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100 Cool Street Names That You Must Know

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Traveling across the world has become very interesting.

Whenever you go to a new place, you can find something very amusing and cool. You will find street names based on things that still exist around, like a player or maybe a team or a dance style.

Naming a street is not hard; it needs to be motivated by something important. For example, you happen to become a big hot shot person from a small place. Your people might be proud of you and would like to tell the world where you used to stay and will name the street after you.

So, curiosity is one thing that will bring you here to find more information about some of the coolest street names in the world.

Cool Street Names Related To Racing

Racing has always been fascinating, and it is no easy job. Some people made history, and therefore, it is evident to honor it. It’s not just about cars or drivers, but there are many things that need to be respected. So, here they are.

Berger Road, Adelaide, is named after Gerhard Berger. He has won 10 Grand Prix.

Jeff Gordon Expressway lies between Greensboro and Charlotte. Two sections of I-85 are named after Hall of Fame drivers. Former Xfinity and Cup Series winner Bobby Labonte's hometown is near the Charlotte-Concord boundary in Mecklenburg-Cabarrus counties and a section of the regularly frequented interstate highway near Trinity.

Jochen-Rindt-Strasse is named after Karl Jochen Rindt, a German-born racing driver, and he was the only one to be posthumously awarded the Formula One World Driver’s Championship. This road is in Vienna.

Richard Childress Express is in Lexington, and this route is not far from his popular racing campus. He deserves this because of his humbleness. He never took credit for his wins but deflected it to the whole team.

Richard Petty Freeway was known as ‘The King’ in the racing industry. In Randolph country, an eight-mile-stretch of Route 220, passing through the heart of Randleman and near Level Cross lies this road. Mr. Richard won seven times, and this was in his retirement honor.

Route Three was originally Route 136, which went through Iredell and Cabarrus counties. This was done in honor of seven times champion Dale Earnhardt’s 2001 death. This number is unique because his car number was three, and he made that famous.

Cool Street Names After Gang

Gangs are famous across the world. For some, they are messiahs, and for some, they are just killers. No wonder the name for them should deserve some attention.

Assassins is a cool name for a game, but if your gang is something like that, it will suit you too.

Avengers needs no explanation - everyone knows it. This is an interesting street name to address someone.

Boulder is a power name. It means large rock. So, if you guys are tall and tough, this is it.

Crescent Alley seems bold and cool. Everyone has watched James Bond at least once in their life.

Exorcists are unquestionably heroic. If you believe in something like that, this is it.

Fight Club is a dream project after watching WWE. So having this name is not a bad idea to start with.

Home Alone is a vague name, but this is when you form a gang for a party.

House of the Dead is a brainer, a scary name but a very cool name.

Married with Kids is a sweet yet cool name that is sure to change the way you think about the search for a real way of living.

No Guns on the Table is for the sweet kids of the street who stay away from fights.

One penny, Two Dimes when money is all you care for.

Punisher is one of the coolest Marvel characters.

Spartans were one of the greatest warriors known in human history. Surely, you made a gang think the same.

Street Junkies sounds weird but not so weird. When you are too bad, no other names fit your gang name.

Terminator is something we all have watched. We know how dangerous that is.

The Godfather was one person. But a gang is no less than a team of like-minded people, and therefore, it acts as one person.

The Soul Stealers is one of the top names but suits only those who are extremely horrific or the opposite angels. Search for the gangs tends to take longer for the cops to complete.

The Uninvited is the perfect name. Yeah, gangs are like that.

Wild is something that seems soothing to the ear but are you wild? A short name for sure!

Wind Men is a cool name when you do something either for good or bad and vanishes into the air. One of the cool names that you can actually share on roads.

Cool Street Names After Hockey Teams

Hockey is not just a ball and sticks game. But it is about the courage to face the other team as well. Sometimes, names define them.

Arctic Fires represent the opposites. Therefore, a team that holds itself even after the worst of times is looking for a name like this.

Blades of Steel is a nice name, blades mean hockey sticks, and steel denotes strength. This new name highlights a way to live according to your love for life, without worrying about the end.

Move Like Jagger is a famous funky song. It also tells how a team should be on the field. A simple English name that you will love.

Pirates of the Town is a perfect name for those who stay hidden and deadly during the game.

Shedding Snakes says a lot about the nature of snakes. Fast and changing skins is something in hockey you often do. Here is a name for someone who would love to live according to their own rules.

Stick Royals is not the same as royal sticks. It highlights the way to live around your local neighborhood.

The Eagles is a name for a team that believes in staying on top. Here is a cool name that you are sure to think of when you actually search for hockey teams.

The Ninja Turtles is another cool name for the team. Quick and always on the feet. According to experts, living and playing on their own terms is actually something that everyone would love.

The Stealers is a very cool name for the team, and it says it all for itself.

Vigilantes are the ones who take the law into their hands, but here it would be great if the team takes the game into their own hands. Who would not want to read a fact about vigilantes at any given point in time?

Cool Street Football Name

This is one of those games which makes everyone feel energetic. I believe the names should play a similar role. Here are some of them.

Abusement Park is a name that needs no understanding. A fun name indeed for a creek.

Accelerate is a name for a team that needs to be motivated. A funny name that you could never be tired of.

Baby Eagles is another cool name for a team that just stepped on the field. It sounds like a fun name.

