Best Regal Names For Little Kings And Queens

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Welcome to the world of regal names, where every moniker is a gateway to a history filled with elegance. Whether it's a nod to ancestral roots or an aspiration for greatness, names have something magical to offer. With a rich tapestry woven from diverse cultures, these names aren't merely labels but symbols of prestige. Think of names like Alexander, a symbol of strength and leadership, or Eleanor, echoing grace and wisdom.

Whether it's to preserve family traditions or inspire a little one to reach for the stars, names serve as a beautiful reminder of the powerful lineage. It's not just a name; it's a legacy! So, get set to explore these powerfully regal names and their meanings; maybe you'll get an idea or two for your precious little king or queen.

Baby Boy Names For Kings

Dive into the world of regal names that are drenched in sophistication and poise. These are the names that have stood the test of time, echoing the hallways of palaces and whispered through the grand corridors of history. Each one is a crown jewel, waiting to be bestowed upon a modern-day little prince. From the strong and stoic to the vibrant and valiant, here's a majestic lineup of names perfect for future kings.

1. Adrian (Roman origin): Going back centuries, this baby name has its origin in the name of Roman Emperor Hadrian, who built a huge wall in Berlin with his army.

2. Antoine (French origin): This first name was made famous by the Duke of Enghiene, who was executed by Napoleon; the name means "highly praise-worthy".

3. Alexander (English origin): Several historical rulers have shared this name, including Alexander the Great; it means "man's defender".

4. Albert (German origin): It became popular in the nineteenth century because it was the name of Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria. The name means "noble" and "bright".

5. Andrew (Greek origin): It means "strong" and was one of the many names of British sovereign Edward VIII, who later became known as the Duke of Windsor.

6. Augustus (Roman origin): King Augustus was the first Roman emperor after the legendary Julius Caesar. The meaning of this name is "exalted" in Latin and was held by three different Kings of Poland.

7. Arthur (English origin): It is believed to be derived from the word "artos," which means "bear". Even though it is still doubtful whether there was a King Arthur or he is just a legend, the name has a certain warrior king feel to it.

8. Armand (French origin): This royal baby name was popularized by the Prince of Conti, Armand de Bourbon; it means "soldier".

9. Archie (German origin): Used by several noblemen, this royal baby name is based on the German name Archibald. It is a combination of two words meaning "bold and genuine". It is now the name of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's son.

10. Charles (German origin): This name is a classic and very popular royal name. It is derived from Carl, a German name meaning "free man".

11. Christian (Danish origin): Several kings among the Danes have held this name. It has been derived from the Latin "Christianus", which means "a follower of Christ".

12. Christopher (Greek origin): The name has biblical roots with St. Christopher being the patron saint of travelers. It means "Christ-bearer" or "Christ within".

13. David (Hebrew origin): This royal baby name in Hebrew means "beloved". It was held by the second king of Ancient Israel who defeated Goliath.

14. Edward (English origin): This is a classic name for a baby boy. It means "rich guard" and has been held by eight different English kings.

15. Eric (Scandinavian origin): This royal baby name has its origin in Scandinavia where it means "eternal king" and "sole ruler".

16. Francis (Roman origin): This name means "free man" or "Frenchman". It was shared by the famous French King Francis I, who formed alliances with the Turkish Empire.

17. Felipe (Greek origin): The name means "friend of horses". This is the feminine form of a Spanish royal baby name derived from the English name, Philip.

18. George (Greek origin): This name is of Greek origin meaning "farmer". It has been used quite often by the British royal family, including for the heir to the throne, Prince George.

19. Henry (French origin): The name means "house ruler" and is thought to be a kingly name for boys.

20. Harry (German origin): This name meaning "home ruler" has gained its popularity by being the choice of name for Prince Harry.

21. Hugh (English origin): This name means "soul", "mind" and "intellect". This great majestic name became famous after Hugh Capet, the first ruler to call himself King of France rather than King of Franks.

22. John (Hebrew origin): It was derived from the Hebrew "Yohanan", meaning "graced by god". The first Kings to popularize this name were Byzantine emperors, after which the name spread throughout the world.

23. James (Hebrew origin): Similar to the name "Jacob", this name means "substitute". One of the baby names shared by the First King of Scotland who later on became the first King of Ireland and England.

24. Louis (French origin): The name is the French form of "Ludwig" and means "famous warrior". It was held by the last king of France before the end of the French monarchy.

25. Leroy (French origin): This Norman-origin name has been derived from the phrase "le royal" meaning "the King".

26. Leopold (German origin): This name has been a common choice in the Habsburg and Babenberg royal households. In German, it means "people" and "bold". The name was held by two Roman emperors along with the King of Belgium who was Queen Victoria’s uncle.

27. Malcolm (Scottish origin): The name means "devotee of Saint Columba". This unique baby name was the name of four Scottish kings.

28. Michael (Hebrew origin): This classic name with Hebrew roots never goes out of style with several Russian, Romanian, and Polish Emperors using it over the years. The name means "gift from god".

