40 Unisex Dog Names For Your Puppy That You Will Love

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Originally Published on Oct 21, 2020
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Picking the right name for your dog is no easy feat.

There are many things that need to be pondered upon, like whether the name would match with the personality of your dog. Will your pet grow up to embody the name truly?

You probably longed for a dog when you were younger; maybe you've got one now. You will agree that naming your little pup is a huge responsibility. One that must be taken seriously. And rightfully so.

Some people name their dogs based on their looks, behavior, origin, breed, and even personality. Some just choose one from outdated dog names that ends in a complete disaster. The safest bet is to choose a unisex name for your dog.

If you are looking out for dog names that are unique,  here is a complete list of unique and unisex names for your dog. To help you choose better, we have grouped the names into three separate categories containing unique dog names. Check it out!

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Funny Unisex Dog Names That Will Make You Guffaw

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So your pet dog is goofy and silly at times. Maybe he/she has tripped over the stairs a lot or fails to catch the ball every time.

You secretly suspect he/she is a little dimwitted but completely adorable of course. Does your dog fall under the funny category? Well, here is a list of few name ideas for funny unisex dog names that you can consider:

1. Baguette means a long, narrow 'French loaf'.  The perfect gender-neutral name if your dog loves to eat.

2. Beans - This name represents the 'tiny seeds of leguminous plants'. Ideal for your tiny pet. This guy tops the list of fun names for your puppy.

3. Bigfoot is a 'giant ape-like creature' that is mentioned in American and Canadian folklore.

4. Buzz - A specific 'sound that a bee makes'. Ideal name for your funny puppy.

5. Bug - Means a 'small insect'. This name is usually given to someone who is tiny.

6. Chunky - Means 'thick, fat', or 'bulky.' A perfect name if your dog is a little chubby.

7. Cookie - Means a 'sweet biscuit'. This might be the perfect puppy name you have been searching for if your dog is brown and cute.

8. Dunkin - means a delicious, ready-to-drink 'iced coffee'. This one is the cutest one among the puppy names

9. Moody - If your dog is cute and demanding, this is the name to pick

10. Oink is the 'sound a pig makes'. One of the perfect dognames you could find.

11. Ozzy Pawsborne - A wordplay on the famous musician Ozzy Osborne and the perfectunisexdogname.

12. Paws - The 'feet' of animals.

13. Pokemon - Also known as 'Pocket Monsters' in Japan, is a media franchise. It is one among the really unique dog names out there.

14. Puffy - Usually refers to something 'full of air.' Your fat little dog will embody this name

15. Tango - A Latin-American dance form. If your pet is silly, you can pick this name.

Cute Unisex Dog Names

Do you melt every time your dog gives you the puppy eyes? It’s so fluffy and cute that you cannot simply take them on a walk without someone giving them a scratch. Well then, you are the “ hooman” to the most cutest dog. Why not select any of these cute unisex dog names listed below?

16. Coco -The name is of french origin meaning 'elegant'.

17. Crumble - The 'leftovers' or fallout from cookies, bread, bakery goods, etc.

18. Honey - A  sweet, sticky yellowish-brown fluid made by bees.

19. Joy - Meaning 'happiness 'and 'mirth'. Most popular of all the puppy names

20. Kai - A name of Japanese origin meaning the 'ocean'.

21. Marbles - A colored glass ball.

22. Onyx  - A black stone with grey and white colored bands.

23. Pickle - Means to 'get into a difficult position'. Perfect if your dog likes to get into trouble.

24. Pixel - Little dots that create images on a digital screen. This name is as gender neutral as can be.

25. Sky - The region of the atmosphere that appears blue.

26. Twitch - Small jumping movements.  A perfect cute nickname for dogs

27. Twix:  A brand of a caramel cookie bar. The ideal name for your caramel-colored dog.

28. Yoshi - means "good luck" in Japanese and would be a top pick among unique names

Cool Unisex Dog Names For Your Elegant Pet

An adorable furry dog enjoying breeze in the outdoors

You know your dog is dashingly cool when they execute that effortlessly perfect “catch” every time you play fetch. They are that popular dog with whom every other dog wants to hangout.

Well then, you are the owner of the coolest dog in your neighborhood. Here’s a list of cool unisex dog names you would want to pick for your pet.

29. Ace - The name is of Latin origin meaning 'unity' or 'one'.

30. Avis - A name of Latin origin which means 'bird'. Can also be substituted for 'freedom'.

31. Carmen - The name means 'poem'. It is of Latin origin.

32. Dante - A name of Latin origin meaning 'everlasting'. An awesome name if you are looking for a unique dog name.

33. Juniper - The name means 'someone with a lot of energy.' It is of Latin origin.

34. Max - The meaning of the name is 'excess or maximum'. It originated in Latin.

35. Nero  - It means 'powerful' in Latin.

36. Nova - The name depicts anything 'new' or a fresh beginning.

37. Pepper - A hot-tasting powder from dried and ground peppercorns.

38. Rufus - this name represents anyone with a 'redhead' or red-colored hair.

39. Storm - This name depicts a powerful natural phenomenon, perfect for a feisty dog.

40. Trinity- The name translates to 'the power of three'.

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