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Lucha Libre is a form of professional freestyle wrestling very common in Mexico.

The masked Mexican wrestler is known to follow a unique style of fighting with rapid sequences of holds and maneuvers. The masks they wear are colorful and unique.

Mexican luchador names are unique and interesting. We have compiled a list of names that will best suit your character or even yourself, in case, you are joining the Mexican wrestling team! The luchador masks are called máscaras. The late Eddie Guerrero is one of the most famous Mexican wrestlers and a female luchador is called is luchadora. So, in case you are looking for luchador and luchadora names, then this is the perfect list for you.

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Most Famous Luchadors

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In case you are wondering who are the famous Mexican luchador wrestlers, then we have the perfect list containing all the information about them. Some of the famous luchadores, Mexican masked wrestlers, are as below:  

1. Argozan, is one of the most charismatic luchadores who was played by real-life wrestler Mil Máscaras in the film 'Mil Mascaras vs. the Aztec Mummy'.

2. Blovio, is an American luchador from Los Angeles who fought with Mil Máscaras at the Lucharama 2004 in the film 'Mil Mascaras vs. the Aztec Mummy'.

3. Blue Demon Jr, is the professional Mexican Wrestler who is the son of Blue Demon. He won many NWA World Heavyweight Championship and appeared in several films and television cartoon series.

4. Dark Executioner ("D-X"), got his name because of his habit of intentionally inflicting injury to his opponent in the fighting ring.

5. Dianoche

6. Dos Caras, is a real-life masked wrestler and brother of Mil Mascaras.  

7. Dramatico

8. Eigeno (aka El Generico), was the masked wrestler who appeared in the movie 'Academy of Doom'

9. El Cardo, is a Scottish masked luchador who appeared in various Lucha films.

10. El Lectro, is a luchador masked fighter who worked with Dramatico and participated in many All-Open championships, Wrestling Women Academy (MMWWA) Open, and mixed-gender matches.

11. El Medico Angel, was a masked wrestler who appeared in the 'Aztec Revenge'.

12. El Nano, is a Lucha Libre masked wrestler who is considered the greatest mini fighter of all time.  

13. Facgi (The Faceless Giant), is one of the greatest tag-team champions.  

14. Hanuman Ultra, is a luchador from Thailand known for his unusual mask and unorthodox fighting style.  

15. Hijo del Santo

16. Huracan Ramirez Jr, name of the first luchador to appear in a feature film.  

17. Kwandro & Kwandra, are African luchadores who were dubbed as 'The Man of a Thousand Masks versus One Mask of a Thousand Men'.  

18. La Torcha, is an attractive luchadora who appeared in various lucha libre films opposite Mil Mascaras. She was the first president of the Wrestling Women Academy. She is one of the well known female luchadores.

19. Logico, was one of the many wrestlers who appeared in the movie 'Academy of Doom'.  

20. Luchanaut, is the most enigmatic of luchadores who appeared in the film 'Academy of Doom'.  

21. Luctor, was the main villain who appeared in the film 'Academy of Doom'.  

22. Maura Incognito, is a former junior champion masked wrestler who graduated from the Wrestling Women Academy.  

23. Medea

24. Mil Mascaras, is one of the most influential Lucha Libre wrestlers of all time.  

25. Mini Assassin (aka Micro Asesino), is one of the most known top luchadores.

26. Neutron, is a skilled wrestler who appeared in various films in the late 1950s and early 1960s.  

27. Nychozan, is known for winning Guanajuato Invitational.

28. Raveniqua

29. Synaptico

30. Testostero

31. The Headmistress, is the partner of La Torcha and Mil Mascaras Wrestling Women Academy's first Headmistress.

32. The Magister, also known as Scholar Luchador has appeared in various films.

33. Transparo, is a member of Lucha Libre Sanctioning Body of North America.  

34. Trench Fighter, is a great wrestler from the generation of Mil Mascaras, Blue Demon Jr, and Dos Caras.  

35. Verdanto, is a Colombian luchador who participated in the Lucharama-2018 and participated against El Medico Angel.  

36. Yellowtail, is an Asian Luchadora who graduated from the Wrestling Women Academy.  

Funny Luchador Names

Are you looking for cute, funny, and cool luchador names for your game avatar or you are just interested in knowing about funny luchador wrestler or their luchadores masks? Then we have the perfect list for you.

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37. Abismo, is a masked wrestler whose wrestlers' masks look like a Power Ranger mask.  

38. Abyss, is the wrestler name for Chris Parks. He is a TNA wrestler and participated in the Triple Crown Championship and Grand Slam Championships.

39. American Dragon, has the coolest wrestler's mask.  

40. Atlantis, is named after a mythical underwater city. And just like the city, his luchador mask is as unique as Atlantis.

41. Averno

42. Blitzkrieg

43. Delirious

44. Delta, is a Mexican National Trios champion with the coolest masks.

45. Demolition

46. El Generico

47. Ephesto

48. Glacier, is a participant of Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling and National Wrestling Alliance.

49. Hallowicked and Frightmare, is a team of unusual partners.

50. Hurricane

51. Mephisto

52. Misterioso, is one of the best tag team wrestlers in Mexico.  

53. Mortis

54. Scorpio Sky

55. Shark Boy, an American professional wrestler.

56. Super Muneco

57. The Colony, a Chikara wrestling champion.  

58. The Great Muta

59. The Shockmaster

60. Tiger Mask, is a masked wrestler whose mask resembles the Cowardly Lion in the film 'The Wizard of Oz'.  

61. Ultimo Guerrero

62. Vader

63. Volador Jr

64. Wrath, is a superstar wrestler who can fight off more than five persons.

Amazing Luchador And Luchadora Names

Are you looking for male and female luchador names, then we can help you. We have the list of Mexican wrestler names and luchadores names made just for you.

65. Ayako Hamada, is a Japanese masked luchadora.

66. Bandido (M)

67. Chabela Romero

68. Chik Tormenta

70. Daga, is a male Mexican professional wrestler.

71. Diana La Cazadora

72. El Hijo de Rey Misterio(M)

73. Esther Moreno

74. Faby Apache

75. Fénix, is a Mexican luchador enmascarado.

76. Humberto Garza Carrillo (M)

77. Irma Aguilar

78. Irma González (wrestler)

79. Juana Barraza

80. Keyra (wrestler)

81. La Amapola

82. La Briosa

83. La Comandante

84. La Dama Enmascarada

85. La Diabólica

86. Lady Afrodita

87. Lady Apache

88. Lady Flamer

89. Lady Maravilla

90. Lady Shani

91. La Hiedra

92. La Jarochita

93. La Metálica

94. La Seductora

95. La Sirenita

96. La Vaquerita

97. Marcela

98.  Místico II, also known as Carlos Muñoz is a professional wrestler.  

99. Rey Escorpión, born as Fabián Núñez Napoles is a professional wrestlers.

100. Tinieblas, born as Manuel Leal is a Mexican luchador.

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