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The Norse god, Thor's giant hammer has landed on the roof of the Oslo Opera house
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Storm giants are known for their appreciation for an act of kindness.

Storm giants are good-natured giants. They tend to leave others in peace unless they are provoked.

Storm giants can weigh up to thousands of pounds and grow more than 25 feet in height. They prefer living alone, hidden from other creatures. Parent storm giants live together and raise their child to maturity, and after that, they return to their lives, which are generally confined. The male storm giant can predict the future by tying unsuspected events together, and they are always prophesizing and reading omens. The word giant originated from the Greek word 'gigantes.' In folklore, giants cause terror and harm to human-kind as giants are humungous and horrifying; they are majorly portrayed as monsters and reminds humankind that they are weak, fragile, and mortal. We have compiled a list of giant name for you.

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Male Storm Giant Names

Storm giants hurl magic lightning balls; they rarely communicate and live mostly in isolation. Here are some storm giant name ideas.

1. Adrone - Derived from the word adroit, meaning "clever or skillful".

2. Arizsor

3. Beng - 'Beng Beng' is a song by Eddy Benz and Swaleh. It can be a funny name for a giant.

4. Bexbos

5. Buzi meaning "a person who is wildly enthusiastic about something".

6. Byre meaning "cowshed".

7. Defunct meaning "no longer existing or functioning".

8. Dozart - This name can be associated with 'Dozart' is a song by Dony Pikota.

9. Ettin - It is one of the 5E giant names.

10. Hosmir

11. Hrirn

12. Fytir

13. Groorg meaning "dazed, weak, or unsteady, especially from illness, intoxication, sleep, or a blow.

14. Grugnur

15. Nesang - This name can be associated with Nesang is a place in Himachal Pradesh, India. A proper name for an isolated giant living in a mountainous place.

16. Sauller

17. Vanger - This name is inspired by the character of Harriet Vanger from the movie 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'.

18. Vastr - Inspired by the Indian word vastra meaning "clothing".

19. Velgon - Inspired by the Australian name Velga.

20. Voratei

21. Zluwmalog

Female Storm Giant Names

Storm giants live mostly on floating islands or deep in the ocean, and sometimes at very high altitudes. Looking for giant name ideas? Here are some names for storm giants.

22. Angluveynn

23. Aslaug (Old Norse origin) meaning "god, betrothed woman". It is a Norwegian given name and common Danish surname.

24. Aslög (Norwegian origin) meaning "God, betrothed woman ".

25. Bylendr

26. Dreing

27. Dröfn meaning "foam-fleck". She is a billow maiden, one of the mine daughter's of the sea God.

28. Eyfrofn

29. Frejya - Associated with Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, war, and gold. A great name for a giant.

30. Frupy

31. Kylp

32. Mey - Mey is a double-reed aerophone used in Turkish folk music.

33. Ninsu

34. Nosnra

35. Otlylp

36. Raup

37. Renn - It can be associated with Réné meaning "rebirth" in French and "water lily, lotus" in Japanese.

38. Ustaddei

Jotun Names From Norse Mythology

Close up of a smiling baby and his father brushing its hair Fuessen

Jotunn is a race of giants, they are nature spirits and possess superhuman strength. Here is a list of Norse giant names and Norse giantess inspired by mythological Norse giants.

39. Ægir (M) meaning "sea". Associated with the sea god who is the husband of Ran.

40. Alvaldi (M) meaning "the all-powerful one". Alvaldi is portrayed as very rich in gold according to mythology.

41. Angrboda (F) meaning "the one who brings grief, she who offers sorrow". According to mythology, she is Loki's mate and mother of monsters.

42. Aurboða (F) meaning "gravel bidder, gravel offerer". According to Jötun mythology, Aurboða is the wife of jötun Gimir.

43. Aurvandil (M) meaning "luminous wanderer". Aurvandil is the husband of witch Gróa in Norse mythology.

44. Baugi (M) meaning "ring-shaped". Mythologically Baugi is the brother of giant Suttungr.

45. Beli (M) meaning "roarer". Beli is mentioned in the 'Eddic poetry' and was killed by God Freyr.

46. Bestla (F) meaning "wife, bark bast". Bestla is the mother of God Odin, Vili, and Vé.

47. Blóðughadda (F) meaning "bloody hair". Blóðughadda is the daughter of Goddess Rán and jötun Ægir.

48. Dröfn (M) meaning "comber, foaming sea". Dröfn is the daughter of Goddess Rán and jötun Ægir.

49. Hati Hróðvinsson (M) meaning "he who hates, or enemy". Hati Hróðvinsson is a Warg Woolf according to prose 'Edda'.

50. Helblindi (M) meaning "hel-binder, all blind". Helblindi is the brother of Loki and Byleister.

51. Hræsvelgr (M) meaning "corpse swallower".

52. Hrauðungr (M) Father of Geirröd and Agnar.

53. Hrímnir (M) meaning "the one covered with hoarfrost, the sooty one".

54. Hrym (M) meaning "descript". According to mythology, Hrym is the father of Hljód.

55. Hymir (M) meaning "limp, weary". Hymir is the owner of the brewing cauldron.

56. Hyndla (M) 'The lay of Hyndla' is an old poem of Norse origin.

57. Hyrrokkin (F) meaning "fire smoked". It is believed that at Baldr's funeral Hyrrokkin launched the largest of all ships.

