Top 40 Irish Dog Names For Your Puppy

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Originally Published on Oct 12, 2020
Irish Red Setter dog is looking at his human who is petting him

Names for Irish wolfhounds can come from your imagination or from popular options already used by others.

The perfect Irish dog name can be anything you choose. Whether you have a male dog or a female, the names you consider could be from a region of Ireland that brings you inspiration and joy, a famous actor from the country, or something that simply sparks your fancy.

Plenty of Irish names exist for your furry friend, so use this list to consider all your options before settling on the perfect Celtic dog names for your pet.

For more name ideas, have a look at this list of Irish boy names or this list of Irish girl names.

Famous Irish Names Fit For Dogs

Use some famous celebrities from Ireland or close by to inspire Irish names for dogs.

1.Aiden (after Aidan Gillen) means "fiery one", ideal for a red-haired dog or one who is active and playful.

2.Anna (after Anna Kendrick) means "full of grace", ideal for a graceful dog

3.Colin (after Colin Farrell) The name represents youth, which works well for a new or active puppy.

4.Fiona (after Fiona Shaw) The name meaning "white" works well for a white-haired pup.

5.Liam (after Liam Neeson) The name is perfect for a guard dog.

6.Luke (after Luke Kelly) The name means "light".

7.Pierce (after Pierce Brosnan) means "rock".

8.Ruth (after Ruth Negga) The name means "friend" which works well for our faithful pets.

9.Saoirse (after Saoirse Ronan) The name for "freedom" is great for a dog who loves to run free.

10.Stuart (after Stuart Townsend) It essentially means "household guardian" which is perfect for a dog.

Cute Irish Dog Names For Girls

Plenty of Irish female dog names are absolutely adorable to use.

11.Clover - the Irish good luck charm is a cute name for a dog.

12.Darcy - meaning "descendant of the dark", ideal for a dark-haired dog

13.Keira - means "dark one", ideal for a dog with a brown or black coat

14.Madra - this female pup name is Irish for "dog"

15.Roisin - means "little rose"

16.Siobhan - meaning "God is gracious"

Cute Irish Dog Names For Boys

The perfect name for your pet may be one of these cute choices.

17.Bain - meaning "fair" or "white"

18.Conan - means "little hound"

19.Eamon - means "protector"

20.Finley - name for a "fair warrior"

21.Galen - perfect dog name for one who's "calm"

22.Lorcan - when choosing Irish names for a dog, consider this one that means "little fierce one"

23.Madigan - one of the Celtic names for dogs which actually translates to "little dog"

24.Rogan - means "red-headed"

Funny Or Ironic Irish Dog Names For Girls

Consider an Irish name or word to inspire ironic name ideas for your female friend.

25.Bailey - after the Irish cream drink

26.Bevin - means "fair lady"

27.Colleen - why not use this name for your Collie?

28.Fenella - meaning "fair-shouldered", could be used for a dog with white on her shoulders or back.

29.Goldie - perfect for a golden-colored dog

30.Kerry - the Kerry blue terrier and Kerry beagle are breeds. It's also a region of Ireland.

31.Pooka- this creature from Irish folklore sometimes resembled a wild dog. Use the bloodthirsty name for your sweet pup for some irony.

32.Shandy - the Irish drink sounds kind of cute as a girl name

Funny Or Ironic Irish Dog Names For Boys

Find some funny Irish male dogs names for your furry friends.

33.Clifford - the red dog isn't necessarily Irish but his fur color is reminiscent of one

34.Dog - simply naming your dog "dog" can be plenty humorous

35.Dublin - after the largest city in Ireland

36.Finbar - the unique name means "fair-headed one" which works for a dog with a white head or face.

37.Glen - one of the Irish dogs' names inspired by a breed.

38.Gollum - the creature from Lord of the Rings got its name from a cave in Ireland. It could work well for your dog.

39.Murphy - actually means "hound of the sea"

40.Red - why not simply use the name Red for your red-haired pet?

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Irish dog names then why not take a look at these Scottish baby names, or for something different this list of short boys' names.

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