Top 100 Best Athletic Boy Names For Your Sporting Star

Georgia Stone
Mar 01, 2024 By Georgia Stone
Originally Published on Dec 17, 2020
Ten day old newborn baby boy wearing basketball shorts and sweat bands

Sports fanatics go all out when celebrating sports athletes.

As a lover of sports, it is only natural that you would want your baby boy to be athletic. You might also need an athletic sporty name that will suit your child.

Depending on what your favourite sport is, you can name your baby after a famous star in that sport. There are lots of popular boy names from the world of sports.

You can also choose unique boy names that will distinguish your baby. You can pick a cool name for a boy that will complement a certain sport you might wish for your baby to play.

Putting together a list of some of the coolest boy names is sometimes not so easy.  A lot of athletes bear strong names for boys that will be a good representation of what you desire for your baby. Athletes can be great role models and as such, they are ideal inspiration for baby names.

For more sporty names check out Baseball Baby Names and Athletic Girls Names.

Names Of Footballers

A friendly game of kick ball at the park.

Football is one of the most-watched and celebrated sports across the world. It is no surprised that football fans name their children after the top players in a club.  These players make an impact on and off the field. This list has some big names for your baby footballer.

1.  Alessandro (Italian origin) meaning "Defender of the people" a former defender who played for A.C Millan.

2.  Alexis (Russian origin) has the same meaning as the above name, a footballer who plays as a forward.

3.  Alfredo (Italian origin)meaning "elf," referred to as one of the greatest to play for Real Madrid.

4.  Alvaro (Spanish origin)meaning "guardian," a striker who plays for the football club, Chelsea.

5.  Angel (Greek origin)meaning "angel," an attacking midfielder for the Argentinian national team.

6.  Andres (Spanish origin)meaning "manly," a midfielder who plays for the club F.C Barcelona.

7.  Arturo (Italian origin)meaning "bear," a midfielder that plays for F.C Bayern Munich.

8.  Ashley (English origin)meaning "ash tree," a winger for the Serie A club Inter Milan.

9.  Beckham (English origin)meaning "homestead by the stream," one of the greatest players to come from England.

10.  Bernardo (Spanish origin) meaning "bold as a bear," a midfielder who plays for the club Manchester City.

11.  Casemiro (Polish origin)meaning "bringer of peace," a defensive midfielder that plays for Real Madrid.

12.  Cristiano (Latin origin) meaning "follower of Christ," one of the greatest footballers of all time who now plays for Juventus.

13.  David (Hebrew origin) meaning "beloved," a name common among players like David Beckham and David Silva.

14.  Diego (Spanish origin) meaning "supplanter," Diego Costa plays for the club Atletico Madrid.

15.  Edinson (English origin) plays a centre-forward position PSG.

Names Of F1 Drivers

Nothing gets your adrenaline rushing like a Formula 1 race. F1 drivers are seen as daredevils due to this high-risk sport. Formula 1 drivers have sporty names that you can give your baby. For all the F1 sports fans, the list below has a cool name for boy of great F1 drivers that changed the sport.

16.  Adrian (Latin origin) meaning "person from Hadria," he drove the Ferrari engine for Suber.

17.  Beat (German origin) meaning "blessed" and is a great driver who died trying to warn others about a crash.

18.  Daniel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my judge", the second driver for Red Bull using the Ferrari engine.

