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100+ Best Strong Last Names With Meanings

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First names are very important, but so are surnames.

While a first name gives a personal identity to your characters the second name or family name can be just as important, giving readers further context to their personality and heritage.

There are unique last names, manly last names, cool last names, and tough last names that you can choose from. While many last names that mean strong are popularly used today, there are also some uncommon last names that we've found. We've collected the strongest names from around the world for you to pick from.

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of more than 100 strong and interesting last names that any cool character would happily flaunt. If you’re interested in more options, you can also check out our list of interesting last names or cool last names.

Popular Strong Last Names

If you’re looking for a last name that’s already in popular use, this list is perfect for you.

1. Abbott (Hebrew origin), a popular name meaning “father” used to represent the head of a monastery.

2. Ahearn (Irish, Celtic origin), the name means “Lord of the horses”.

3. Albert (English origin), meaning “noble”. It also makes a great first name.

4. Allen (Irish, English, Scottish origin), the name means “little rock” or “harmony”.

5. Amery (German origin), this name means “divine”.

6. Anderson (Scottish and Scandinavian origin), this popular surname means “manly and brave”.  

7. Auger (French origin), this surname means “noble spear”.

8. Barrett (German, English origin), this last name means “mighty like a bear”.  

9. Barron (English origin), the name means “noble fighter or warrior”.

10. Bazin (Greek origin), this surname means “royal”.

11. Beaufort (French origin), this strong sounding last name is a combination of two words beau, meaning “beautiful” and fort, meaning “fortress or strong palace”.

12. Cadell (Celtic, Welsh origin), the name means “battle”.

13. Carnell (English origin), the name means “the castle defender”.

14. Charles (German origin), this surnames means “free man”.

15. Clair (Latin origin), this surname means “famous”.

16. Edouard (French origin), meaning “prosperous guardian”. This is the French equivalent surname of the English name Edward.

17. Ezekiel (Biblical origin), meaning “God strengthens”. This popular surname is also used as a first name.

18. Gaudin (German origin), this popular surname means “son of God”.

19. Schaeffer (German origin), this popular surname means “head of the household” or “manager”.

20. Ulrich (German origin), this surname means “ruler of the wolves”.

21. Warner (English origin), a surname meaning “covered warrior”.

22. Xander (Greek origin), this surname means “mankind’s protector”.

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Unique Strong Last Names

If you’d prefer unique last names for your character as opposed to popular ones, take your pick from this list.

23. Adalwen (German origin), this unique last name means “noble friend”.

24. Aiken (English origin), this name means “little Adam” or “oaken”.

25. Alarie (French origin), this surname means “all power”.

26. Allard (French origin), this surname means “noble”.

27. Archambeau (German, Latin origin), this is one of the unique last names meaning “bold and daring”.  

28. Arne (Dutch and Scandinavian origin), meaning “strong like an eagle or ruler”. This is among the most unique last names.

29. Ayers (English origin), this unique last name means “heir to a fortune” and also represents the unforgettable Australian landmark, Ayers rock.  

30. Bartram (Danish, English origin), this unique last name means “glorious raven”. It was considered consecrated to the war God Odin in Norse mythology.

31. Baudelaire (French origin), meaning “dagger” or “small sword”. It is pronounced as Boh-deh-lair.

32. Bevan (Celtic origin), this name means “young soldier”.

33. Brandt (German origin), the name means “fiery torch”.

34. Bushida (Japanese origin), this unique last name means “warrior” or “Samurai”.

35. Cadman (Celtic, Welsh origin), the name means “warrior”.

36. Chadwick (English origin), this surname means “one who is from the town of warriors”.

37. Chevalier (French origin), this surname means “knight”.

38. Daigo (Japanese origin), this unique last name means “great enlightenment”.

39. Durand (French origin), meaning “enduring”. This is among the most unique last names.    

40. Fukuda (Japanese origin), this unique last name means “hope”.

41. Fukushima (Japanese origin), this means “fortune” or “blessed”. It is a surname from the Ryukyu Islands.

42. Gauthier (French origin), meaning “army ruler”. This is among the strong, unique last names.

43. Gavi (Hebrew origin), this means “God is my strength”. It is a unique last name that would be great for your baby.

44. Guillaume (Norman origin), meaning “protection” or “strength”. You may just like this unique last name.

45. Haku (Japanese origin), this name means “poetic”. If you like literature, you may want to consider giving your baby this strong surname.

46. Heroux (French origin), this means “wolf army”, which is a pretty tough surname to have. This surname is derived from ‘Hariwulf’, a German personal name that comprises two words – ‘Hari’ meaning “army” and ‘Wulf’, meaning “wolf”.

47. Ishizaki (Japanese origin), this surname means “stone peninsula”.

48. Ito (Japanese origin), meaning “the one”.

49. Kamiyama (Japanese origin), meaning “God”. This is a pretty big surname for your character to live up to.

50. Landry (German origin), it means “powerful ruler of the land”. This surname is derived from the personal name ‘Landric’, which is a combination of two words, land and ‘Ric’, which means “ruler or powerful”.

51. Robillard (German origin), derived from the words ‘hrod’, which means “glory”, and ‘Berht’, which means “illustrious”. This surname is a combination of two words, both with powerful meaning.

52. Varon (German origin), this surname means “protection”.

Strong Last Names After Notable Or Famous People

Why not pick a cool last name from notable and famous people for your character from this list?

53. Armstrong (English origin), this name means “son of the strong man”. It is meant for someone with strong arms. Famous holders of this surname include the jazz musician Louis Armstrong as well as the first person to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong.

54. Beckham (English origin), the name means “location of the small stream”. It is the surname of the renowned soccer player David Beckham.

