Ultimate List Of 240+ Witch Cat Names Beyond 'Salem'

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Originally Published on Dec 17, 2020
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Witch cat names have been used since time immemorial.

These names have mostly been inspired by famous witches from history and the world of fantasy and fiction. The TV and film industries have also witnessed some iconic witches over the years whose names have also provided great inspiration.

So, if you own a cat and want to name him or her a bit differently from the typical cat owner, read on, as we have gathered over 200 witch cat names and Wiccan cat names to share with you.

You're sure to recognise many a witch from the names that you're about to read, but which will you ultimately choose to name your cat?

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Famous Witch Names From History

If you want to find some cat names that have been inspired by the most well documented witches from history, then go through this section for some of the most famous witch cat names.

Curious blue tabby white coon cat

1. Abramelin, inspired by the iconic 15th century warlock.

2. Aleister, inspired by Aleister Crowley, a 19th century occultist.

3. Agnes, inspired by Agnes Sampson, a 16th century English healer.

4. Balthasar, one of the Magi who visited Jesus in his infancy.

5. Cabot, one of the most well known witch cat names, inspired by Laurie Cabot, who was proclaimed Salem's official witch.

6. Cayce, inspired by Edgar Cayce, who is regarded as holistic medicine's founder.

7. Crowley, another name inspired by the 19th century occultist Aleister Crowley.

8. Delphi, inspired by a seventh century Greek oracle.

9. Edgar, another name inspired by Edgar Cayce.

10. Kyteler, inspired by Alice Kyteler, an Irish witchcraft practitioner.

11. Laveau, inspired by Marie Catherine Laveau, a 20th century American Voodoo Priestess.

12. Malin, inspired by Malin Matsdotter, a famous witch from Sweden.

13. Mathers, inspired by MacGregor Mathers, who founded The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. He also worked closely with occultist Aleister Crowley.

14. Nostradamus, inspired by the famous French astrologer, healer and seer.

15. Pythia, another name inspired by the oracle also known as Delphi.

16. Sampson, another name inspired by the English healer known as Agnes.

17. Shipton, inspired by 16th century clairvoyant Ursula Southeil.

18. Tituba, inspired by a witchcraft practitioner from the 17th century.

19. Ursula, another name inspired by Ursula Southeil, a 16th century English clairvoyant.

Familiar Names

Did you know that in the medieval era, it was widely believed that witches were assisted by dark spirits? These spirits are known as familiars and in this section, we're going to give you some magical names for cats inspired by those familiars.

If you're on the lookout for black cats' names, go ahead and choose a black cat name from this section. For example, Catwoman is a familiar character, whose name is Selina Kyle.

20. Archimedes, inspired by the name of Merlin's owl.

21. Grimalkin, inspired by the cat owned by the witches in the play 'Macbeth' composed by the legendary William Shakespeare.

22. Harpier, the name of the owl owned by the witches in 'Macbeth'.

23. Kit, the name of the Siamese cat from the famous drama series 'Charmed'.

24. Molly Boo, the name of the cat owned by famous real life witch Laurie Cabot; Molly was regarded by people as Cabot's familiar.

Names That Mean Witch From Other Languages

Witchcraft is a worldwide concept. Different regions of the world used to practice their own variations of witchcraft and some still do today.

In this section, you can find out all about the words that mean witch, warlock, or witchcraft from a range of different languages. If you want to the best witch names for black cats, these are the black cat names you should choose from.

Large Maine Coon cat sitting on beige background

25. Akuba (Japanese origin), meaning "witch".

26. Baba (Polish origin), meaning "witch".

27. Bruxo (Spanish origin), meaning "warlock".

28. Hexe (German origin), meaning "witch".

29. Incantrix (Latin origin), meaning "witch".

30. Kijo (Japanese origin), meaning "witch".

31. Koldun (Russian origin), meaning "warlock".

32. Majo (Japanese origin), meaning "witch".

33. Necromantis (Greek origin), meaning "warlock".

34. Saga (Latin origin), meaning "witch".

35. Sahir (Arabic origin), meaning "warlock".

36. Sahira (Arabic origin), meaning "witch".

37. Shushi (Chinese origin), meaning "warlock".

38. Sorciere (French origin), meaning "witch".

39. Strega (Italian origin), meaning "witch".

40. Tovenaar (Latin origin), meaning "warlock".

41. Veneficus (Latin origin), meaning "warlock".

Famous Witches From Fiction, Comics, TV And Films

While the list of iconic real world witches isn't super long, it is practically endless when it comes to names of fictional witches from the  world of film, television and comic books. If you're considering some spiritual cat names for your new cat, then why not choose a name for a black cat from this section?

