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Celtic is a language and culture that includes several languages like Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Breton, Manx, Cornish, and some other older languages.

Names of Celtic origin are varied in nature and therefore have many different meanings. Choosing the correct identity for your dog can be a tedious task made better for you if you go down the Celtic path, which brings a bit of ancient flavor with it.

Dog names must reflect their nature. The Celtic language is a conglomeration of many different words and dialects and does not really have a fixed nature to it. This makes it much more diverse. We're here to help you with your dog's best identity with this comprehensive list of 100+ best Celtic origin names for dogs.

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Celtic Boy Dog Names

You can always opt for these wonderful Celtic origin names for your male dog.

1. Adair - meaning "from the Oaktree ford". A great option for Celtic male dog names.

2. Afric - meaning "agreeable and pleasant". For Irish names for dogs, this is an excellent choice.

3. Aiden - meaning "the bringer of fire" or "fiery". This Irish dog name is derived from the Celtic God, Aodh.

4. Airell - meaning "nobleman" or "of noble birth". You can name your dog with this sweet moniker.

5. Alan - meaning "little rock". This can be a perfect name for your little but feisty terrier dog.

6. Alastair - meaning "defender of the people". For Celtic dog names, this can be a suitable choice.

7. Annan - meaning "from the brook". A dog's name that is very unique.

8. Arawn - referring to the Celtic God of the underworld. Dog names like these can be a perfect option for you.

9. Arden - meaning "eager to learn". One of the better Celtic names for your dogs

10. Barry - meaning "having fair hair". For Celtic dog names for golden retrievers, this name is perfect.

11. Becan - meaning "little man". A good option for your small and cute dog.

12. Bevan - meaning "young soldier". This can qualify as a wonderful Celtic dog name.

13. Bowen - meaning "son of Owen". Although primarily a Celtic surname, this can be one of the better Celtic names for dogs.

14. Boyd - meaning "yellow or blond hair". A social identity for your dog.

15. Brayden - meaning "salmon". This is a rather unique dog name.

16. Bredon - meaning "sword". For Celtic dog names, this is a perfect option.

17. Brendt - meaning "hilltop".

18. Cahal - meaning "showing power or valor in battle". An excellent choice to name your dog with.

19. Callum - meaning "dove".

20. Declan - meaning "full of goodness". A great Celtic dog name.

21. Dewain - meaning "song".

22. Donaghy - meaning "strong fighter". For powerful Celtic dog names, this is the perfect option.

23. Druce - meaning "wise." A Celtic dog name for your wise and calm dog.

24. Eghan - meaning "ardent follower". An excellent name for your loyal dog.

25. Ewyn - meaning "young". This can be one of the suitable names for your puppy dog.

26. Fergus - meaning "strength of man". A unique Celtic dog name.

27. Gildas - meaning "one who serves God".

28. Karney - meaning "a victorious champion". For dog names, this Celtic name is apt.

29. Kent - meaning "chief". Another great option for Celtic dog names.

30. Kerwyn - meaning "little dark one". This can be a suitable name for your new dog with dark fur.

31. Maccus - meaning "hammer". This is one of the more unique dog names.

32. Melvyn - meaning "leader". A fantastic name for your dog.

33. Neil - meaning "passionate champion". For dog name ideas, this can be ideal.

34. Orin - meaning "white". A simple and easy dog name.

35. Tristan - meaning "bold noise and outcry".

36. Weylin - meaning "son of the wolf". For dog names, this is intense and powerful.

Celtic Female Dog Names

Two cute dogs in flowers.

Scroll down and for a quick look at all these beautiful female names for your new dog.

37. Aife - meaning "a great warrior woman". An excellent option for Celtic girl dog names.

38. Aina - meaning "joy". A beautiful female name for a dog.

39. Aleen - meaning "good looking". Out of Celtic names for a female dog, this can be one of the perfect name ideas for you.

