93 Cool Coven Names For Little Witches And Wizards

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You can always consider a clever coven name from social media for the members of your community.

It is still important that before you start this tradition, you must get as many members of the community together otherwise sometimes they might consider the information to be your personal choice. The best way is to make a list of all the information and then share it with as many members as possible to keep the process democratic.

Come, let us take a look at some of the popular social coven names that are still quite popular. Afterward, also check witch cat names and female witch names.

Vampire Coven Names

There are many vampire coven names from which you can keep a great white or black name for your coven. Here is a list of great first and last names for you to select:

Adrienne (French Origin), meaning 'the dark one'.

Agana (Chamorro Origin), meaning 'blood'. An interesting name from pop culture.

Akeldama (Aramaic Origin), meaning 'field of blood'. What less perfect can this coven name be to describe a vampire coven.

Ayuna (Japanese Origin), meaning 'bloody or red'. Depicts the red blood drank by the vampires.

Blodughadda (Norse Origin), meaning 'the one with bloody hair'. This coven name can be commonly used in any of your vampire stories.

Blood Brothers (English Origin), meaning 'real brothers'. Blood plays a major role in vampires' life, and hence they can be named blood brothers.

Blood Shadow (English Origin), meaning 'metaphor for unnecessary death'.

Blood Sisters (English Origin), meaning 'real sisters'. A fun name from pop culture.

Blood's Shroud (English Origin), meaning 'a cloth or human covered with blood'.

Blood-Thirsty Land (English Origin), meaning 'lust for blood'. A great name highlighting the power of witchcraft in the world.

Bloodsuckers (English Origin), meaning 'the one who sucks blood'.

Dark Omen (English Origin), meaning 'bad feeling'. A great name in pop culture.

Dusk (English Origin), meaning 'sunset'.

Gray (Scottish / Irish / English Origin), meaning 'not a color but a shade'.

Immortal Lurkers (English Origin), meaning 'one who never dies'.

Keir (Irish Origin), meaning 'dark-haired or dark-skinned'.

Midnight Outcasts (English Origin), meaning 'one walking or coming out during the night'.

Mikaelson (Scandinavian Origin), meaning 'son of a mikael'.

Night flyers (English Origin), meaning 'night walkers'.

Night Nation (English Origin), meaning 'one who comes out at night'.

Pierce (English / Welsh / Irish Origin), meaning 'rock'. This can be an amazing coven name for the last vampires.

Salvatore (Latin Origin), meaning 'savior'. The two famous characters from The Vampire Diaries - Damon and Stephen - were from this coven or surname.

Stake Land (English Origin), meaning 'being at risk of being lost or damaged'.

Sucker (English Origin), meaning 'a thing or person not specific to the name'

Suffering's Lust (English Origin),meaning'controlling the lust'.

Supernatural Shapes (English Origin), meaning 'supernatural creators'.

Unquenchable (English Origin), meaning 'one who never quenches his thirst'.

Vincent (Latin Origin), meaning 'to conquer’. A simple and clever name that can be used for your story.

Walking Demons (English Origin), meaning 'evil'.

Xane (unknown), meaning 'god is gracious'.

Witch Inspired Coven Names

Along with vampires, we need witches who actually do spells for vampirism. What are vampires without witches? So here is a list of some cool and witchy names for your witches.

Agnes (Greek origin), meaning ‘pure’. Agnes can be used for the coven, which looks interesting and ancient.

Alecto (Greek Origin), meaning ‘never ending’. This name was used in Greek Mythology.

Allegra (Italian Origin), meaning 'joyful'. Witches are usually joyful in front of people, so you can use this name.

Beatrix (Latin origin), meaning ‘blessed’.

Belladonna (Italian Origin), meaning ‘beautiful lady’. An interesting coven name indeed.

Bennet (English Origin), meaning 'blessed'. This was popular after the series the Vampire Diaries where there is a witch coven called Bennet.

Blair (Scottish origin), meaning ‘plain’. A beautiful coven name derived from Scottish Gaelic origin.

Cassandra (Greek Origin), meaning ' one who shines and excels over men'. In Greek folklore, Cassandra was the little girl of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy.

Circe (Greek origin), meaning ‘goddess of magic’. Witches are the ones who do magic. What may be a better name than this?

Claire (French Origin), meaning 'clear'. A simple coven name for a good witch coven.

Cordelia (English Origin), meaning 'heart'.

Gemini (Latin Origin), meaning 'twins'. Again this name was populated by the Vampire Diaries having a Gemini coven of twin witches.

Glinda (English Origin), meaning 'pretty'. A pretty word for pretty witches.

Harper (English / Scottish / Irish), meaning ‘harp player’. This name can be used for the coven of witches playing the harp.

Hecate (Greek origin), meaning ‘far away’. According to Greek Mythology, he was the god of witchcraft.

Jade (Spanish Origin), meaning ‘stone of the colic’. There was a conviction that when jade was put on the stomach, it could fix colic in infants.

Juniper (Latin Origin), meaning ‘young’. Juniper is a crisp inclination nature name – it's a small evergreen bush with heaps of energy.

Lydia (Greek origin), meaning ‘beautiful one’. A name that just feels right to keep.

Matilda (English origin), meaning ‘mighty in battle’.

Nyx (Greek origin), meaning ‘primordial goddess of the night’.

Raven (English / Scottish), meaning ‘dark-haired’. This name may be given to a witch coven with dark - hair.

Rowen (English origin), meaning ‘an increase’. Rowan is involved two times as regularly for young men.

