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100+ Creepy Last Names Perfect For Your Antagonists

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Every antagonist needs a fitting last name.

A creepy last name can make your antagonist feel even more evil and sinister. By incorporating the last names of real life and fictional villains, you can give truly unique names to your antagonists.

In this article, we'll take you on a journey of some of the best creepy surnames. Pick one or two or more names from this list of more than 100 last names that consist of various fantasy surnames, evil surnames, Halloween names and more. For more exciting names articles on Kidadl, check out these creepy names from fiction and Gothic girl names too.

Creepy Last Names From Fiction

Now it's time to take a deep dive into the world of fiction. In this section, you'll get to know a wide variety of horror names and evil names of fictional characters who have achieved legendary status.

1. Addams, the iconic creepy last name popularized by 'The Addams Family' franchise.

2. Ahab, the captain from 'Moby-Dick' written by Herman Melville.

3. Ames, the antagonist from 'East Of Eden' written by John Steinbeck.

4. Annabel-Lee, the tragic character from the poem of the same name written by Edgar Allan Poe.

5. Bandello, the antagonist from 'Little Caesar' played by Edward G. Robinson.

6. Bateman, the antagonist from 'American Psycho' written by Bret Easton Ellis.

7. Bates, the antagonist from the movie 'Psycho', played by Anthony Perkins. It is one of the most iconic dark last names .

8. Bickle, the antagonist from 'Taxi Driver' played by Robert De Niro.

9. Booth, the antagonist from 'Blue Velvet' played by Dennis Hopper.

10. Cady, the antagonist from the movie 'Cape Fear' played by Robert Mitchum.

11. Camonte, the antagonist from 'Scarface' played by Paul Muni.

12. Corleone, the antagonist from 'The Godfather Part II' played by Al Pacino.

13. Crawford, the antagonist from 'Mommie Dearest' played by Faye Dunaway.

14. Cross, the antagonist from 'Chinatown' played by John Huston.

15. Danvers, the antagonist from 'Rebecca' played by Judith Anderson.

16. DeLarge, the antagonist from 'A Clockwork Orange' played by Malcolm McDowell.

17. De Vil, the villain with one of the most creepy names ever from 'One Hundred And One Dalmatians' voiced by Betty Lou Gerson.

18. Desdemona, the name of a tragic heroine from the works of iconic English playwright and poet William Shakespeare.

19. Dietrichson, the antagonist from 'Double Indemnity' played by Barbara Stanwyck.

20. Dracula, the king of all vampire names from 'Dracula' played by Bela Lugosi.  It is one of the most famous vampire surnames.

21. Ennui, the antagonist from 'Revolutionary Road' written by Richard Yates. If you're looking for unique last names, you should definitely consider this.

22. Forrest, the antagonist from 'Fatal Attraction' played by Glenn Close.

23. Frankenstein, the name of the famous monster from 'Frankenstein' written by Mary Shelley. As far as creepy last names are concerned, this is a long last name.

24. Gekko, the antagonist from 'Wall Street' played by Michael Douglas. One of the most unique last names on this list.

25. Giddens, the antagonist from 'The Little Foxes' played by Bette Davis.

26. Goldfinger, the antagonist from 'Goldfinger' played by Gert Frobe.

27. Grendel, the name of the 'Beowulf' beast.

28. Gruber, the antagonist from 'Die Hard' played by Alan Rickman.

29. Harrington, the antagonist from 'All About Eve' played by Anne Baxter.

30. Harris, the antagonist from 'Training Day' played by Denzel Washington.

31. Heep, the antagonist from 'David Copperfield' written by Charles Dickens. It is one of the creepy yet fancy last names on this list.

32. Hudson, the antagonist from 'What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?' played by Bette Davis.

33. Humbert, the antagonist from 'Humbert Humbert' by Vladimir Nabokov.

34. Hunsecker, the antagonist from 'Sweet Smell Of Success' played by Burt Lancaster.

35. Hyde, the antagonist from the book 'The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde' written by Robert Louis Stevenson

36. Iselin, the antagonist from 'The Manchurian Candidate' played by Angela Lansbury.

37. Jarrett, the antagonist from 'White Heat' played by James Cagney.

38. Kint, the antagonist from 'The Usual Suspects' played by Kevin Spacey.

39. Krueger, the antagonist from 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' played by Robert Englund.

40. Lecter, the famous villain from 'The Silence Of The Lambs', played on-screen by iconic actor Anthony Hopkins. It is one of the scariest names ever.

41. Lime, the antagonist from 'The Third Man' played by Orson Welles.

42. MacNeil, the possessed girl from 'The Exorcist, played by Linda Blair.

43. Melrose, the antagonist from 'Never Mind' written by Edward St. Aubyn.

44. Moriarty, the antagonist from the 'Sherlock Holmes' franchise. It is one of the best dark names of all time and one of the creepiest English surnames ever.

45. Parr, the iconic antagonist from the 'Blair Witch Project' series. His first name is Rustin.

46. Potter, the antagonist from 'It's A Wonderful Life', played by actor Lionel Barrymore.

47. Powell, the evil reverend from 'The Night Of The Hunter' played by Robert Mitchum.

48. Powers, the villain from 'The Public Enemy' played by James Cagney.

49. Ratched, the villainous nurse from 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest', played by Louise Fletcher.

