50 Beautiful Bird Names For Girls

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Originally Published on Sep 14, 2020
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Birds are incredible creatures that symbolise plenty of wonderful things, including elegance, freedom, happiness, beauty, and the eternal connection between Heaven and Earth.

So, it’s clear why their names would make beautiful ones for a baby girl. If you’re looking for ideas of what to call your new baby girl, check out this list of the most beautiful bird names for girls that we have put together for you.

Popular Favourites

Some classic bird-inspired names for your little one that combine both beauty and popularity.

1.Ava: The name Ava is derived from the Latin word Avis, which means 'bird'. It has a feminine ring to it, which makes it ideal for a baby girl’s name.

2.Aya: With Hebrew origins, the name Aya was popularised by Japanese pop singer Aya Hirano and French-Malian singer Aya Nakamura.

3.Birdie: Short for Bernadette, Barbara, and Elizabeth, this is a versatile girl’s bird name.

4.Branwen: A great Welsh choice would be Branwen. The first part, 'Bran' means raven, and 'Wen' comes from 'Gwen', which means 'fair'.

5.Chenoa: One of the baby names with Native American origins is Chenoa, which means 'white dove'. It’s an incredible choice for anyone looking for a gorgeous baby name for girls.

6.Circe: Circe happens to be the name of the sorceress whom Odysseus stumbled upon on his wanderings. It’s of Greek origins and means 'bird'.

7.Deryn: This Welsh name is derived from the word Aderyn. While it’s not associated with a particular species, it encapsulates all the beautiful chirping birds.

8.Dove: Instead of going for a name that means it, why not simply choose Dove as a name for your baby girl?

9.Einin: This Irish name means 'little bird'.

10.Evelyn: Of Irish origins, Evelyn means 'beautiful bird'. You can also go for Eileen if you want a variation of the name.

11.Faigel: A Yiddish name that means 'bird',  Faigel sounds smooth and rolls of the tongue.

12.Gwylan: Meaning 'seagull', Gwylan is another name with Welsh origins.

13.Gwennol: The 'Gwen' part of this name means 'fair'. Gwennol is close to Gwylan, also with Welsh origins.

14.Jae: With Latin origins, this name means a crow-related bird.

15.Jemima: If you’re looking for a baby name that means 'dove', Jemima is an excellent choice. It’s also the name of Job's daughter, according to the Old Testament.

16.Lark: A bird name that appears in many jazz songs.

17.Nascha: Nascha is among the names that mean 'owl'. The name, with Native American origins, is very powerful—a lovely name for a baby girl.

18.Palila: Palila is among the most beautiful names meaning bird, it is of Hawaiian origins. Close to Lila and Leila, it’s a beautiful choice.

19.Paloma: This is a popular bird-inspired name with Spanish origins that means 'dove'. Pablo Picasso was the first to name his baby girl Paloma, then David Caruso and Ana Ortiz followed his lead.

20.Phoebe: A name taken from Greek mythology meaning 'bright'. It’s the name of the goddess of the moon but is more recently popular as the name of an American bird.

21.Philomela: According to Greek mythology, the beautiful Philomela was turned into a nightingale to be safe from the evils of a king. It combines the Greek words for 'song' and 'love', and so means 'lover of song'.

22.Raven: Raven is one of the bird names that were very popular in the 90s, especially with the appearance of Raven-Symoné on Television program That's So Raven.

23.Rhea: The name of Zeus’ mother, Rhea, is a bird-related name that refers to a large and flightless bird related to the ostrich.

24.Rosella: Australia has six species of parrots, and Rosella is the name of one of them. It's also the name of an Australian flower.

25.Sarika: This Sanskrit word is a beautiful baby name for a little girl.

26.Sephora: Sephora is a Hebrew name that’s derived from Tzipporah, which is the name of Moses’ wife. It simply means 'bird'.

27.Starling: Associated with Clarice Starling, the FBI agent from Silence of the Lambs, this is a common name all over the world.

28.Swan: Mostly used as a surname, Swan is still a great choice to imply elegance and beauty.

29.Teal: This bluish-green shade refers to the Eurasian teal, a duck with markings of the same colours.

30.Tori: Tori is a Japanese name which means 'bird' and is often used as a nickname for Victoria.

31.Yonina: Another one of the cute and feminine bird names out there is Yonina, which means 'dove'.

Unique Inspiration

Looking for a name that will make your little girl stand out? Check these out!

32.Aghavni: This is an incredible name for girls. Meaning 'dove' and of Armenian origins, Aghavni suits parents looking for a beautiful name for their baby.

33.Celandine: Derived from a Greek word that means 'swallow', this is a beautiful choice for a little girl.

34.Drora: Drora is of Hebrew origin, it means 'sparrow'.

35.Gannet: Of German origin, this bird name means 'goose'. It’s an unorthodox version of Janet and a spin-off of Garret, one of the most popular names for boys.

36.Jarita: This Sanskrit name carries delicacy and delight in its pronunciation.

37.Kestrel: A falcon known for its smooth flight, this name implies strength and ability.

38.Laraline: Laraline is the Latin word for 'seagull' and is a rarer choice for a bird baby name.

39.Loa: In the Icelandic language, Loa is a bird, and we think it's also a nice combination of Noa and Lola.

40.Luscinia: This name means 'nightingale'.

41.Merlen: Unconventional but really cool, Merlen is derived from Muriel, which is an old French word for 'blackbird'.

42.Morrigan: The name of the Goddess of war in Irish mythology.

43.Nesta: This unique name references the intricate nests that birds make.

44.Nydia: This Latin name means 'nest'. It’s a unique version of Lydia and is borne by Nydia Velazquez, the first Puerto Rican female to be a member of Congress.

45.Oriole: Orioles are small blackbirds native to North America. It’s Latin for 'golden' and is a good alternative to Aurelia.

46.Parastoo: Of Iranian origins, this name means 'swallow'.

47.Shahaf: Another Hebrew option that means 'seagull'.

48.Usoa: Another one of the bird names that mean 'dove', Usoa's name comes from Basque origins and makes for an individualistic name for a baby girl.

49.Vireo: The beautiful Vireo is a green-coloured songbird with a soothing chirp.

50.Zippora: This name is another variation of Tzipporah.

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