Sage (Latin Origin), meaning ‘wise’. Witches are wise and intelligent, which makes us use this name for them.

Samara (Arabic & Greek origin), meaning ‘guardian’.

Sybil (Greek origin), meaning ‘prophets’. The sibyls were ten female prophets who rehearsed at various heavenly destinations in the old world. Doesn't it sound similar to the witch?

Laughing girl in a witch costume in halloween

Wiccan Coven Names

Here are some cool Wiccan names for your fantasy Wiccan characters. Using these names would surely add a charm to your character whether it is in a story or you performing the story. Come people, let's explore the list of coven names.

Coven of the Lone Star (English Origin), meaning 'a single star'. Magic is a lot related to stars and that is what Wiccans do hence this name is perfect for them.

Sisters of Moonlight (English Origin), meaning 'under the moon light'. Wiccans have magic related to the moon and hence can be named after this.

Sisters of Starlight (English Origin), meaning 'under the star light'. Magic is a lot related to stars and that is what Wiccans do hence this name is perfect for them.

Sisters of the Moon Thicket (English Origin), meaning 'related to moon'. Wiccans have magic related to the moon and hence may be named after this.

The Enlightened Coven (English Origin), meaning 'spiritually aware'. The Wiccans are spiritually aware of their surroundings which makes this name perfect for them.

The Guiding Hand Circle (English Origin), meaning 'helping hands'. Not all the Wiccans or witches are bad.

The Wisdom Circle (English Origin), meaning 'wise'. This name may be given to a group of Wiccans who are wise and Intelligent.

Wiccans Of Crystal Rose (English Origin), meaning 'stone of unconditional love'. Not all the Wiccans or witches are bad. Some are good at spreading love all around so these names can be given to them.

Good Coven Names

So here are some cool coven names listed just for you.

Circle of Divine Spirit (English origin), meaning ‘circle of good souls’. The circle of witches for the coven can be called divine spirits.

Circle of Infinity (English Origin), meaning ‘infinite magic’. This name can be used for the circle of a witch coven.

Circle of Silver Grace (English Origin), meaning 'controlled and attractive way'. Covens of witches and vampires are usually attractive and so can be given this name.

Coven of Compassion (English Origin), meaning ‘unknown’. The Sanctuary Witches of the Coven of Compassion give places of refuge to creatures out of luck.

Coven of Discovery (English Origin), meaning ‘discoveries made by coven’. Magic is all about discovering new things and spells. So this name can be used by those witches.

Coven of Sacred Meadows (English origin), meaning ‘Meadows of great significance’. Witches practicing magic in sacred meadows are given this name.

Coven of the Rising Sun (English Origin), meaning 'sunrise'. This name refers to the sunrise and thus can be given to a coven with powers associated with sunrise.

Elphaba (American Origin), meaning 'wicked'. Not all witches are good. Some are wicked acting as a villain so this name can be given to the coven of wicked witches.

Legacies (English Origin), meaning 'a chain of family's origin'. This name can be given to the covens that have been in the world of magic since their ancestor's legacies.

Morgan (Welsh - Breton Origin), meaning 'famous magic'. As the name means famous magic, it is a perfect name for a coven of famous witches.

Nimue (Welsh Origin), meaning 'lady of the lake'. Likewise said to be the sorceress who took Lancelot away as a baby.

Obeah Coven (18th century Igboland origin), meaning 'Ashanti'. This is difficult to define as Obeah is not a single set of unified or defined sentences.

Quiet Meadows Circle (English Origin), meaning 'quiet magic practices'.

The Aja (Indian Origin), meaning 'to drive, propel'. A short and simple name to give your coven.

The Bramble Root Witches (English origin), meaning ‘bush or plant that's covered in thorns’. Witches conducting magical practices in these places or bushes can be given this name.

The Eight Everlastings (English Origin), meaning 'the eight witches'. This name can be given to a coven of eight witches with their everlasting magic.

The Full Moon Circle (English Origin), meaning ‘full moon day’. It is said that a witch's powers are doubled during the full moon so we can use this name.

The Hallowed Sisters (English Origin), meaning ‘the old and respected sisters’.

The Heretics (Greek Origin), meaning 'choose'. This was a coven name in the popular series the Vampire Diaries.

The Lodestar Sisters (English origin), meaning ‘group of witch sisters’. Sisters with magical powers can be called the Lode of sisters coven.

The Moon Thread Coven (English Origin), meaning ‘magic connected with moon’. This name can be used by those witches whose powers are connected with the moon.

The Moonlight Wives (English origin), meaning ‘moonlight’. The moon is a female image, all around addressing the beat of time as it typifies the cycle.

The Morts - Vivants (English Origin), meaning 'undead'. A coven name for the undead witches and vampires.

The Night Sky Coven (English origin), meaning ‘witches doing magic at night’. This name can be given to the coven, especially for practicing magic at night.

The Originals (English Origin), meaning 'the first supernatural creatures'.

The Requiem Circle (English origin), meaning ‘rising souls from the dead’. This can be used to describe those witches who are involved in this kind of black magic.

The Starfall Circle  (English origin), meaning ‘magic associated with stars’. Stars play a major role in magic in knowing the correct place and position for magic.

The Travelers (English Origin), meaning 'one who wanders to different places'. This can be named to a coven traveling to different places with their magic.

The Twilight Coven (English Origin), meaning 'the soft glowing light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon’.

Witches of the Crystal Lake (English origin), meaning ‘witches associated with water’. Witches practicing near water or lake can be called by this name.

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