40. Andraste - meaning "invincible and unconquerable". This name refers to a Goddess of Victory.

41. Arela - meaning "an oath". A loyal name to give to your female dog.

42. Berta - meaning "splendid'.

43. Bevin - meaning "fair lady". A very unique name for a female dog.

44. Brietta - meaning "strong". A mighty female name for your dog.

45. Cara - meaning "pure and beloved". For female Celtic names of a dog, a very good option.

46. Cinnie - meaning "beauty".

47. Cordelia - meaning "jewel of the sea". A great choice for female dog names.

48. Deva - meaning "divine". The best name for your heavenly dog.

49. Dierdre - meaning "she who chatters". One of the unique Irish girl dog names.

50. Doreena - meaning "moody".

51. Edna - meaning "fire". A fiery name for your female dog.

52. Gilda - meaning "servant of God".

53. Ginessa - meaning "like foam". Everyone likes dog names like these.

54. Gitta - meaning "strong and exalted".

55. Grania -meaning "great love", also refers to the grain Goddess in Irish mythology.

56. Gwenneth - meaning "blessed".

57. Isolda - meaning "the beautiful one". This can easily be considered as part of beautiful dog names.

58. Jenny - meaning "white wave". A much more prevalent Celtic dog name.

59. Keelin - meaning "fair and slender". This is a great Irish name for your dog.

60. Lavena - meaning "joy". A beautiful dog identity.

61. Lesley - meaning "the garden of holly". Irish dog names like these are very widespread.

62. Linette - meaning "an idol". A name for your inspirational dog.

63. Maavelle - meaning "songbird". Meaningful names of this sort are wonderful as dog names.

64. Morrigan - meaning "phantom queen". For female Irish dogs' names, this is a great choice.

65. Muriel - meaning "bright sea".

66. Myrna - meaning "beloved" and "tender".

67. Nareen - meaning "contended".

68. Nola - meaning "fair shouldered". For rare dog name ideas, this is fitting.

69. Oriana - meaning "gold". In Irish names for a dog, this is an excellent pick.

70. Rowena - meaning "slim" and "beautiful". A beautiful name for your dog.

71. Selma - meaning "beautiful view". A female name for dogs that you can't lose sight of.

72. Ula - meaning "sea jewel".

73. Winnie - meaning "fair". A great name for female dogs.

Unisex Celtic Pet Names For Your Dog

Unisex names are on trending lists all over the world these days. We present a list of unisex Celtic names for you to choose for your dog.

74. Adra - meaning "noble". A suitable option for gender-neutral dog names.

75. Ailbe - meaning "white". Irish names of these natures are unisex.

76. Attie - meaning "strong as a bear".

77. Barra - meaning "fair-haired". A unisex dogs' name derived from the moniker Barry.

78. Brienne - meaning "noble and exalted". This unisex dog name was also in the list of character names in 'Game of Thrones'.

79. Brocaire - meaning "terrier."

80. Carey - meaning "well-loved". An excellent choice for unisex dog names.

81. Car - meaning "fighter". Perhaps, simple dog names with such unique meanings are what you are looking for.

82. Daire - meaning "fruitful and fertile". A beautiful Irish origin moniker that is suitable as both male and female dog names.

83. Darcy - meaning "dark-haired". A beautiful name for any dog,

84. Dilis - meaning "loyal animal". An Irish unisex name for your loyal dog friend.

85. Dillon/Dylan - meaning "loyal like a lion". Another prevalent option for unisex Celtic names.

86. Iden - meaning "wealthy".

87. Joyce - meaning to "rejoice".

88. Madra - meaning "dog". The Irish origin Celtic word for dog is a perfect name for all dog genders.

89. Ove - referring to a mythical female character, this name is increasingly becoming a unisex name following the publication of the book 'A Man Called Ove'.

90. Quinn - meaning "counsel". A quintessential Celtic unisex name for dogs.

91. Reagan - meaning "the king's child". One of the better unisex names for dogs.

92. Rogaire - meaning "rogue". A meaningful unisex Irish name for dogs.

93. Sealgare - meaning "the hunter". A more intense choice out of names for dogs.

94. Tafann - meaning "to bark".

Celtic Dog Names Inspired By The Pop Culture And Mythology

Corgi dog smile and happy in summer sunny day.

Celtic mythology is vast, and not lagging are the Celtic references in pop culture. Here are a few such dog names inspired by pop culture and mythology.

95. Balor - (M) meaning "the flashing one"; is associated with the King of Giants in Celtic mythology.

96. Bran - (M) meaning "raven." Bran Stark is a protagonist in the show' Game of Thrones'.

97. Cedric - (M) meaning "bounty"; this was the name of a character in the 'Harry Potter' series.

98. Cinaed - (M/F) meaning "born of fire"; refers to the first King of Scotland.

99. Domhnall - (M) meaning "ruler of the world". Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson has this name.

100. Doyle - (M) meaning "stranger"; usually a surname, this can be used for dog names. Kevin Doyle is an Irish footballer.

101. Duncan - (M) meaning "dark warrior". Duncan was the King in William Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'.

102. Floyd -(M) meaning "gray" or "gray-haired". Pink Floyd is a renowned musical band from the United Kingdom.

103. Gwendolyn - (F) meaning "white ring". Gwendoline Christie is an actress from the UK who has a similar name.

104. Keane - (M/F) meaning "sharp fighter". Irish footballer Roy Keane was a hard-tackling midfielder.

105. Lir - (M) refers to the Irish Lord of the sea. For mythological names for dogs, this is a great option.

106. Maeve - (F) meaning "queen". Queen Maeve is a character in the comic and TV series 'The Boys'.

107. Merlin - (M) meaning sea fortress. Merlin is another name for dogs inspired by mythology.

108. Oifa - (F) refers to the mythical sister of Ove. This can serve as a great name for dogs.

109. Patrick - (M) meaning "son of a noble father". St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.

110. Rory - (M) meaning "red-haired king". Irish actor Rory Gleeson is associated with this name.

111. Seamus (M) - meaning "supplanter". Seamus Heaney was a Noble Prize-winning Irish poet.

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