19.  Daniil (Russian origin) meaning "only God is my judge", he was the second driver for Toro Roso.

20.  Esteban (Spanish origin) meaning "crown", a support driver for Sauber.

21.  Felipe (Greek origin)meaning "friend of horses", an F1 driver for Williams using the Mercedes engine.

22.  Fernando (Spanish origin) meaning "daring", a renowned driver for Ferrari.

23.  Gimax this is a nickname used by the F1 driver Carlos.

24.  Jean-eric a compound name, Eric means "ruler," a well known F1 driver.

25.  Jules (French origin) meaning "youthful", who drove under Marussia.

26.  Kamui (Japanese origin) meaning "god", a popular F1 driver for Caterham.

27.  Kevin (Irish origin) meaning "noble birth", and he drove for McLaren.

28.  Kimi (Japanese origin) meaning "joy" or "beautiful", and was the second driver for Ferrari.

29.  Lewis (English origin) meaning "famed warrior", a famous driver for Mercedes.

30.  Nico (Italian origin) and could mean Nicholas or Nicodemus meaning "victory of the people".

Names Of Tennis Players

The grand slam opening is one of the best times for tennis fans. It is one of the most loved sports in the world and each season brings new challenges for the players. You can name your baby boy after a world champion. Here are some sporty names for you to consider.

31.  Arthur (Welsh origin) meaning "bear", a great player with 8 grand slam titles to his name.

32.  Boris (Turkic origin) meaning "short", a German Wimbledon champion.

33.  Corrado (Italian origin) meaning "sage counsellor", who was a US Open semifinalist.

34.  Don (Irish origin) meaning "noble" or "chief", and he was the world no 1 for two years.

35.  Fred (English origin) meaning "peaceful ruler", he was an Australian championship winner.

36.  Gustavo (Italian origin) he was the French Open champion for three years. This is a cool boy name.

37.  Henri (French origin) meaning "ruler of the home", a world number 1 and seven-time grand slam winner.

38.  Ivan (Russian origin) meaning "God is great", eight grand slam titleholder.

39.  Jimmy (English origin) meaning "supplanter".

40.  Juan (Spanish origin) meaning "God is gracious".

41.  Karel (English origin) meaning "free man", rated world number 1 for four years.

42.  Novak (German origin) meaning "newcomer", a 17 grand slam title holder including career grand slam.

43.  Reginald (Latin origin) meaning "king", winner of the grand slam for four years.

44.  Roy (Scottish origin) meaning "red", he ranked world number 1 amateur for two years.

45.  Stefan (Scandinavian origin) meaning "crown", he ranked number 1 for 72 weeks.

Names Of Olympic Medalists

The Olympics is one of the other sports events that unites the world together. It features different sports like basketball, boxing, running events, and so on.  Get inspired for baby names from your best athlete no matter the sport they play. Take a peek at some of the Olympic names for your baby below.

46.  Armin (Greek origin) meaning "defender". Armin Zöggeler is a popular luger.

47.  Ben (Hebrew origin) meaning "son of my right hand". Also the name of a Canadian sprinter, Ben Johnson.

48.  Calvin (Latin origin) meaning "bald".

49.  Carl (German origin) meaning "man," a gold medalist for the US in 100 meters.

50.  Charles (French origin) meaning "free man".

51.  Dennis (English origin) meaning "devotee of Dionysos".

52.  Enrique (Spanish origin) meaning "home-ruler," a 100 meters runner and is the silver medalist.

53.  Frankie (Latin origin) meaning "who is free".

54.  Fritz (German origin) meaning "peace," a silver medalist from Germany.

55.  Georg (Greek origin) meaning "farmer".

56.  Harrison (English origin) meaning "son of Harry".

57.  Halsey (English origin) and the meaning of this name is not well known.

58.  Justin (Latin origin) meaning ‘righteous’ or "fair," a bronze medalist. It is a common baby name.

59.  Maurice (French origin) meaning "dark-haired," a bronze medalist for the US.

Names Of Cricketers

A week old, sleeping, newborn baby boy wearing baseball uniform pants and holding a baseball.

Cricket is a loved sport in many parts of the world. Just like other sports some of these players have gained prominence in the world of sports. Here are a few names of famous cricketers you can name your baby boy.

