous English duo, this name is also a different form of the word ‘aquila’.

38. Oryol, derived from the birthplace of the beloved Russian author Ivan Turgenev.

39. Paco, from the world famous fashion designer brand, Paco Rabanne, this name is excellent for either a baby boy or a pet eagle.

40. Vega, from the Spanish playwright and novelist, Lope Félix de Vega, this name suits both boys and girls.

Top Names Suitable For Pet Eagles

If you have got a new pet eagle at home, you have got to name them something that suits their personality. The name should be fierce and powerful as well as majestic and beautiful. It can be very confusing to find the best names for a pet hawk or eagle. However, we are here to help you find the perfect name. From names related to the word 'aquila', to auburn eagle names, here are the top names suitable for your pet eagle or hawk.

41. Angel Aquila (Latin origin) meaning “the eagle angel”. For the mighty eagle that flies at the top of the world.

42. Angus (Scottish or Gaelic origin) meaning “one strength”. This name is perfect for any bird that’s mighty ferocious.

43. Aquila Amzi (Hebrew origin) meaning “mighty and strong”. A superb name for your powerful eagle.

44. Aquila Bruce (Scottish origin) meaning “the eagle from the willowlands”. An excellent name for your pet eagle.

45. Diablo (Spanish origin) meaning “someone who is a devil and cunning”. This form of name is great for an eagle who is mighty and capable.

46. Excalibur (Welsh origin) meaning “the magical sword of King Arthur”. Fierce and ferocious names for pet eagles don’t get better than this!

47. Falcon (English origin) meaning “the mighty bird from the hawk family”. This name is as fierce as the eagle itself, it is perfect for a pet hawk.

48. Hawkeye (English origin) meaning “the piercing eye of the mighty hawk”. No matter the type of bird you have, this name is perfect for them all.

49. Hawking (English origin) meaning “falconry”. A great name for eagles or hawks.

50. Justice Aquila (Latin origin) meaning “the virtuous eagle”. Another great name for your high flying eagle who is also righteous.

51. Obelisk (Greek origin) meaning “to pierce the sky”. What better name than this to give to your eagle who flies at the top of the skies.

52. Phoenix (Greek origin) meaning “deep scarlet red”. You can use this name as it is or add a word of your choosing to give it your own twist.

53. Scratcher (English origin) meaning “to scratch or tear off”. A fierce name for your pet eagle.

54. Talons (English origin) meaning “the claw of the eagle”. This form of name is perfect for your high flying mighty pet eagle.

55. Thor (Greek origin) this is the name of the hammer-wielding God of storms, lightning, strength and thunder. What better name for your ferocious eagle?

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