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100+ Best Police Dog Names That Are Strong And Courageous

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Tough dog names immediately bring fierce-looking police dogs into your mind.

True to their upbringing and nature, these names define the police dog breeds perfectly. But it can be a little confusing to choose the one perfect name for your police dog.

German Shepherd, being the k-9 famous military dog breed, are also popular because they are really loyal. Dog owners sometimes choose some of the weirdest names like Lucky Goodsniffer or Miss Furbulous for their dogs to make the dog training sessions fun. These names, as well as being funny and cool, stick with police dogs and can turn out to be perfect as German Shepherd names. Check out the below list for some popular and funny police dog names for your k9 dog.

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Male Police Dog Names

Flaunting brave dog names  is a trend that makes the dog names grab attention even more.

A strong dog names list is a perfect one to find the top names for your military dog. Here's a list full of dashing male German Shepherd police dog names options.

1. Ace (Old French origin) meaning "one who excels".

2. Avalanche (Swiss origin) meaning "descent to the valley"; is one of the feisty names for a dog.

3. Axel (French, German origin) meaning "father of peace".

4. Bane (English origin) meaning "cause of distress".

5. Bear (Old English origin) meaning "strong furry animal".

6. Blaze (English origin) meaning "flame".

7. Blitz (German, Jewish origin) meaning "lightning".

8. Bolt (English origin) meaning "powerfully built person".

9. Bomber (German origin) meaning "mountain"; usually used as a last name but can be a perfect name for a police dog.

10. Boris (Slavic origin) meaning "wolf, short, snow leopard".

11. Boss (Dutch origin) meaning "leader".

12. Bruiser - Meaning "a big man".

13. Brutus (Latin origin) meaning "heavy, muscular".

14. Buck (English origin) meaning "deer"; is still a strong sounding police dog name.

15. Bullet (Middle French origin) meaning "small ball"; is one of the cool small k9 dog names.

16. Butch (American origin) meaning "manly"; is one of the popular male dog names.

17. Caesar (Latin origin) meaning "emperor".

18. Callahan (Irish origin) meaning "the bright headed".

19. Charlie (English origin) meaning "free man"; is a unisex name.

20. Crash (Middle English origin) meaning "to smash"; is one of the tough names for dogs perfect for a k-9.

21. Diesel - Meaning "a fuel"; one of the strong name ideas for dog names.

22. Donner (High German origin) meaning "dark warrior".

23. Duke (Anglo-Norman origin) meaning "leader".

24. Fang (Chinese origin) meaning "fragrance, canine tooth"; is a unisex name that can be perfect for a German Shepherd.

25. Goliath (Hebrew origin) meaning "reveal".

26. Gunner (Scandinavian origin) meaning "warrior".

27. Hawkeye (Native American origin) meaning "man of good sight".

28. Hercules (Latin origin) meaning "glory of Hera".

29. Hulk (Middle English origin) meaning "large person".

30. Jackson (American/Scottish origin) meaning "son of Jack" is a popular name taken by many owners for their German Shepherds.

31. Julius (Greek origin) meaning "downy-bearded".

32. Kaiser (German origin) meaning "head full of hair or emperor"; a name suitable for your hunting panther.

33. Kenneth (English origin) meaning "handsome one"; is a perfect name for your handsome labrador retriever.

34. Mack (Latin origin) meaning "greatest".

35. Magnum (Latin origin) meaning "big, great".

36. Maverick (American origin) meaning "wildly independent".

37. Maximus (Latin origin) meaning "greatest".

38. Murphy (Irish origin) meaning "sea warrior"; is one of the perfect male dog names for the ones who aren't afraid of water.

39. Nero (Sabine, Italian origin) meaning "strong, black"; is a rare name inspired by ranger kinds.

40. Odin (Old Norse origin) meaning "inspiration".

41. Phantom (Latin origin) meaning "an apparition"; is one of the trending names for German Shepherds.

42. Rambo (Swedish origin) meaning "raven's nest"; is one of the perfect names inspired by the popular male dog name after the 'Rambo' movie series.

43. Rex (Latin origin) meaning "king".

44. Rocky (German origin) meaning "rest"; is a famous German Shepherd name taken after Sylvester Stallon's 'Rocky' movie series.

45. Rogue (Middle French origin) meaning "unpredictable".

46. Spike (American origin) meaning "long, heavy nails".

47. Sullivan (Irish origin) meaning "dark eyes".

48. Tank (English, American origin/slang) meaning "a vehicle" or "big and strong man".

49. Thor (Old Norse origin) meaning "thunder"; also associated with the God of thunder and the Marvel comic superhero character.