Bengal Tigers are strong enough to take down a team single-handedly. Are you good enough?

Black Stars is yet another stylish name for a rising team. A name that is common on the streets of a town.

Bull Riders, done riding enough in the wrong place. Let’s ride on the field with the ball and make your own story.

Cheetahs is a great name for a speedy team. Honor your team of fast runner footballers.

Crusaders have a lot of meanings, one of which is a fighter. A cool name used on the streets of New York City.

Defenders is a fashionable team when you are the winning defenders of the trophy.

Fast and the Furious is an amazing old movie with a great story and an equally amazing name if you live up to that. 

Fusion is yet another solid name for a team formed out of nowhere. A fun name for a little county street.

Goan Chillers is a very funky and cool name for a team that does not take the burden for anything.

Golden Knights are the ones who shine at night also, only if you are knights.

Heartbreakers is a cool and old name where the players are hot but have no time for the crowd.

Kickers from the Back is a cool name that needs no explanation. Be careful to look for a suitable place to park your car, as the street name is self-explanatory.

Miscellaneous is a cool name when you form a team out of nowhere. One of the simple English names.

No longer Noobs is another old name for when you have won your first trophy in sport.

Rebels seems a cool name for someone who fights to change their name. This is a fun name for a little county street.

Unicorns are really beautiful but also powerful symbols. So when a team is a symbol and represents something, this is it. One of the old and funny names for southern residents.

Wizards are when you are looking for a miracle on the field on the streets of a town and find it in your team.

Cool Street Dance Names

Dance is a form of expression, and so is a name. A name tells a lot about something. So it is important to have a name that describes your team. Help yourself with something cool.

3 Peg is something you want before dancing but can define a trio who hits the floor hard.

AfterDawn is a heavy name, and you need to fit in that.

Backyard behavior is a funky name and suits you when you start dancing in your backyard.

Dirty Dudes is a staggering name for a group of college students.

Fantastic Four is one of the favorite movies for a lot of people. You don't plan to dishearten them.

Funky Fire, the name says it all.

Jungle Boys is the name for a boys' team, but girls are no less involved and can partake.

Kings of Footwork is something a lot of dancers aspire to be.

Mayday should be the word on your opponent’s lips.

Monster Moves suits you if you are a B-boying kind of person.

Most Wanted is a game that everyone has played. Let's make our opponent play the same.

London Poison is a deadly thing, and so should be your team for others. A greet street dance name for a city west of a creek.

Powered Up is the question everyone asks themselves and others while in a battle, but this is it when you already are.

Smashed is a smashing name, and it depends on which side of it you are.

The Flash Mob is already a famous style, and if you do it, that is it.

Timebomb is another breathtaking name, and everyone is waiting for you.

Toxic energy is irony in itself.

Vicious Cycle is not such a cool word, but if you start winning, it should define you.

Weirdos is not a good word but can be a good name for a team if you are out there to rock.

Cool Art Street Names

Art is yet another form of expression, and here we have some of the greatest artists for the inspiration for all.

Banksy is unquestionably amazing, considering that he operates anonymously. He is one of the most famous street artists in any city, be it London or New York.

Cornbread, who began marking in Philadelphia during the late '60s, is widely regarded as the first modern graffiti artist. After all, a street is a great place in a city for street art.

Daze, in 1976, at the age of 14, attempted to spray-paint his first subway car. Throughout the rest of the decade, he painted hundreds of subway carriages. A name that is part of a city's history over the course of time.

Keith Haring was an artist who attended art school and worked in a cave using chalks and black paper. One of the well-known street names for a city.

Lady Pink is among the few female graffiti artists who emerged in the '70s and '80s. A name that is part of the legend.

Street names evolve over the course of time.

Cool Basketball Street Names

Were you searching for the finest name for a basketball team? Take a look at our full list of team names.

Alley Hawkeye is the best shooter of marvel, and neither of you is planning to miss the basket.

Alley Wizardball, we have all seen that. The ball in the basketball player's hand is something the same.

Ballstorm Ben is not the same as a brainstorm. Show them what 'Ben' you got.

Chicago’s MJ is a name anyone can understand. If you don't, you don't get to play.

Country Special could be your name when you have something special to put on the table.

Court Pan is a unique name choice for a street name. Court Pan is indeed a rare name choice for an alley.

Dr. D is for a team from whom taking the ball in that zone is impossible.

Hill Dunkin is another fabulous name for tall guys.

In the Air is a groovy name for a local southern site. Would the residents like to stay here?

Lappy Hill is a good name for a team that goes for the finest lap shots. This funny name gives a lot of hope.

London Dreams should define the dreams you have.

Losers are something that motivates us to get back. So, prove them wrong.

Mustangs are breathtaking. Are you the same on the court?

MVT is for the most valued team with an unusual story that apparently sounds extremely interesting and great for fans of streets.

One Second is all that makes a difference in the game.

Queen of the Court is an adorable name, and you would want to prove it.

Red Bubbles are what your blood becomes when you lose, and you don't plan on that.

Search For It is the name when a tall guy stands in front of you, and you can't see.

See you Soon is something you would like to say to your opponents when you have won the finals.

The Golden Eye is necessary for not missing a single shot.

White Mamba was a nickname of a former player.

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