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100 Best One Syllable Boy Names For Your New Arrivalone syllable names

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There is so much to prepare for a new baby, but nothing can be more important than choosing a name.

Your baby's name will stay with them for the rest of their life so, understandably, there is a lot of pressure to get it right. This is where Kidadl steps in!

We have put together 100 of the best baby boy names with only one syllable. Whether you are looking for a cute short first name for your baby boy or a short middle name to complement your chosen name, we can help. From traditional English boys' names to celebrity baby names, contemporary one syllable names, names inspired by nature and much more, there is something for everyone in this list.

Traditional Boys' Names With One Syllable

These traditional and old fashioned boys' names all have just one syllable.

1.Chad (English origin), derived from the name of Saint Caedda, meaning 'defender, warrior'.

2.Charles (English origin), meaning 'free man'.

3.Clive (English origin), meaning 'cliff dweller'.

4.Earl (English origin), meaning 'of noble birth'.

5.George (Greek origin), meaning 'farmer'.

6.Grant (English origin), meaning 'large, great'.

7.Jack (English origin), meaning 'God is gracious'.

8.Lance (English origin), meaning 'land'.

9.Mark (Latin origin), meaning 'warlike'.

Contemporary Single Syllable Boy Names

One syllable boy names are increasingly popular and, with the names on this list, we can see why!

10.Brice (Scottish origin), meaning 'speckled'.

11.Dax (French origin), meaning 'leader'.

12.Dov (Hebrew origin), meaning 'bear'.

13.Frey (Scandinavian origin), meaning 'the exalted one'.

14.Jax (American origin), meaning 'son of Jack'.

15.Jude (Latin origin), meaning 'praised'. This is a relatively old name that has recently become more popular.

16.Kemp (English origin), meaning 'soldier'. This was originally a last name but is increasingly being chosen as a first name for babies.

17.Kit (Greek origin), this name is a diminutive of Christopher with a more modern tone. It means 'bearing Christ'.

18.Quinn (Irish origin), meaning 'descendent of Conn'. This one syllable name is becoming popular for both baby boys and  baby girls.

19.Sloan (Irish origin), meaning 'expedition'.

20.Tor (Norse origin),  meaning 'thunder'.

21.Wren (English origin), meaning 'small bird'.

22.Xan (Greek origin), meaning 'defender of mankind'.

23.Zane (American origin), meaning 'God is gracious'.

24.Zeke (Hebrew origin), diminutive of Ezekiel, meaning 'God strengthens'.

One Syllable Boy Names From The Movies

These one syllable names can be seen on the big screen, why not pick one for your own little star?

Small baby swaddled in a blanket lying on its side.

25.Clark (English origin), meaning 'scholar, cleric'. Clark Gable, often referred to as the 'King of Hollywood' shares this name with Superman himself, Clark Kent.

26.Flint (English origin), meaning 'stream'. The main character in Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs is called Flint.

27.Flynn (Irish origin), meaning 'descendant of Flann'. Disney fans will love this baby boy name, which is the nickname of Eugene in Tangled.

28.Frank (English origin), meaning 'free' or 'truthful'. This name appears on our screens in the movie Frank, released in 2014, about the new recruit to an eccentric pop band with a lead singer of the same name.

29.Gale (Middle English origin), meaning 'jovial'. In The Hunger Games book and film franchise, Gale is a strong character, making this the perfect name for a tough little baby boy.

30.James (Hebrew origin), meaning 'supplanter'. The name is Bond, James Bond - we couldn't miss this famous spy from our list of one syllable boy names.

31.Jules (French and Latin origin), meaning 'youthful, soft, downy'. This was the name of Samuel L Jackson's character in Tarantino's Pulp Fiction.

32.Kip (English origin), meaning 'pointed hill'. Napoleon's cousin Napoleon Dynamite has this short one syllable name.

33.Lee (English origin), meaning 'pasture, meadow'. This is the last name of Bruce Lee, actor, director, martial arts instructor who was a movie sensation in the '60s and '70s.

34.Quill (Irish origin), meaning 'descendant of Coll'. Peter Quill from Guardians Of The Galaxy has this as a surname, but we think it would perfectly suit a creative little baby boy due to its connotations with writing and calligraphy.

35.Rhett (English origin), meaning 'advice'. In the film adaptation of Gone With The Wind Rhett Butler was played by Clark Gable.

One Syllable Boy Names From TV Shows

Looking to your favourite TV shows for inspiration is a great way to come up with a list of boys names.

36.Clay (English origin), meaning 'mortal'. Many TV shows including 13 Reasons Why, The Wire and Sons Of Anarchy feature characters called Clay.

37.Finn (Irish origin), meaning 'fair-haired'. Some of this name's popularity can be attributed to the character Finn in Glee.

38.Shane (Irish origin), meaning 'God is gracious'. Fans of The Walking Dead will recognise the name from the character Shane Walsh.

39.Stark (Scottish/English origin), meaning 'firm, unyielding'. Most of us associate this name with the House Stark in Game Of Thrones.

Celebrity One Syllable Boy Names

Some unique boy names can be found by looking at the short names which celebrities have chosen for their own kids.

