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Honor and pride must evidently be reflected in the name of your blood elf character.

Warcraft series, including the World of Warcraft, revolves around the concept of defeating the enemy using your characters. The blood elves have a history that speaks of their valor and courage and thus, their name must aptly describe their personality and attributes.

Former High Elves, blood elves are the individuals who have survived the Third War in which Quel' Thalas annexed their Kingdom. To reflect their anger and remember their brethren's sacrifices, the higher elves transformed themselves as blood elves. In the 2007 edition of the World of Warcraft, the blood elves were introduced after 90% of their population was slewed in the Third War.

The internet is finely divided into many groups who debate over the best class of the blood elves. However, the blood elves paladin ('paladin' class of elves) has the majority of votes for the 'best class for blood elves.' Many believe that the superiority of this class is attributed to the uniqueness of the class. Among the individuals belonging to the Horde race, blood elves were the only ones to first become 'a paladin.' This class was only exclusive to the Alliance in the previous stages. Along with this, the presence of paladins in the lore cannot be ignored because they are present there in large numbers. Lady Liadrin is a well-known character belonging to the paladin class. Depending on your game and how you play your characters, your opinion on this matter can change. The class of blood elves that you have the most fun with ultimately becomes the best class.

The blood elves Thalassian's language has a close resemblance to the Darnassian language, which was spoken by the night elves. But when you speak the blood elves' names, it will come out in a tone harsher than the names of the night elves. The blood elves still follow their age-old tradition of naming the children where they follow the customs as done by their ancestors.

While some blood elves are fierce and bold, some that represent a calm and composed personality. Depending on the circumstances, you must make your choice based on the names listed below. For more fantasy naming ideas, check out Skaven Names and Druid Names.

Blood Elf Names For Men

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Before these elves started consuming fel, their eyes were normally of colors similar to human eyes. Sunwell's Arcane energy is the main reason for giving the blue eyes to the blood elves. However, after Sunwell's revival using the M'uru's spark, the eyes of some blood elves started appearing golden. As Sunwell's revival made it a combination of Arcane and light energy, the blood elves' golden color started showing to represent the light.

Along with a male blood elf with different physical and personality traits, you can find the best name for your golden-eyed elf in this section.

1 . Krincash Silverband

2 . Laco Boldcloud

3 . Mataen Soulbreath

4 . Mazen Darkbell

5 . Melron Morningpost

6 . Norzahthas Grimblade

7 . No’thul Dreaddown

8 . Palaelaen Flamedream

9 . Puhosh Embertwist

10 . Puthaehler Crimsonsinger

11 . Qirun Silvershadow

12 . Qutaeth Dewspell

13 . Reller Windguard

14 . Salaten Coldwood

15 . Vulnath Silentshine

16 . Vyleron Flarefaith

17 . Win’thaes Mirthrest

18 . Yaazhen Evensky

19 . Yaruzen Starcloud

20 . Yunnaerneash Leafflare

21 . Zalaelath Dawnforce

22 . Zelhie Lividmind

23 . Zerim Suntruth

Blood Elf Names For Ladies

The trickiest task is to find a blood elf name for a female. The reason for this is the complex personalities reflected by every female elf. Their personalities are often a mixture of wild and calm traits, with one more dominating than the other. The list in this section aptly mentions the best names to fit your character.

If you're looking for a name that fits a monk female blood elf, names like Kalrealda Brightsign from the list have a peaceful sound. Similarly, the list also shows some cool elf names like Ildori Hotspear, Nodori Magedown, and Zolo Flaresprinter. What makes these names unique is a modern spin added over their uniqueness. You can mix and match the last names of the blood elves listed below to create a name that sounds the best to you.

24 . Belhaeynna Arcanesprinter

25 . Bormeh Glarehold

26 . Emrvie Keenguard

27 . Femdrine Blackburn

28 . Hatthall Richguard

29 . Heledres Summerheart

30 . Ildori Hotspear

31 . Kalrealda Brightsign

32 . Kanta Slimbreath

33 . Kattherdre Autumnburn

34 . Kedra Boldcrown

35 . Kelrenice Peacespear

36 . Kevie Arcanemind

37 . Milthorvo Brassveil

38 . Nodori Magedown

39 . Nolevia Cindergift

40 . Sedmana Dawngleam

41 . Shates Windbirth

42 . Shumi Grandshadow

43 . Tehadrine Flamegleam

44 . Tenhille Bloodwood

45 . Thaemorall Dawnsprinter

46 . Thaha Keengazer

47 . Thirthi Coldflame

48 . Thornandie Dewreaver

49 . Thyazha Evendream

50 . Tidhas Flamewish

51 . Tyanme Sombergaze

52 . Zarmlenn Eagerguard

53 . Zarvelle Twinpost

54 . Zatlia Heartsprinter

55 . Zatvie Twinfall

56 . Zolo Flaresprinter

Gender-Neutral Blood Elf Names

Here are some blood elf names that would work for either male or female characters.

57 . Baeras Sombershard

58 . Bemlaethaen Dualstar

59 . Bethazher Trueseeker

60 . Buntuvosh Autumndepth

61 . Draihmel Solarrest

62 . Drulraedrol Twinforce

63 . Elren Radiantshine

64 . Erithaen Dawnsky

65 . Etaler Radiantpride

66 . Hamdis Brightcrown

67 . Hayan Dewsmile

68 . Homnoniath Goldforce

69 . Inetleaesh Righttruth

70 . Koles Leanforce

71 . Komno Bloodgift

72 . Krehtom Boldbane

73 . Kre’themar Arcanefate

Blood Elf Names Inspired By Fiction

Here are some names inspired by other characters in WOW.

74 . Illidan Stormrage known as the Betrayer, he is the real leader of the Illidaris and a former powerful night sorcerer. This name can be used to give the meaning of being a warrior.

75 . Lor'themar Theron is the powerful king of the blood elves belonging to Azeroth. This name can portray strength.

76 . Lady Vashj was the former leader of the handmaidens of Queen Azshara, who later became a serpentine naga. This name can portray a survivor.

77 . Anasterian Sunstrider is the High King of Quel'Thalas, he is the descendant of King Dath'Remar Sunstrider's royal bloodline. This name can portray honor.

78 . Lady Liadrin is the former high priestess of light and the first of the Blood Knights.

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