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Spring is a beautiful time of year, with plants blooming, the birds chirping and the sun shining bright, the weather is usually a little warmer too.

Whether you're due in spring or you would love a spring inspired name for your new baby, we have plenty of suggestions on our list for you with different origins from around the world. Spring brings a sense of joy; therefore, a spring name is perfect for a new baby.

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So, what names are on our top 100 spring names list?

Spring Girls' Names

Cute adorable little girl in a dress holding a bouquet of tulip flowers

With spring being a season where many things happen in nature, there are plenty of choices for baby names inspired by spring. Including those around events such as Easter and floral blooms. If you're looking to find a spring name for your baby, keep reading as we have plenty of picks of spring girl names.

1) Abeytu (American origin) meaning 'green leaf', which starts to happen with leaves in spring.

2) Alyssa (Greek origin) a name influenced by the alyssum flower.

3)Akina (Japanese origin) a name inspired by a spring flower.

4)Anat (Semitic mythology) 'the goddess of fertility, a new life.' A lovely name for a baby girl.

5) Anastasia (Greek origin)a baby name inspired by the word resurrection.

6)Abril (Spanish origin)the month of April symbolises the start of spring.

7) April (Latin origin) this name is named after April, which is a month of spring.

8) Aspen (English origin) derived from Old English word tree.

9) Ava (Latin-American origin) means 'like a bird.'

10)Avivah (Hebrew origin) translates as springtime in Hebrew

11) Avril (French origin) the French word for the month of April.

12)Avrill (English origin) the opening of spring; born in April. A similar name to Avril.

13) Aya (Japanese origin) a popular pick which translated from Japanese means colour.

14) Azalea (Greek origin) inspired by the flower.

15)Bahar (Persian origin) meaning 'spring' in Persian.

16) Basanti (Indian origin) has the meaning of 'spring in Indian'.

17) Beryl (English origin) an inspired name by the colour green. Like a green valley.

18) Birch (English origin) from the English word for birch tree

19) Birdie (English origin) a vibrant baby name translating to 'a bird'.

20) Blossom (English origin) meaning 'to bloom.'

21) Caroun (Armenian origin) a baby girl name which means 'spring' in Armenia.

22) Chloe (Greek origin) comes from the Greek meaning 'young green shoot' and there is nothing more spring-inspired than a young green shoot.

23)Cloria (Greek origin) the 'goddess of spring.'

24) Dawn (English origin) 'the first appearance of daylight, with the rise of the sun earlier in spring'.

25) Emerald (Spanish origin) a prized green gem inspired like the grass.

26)Eranthe (Greek origin) a flower of springtime makes for a lovely choice.

27) Fiorella (Italian origin) a baby name which means 'little flower', a great pick from our spring inspired baby names.

28) Fleur (French origin) the French word for flower; a loving French inspired baby name.

29) Flora (Latin-American origin) a perfect springtime name which means 'flowering.'

30) Freya (Scandinavian origin) A name meaning the 'goddess of love and beauty.'

31) Gemini (Latin origin) the star sign from which resides in springtime.

32) Gen (Japanese origin) this is inspired by the word spring in Japanese. A great pick for a baby.

33)Golbahar (Persian origin) meaning a 'spring rose', which works well for any baby.

34)Gwanwyn (Welsh origin) translates to spring, a tremendous Welsh name for your baby.

35) Haruhi (Japanese origin) meaning 'spring day', which is lovely for a spring baby.

36) Ledell (English origin) means from 'the loud spring', primarily used by parents seeking spring names for girls.

37) Jade (English origin) one of the baby names relating to spring due to it translating to green valley.

38) Jarmila (Slovakian origin) means 'the grace of spring.' One of many names meaning spring.

39) Mae (English origin) one of the baby names taken from a month of the year, originally May.

40) Nova (Latin origin) meaning 'new', this a spring inspired choice.

41)Pinar (Turkish origin) meaning 'spring' in Turkish.

42) Primavera (Spanish origin) meaning 'springtime', a name usually used for a baby girl.

43) Primrose (Latin-American origin) refers to the first rose 'blossoming in the springtime'.

44)Rahi (Arabia origin) translates to 'spring' in Arabian

45) Thalia (Greek origin) meaning 'to blossom or flourish' in Greek mythology.

46) Violet (Italian origin) Violet means 'flower' in the Italian language.

47) Yayoi (Japanese origin) means 'relax, birth and spring', the celebration of new life.

Spring Flower Inspired Baby Names

A boy smelling yellow flowers

Whether you love floral names or enjoy the spring season, these baby names inspired by flowers are a wonderful pick for your newborn baby girl.  

