100 Cool Street Names That You Must Know

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List of cool street names would feature cool street hockey team names and cool street soccer names.

Why Cool Street Names?

Naming streets, roads, or any landmark is important to help people identify a place and its location. The common practice of creating street names involved using cardinal directions and numbers.

Today, you can find streets named after people, elements of nature, art forms, and unique ideas.

The references in the names also contributed to the popularity of many streets in different parts of the world. Some famous street names are - Abbey Road in London, La Rambla in Barcelona, Via Monte Napoleon in Milan, Ginza in Tokyo, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles.

Typically, the developers of a landmark decide the names of streets in that area. They are also responsible for getting the names approved by relevant city officials.

However, if you are writing any story or creating any art or content, you are free to create your street names for the places you imagine. You can create cool street names based on your personal inspirations and idols.

Here you will find a variety of fictional names you can use for streets, associated with sports teams, famous personalities, and different art forms.

There is also a list of street names created by writers and creators of different works of fiction. This might also help you figure out new methods of creating cool street names.

Street names evolve over the course of time.

Cool Street Names After Sports Teams

1. Astros Passage - Based on the name of a professional baseball team based in Huston. 

2. Broncos Road - Refers to a Brisbane-based professional rugby team. 

3. Bulls Lane - Based on the name of a popular professional basketball team called Chicago Bulls.

4. Capitals Corner - A street name after the professional ice hockey team based in Washington D.C.

5. Carlton Street - A reference to the Carlton football club in Australia. 

6. Cavaliers Lane - A street name for a Cleveland-based professional basketball team. 

7. Cowboys Drive -A reference to an American football team from Dallas. 

8. Red Wings Road - A street name after a Detroit-based professional ice hockey team. 

9. Diamondbacks Trail - Refers to the professional baseball team named Arizona Diamondbacks. 

10. Dolphins Lane - This can be a Miami street name based on their American football team 'Dolphins’. 

11. Hurricane Road - A tribute to the professional ice hockey team named Carolina Hurricanes.

12. Lakers Boulevard - This can be used as a Los Angeles street name, as a tribute to the professional basketball team. 

13. Mavericks Walk - A street name in honor of the Dallas basketball team. 

14. Mets Avenue - Refers to the professional baseball team based in New York. 

15. Panthers Path - A street name after the Florida-based ice hockey team. 

16. Patriots Alley - For a street in New England as a reference to the American football team New England Patriots. 

17. Raiders Street - A street name based on the name of an American football team.

18. Rangers Road - Based on the professional baseball team based in Texas. 

19. Red Sox Road - A street in Boston, based on the professional baseball team, Boston Red Sox. 

20. Spurs Drive - For a street in San Antonio, based on the professional basketball team named Spurs. 

21. Titans Lane - This can be a street name based on a professional Australian rugby team. 

22. Tiger-Cats Walk - This can be a street name in the city of Hamilton in Canada as a tribute to a Canadian football team. 

23. Warriors Way - This can be a name for a street as a reference to the professional basketball team Golden State Warriors. 

24. Whalers Avenue - A street name after a professional ice hockey team from Hartford, Connecticut. 

25. Yankees Avenue - Based on the name of a professional baseball team. It can be a fitting New York Street name. 

Cool Street Names After Famous Personalities

26. Anne Frank Street - A street name as a tribute to the brave Jewish girl and diarist. 

27. Augustus Lane - Based on the name of the first Emperor of the Roman Empire. 

28. Beethoven Boulevard - Refers to the world-famous composers Ludwig van Beethoven. 

29. Buddha Lane - A reference to the famous spiritual teacher from India, Gautama Buddha.

30. Cleopatra’s Corner - This can be a cool street name and a reference to Cleopatra, the last ruler of the Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt.   

31. Confucius Causeway - This can be a street name based on the Chinese philosopher.

32. Curie Crossing -  Refers to the well-known chemist and physicist, Marie Curie. 

33. Darwin Walk - A street name referencing Charles Darwin, was a popular naturalist and evolutionary biologist. 

34. Edison Street - Refers to the inventor of the light bulb, Thomas Edison. 

35. Federer Lane - This can be a cool street name honoring the exceptional tennis player Roger Federer.

36. Ford Avenue - Based on the name of the businessman Henry Ford. 

37. Hawking Street - A fitting street name as a tribute to the renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. 

38. Jochen Rindt Strasse - Karl Jochen Rindt was a notable, German-born racing driver. The term ‘strasse’ means ‘street’ in German. 

39. Lakshmibai Road - This can be a fitting street name in India based on the freedom fighter Rani Lakshmibai. 

40. Lama Lane - A street name after the spiritual leader named Dalai Lama.

41. Marley Street - Refers to the famous reggae musician from Jamaica, Bob Marley. 

42. Messi Street - Refers to the world-famous soccer player Lionel Messi. 

43. Mozart Avenue - This can be used as a street name based on the highly acclaimed music composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 

44. Petty Street - Named after Richard Lee Petty, a former professional stock car racer. It can also be a fitting North Carolina street name. 