We have names for female black cats and male black cats here.

42. Adrazelle, from the Belgian comic strip 'Melusine'.

43. Adam Conant, one of the ideal male black cat names from 'The Secret Circle' series.

44. Adriane Charday, from the novel series 'Avalon: Web of Magic'.

45. Agatha Cackle, one of the best Halloween cat names from 'The Worst Witch' book series.

46. Agnes Nutter, from the novel "Good Omens".

47. Alecto Carrow, one of the best cat names for Halloween from the 'Harry Potter' series.

48. Alexandra Nicole Fielding, from the 'Twitches' series.

49. Alice Dean, from the story 'The Spook's Apprentice'.

50. Alice Longbottom, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

51. Allis Demmurage, from the 'Discworld' series.

52. Alwina, from the story 'Het Spaanse Spook' by Suske en Wiske.

53. Amelia Bones, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

54. Amelia Cackle, another one of the Halloween names for cats inspired by 'The Worst Witch' series.

55. Ammeline Hamstring, from the 'Discworld' series.

56. Angelina Johnson, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

57. Annagrama Hawkin, from the 'Discworld' series.

58. Angelica Pierce Fear, from the 'Fear Street' series.

59. Anguanes, from the Italian comic book series 'Monster Allergy'.

60. Annie Crandall, from the novel series 'Circle of Three'.

61. Antanneke, from the story 'De Zeven Snaren' by Suske en Wiske.

62. Arba, from the comic book series 'Groo The Wanderer'.

63. Ariana Dumbledore, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

64. Astoria Greengrass, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

65. Augusta Longbottom, from the 'Harry Potter'" franchise.

66. Aunt Dahlia, from the 'Goosebumps' series.

67. Aunt Mab, from the 'Graveyard School' novel series.

68. Bathilda Bagshot, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

69. Bellatrix Lestrange, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

70. Bertha Jorkins, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

71. Beryl, from the manga series 'Sailor Moon'.

72. Beryl Dismass, from the 'Discworld' series.

73. Bonnie McCullough, from 'The Vampire Diaries' series.

74. Brenda Loveknot, from the 'Discworld' series.

75. Briony Larkin, from the novel 'Chime'.

76. Broom-Hilda, from the American newspaper comic strip 'Broom-Hilda'.

77. Cal Blaire, from the fantasy novel series 'Sweep'.

78. Camryn Alicia Barnes, from the children's fantasy novel series 'Twitches'.

79. Candy, from the Japanese manga series 'Sugar Sugar Rune'.

80. Cassie Blake, from 'The Secret Circle'.

81. Ciaran McEwan, from the 'Sweep'series of novels.

82. Circe, from the DC Comics universe.

83. Charity Burbage, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

84. Cho Chang, one of the best witch cat name ideas from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

85. Chocolate Meilleure, from the Japanese manga series 'Sugar Sugar Rune'.

86. Cinnamon Meilleure, one of many names for Halloween from 'Sugar Sugar Rune'.

87. Dakarba, another female black cat name from 'Groo The Wanderer'.

88. Dame Gothel, from the German fairy tale 'Rapunzel'.

89. Dark Sorceress, from 'Avalon: Web Of Magic'.

90. Deborah Armstrong, from the book series 'The Secret Circle'.

91. Della, from the comic book series 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch'.

92. Delphini, from 'Harry Potter And The Cursed Child'.

93. Desiderata Hollow, from the 'Discworld' series.

94. Diana Bishop, from the novel 'A Discovery Of Witches'.

95. Diana Meade, from 'The Secret Circle' series.

96. Dimmity Hubbub, from the 'Discworld' series.

97. Edwina, from the manga series 'Maria The Virgin Witch'.

98. Emily Fletcher, from 'Avalon: Web Of Magic'.

99. Empusa, a magical cat name from the fantasy novel 'Stardust'.

100. Enchantra, another name for a black female cat from the comic book series 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch'.