48) Daisy (American origin) a name inspired by the daisy which blooms in spring.

49) Florence (Latin-America) one of many spring inspired names, which means 'to bloom.'

50) Hyacinth (Greek origin) a 'plant that blooms' in the early spring months. The perfect spring name.

51) Lily (Latin-America) The lily is an 'early spring bloomer', a lovely choice of spring baby names.

52) Poppy (English origin) Popular in England, the flower name poppy comes from the plant.

53) Sakura (Japanese origin) a popular girls' name in Japan meaning 'cherry blossom'.

Spring Inspired Baby Names For A Boy

Choosing a spring inspired name for your baby boy is easier than you may think, with plenty of choices from around the world relating to spring. Here are some of our favourite spring boy names.

54) Aries (Latin-American origin) a name after the star sign based in March and April.

55)Attwell (English origin) which means 'lives by the spring.'

56) Aviv (Israel origin) is one of the boy names meaning renewal. Perfect for a newborn baby.

57) Bradwell (English origin) a name from the broad spring.

58) Demeter (Greek origin)a name meaning 'lover of the earth'.

59) Detlef (Polish origin) a spring inspired choice meaning 'offspring and new life.'

60)Haligwiella (English origin) baby names inspired by 'living by the holy spring.'

61) Haruko (Japanese origin) a spring inspired name meaning 'light, sun and male.'

62) Indra (Indian origin) means 'controls the rain', which can also have the meaning new season.

63)Keldan (Gaelic origin) meaning 'from the spring.'

64)Madhava (Hinduism origin) means ' vernal, of the springtime.'

65) Maxwell (Scottish origin) a name meaning 'great spring.'

66) Neo (American origin) this baby name is one that means 'new, great for the start of a new season'.

67) Pascal (French origin) which translates to Easter which happens in  April.

68) Rabi (Arabic origin) this name means 'springtime' in Arabic.

69) Smadar (Israel origin) a lovely floral name for your baby.

Unisex Names Which Mean Spring

Are you looking for a gender-neutral name? Here are our picks for the best spring inspired unisex names which work for any newborn baby.

70) Asher (Hebrew origin) a name meaning happiness and blessing, a unisex name for a spring inspired baby.

71) Chun (Chinese origin) From Chinese translated as 'spring' a cute pick for a baby born in spring.

72) Laverne (Latin origin) a Latin word for 'of spring.'

73) Lente (Netherlandic origin) translates as 'spring' in the Netherlands.

74) Madhava (Indian origin) translates to 'god of spring.'

75) Magnolia (French origin) the flowering shrub, a lovely floral name.

76) Mahuru (New Zealand origin) 'the goddess of spring' in New Zealand.

77) Newlin (Celtic origin) inspired by 'the new spring.'

78) Rabia (African origin) this is one of the unique names meaning spring.

79) Roswell (English origin) Springtime of the roses.

80) Sunny (American origin) a name which means 'brilliant of the sun'.

81) Vasant (Indian origin) meaning 'the spring season', a popular name in India.

82) Verdell (French origin) a lovely name meaning 'green and flourishing'

83) Verdi (Italian origin) a unisex name inspired by the colour green.

84) Xuan (Vietnamese origin) means 'spring' in Vietnam.

Unique Names That Mean Spring

Are you on a search for a truly unique name, why not use one of these spring inspired picks?

85) Clover (English origin) a spring inspired pick which is inspired by the lucky clover plant.

86) Day (American origin) a springtime name meaning 'light and hope.'

87)Dionna (English origin) A name inspired by the 'sacred spring.'

88)Feronia (Latin- America Origin) the goddess of springs and woods

89) Haru (Japanese origin) one of many spring baby names meaning 'born in the spring.'

90) Lilac (English origin)the name of a flowering plant.

91) Loa (Scandinavian origin) is a baby name meaning 'spring bird'.

92)Kelda (English origin) derived from Old Norse meaning 'a spring.'

93)Odeletta (French origin) meaning ' a little spring.'

94) Reika (Japanese origin) is a floral choice, meaning 'fresh flowers.'

95) Tasnim (Arabic origin) has the meaning of 'a spring in paradise' in Arabic.

96) Tooantuh (Native American origin) 'a spring frog', a unique baby name.

97)Udaberri (Basque origin) referencing the spring season ahead.

98) Vasant (Indian origin) a unisex name meaning 'spring season.'

99)Wellborn (English origin) from the 'spring brooks'.

100) Zefrino (Greek origin) meaning 'wind of spring' in the Greek language.

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