45. Picasso Pathway - A street name based on the famous painter Pablo Picasso. 

46. Presley Avenue - A tribute to the famous American singer and actor Elvis Presley. 

47. Richard Childress Street - A former race car driver in NASCAR, can be a fitting name for a street in North Carolina.

48. Sultana Street - Based on Razia Sultana, the only Muslim empress to rule the Delhi Sultanate in India. 

49. Tesla Street - This can be a street name based on the famous inventor and engineer named Nikola Tesla. 

50. Twain Avenue - A reference to Mark Twain, an influential American humorist, and writer. 

51. Vinci Avenue - This can be a fitting street name to give tribute to the renowned painter, architect, and sculptor named Leonardo da Vinci.

Cool Street Names In Fiction

52. Bagshot Row - A fictional street name from the Lord Of The Rings franchise, which led to the hometown of the Hobbits. 

53. Cherry Street Lane - A fictional street name from the ‘Mary Poppins’ book series by P. L. Travers. 

54. Cobblestone Lane - A road that leads to the residence of the lead characters from the animated sitcom ‘The Flinstones’. The address has been changed several times.  

55. Conch Street - A fictional street name in Bikini Bottom, from the Spongebob Squarepants media franchise.

56. Diagon Alley - A street for shopping in the wizarding world from the Harry Potter franchise. 

57. Drury Lane - Mentioned in the 1909 novel ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’ by Gaston Leroux.  

58. Elm Street - A street name from the 1984 slasher film ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’. 

59. Evergreen Terrace - A fictional street name from the TV series ‘The Simpsons’, where the Simpsons family lives. 

60. Graymalkin Lane - The street name of the location of the Xavier Institute from the X-Men franchise. 

61. Grimmauld Place - The name of a street mentioned in the Harry Potter franchise where the Black family’s ancestral home was located. 

62. Harvey Street - A fictional street of a city in New York where the original animated series ‘Harvey Street Kids’ takes place.

63. Knockturn Alley - A street name from the Harry Potter universe. 

64. Lonely Street - A fictional street mentioned in Eric Powell’s comic book series titled ‘Goon’. 

65. Mammon Lane - A fictional street in the town of Springfield from ‘The Simpsons’ series.

66. Mountain Drive - A fictional street name for the location of Wayne Manor, mentioned in the ‘Batman: The Animated Series’.

67. Oxenthorpe Road - A fictional road that leads to the home of Dr. John Dolittle, mentioned in the children’s book series ‘The Story Of Doctor Dolittle’ by Hugh Lofting. 

68. Paper Street  - The name of a street from the movie ‘Fight Club’, where Tyler Durden used to live. 

69. Privet Drive - A fictional street name based on a place in the Harry Potter universe, where the lead character Harry used to live with the Dursley family.

70. Rainbow Road - This can be a great street name based on the racing course from the racing video game series ‘Mario Kart’.

71. Rainey Street - A fictional street name from the animated sitcom ‘King Of The Hill’. 

72. Riverdale Road - A fictional street name mentioned in Archie comics. 

73. Rocky Road - A fictional road in Rhode Island, used as a racing circuit in the animated series ‘Whacky Races’. 

74. Sesame Street - A fictional Manhattan street name, and the title of a children’s TV series.

75. Waverly Place - Inspired by the famous Disney series 'Wizards Of Waverly Place' starring Selena Gomez.

Whoville Way - A fictional street name mentioned in the movie ‘How The Grich Stole Christmas’.

76. Yellow Brick Road - The name of a road mentioned in L. Frank Baum’s novel ‘The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz’. 

Cool Art-Themed Street Names

77. Abstract Avenue 

78. Arcade Street

79. Artisan Alley

80. Beatles Walk - A reference to the English rock band, the Beatles. 

81. Canvas Square - A street name dedicated to painters. 

82. Comics Avenue

83. Cubist Drive - Refers to the 20th-century art movement known as cubism. 

84. Gallery Lane

85. Graffiti Alley - This can be a cool name for a street where artists display their graffiti works.

86. Graffiti Grove 

87. Groove Street - Related to dance. 

88. Manga Lane

89. Moonwalk Lane - A street name as a tribute to the legendary pop artist Michael Jackson, also known for his ‘moonwalk’ dance move.

90. Murals Drive - A fitting name for a street with high walls on its sides that are painted with murals. 

91. Palette Place 

92. Penny Lane - The title of a song by the Beatles. 

93. Pink Floyd Street - A tribute to the influential rock band named Pink Floyd. 

94. Pop Art Place - Pop art refers to an art movement that gained traction in the US during the ‘50s.

95. Renaissance Road - The street name is a reference to Renaissance architecture. 

96. Sculptor’s Circle

97. Spray Paint Boulevard 

98. Surrealist Street - A street name as a reference to surrealist artists. 

99. Symphony Street

100. Theater Square

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