40.Ace (Latin origin), meaning 'expert'. Jessica Simpson. Jessica Simpson named her son Ace Knute Johnson, showing that one syllable names can be really cool boys' names.

41.Bear (French and German origin), meaning 'strong and brave bear'. This is a popular one syllable name among celebrities, with Kate Winslet, Cheryl Cole, Liam Payne, Alicia Silverstone and Chris Jarecki all choosing the name for their babies.

42.Bronx (American origin), meaning 'Bronck's land'. Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz named their son Bronx Wentz.

43.Cruz (Spanish origin), meaning 'cross'. David and Victoria Beckham popularised this name after naming their third son Cruz.

44.Gene (English origin), meaning 'well born'. Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer's son is called Gene David Fischer.

45.Hal (English origin), meaning 'army ruler'. Benedict and Sophie Cumberbatch named their son Hal in 2017.

46.Knox (Scottish origin), meaning 'hill'. One of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's twins is called Knox.

47.Psalm (Hebrew origin), meaning 'song'. Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West's son is called Psalm.

48.Saint (Latin origin), meaning 'sacred, holy'. Psalm's older brother, another son of Kardashian West and Kanye West, is called Saint.

Hippie One Syllable Boy Names

These hippie boy names are perfect if you are a laid back parent who wants a peaceful and relaxed name for your baby boy.

49.Blaze (English origin), meaning 'flame'.

50.Blue (American origin), meaning 'the colour blue'. Whilst this name is probably most famous for being the name of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's eldest daughter, it also suits relaxed and laid back baby boys.

51.Pax (Latin origin), meaning 'peace'.

52.Peace (American origin), meaning 'tranquillity'. This name can be used for both boys and girls.

One Syllable Boy Names Inspired By Nature

Baby names inspired by nature can be either delicate or powerful. There are so many short but strong boys names in this list - which will you choose?

53.Birch (English origin), meaning 'birch tree'.

54.Brooks (English origin), meaning 'small stream'.

55.Cole (English origin), meaning 'charcoal'.

56.Cove (English origin), meaning 'small coastal inlet'.

57.Craig (Gaelic origin), meaning 'rock'.

58.Dale (German origin), meaning 'valley'.

59.Ford (English origin), meaning 'river crossing'.

60.Fox (English origin), meaning 'fox'.

61.Hart (English origin), meaning 'stag'.

62.Hawk (English origin), meaning 'falcon, bird of prey'.

63.Jay (Latin origin), meaning 'bird in the crow family'.

64.Kai (Polynesian origin), meaning 'sea'.

65.Keith (Scottish origin), meaning 'wood, forest'.

66.Lake  (English origin), meaning 'body of water'.

67.Leaf (Latin origin), meaning 'leaf of a plant'.

68.Nash (English origin), meaning 'by the ash tree'.

69.Oak (English origin), meaning 'near the oak trees'.

70.Trent (Latin origin), meaning 'gushing waters'.

71.Wolf (German origin), meaning 'wolf'.

Biblical One Syllable Boy Names

One of these short biblical boys names could make a lovely first name for your baby.

72.Dan (Hebrew origin), form of Daniel meaning 'God is my judge'.

73.Gad (Hebrew origin), meaning 'juniper tree'.

74.John (Hebrew origin), meaning 'God is gracious'.

75.Luke (Latin origin), English form of the Latin name Lucas. Luke means 'someone from Luciana'. Luke was the author of the third gospel in the New Testament and the Patron Saint of doctors and artists.

76.Mark (Latin origin), meaning 'warlike'.

77.Paul (Latin origin), meaning 'small'.

78.Saul (Hebrew origin), meaning 'longed for'.

79.Seth (Hebrew origin), meaning 'appointed one'.

One Syllable Boy Names From Around The World

Take a look at these baby boy names from around the world. They are all short and cute, with just one syllable.

A newborn baby lying on bed

80.Arch (German origin), meaning 'genuine, bold, brave'.

81.Beau (French origin), meaning 'handsome'.

82.Buzz (American origin), meaning 'village in the woods'.

83.Dirk (German origin), meaning 'famous ruler'.

84.Chi (Chinese origin), meaning 'younger energy'.

85.Hans (Scandinavian origin), meaning 'God is gracious'.

86.Huck (American origin), short for Huckleberry meaning 'mischief'.

87.Jace (American origin), meaning 'to heal'.

88.Kurt (German origin), meaning 'adviser'.

89.Li (Chinese origin), meaning 'powerful'. This name can be given to both boys and girls.

90.Lloyd (Welsh origin), meaning 'sacred'.

91.Max (German origin), meaning 'the greatest'.

92.Nate (Hebrew origin), meaning 'gift'.

93.Ren (Japanese origin), meaning 'water lily, lotus'.

94.Rhodes (Greek origin), meaning 'where Roses grow'.

95.Rhys (Welsh origin), meaning 'enthusiasm'.

96.Sage (Old French origin), meaning 'wise'.

97.Scout (Old French origin), meaning 'to listen'.

98.Shay (Gaelic origin), meaning 'admirable'.

99.Tag (Irish origin), meaning 'handsome'.

100.Tai (Chinese origin), meaning 'great, extreme'.

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