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Cute American shorthair cat.

Having trouble coming up with a cute and unique cat name?

You may want to go for a cat name with an ancient touch in it. Ireland is a country with a lot of history and love for cats too.

Cats have very distinct personalities. So, it is important to pick a name that not only sounds lovely but also matches the personality of your cat.

If you are intent on giving your new feline companion a lovely and unique name, Irish cat names are the way to go. Irish culture sports a variety of beautiful names with equally beautiful meanings.

Check out our amazing list of some gorgeous Irish cat names that are sure to help you find a great name for your new cat.

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Traditional Female Cat Names

If you are searching for the perfect name for your absolutely delightful female kitten, traditional female Irish names are always a great choice. Take a look at some of these melodic and elegant Irish female cat names.

1. Aoife meaning "Beautiful or Radiant".

2. Brigid, Bridget meaning "Exalted One" or "Power, Strength". This lovely name can be linked to the Celtic Goddess of Healing.

3. Caoimhe meaning "Beautiful".

4. Ciara meaning "Dark Haired". A great name for a female cat with dark fur.

5. Clodagh meaning "Name of an Irish River".

6. Darcelle meaning "Dark".

7. Dubheasa meaning "Dark Beauty". This is an ancient name that was pretty common back in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, making it a beautiful and unique name for your little kitten.

8. Eabha meaning "Life". This is an Irish version of the Hebrew and Latin name, Eve.

9. Eire meaning "Ireland".

10. Hiolair meaning "Happy".

11. Islene meaning "Vision".

12. Maebh meaning "Cause of Great Joy" or "She Who Intoxicates".

13. Mairead meaning "Pearl". This alluring name is an Irish version of the name, Margaret.

14. Muireann meaning "Sea White".

15. Nola meaning "Fair Shoulder".

16. Noreena meaning "Honor". A great name for a female cat.

17. Niamh meaning "Bright, Radiant".

18. Orla meaning "Golden Princess".

19. Padraigin meaning "Noble".

20. Riley meaning "Courageous".

21. Roisin meaning "Little Rose".

22. Sybil (Greek origin) meaning "Fortune Teller, Prophetess".

23. Saorise meaning "Freedom". A famous namesake of this alluring Irish name is the American-Irish actress, Saorise Ronan.

24. Sheena meaning "God is Gracious". This name can be associated with the fictional American comic book character, Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.

25. Siobhan meaning "God is Gracious".

26. Vevila meaning "Harmony".

Traditional Male Irish Cat Names

Traditional male Irish names make some absolutely beautiful and unique male cat names. Look at some of the best traditional male Irish cat names and meanings.

27. Aidan meaning "Little Flame".

28. Brannon meaning "Son of Bran". This name can be linked to the American TV producer, Brannon Braga who is best known for his contribution to the 'Star Trek' franchise.

29. Cillian meaning "Little Church". This lovely Irish name also belongs to the famous actor, Cillian Murphy who is best known for his role as Thomas Shelby in the British TV series, 'Peaky Blinders'.

30. Cormac meaning "Destroying Son".

31. Conan meaning "Little Wolf".

32. Darcy (French origin) meaning "Dark". This is also a common surname which can be linked to one of Jane Austen's most popular character, Mr Darcy from her book, 'Pride and Prejudice'.

33. Dempsey meaning "Proud".

34. Donovan meaning "Little Dark Prince". An ideal name for your beloved dark-colored cat.

35. Eamon meaning "Wealthy Protector".

36. Fergus meaning "Wrathful One".

37. Finnegan meaning "White".

38. Fionn meaning "White". In Irish Mythology, Fion mac Cumhaill was a powerful hunter-warrior.

39. Gearoid meaning "Super brave".

40. Giollahde meaning "Golden".

41. Mannuss meaning "Magnificient".

42.Murphy meaning "Descendant of Sea Warrior".

43.Kieren meaning "Dark Haired".

44.Oisin meaning "Little Deer". This name comes from Irish mythology where this name belonged to a legendary warrior and poet who is said to be the son of the hero, Fionn mac Cumhail.

45. Phelan meaning "Wolf".

46. Raghnall meaning "Mighty Power" or "Advice". A powerful name for a male cat.

47. Rian meaning "King". This given name comes from an ancient clan from Ireland, O'Riain.

48. Ronan meaning "Little Seal".

49. Rory meaning "Red King". An adorable Irish name for a tiny little ginger kitten.

50. Shane meaning "God's Gracious Gift".

51.Tadhg meaning "Poet".

Cool Irish Cat Names

If you are on the lookout for some cool and fun Irish names for cats, here is a list of some awesome cat names inspired by various Irish things, ranging from popular brands to famous dishes.

52. Bailey's aaqwqqw (M/F)(English origin) meaning "Bailiff". This name can be associated aq aswith Baileys Irish Cream, a popular Irish cream liqueur by Diageo.

53. Boxty (M/F) meaning "A type of Irish bread".

54. Cabbage (M/F) is an all-time Irish favorite, used in so many famous recipes. Also, it would make a super cute name for a little Irish cat.

55. Cat (M/F). 'Cat' in Irish is the same word but pronounced as "Cot". The name cat makes a really cool and simple option for your cute feline companion.