60.  Abdul (Arabic origin) meaning "servant of". Famous Pakistani batsman, Abdul Rehman.

61.  Adam (Hebrew origin) meaning "man". Name of Australian opener and wicketkeeper, Adam Gilchrist.

62.  Brian (Irish origin) meaning "high". Name of West Indian cricket legend, Brian Lara.

63.  Clarrie (Latin origin) meaning "famous". Member of the Australian cricket team, Clarrie Grimmett.

64.  Courtney (French origin) meaning "short nose". Also the name of West Indian bowling legend, Courtney Walsh.

65.  Curtly (French origin) also the name of a famous West Indian bowling legend, Curtly Ambrose.

66.  Donald (Scottish origin) meaning "world ruler".

67.  Garfield (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "triangle field".

68.  Glen (Scottish origin) meaning "from the woody valley". Glen McGrath is a once-feared Australian bowler with plenty of records to his name.

69.  Hansie (Scottish origin) meaning "God has given me a son". He was a South African cricket team captain.

70.  Ian (Scottish origin) meaning "God is gracious". Ian Botham is still revered as one of the greatest all-rounders of all time.

71.  Imran (Arabic origin) meaning "prosperity". Imran Khan was a celebrate Pakistani bowler and is currently the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

72.  Jacques (French origin), meaning "supplanter". Jacques Kallis is a former South African all-rounder.

73.  Javed (Persian origin) meaning "eternal". Javed Miandad is a former Pakistani cricketer. It is a popular baby name in Asia.

74.  Muttiah (Hindu origin) meaning "laughter". Muttiah Muralitharan was one of the most loved off-break bowlers from Sri Lanka, and it is still one of the popular baby names there.

Names Of Rugby Players

Rugby players are known around the world for their strength and stamina. It is, therefore, very common for parents to choose a baby name that is based on rugby players. Here're a few popular baby names that are taken from rugby players:

75.  Angus (Scottish origin) meaning "one" and "choice".

76.  Berrick (English origin) meaning "king bear".

77.  Braith (Welsh origin) meaning "black and white".

78.  Cameron (Scottish origin) meaning "crooked nose".

79.  Corey (Greek origin) meaning "in a hollow".

80.  Conrad (German origin) meaning "brave".

81.  Cooper (English origin) meaning "barrel maker".

82.  Digby (Saxon origin).

83.  Drew (Irish origin) meaning "descendant of a Druid".

84.  Eben (Hebrew origin) meaning "stone of help".

85.  Ed (English origin), and is the short form of Edward.

86.  Jamie (Scottish origin) a short form of the name James.

87.  Jano (Slavic origin) meaning "God is gracious". Definitely a cool boy name.

88.  Kurt (German origin) meaning "bold".

89.  Luke (Greek origin) meaning "light".

Names Of Paralympic Medalists

Paralympic athletes are known for their grit and determination. They go beyond boundaries to prove themselves. Here are a few paralympic athlete baby names:

90.  Erlin (Scandinavian origin) meaning "stranger".

91.  Heinz (German origin) meaning "home's ruler". Heinz Frei has multiple titles to his name.

92.  Ihar (German origin) meaning "protected". Ihar Boki won four titles in swimming.

93.  Jonas (Greek origin) meaning "dove". Also the name of a famous sports shooter, Jonas Jacobsson.

94.  Lee (English origin) meaning "meadow". Lee Pearson represented Britain in para-equestrianism.

95.  Mathew (Hebrew origin) meaning "gift of Yahweh". Yahweh is an Israeli God.

96.  Mike (English origin) meaning "who's like God?". It's a very popular name among parents.

97.  Rolf (German origin) meaning "renown wolf". Rolf Johansson was a famous former paralympic athlete.

98.  Terje (Scandinavian origin) meaning "spear of Thor". Terje Loevaas is a famous sprinter. One of the cool, unique names.

99.  Timothy (Greek origin) meaning "honouring God". Timothy Disken is an Australian para-swimmer.

100.  Uri (Hebrew origin) means "God is my light". Uri Bergman was an Israeli para-swimming champion.

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