29.Muhammad (Arabic origin): Meaning "commendable" in Arabic, this Arabic name has been the choice of several Ottoman emperors and kings.

Most Popular Royal Names For Boys

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It's now time to explore popular royal names for boys, where tradition meets trend, and classic meets contemporary! These kingly and royal names for boys have a way of winning hearts, not just among blue-blooded royalty but also in everyday neighborhoods.

30. Aeneas (Greco-Roman origin): One of the regal-sounding names derived from Greco-Roman mythology in which he was the son of Goddess Venus and Prince Anchises. The name means "praised one".

31. Amir (Hebrew origin): This Hebrew name means "prince", making it a powerful regal name.

32. Caspian (English origin): This name is derived from the Latin term "Caspii", meaning "white". It was popularized by the modern-day saga 'The Chronicles Of Narnia' by C.S. Lewis, where it is the name of the King of Narnia.

33. Claudius (Roman origin): This name means "strong-willed" and was shared by the first Roman Emperor who was born outside Italy.

34. Edgar (English origin): Popularized by the famous King Edgar of England, the name means "wealthy spear".

35. Edmund (English origin): This name goes back to the time of King Edmund who defeated Viking invaders and extended his rule to southern Scotland. It means "wealthy protector".

36. Egon (German origin): A name meaning “sword’s edge”, it is associated with Prince Egon.

37. Emmanuel (Hebrew origin): With the Hebrew meaning of “God is with us”, this is the name of the prince who is currently third in line to Belgium’s throne.

38. Ernest (German origin): The royal heritage associated with this name goes to the time of George V, whose full name was George Frederick Ernest Albert.

39. Ferdinand (German origin): The history of this name goes back to a Bulgarian ruler who ruled the country until 1918. It means "bold voyager".

40. Frederick (German origin): The meaning of this name is "peaceful ruler". It was the name of the enlightened King of Prussia who made built the country into a powerful empire.

41. Guillaume (French origin): This is the French version of William and means "resolute protection".

42. Humphrey (English origin): This quirky royal moniker goes back to the 1300s, when it was used by the Duke of Gloucester. It means "peaceful warrior".

43. Magnum (Latin origin): This Latin name meaning "the greatest" goes back in Scandinavian history to being the name of four early Kings of Sweden and six Kings of Norway.

44. Nicholas (Russian origin): A popular name held by the last Czar of Russia, it means "victory" in Russian.

45. Philip (Greek origin): It means "a horse lover" in Greek. It has been held by many kings of France, Spain, and Macedon.

46. Richard (English origin): A royal baby name held by King Richard I of England; the name means "strong in rule".

47. Robert (English origin): This name was shared by the famous Viking warrior Robert the Strong, born in 830 A.D.; the name means "bright fame".

48. Rupert (English origin): The name means "fame bright" and the royal heritage of this name is associated with Prince Rupert of Rhine, also called the Duke of Cumberland.

49. Stephen (English origin): This strong and regal name has been the favorite of many different kings throughout history; the name means "crown".

50. Tristan (French origin): This is a gorgeous boy's name derived from the name of Count of Valois, a French Prince who died young; the name is derived from the French word meaning "sorrowful".

51. Umberto (Italian origin): This name has been derived from its Italian version Humbert which also means "renowned warrior".

52. Victor (English origin): The name meaning "conqueror" was the name of choice in the 1800s; it was chosen for the eldest child of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra.

53. William (English origin): The meaning of this royal baby name is "strong-willed warrior". It has a modern flow with traditional roots; it is also the name of the heir to the British throne, Prince William.

Royal Names For Little Queens

Here are some popular and timeless royalty names for your upcoming little princess or the future queen of your heart, each one crafted to resonate with grandeur and grace. Embrace this unique opportunity to bestow a name filled with nobility and charm on the next cherished member of your family.

54. Alexandra (Greek origin): This Greek origin name literally means "man’s defender". It can also be shortened to Alex and Alexia.

55. Amelia (English origin): This name goes back to the late 1700s when it was given to Princess Amelia. She was King George III's sixth daughter; it means "industrious" or "hardworking".

56. Anastasia (Russian origin): This name was made popular by the daughter of the last Russian Czar Nicholas II and means "resurrection".

57. Augusta (English origin): This sweet name was the middle name of King George III's daughter; it means "magnificent".

58. Beatrice (French origin): The name meaning "blessed one" is the perfect choice of a royal name.

59. Blanche (French origin): This royal baby girl's name was the name of a Saint and was shared by King Henry I's French wife; it means "white".

60. Catherine (Greek origin): The name means "pure" and is now associated with the beloved Duchess of Cambridge.

61. Cecily (English origin): This name means "heavenly". It was popularized by the Duchess of York who was famed for being the mother of two kings: Richard III and Edward IV.

62. Charlotte (French origin): This name means "free man" and has a long history and goes back to the royal princess who was King George III's first daughter.

63. Diana (Greco-Roman origin): This name is forever linked to royalty as soon as Lady Diana burst into the royal scene as the Princess of Wales. The name means "divine".