58. Iði (M) meaning "the moveable, the hard-working one". According to jötun mythology, Iði is a jötun son of Alvaldi.

59. Imðr (F) meaning "wolf". According to mythology, Imðr is the mother of Heilmdallr.

60. Irpa (F) meaning "dark brown". Mythologically Irpa is the sister of Hölgabrúðr.

61. Járnsaxa (F) meaning "the one with the iron knife". Járnsaxa is the partner of Thor and the mother of Heilmdallr and Magni.

62. Jörð (F) meaning "earth". Mythologically Jörð is Odin's partner and mother of Thor.

63. Jörmungandr (M) meaning "huge monster". Jörmungandr is Loki's son.

64. Kári (M) meaning "original power, destroyer". Kári is the son of Fornjótr and brother of Ægir and Logi.

65. Laufey (F) meaning "leaves, foliage". Mythologically Laufey is Byleister and Helblindi's mother.

66. Logi (M) meaning "fire". According to mythology Logi is the husband of Glöð.

67. Loki (M) meaning "God, in Norse mythology". Loki has three partners, namely Angrboda, Savaðilfari, and Sigyn.

68. Naglfari (M) Husband of Nótt. According to mythology, Naglfari is the husband of Nótt and the father of Auðr.

69. Nótt (F) meaning "night". Mythologically Nótt is the mother of Auðr, Jörð, and Dagr.

70. Sköll (M) meaning "treachery, mockery". Sköll is the brother of Hati Hróðvinsson and son of Fenrir.

71. Ymir (M) The ancestor of all jötnar. Ymir is mentioned in the 'Poetic Edda' as a primeval being by Snorri Sturludon.

Dungeons And Dragons Names

DnD or Dungeons and Dragons game is a fantasy game, where one gets to role play. Here are some giant names inspired by the D&D game.

Dungeon and dragon fantasy game board

72. Aaronarra - (M) It is from cooper species and lives at a high moor.

73. Abazigel - (M) It is a blue/bhaalspawn species dragon, which comes from the Tethyr home.

74. Adalon - (F) It is a silver species dragon, which is native to the Underdark.

75. Adamarondor - (M) It is a gold species dragon and has no fixed place/ abode.

76. Adraedan - (M) This dragon lives at Sword Coast.

77. Aeglyl Dreadclaw - (M) This dragon is from the fang species and is found in Cormyr.

78. Aerihykloarara - (F) It is a white species dragon.

79. Balagos - (M) It is a red species dragon, found in Troll mountains, Starspire mountains, and Amn.

80. Behrshimmer - (F) It is from the emerald species and found in giant's run mountain or above the lake of snow.

81. Calaunthriina - (F) It is a blue dragon, found in the Amn and small teeth home.

82. Capnolithyl - (M) It is a smoke drake dragon and is vampiric in nature.

83. Carynnallerastis - (F) It belongs to the copper species and native to the high moor.

84. Casarial - (F) It is a black species dragon.

85. Daurgothoth - (M) It is a black species dragon and found in Dolblunde near Waterdeep.

86. Dermawellindrar - (F) It is a red species dragon which is found in Cormyr.

87. Domborcojh - (M) It is a Sapphire species dragon.

88. Eltagrathuuloor - (M) This belongs to the blue dragon species.

89. Emikaiwufeg - (F) It is a green type dragon found in the serpent hills.

90. Faye Pixie - (F) It is a faerie dragon native to the king's forest and comyr.

91. Felgolos - (M) This dragon belongs to the bronze species, lives at Thunder peaks and Troll mountain.

92. Garrawthmaw - (M) It is a fang type dragon, found in places like river Logrann, the fallen island, and Gray-peak mountains.

93. Gaulauntyr - (F) It is a topaz/ copper species dragon which is native to Ormetarr.

94. Halaglautha - (F) It is a red species dragon, mainly found in Dragon falls.

95. Harondalbar - (M) It is a black species dragon, found in yellow snake pass.

Fire Giant Names

The fire giant is mostly dark-skinned and has orangish reddish hair color and a stocky build. Here is a list of some fire giants' names.

96. Dulbgan (M)

97. Dlofles (F)

98. Femir (M)

99. Fersig (F)

100. Katig (F)

101. Lodnas (M)

102. Sizvar (M)

103. Tesrien (F)

Frost Giant Names

Frost giants are native to the cold mountainous environment and are immune to cold. If you are looking for frost giant names? Here are some Frost Giant names.

104. Benkul (M)

105. Botri (F)

106. Hukif (F)

107. Kusthorg (M)

108. Olfratar (M)

109. Petrad (F)

110. Regnom (M)

111. Sabrgar (M)

Hill Giants Name

Hill giants are comparatively stocky and short. They are big foodies, can eat anything at any time. Here is a list of hill giants name.

112. Agviv (F)

113. Bissal (F)

114. Cloxmohr (M)

115. Crima (F)

116. Elog (M)

117. Oas (M)

118. Kreos (M)

119. Tesri (F)

Cloud Giants Name

Cloud giants live on the highest mountain peak and wear fine clothing and jewelry. Here are some names for cloud giants.

120. Avir (F)

121. Banir (F)

122. Cugi (F)

123. Drobsil (F)

124. Glulgan (M)

125. Grines (F)

126. Truwbos (M)

127. Uglor (M)

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