101. Enchantress, the name used by witches across both the DC and Marvel Comics universes.

102. Ethal Hallow, from the 'The Worst Witch' series.

103. Erzulie Gogol, from the 'Discworld' series.

104. Esmeralda, one of many names for cats that are black from 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch'.

105. Eucalypta, from the Dutch comic strip 'Paulus The Woodgnome'.

106. Faye Chamberlain, from 'The Secret Circle' series.

107. Fennella Feverfew, from 'The Worst Witch' series of children's books.

108. Fleur Delacour, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

109. Flodderbes, from the Belgian comic strip 'De Geuzen'.

110. Gabrielle Delacour, a great name for a cute black kitten from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

111. Gammer Beavis, from the 'Discworld' series.

112. Galiena, a really cute Halloween name from 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch'.

113. Gayelette, from the novel 'The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz'.

114. Gillian Duncan, from the novel 'Salem Falls'.

115. Good Witch of the North, from the novel 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz'.

116. Grandmama, one of the most iconic Halloween names from 'The Addams Family'.

117. Griselda Blackwood, a cute black cat name from 'The Worst Witch' book series.

118. Griselda Marchbanks, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

119. Gwinnifer Blackcap, from the 'Discworld' series.

120. Haakneus, from the Beligan comic strip 'Jommeke'.

121. Hannah Abbot, from J.K. Rowling's iconic 'Harry Potter' franchise.

122. Henrietta Hubble, from 'The Worst Witch'.

123. Hela de Heks, from the Belgian comic strip 'The Adventures Of Nero'.

124. Helga Hufflepuff, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

125. Hermione Granger, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

126. Hestia Jones, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

127. Hilta Goatfounder, from the 'Discworld' series.

128. Ida Holmstrom, from 'Engelsfors', a Swedish novel series.

129. Ileana DuBauer, from the 'Twitches' series of novels.

130. Ilse Witch, from the novel 'Ilse Witch'.

131. Immacolata, from the novel 'Weaveworld'.

132. Iris, from 'Goosebumps Series 2000'".

133. Ischade, from the 'Thieves' World' series.

134. Ivalaine, from 'The Last Rune' novel series.

135. Jadis of Charn, from 'The Chronicles Of Narnia' novel series.

136. Jaelle, from 'The Fionavar Tapestry' novel series.

137. Jaenelle Angelline, from the dark fantasy novel series 'The Black Jewels'.

138. Joanna Beauchamp, from the novel 'Witches Of East End'.

139. Kara Davies, from 'Avalon: Web Of Magic'.

140. Karnilla, from the Marvel Comics universe.

141. Katie Bell, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

142. Kim Diehl, from the 'Soul Eater' manga series.

143. Kimberley Ford, from the novel series 'The Fionavar Tapestry'.

144. Kinetix, from the DC Comics universe.

145. Kovertol, from the story 'De Tuf-Tuf-Club' by Suske en Wiske.

146. Kyrene, from the 'The Last Rune' series of novels.

147. Lamia, from the novel 'Stardust'.

148. Lavender Brown, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

149. Leanne, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

150. Lena Duchannes, from the 'Caster Chronicles' novel series.

151. Letita de Chumsfanleigh, from the 'Discworld' series.

152. Lilli, from the 'Lilli The Witch' series of children's books. A good name for a girl cat.

153. Lythande, from the 'Thieves' World' series.

154. Mabaa, from the Japanese manga series 'Soul Eater'.

155. Mad Hettie, from the American comic book 'The Sandman'.

156. Maghatch, from the novel 'Thunder Oak'.

157. Magik, one of the female black cat names inspired by the witch from the Marvel Comics universe called Magik.

158. Magrat Garlick, from the 'Discworld' series.

159. Malicela, from the Belgian comic strip 'Melusine'.

160. Madam Malkin, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

161. Madam Mim, from the Disney Comics universe.

162. Mafalda Hopkirk, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

163. Marietta Edgecombe, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

164. Margarita, from the novel 'The Master And Margarita'.

165. Mary Cattermole, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

166. Melisandre, from the 'A Song Of Ice And Fire' series.

167. Mellisa Glacer, from 'The Secret Circle'.

168. Melusine, the protagonist from 'Melusine'.

169. Mildred Hubble, from 'The Worst Witch'.

170. Millicent Bulstrode, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

171. Minerva McGonagall, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

172. Minnie Castavet, from the novel 'Rosemary's Baby'.

173. Minoo Falk Karimi, from the Swedish novel series 'Engelsfors'.