64. Dorothea (Greek origin): This popular yet unusual royal baby girl names name's first name has been a favorite moniker among several royal Queens and Princesses such as the daughter of King George I, Sophia Dorothea of Hanover. It means "gift of god".

65. Edith (English origin): This is one of the royal baby names shared by the famous saint Edith of Wilton; it means "wealth".

66. Eleanor (Greek origin): This powerful name can also be shortened to Ellie or Elle. It means "sun ray" or "shining light". It was the name of choice for some of the most powerful and wealthiest women of Europe in the High Middle Ages.

67. Elizabeth (English origin): There are two Queens in British history with this powerful name: Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Elizabeth I have made this name forever associated with the royal family. It means "god's promise".

68. Eugenie (English origin): This quirky yet classic royal name has been the choice of several royal ladies. It means "well-born".

69. Helena (Greek origin): This name traces its roots of popularity to the daughter of Queen Victoria, Princess Helena. It means "shining light".

70. Isabella (Hebrew origin): This regal name is an Italian and Spanish variation of Elizabeth; it means "devoted to god".

71. Judith (Hebrew origin): This was the choice of name for Judith of Francia who was the Queen of France twice; it means "praised".

72. Louise (French origin): This name means "famous warrior" and is associated with Princess Louise, a proud feminist in the late 1800s.

73. Matilda (Roman origin): It was first popularized by Roman Empress Matilda and means "mighty in battle"

74. Phillipa (Greek origin): Though not a royal by birth, this name became hugely popular after the younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, was the maid of honor at her sister’s wedding. The name means "lover of horses".

75. Victoria (Roman origin): Popularized by Queen Victoria, this name is the epitome of grace and means "victory".

Royal Baby Girls' Names

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Here are some of the most popular and inspiring royal girl names. If you're seeking tradition or innovation, these girl names stand as a testament to beauty and strength in equal measure.

76. Adelaide (German origin): This old German name was popularized by the German princess who accepted a Prince after he was turned down by seven other noblewomen. The name means "noble kind".

77. Aida (Arabic origin): This name means "reward" and has roots in many cultures, including Mexican, Italian, and Spanish.

78. Alice (French origin): The history of this name goes after Princess Alice of Albany; it means "noble".

79. Alyssa (Greek origin): This noble name traces its roots to British royalty and means "rational".

80. Amalia (Hebrew origin): A royal baby name that means "work of the Lord".

81. Astrid (Scandinavian origin): This old Norse name means "fair beautiful goddess". It has been the choice of several princesses in European history.

82. Emma (German origin): One of the stylish yet regal baby names that mean "universal" or "whole".

83. Genesis (Hebrew origin): This name means "from the earth" and has often been used by several Princesses in European history.

84. Genevieve (French origin): This popular warrior princess name also means "leader of the tribe".

85. Giselle (French origin): The meaning of this regal name is "oath". It is one of the royal baby girl names fit for a queen.

86. Isadora (Greek origin): The name is a reference to the Goddess of ancient Egypt and is also the middle name of the grandchild of the King and Queen of Norway.

87. Isolde (Welsh origin): This Irish princess's name means "fair lady".

88. Jane (English origin): This is a popular royal name that means "god is gracious".

89. Jasmine (Persian origin): Named after a fragrant flower, this regal-sounding name was popularized by the movie 'Aladdin' and means "gift from god". Another popular feminine form of this name is "Yasmin".

90. Juliet (French and English origins): This graceful yet beautiful name means "youthful" and "Jove's child".

91. Kayla (Yiddish origin): This royal name has been the choice for several princesses in history and means "fair". 

92. Kyra (Persian origin): Literally meaning "a dark-haired girl', this is a popular regal name in royal circles.

93. Lana (Slavic origin): This name means "precious" and "valuable".

94. Margaret (Greek origin): This name was popularized by Princess Margaret of York and means "pearl".

95. Mary (Hebrew origin): Early usage of this name goes back to Queen Mary of Scotland; it has multiple meanings like "drop of the sea" and "beloved".

96. Maud (German origin): This name was made famous by Queen Maud of Norway and means "powerful battler".

97. Meghan (Welsh origin): This name means "pearl" and has been associated with royalty since the marriage between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

98. Mia (Hebrew origin): This name means "mine". The popular Hollywood movie 'The Princess Diaries' associated this name with royalty.

99. Sophia (Greek origin): This name was popularized after Princess Sophia of Gloucester; it means "wisdom".

100. Tallulah (Native American origin): This Native American name means "leaping water" and is the middle name of Emma Tallulah Behn, granddaughter of the King and Queen of Norway.

101. Zara (Arabic origin): This name means "radiance" and is the name of the daughter of the British heir, Princess Anne.

Choosing the perfect regal name for little kings or queens can be a majestic journey filled with history, grace, and meaning. While traditional royal names carry an air of sophistication and timeless appeal, modern regal names offer a fresh twist on classic charm. Remember, the best name for a little one should resonate with family heritage and values. Whether it's the strength of a warrior princess name or the elegance of a timeless royal moniker, the perfect name awaits in this grand tapestry of choices.

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