50. Thunderbolt (English origin) meaning "thunder filled powerful on".

51. Tito (Latin origin) meaning "title of honor"; is a gender-neutral name.

52. Trapper (American origin) meaning "one who traps".

53. Trooper (French origin) meaning "one who endures adversities".

54. Vinnie (Latin origin) meaning "to be a conqueror".

Female Police Dog Names

People love to care for the female German Shepherds who can give birth to even more puppies. Here is a list of a few beautiful dog names with strong meanings to fit perfectly for your cute and tough female police dogs.

55. Alaska (Aleut origin) meaning "a mainland".

56. Andromeda (Greek origin) meaning "ruler of men".

57. Bailey (M/F) (Middle English origin) meaning "steward".

58. Cleopatra (Greek origin) meaning "glory of her father"; is a royal name to give the dogs.

59. Dakota (Siouan word) meaning "friendly"; this is a popular unisex name inspired by famous actor Dakota Fanning.

60. Diva (Italian origin) meaning "celebrated singer"; is also considered as a label for a princess.

61. Echo (Greek origin) meaning "reverberating sound".

62. Elektra (Greek origin) meaning "shining".

63. Huntress (Anglo-Scottish origin) meaning "the one who hunts"; is one of the mean dog names, perfect for your female hunter.

64. Indiana - Meaning "land of the Indians"; is a popular name after the 'Indiana Jones' movie series.

65. Jersey (English origin) meaning "grassy land"; is a unisex tag.

66. Jinx (Latin origin) meaning "charm or spell".

67. Joplin (English origin) meaning "afflicted".

68. Juliet (English origin) meaning "youthful, soft-haired".

69. Katniss (Latin origin) meaning "Sagittaria, a plant with edible tubers".

70. Leia (Hebrew origin) meaning "weary".

71. Li (Chinese origin) meaning "pretty and powerful"; is a unisex name and is a bi syllable name for perfect female dog names.

72. Liberty (Old Latin origin) meaning "freedom"; is a law term and the first name fitting perfectly for a police dog.

73. Lucy (English/French origin) meaning "light"; is one of the common names for female German Shepherds.

74. Mystique (English origin) meaning "fascinating aura of mystery".

75. Nyx (Greek origin) meaning "shadowy figure"; associated with a Greek Goddess of the night.

76. Olga (Russian origin) meaning "blessed, holy".

77. Olympia (Greek origin) meaning "mountain of Gods".

78. Pepper (F) (Middle English origin) meaning "spice name"; cute name for your lady German Shepherd.

79. Queenie, derived from 'queen'; considered as the affectionate version for a royal lady.

80. Raven (Middle English origin) meaning "wise"; usually associated with the blackbird.

81. Remington (English origin) meaning "the ridge town"; is a unisex name that can be used for a cop dog.

82. Sable (French origin) meaning "sand, black fur".

83. Sadie (English origin) meaning "princess"; a common name used by owners for different dog breeds.

84. Sheba (Arabic origin) meaning "kingdom".

85. Tempeste (French origin) meaning "storm or stormy". This is a great unique police dog name.

86. Tiger (Middle English origin) meaning "powerful cat"; is a unisex moniker can be used as female or male dog names.

87. Vice (Latin origin) meaning "change"; is a gender-neutral tag.

88. Vixen (Old English origin) meaning "female fox"; is one of the best dog names for a police force German Shepherd.

89. Xena (Greek origin) meaning "hospitable"; was a warrior princess.

90. Yeti (Tibetian origin) meaning "small man-like animal".

91. Ziba (Biblical origin) meaning "strength".

Famous Police Dog Names

Dog names that make your dog's personalities stand out are clever.

Here's a list that links the major words related to police or crime with your dog's name.

92. Archer (M) (English origin) meaning "one who bows".

93. Badger (M) (English origin) meaning "fierce animals"; associates with the police badge too.

94. Blizzard (F) (Thai origin) meaning "frost".

95. Blue (M/F) (Middle English origin) meaning "color name"; associated with the color of police uniforms.

96. Bones (M) (Norman origin) meaning "good"; a boy tag also associated with the dog's favorite things.

97. Buddy (M) - Meaning "companion, friend, old man".

98. Charger (M) - Meaning "person who is a gift for life".

99. Colonel (M) (Middle French origin) meaning "military rank".

100. Detective (M) - Meaning "one who serves to detect".

101. Ghost (M) (Old English origin) meaning "soul".

102. Holster (M) (Old English origin) meaning "carry case for a firearm"; associated with the police handgun holster.

103. Joan of Arc (F) - Meaning "maid"; associated with the national heroine of France. A rather unique police dog name.

104. Mercy (F) (English origin) meaning "compassion"; a good character to associate your girl pet with.

105. Pistol (M) - Meaning "a firearm"; associated with police gun.

106. Prowler (M) - Meaning "the one who follows someone".

107. Robocop (M) (English origin) meaning "the man who walks with mortals".

108. Sarge (M) - Meaning "Sargent, officer"; is one of the apt police office pet names.

109. Titan (M) (Greek origin) meaning "powerful big man".

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