174. Miranda Kane, from the 'Shadow Falls' novel series.

175. Miranda Martin-DuBauer, from the 'Twitches' novel series.

176. Mirrie Maz Dur, from 'A Song Of Ice And Fire'.

177. Miss Cambrick, from the 'Discworld' series.

178. Miss Constance Hardbroom, from 'The Worst Witch'.

179. Miss Davina Bat, from the children's book series 'The Worst Witch'.

180. Miss Level, from the 'Discworld' series.

181. Mona Hallow, from 'The Worst Witch'.

182. Morag, from the novel 'The Elfstones Of Shannara'.

183. Morgaine le Fey, from the DC Comics universe.

184. Morgan le Fey, from the Marvel Comics universe.

185. Mormo, from the novel 'Stardust'.

186. Mr. Brooks, one of the best black male cat names from the 'Discworld' series.

187. Mrs. Cantrip, from the 'Carbonel' series of children's books.

188. Mrs. Fairfax, from the novel 'Howl's Moving Castle'.

189. Mrs. Flowers, from 'The Vampire Diaries' novel series.

190. Mrs. Happenstance, from the 'Discworld' series.

191. Mrs. Letice Earwig, from the 'Discworld' series.

192. Ms. Mystic, from the Pacific Comics universe.

193. Narcissa Malfoy, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

194. Nick Armstrong, from 'The Secret Circle'.

195. Nyx, from the Image Comics universe.

196. Old Witch, from the 'The Haunt Of Fear' comic series from the EC Comics stable.

197. Olympe Maxime, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

198. Patricia Delfine, from the novel 'All The Birds In The Sky'.

199. Penelope Clearwater, a great name for a witchy cat from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

200. Petulia Gristle, from the  Discworld' series.

201. Pierrehaar, one of several witchy cat names from 'Jommeke'.

202. Polly Green, from the 'Jingle Belle' comic series.

203. Queen of Fables, from the DC Comics universe.

204. Ridley Duchannes, from the'Caster Chronicles' novels.

205. Roberta, from the Italian comic series 'Topolino' by Disney.

206. Rolanda Hooch, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

207. Rosalind, one of numerous names of witches cats from 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch'.

208. Sarafine Duchannes, from the 'Caster Chronicles' novel series.

209. Satana, from the Marvel Comics universe.

210. Schierke, from the Japanese manga series 'Berserk'.

211. Sindella, from the DC Comics universe.

212. Sabrina, one of the most popular witches cat names and the protagonist of 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch'.

213. Sarah Aching, from Terry Pratchet's 'Discworld' universe.

214. Sophie Hatter, from'Howl's Moving Castle'.

215. Stacy Brown, from the novel 'Blue Is for Nightmares'.

216. Steketand, another of many names for witches cats in the comic strip 'Jommeke'.

217. Strega, from the DC Comics universe.

218. Susan Bones, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

219. Sybil Hallow, from 'The Worst Witch'.

220. Tabitha Evans, from the novel series 'Shadow Falls'.

221. Tanya Grotter, from the Russian 'Tanya Grotter' novel series.

222. Tarot, from the American comic book series 'Tarot: Witch Of The Black Rose'.

223. Thais Allard, from the fantasy novel series 'Balefire'.

224. The Beldam, from the dark fantasy novel 'Coraline'.

225. The Broom Witch, from the movie 'Ophelia Learns To Swim'.

226. Thessaly, one of multiple witch names for cats from 'The Sandman' comic books.

227. Tilly Ipswitch, from the book 'Tilly Witch'.

228. Traci Thirteen, from the DC comics universe.

229. Triss Merigold, from 'The Witcher' series of novels.

230. Topaz, from the Marvel Comics universe.

231. Vanessa Dahl, from the Swedish fantasy novel trilogy 'Engelsfors'.

232. Vey Coruscant, a dark name for your cat from the fantasy novel series 'Doctrine Of Labyrinths'.

233. Viv, one of the few witchy names for cats from 'Maria The Virgin Witch'.

234. Waffle, from 'Sugar Sugar Rune'.

235. Walburga Black, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise

236. Wendy, from the Harvey Comics universe.

237. White Witch, from the DC Comics universe.

238. Wilhelima Gubbly-Prank, from the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

239. Willie Connolly, from the novel 'Daughter Of Darkness'.

240. Winnie, from the 'Winnie The Witch' comic strip.

241. Witchfire, one of the most iconic cat witch names from both the DC and Marvel Comics universes.

242. Wredulia, from the Dutch comic series 'Douwe Dabbert'.

243. Willow Rosenberg, from the television series 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'.

244. Yuko Ichihara, from the manga series 'xxxHolic'.

245. Zatanna Zatara, from the DC Comics universe.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for witch cat names, then why not take a look at these super sleek Siamese cat names for your kitten or something different like these fantasy cat names?

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