56. Champ (M)meaning "An Irish mashed potato recipe".

57. Clover (F) meaning "three-lobed leaf".

58. Coddle (M/F) referring to an "Irish dish name".

59. Colcannon (M/F) This is a traditional Irish dish made with mashed potatoes, cabbage, and kale.

60. Craic (M/F) is a famous Irish slang for "Fun".

61.Emerald (F) (English origin) meaning "Green Gemstone".

62. Guinness (M/F) meaning "Son of The Chosen One", from the famous Irish dry stout brand.

63. Jameson (M)meaning "Son of James". This name also belongs to the world-famous Irish whiskey brand.

64. Leprechaun. (M) This name originates from Irish folklore, referring to the tiny, bearded solitary fairy infamous for creating mischief.

65.Melodeon (M/F)meaning "A music instrument". This would make a really funny cat name as the phrase, "Cat Melodion" is a very popular phrase in Ireland, used to describe something awful.

66. Oatcake (M/F) meaning "Thin and flat oatmeal cake".

67. Pangur (M/F)meaning "A Fuller". This cool Irish cat name comes from the very popular Irish poem from the ninth century which features a cat named, Pangur Ban.

68. Primark (M/F) refers to the famous Irish fast-fashion brand.

69. Ryanair (M/F) referring to the name of a popular Irish Airline.

70. Shamrock  (M/F)meaning "Young Clover". It is the national emblem of Ireland.

71. Smithwick (M) meaning "From Smethwick, West Midlands". This name belongs to the most commonly consumed ale-style beer in Ireland.

72. Tayto. (M/F) This name is linked with the popular Irish potato chips manufacturing brand.

Cat Names Inspired By Irish Locations

Ireland has some very beautiful locations that make some equally beautiful Irish cat names. Here is a list of some wonderful Irish gender-neutral names for cats that have been borrowed from a number of popular locations from all over Ireland.

73. Antrim meaning "Long Ridge", from the town Antrim in Antrim County in Ireland.

74. Belfast is the beautiful capital city of Northern Island.

75. Blarney meaning "Flattery", from the town Blarney in Ireland.

76. Cashel meaning "Fortress", from the town Cashel in Southern Ireland.

77. Cavan meaning "The Hollow", from the county town, Cavan.

78. Connemara is a beautiful and cultural district in Northern Ireland which is known for its lovely wilderness and scenic beauty. How charming would this Irish name be for a beautiful female kitten?

79. Cork. This cute Irish name refers to the second-largest city in Ireland.

80. Dingle meaning "Fort of Ó Cúis", from the Dingle Penninsula in Ireland.

81. Dublin meaning "Black Pool". This name borrowed from the capital of Ireland would be such an apt name for a black cat.

82. Galway meaning "Stony River", from the beautiful harbor city of Galway.

83. Glendalough meaning "Valley of Two Lakes", from gorgeous glacial Glendalough valley in Ireland. This beautiful and unique name also belongs to one of the most prominent Irish whiskey distilleries.

84. Kilkenny meaning "Church of Cainnech", from the medieval town of Kilkenny located in Southeast Ireland.

85. Moher meaning "Descendant of Mochar".from the beautiful Cliff of Moher.

86. Liffey meaning "A life". This adorable Irish name is liked with the beautiful Irish river that flows through the very center of Dublin.

87. Limerick meaning "Humorous Poem", from the city of Limerick.

88. Sligo meaning "Abounding in Shells", from the northern town of Sligo.

89. Tyrone meaning "From the Land of the Yew Tree". Tyrone is one of the nine counties of Ireland. It also the name of a famous song by American singer, Erykah Badu.

90. Wexford meaning "Inlet of the Mud Flats", from the town of Wexford.

91. Wicklow meaning "Church of the Toothless One", from the county town of Wicklow. This name is also linked with the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland.

Cat Names Inspired By Irish Mythology

Mythology is a wonderful place to pull out inspiration from when it comes to some really elegant and gorgeous names for your kittens.

92. Aengus (M) meaning "Exceptionally Strong". In Irish mythology, this beautiful and melodic name belonged to the God of Love and Youth.

93. Aine (F) meaning "Radiance" or "Celtic Goddess of Wealth and Summer".

94. Belenus (M) meaning "Sun God, Shining One".

95. Boann (F) meaning "White Cow." Boann was the Celtic Goddess of the Riven Boyne in Irish mythology.

96. Camulos (M)meaning "Horned God of War".

97. Cessair (F) meaning "Sorrow".Cessair was the granddaughter of Noah and one of the first goddesses of Ireland.

98. Clothru. (M) As per the Irish legend, Clothru was the name of one of the High Kings of Ireland.

99. Conchobar (M) meaning "Lover of Canines". This name comes from Conchobar mac Nessa, the legendary king of Ulster.

100. Dagda (M) meaning "The Great God".

101. Dierdre (F) meaning "She Who Chatters". This Irish name originates from the tragic heroine, Deirdre, from the Irish mythological Tale, Ulster Cycle.

102. Fintan (M) meaning "White Fire" was the mythological seer who is said to have lived for over 5500 years.

103. Goidel (M) This name is linked with the mythological figure who is believed to have created the Goidelic languages.

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