55. Blaine (Scottish, Celtic origin), the name means “yellow”. It is the last name of American stunt performer and illusionist David Blaine.

56. Branson (English origin), the name means “son of Brand”. It is a variation of Brandon, which means “beacon hill”. Richard Branson, the British business magnate and investor has this surname.

57. Camus (French origin), a surname meaning “one who has a snub nose”. Albert Camus, the Nobel Prize winning author, journalist, and philosopher bear this surname.  

58. Carlisle (English origin), the name means “from the walled city”. Sir Anthony Carlisle was a British surgeon who discovered electrolysis.  

59. Cash (English origin), a surname meaning “maker of chests”. Johnny Cash was an American singer and songwriter.

60. Clinton (English origin), the surname means “town on a hill”. This is the surname of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

61. Cohen (Hebrew origin), this surname means “priest”. Samuel Cohen invented the neutron bomb or W70 warhead.

62. Cortez (Portuguese, Spanish origin), this is among the surnames that mean “polite” or “courteous”. Hernando Cortes was the Governor of New Spain and conquistador of the Aztec empire.

63. Darwin (English origin), this surname means “dear friend”. Charles Darwin was a British scientist who gave the theory of evolution.

64. Ford (English origin), meaning “crossing” or “pass”. This is the surname of the Ford Motor Company founder and American industrialist Henry Ford.

65. Frank (English origin), this surname means “free” and can even be used to denote someone from France. The surname of Anne Frank, whose diary during the Second World War is world renowned.

66. Gates (English origin), this surname means “dweller by the gates”. It is the surname of Microsoft founder and American businessman, Bill Gates.

67. King (American origin), the surname means “ruler”. This is the surname of the American Civil Rights campaigner, Martin Luther King.    

68. Monroe (Scottish origin), the surname means “from the hill”. Marilyn Monroe was an iconic American actress, model, and singer.  

69. Parker (English origin), meaning “park keeper”. This is among the cool last names with a simple meaning. Famous people with this surname include Sarah Jessica Parker and Tony Parker.  

The strongest people are often also the kindest.

Strong Last Names From Movies

Strong movie characters often have cool last names that would be the perfect fit for your character. Take your pick from this list.

70. Addams (English, Scottish origin), this surname means “son of Adam”. It is derived from “Adam”. Any of the ‘Addams Family’ members can be celebrated with the use of this name.

71. Balboa (Galician origin), this surname means “pleasant valley” and represents Rocky Balboa from ‘The Rocky’ series.

72. Connor (Irish origin), this surname means “lover of the wolves or hounds”. Sarah Connor from ‘The Terminator’ series makes this a tough last name to flaunt.

73. Corleone (Italian origin), this surname means “lion heart”. The Don Vito Corleone from Mario Puzo’s ‘The Godfather’ has this surname.

74. Hunt (English, Irish origin), this surname is an occupational one that relates to the act of hunting. Ethan Hunt from ‘The Mission: Impossible’ series serves as the inspiration for this name.

75. Jones (Hebrew origin), the surname refers to “one who has been favored by Jehovah”. Indiana Jones, the fictional archaeology professor from the American media franchise, has this surname.  

76. Kirk (Scottish origin), this surname means “church” and can be used to pay tribute to Captain Kirk from the ‘Star Trek’ series.

77. Montana (Spanish origin), the surname means “mountain” or is used to refer to a “mountainous region”. Tony Montana from ‘Scarface’ has this surname.  

78. Potter (English, German, Dutch origin), this occupational surname refers to a maker of storage vessels. ‘Harry Potter’ fans will love this one.  

79. Prime (English origin), the surname means “excellent” or “fine”. It is the surname of ‘The Transformer’ series character, Optimus Prime.

80. Stark (German or English origin), this last name means “rigid or strong”. Tony Stark or Iron Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s ‘Avengers’ makes this a cool last name to have.

Last Names That Mean Strong

Want to keep it simple and choose a name that translates into ‘strong?’ Take your pick from among this list of super cool last names.  

81. Adkins (English origin), a name meaning “strong” or “made of oak”.

82. Bardin (German origin), this strong surname means “battle ax”.

83. Berengar (German origin), this strong surname means “bear and spear”.

84. Bernard (German origin), meaning “strong like a bear”.

85. Cadieux (French origin), this surname means “little fighter”.

86. Dufort (French origin), meaning “stronghold”. This is one of the most cool last names.  

87. Ekon (African origin), a name like this means “strong”.

88. Eros (Hungarian origin), this is the last name that means “strong”.  

89. Fermi (Italian origin), even this baby name means “strong”, “firm”, or “steady”.

90. Fortin (French origin), this surname means “strong”.

91. Gagliardi (Italian origin), this is a cool last name that means “vigorous or strong”.

92. Gerard (French origin), this surname combines two words, ‘Ger’ meaning “spear”, and ‘Hard’ meaning “strong or brave”.

94. Imala (Native American origin), a name meaning “strong minded”.

95. Kwan (Korean origin), a baby name meaning “strong”.

96. Proulx (French origin), this surname means “brave” or “valiant”. It is derived from the word ‘Preu’.

97. Ricard (French origin), this surname means “strong”, “powerful”, or “brave”.

98. Robustelli (Italian origin), the last name meaning “solid”, “firm”, or “strong”.  

99. Swithun (English origin), the name means “strong” or “quick”.

100. Thibaut (French origin), this surname means “bold” or “brave”. It is derived from the last name Theobald.

101. Willard (Anglo-Saxon origin), this means “strong willed”. It is taken from the first name Wilheard.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for strong last names, then why not take a look at names that mean strong spirit, or for something different, take a look at conventionally feminine names.

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