49 Terrific Tiger Names For Your Cat

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Originally Published on Oct 21, 2020
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Finding a perfect name for your cat is not easy, but we can help.

Wanting to name your kitty can be tricky, but their bigger cousins, Tigers, considered the largest cats in the world, are great inspiration. Tigers, with their iconic coat patterns, give a variety of name ideas to find that perfect moniker for your pet.

There are many things that you can choose between while selecting a great name for your kitten. We have put together a list of the best tiger names to help you find a good name for a cat, whatever their size.

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Top Tiger Names That Are Great Cat Names

Here are some handpicked tiger names that would make lovely names for a cat.

1. Amber  derived from the word for  a beautiful, 'Orange gemstone'

2. Babur (Urdu origin) means 'Tiger'

3. Edan  (Celtic word) meaning 'fire'

4. Kano signifying 'manly capacity' in Japanese, a special Tiger name for guys

5. Maynard  meaning  'courageous' and 'strong'

6. Phoenix denoting a legendary feathered creature, who ascends from its remains

7. Rayas meaning ‘stripes’ in Spanish

8. Razor for a  razor-sharp teethed Tiger

9. Ryker  is a Danish name signifying 'one whose quality is prevalent'

10. White Tiger inspired from ‘The Justice Friends’

Famous Tiger Character Names From Movies, Fiction, and Literature

Famous tiger names that come from characters played in film, fiction, and literature, are the most acknowledged names. They make a great choice when you are searching for a fitting name.

11. Hobbes taking inspiration from the cartoon series "Calvin and Hobbes"

12. Koumal and Sangha inspired from a young carnivore brother in the film 'Two Brothers'

13. Parker is the Tiger and costar in the film 'Life of  Pi', his full name is Richard Parker

14. Shere Khan is Rudyard Kipling's Tiger from The Jungle Book. Khan means 'lord 'or 'ruler'

15. Suzy, the star tiger of Ringling Bros Circus

16. Tigger who is the companion of Winnie The Pooh

17. Tony is the Kelloggs mascot, Tony the Tiger

18. Tyger inspired by William Blake's poem, "The Tyger"

Names That Mean Tiger In Different Languages

If you are still searching for a distinctive tiger name, then this list of tiger names in different languages will help you pick a name for your kitty.

19. Baag is the  Hindi word for 'Tiger'

20. Bagha  means 'Tiger' in Nepali

21. Holang is the Korean word for 'Tiger'

22. Ingwe is the Zulu word for 'Tiger'

23. Sher is the Urdu word for 'Tiger'

24. Seu is of Laotian origin meaning 'Tiger'

25. Tigress is the French word for 'Tiger'

26. Tora is of Japanese origin meaning 'Tiger'

27. Tygra is the Czech word for 'Tiger'

28. Vyaghra is theSanskrit word for 'Tiger'

Names From Cats Who Were Famous In Film And History

A grey striped Tiger cat yawning

These are the names of some legendary cats from movies which have tiger characteristics.

29. Alex from the Movie, 'Madagascar'

30. Aslan from the Movie, 'The Chronicles of Narnia'

31. Baron Humbert von Gikkingen from the Movie, 'The Cat Returns'

32. Garfield is the famous Orange Striped kitty from the comic of the same name

33. Snowbell from the Movie, Stuart Little

Cat Names For A Boy

These names are used, for naming male cats and will suit your male Tiger the best.

34. Bruce means 'thick brush'

35. Kawan is a Korean name signifying 'solid' and 'amazing'

36. Ninja is a fitting name for a Tiger whose stripes permit him to disguise

37. Tag is an Irish word meaning ‘handsome'

38. Takio  signifying 'solid-like bamboo'

39. Talayeh is a Persian title signifying 'a beam of brilliant sun.'

40. Thor inspired from the Norse God, son of Odin

41. Timber means 'strong' and is of American Origin

Cat Names For Girls

These are female tiger names for naming your kitty. The female tiger, or tigress, is strong and the name should be too.

42. Catrina  is an incredible name for a Tigress

43. Cosima is the Greek word signifying 'of the universe'

44. Edan is a Celtic word signifying ‘fire’

45. Hunter will entirely fit a Tigress who wants to chase for prey!

46. Sissy for the 'most seasoned girl' in the family

Names For A Cub

If you are planning to name your kitty after a baby tiger, the choice has to be cute and adorable.

47. Numair is an Arabic origin word meaning 'cub'

48. Panthera tigris is the Scientific name for Tiger. Why not give the pet its biological name?

49. Snow White is a perfect name for a white cub with black stripes

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