50. Riddle, one of the weirdest last names ever, from the 'Harry Potter' series.

51. Ripley, a rich last name and a creepy one as well from 'The Talented Mr. Ripley' written by Patricia Highsmith.

52. Rochester, the antagonist from 'Jane Eyre' written by Charlotte Bronte.

53. Sharp, the antagonist from 'Vanity Fair' written by William Makepeace Thackeray.

54. Szell, the antagonist from 'Marathon Man' played by Laurence Olivier.

55. Torrance, the villain from 'The Shining' played by Jack Nicholson. It is one of the evilest names in history.

56. Vader, the iconic villain from the 'Star Wars' universe, played by actor David Prowse. It is one of the most well-known fantasy last names. His first name is Darth.

57. Weylin, the antagonist from 'Kindred' written by Octavia Butler.

58. Wilkes, the villain from 'Misery' played by Kathy Bates.

Some creepy last names have become synonymous with darkness and evil.

Last Names With Creepy Meanings

In this last section, we'll check out some rich last names that have incredibly creepy meanings. If you're on the search for baby names that have creepy meanings, you could even pick a baby name from the following options.

59. Adrienne (French origin), meaning "the dark one". When it comes to scary names, this name is one of the best to consider.

60. Aeron (Celtic origin), the Goddess of slaughter and war in Celtic mythology.

61. Agnar (Norse origin), meaning "terror" and "awe".

62. Akuji (African origin), meaning "awake but dead".

63. Alva (Portuguese origin), meaning "evil". It is one of the numerous names with dark meanings.

64. Arachne (Greek origin), name meaning "spider".

65. Azazel (Hebrew origin), meaning "scapegoat".

66. Balor (Irish origin), a giant from Irish mythology.

67. Belladonna (Latin origin), meaning "beautiful lady". However, the name also refers to a purple-colored plant that's highly poisonous and toxic.

68. Blagden (English origin), meaning "dark valley".

69. Brennan (Gaelic origin), meaning "sadness".

70. Briar (English origin), meaning "brambles" or "thorns".

71. Brone (Irish origin), meaning "sadness".

72. Cessair (Irish origin), meaning "affliction" or "sorrow".

73. Chrysanthemum (Greek origin), the name of a flower that is associated with death in numerous European countries and in the Asian country of Japan.

74. Circe (Greek origin), the name of a sorceress in Greek mythology.

75. Coakley (English origin), meaning "dark meadow".

76. Colburn (English origin), meaning "dark brook".

77. Cole (English origin), meaning "dark".

78. Das (Indian origin), meaning "slave". It is also a very common surname in the Indian state of West Bengal.

79. Deimos (Greek origin), meaning "terror".

80. Delaney (French origin), meaning "dark defiance".

81. Donahue (Irish origin), meaning "dark warrior".

82. Dooley (Irish origin), meaning "dark hero".

83. Dubghall (Gaelic origin), meaning "dark stranger".

84. Esmeree (Welsh origin), a princess-turned-serpent in Greek mythology.

85. Foxglove (Anglo-Saxon origin), the name of an extremely poisonous yet beautiful flower.

86. Golgotha (Hebrew origin), meaning "skull".

87. Grimshaw (English origin), meaning "dark woods".

88. Hades (Greek origin), the underworld's ruler in Greek mythology.

89. Hecate (Greek origin), a name associated with magic and witchcraft.

90. Hellebore (Greek origin), the name of a flower that grows even in snow.

91. Hemlock (unknown origin), the name of a poison.

92. Hler (Norse origin), the name of the Norse Underworld's ruler.

93. Hunapo (Maori origin), meaning "hidden in darkness".

94. Huxley (English origin), meaning "inhospitable place".

95. Jezebel (Hebrew origin), meaning "an impure follower".

96. Jolon (Native American origin), meaning "dead oak valley".

97. Kennedy (Gaelic and Celtic origin), meaning "deformed head".

98. Loralei (German origin), meaning "girl who lures men into destruction by singing".

99. Mallory (French origin), meaning "ill-fated" or "unfortunate".

100. Mara (Hebrew origin), meaning "sorrow" or "bitterness". It is one of the most scary names to pick for your baby, but despite its scary meaning it sounds really cute.

101. Merula (Latin origin), meaning "blackbird". Blackbirds are generally seen as bad omens in many parts of the world.

102. Mephistopheles (Greek origin), the ancient Greek name that was given to Satan.

103. Morte (French origin), meaning "death".

104. Medusa (Greek origin), name meaning "cunning".

105. Nerezza (Italian origin), meaning "darkness".

106. Oleander (Greek origin), meaning "evergreen tree". It is also the name of a plant that's both beautiful and poisonous.

107. Phobos (Greek origin), meaning "panic" and "fear". This is the name that has inspired the modern English word 'phobia'.

108. Raven (Norse origin), the name of a bird that's seen as an omen of death in many parts of the world.

109. Sidero (Latin origin), the name means "evil nymph".

110. Teivel (Yiddish origin), meaning "devil".

111. Thana (Arabic origin), meaning "death".

112. Thanatos (Greek origin), meaning "the bringer of death".

113. Tristesse (French origin), meaning "sadness".

114. Tueuer (French origin), meaning "murderer" or "killer".

115. Willow (English origin), the name of a tree that's often known as the tree that weeps. It is also a symbol of death.

116. Wolfe (German origin), meaning "deadly beast".

117. Zilla (Hebrew origin), meaning "gloom" and "shadow".

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for creepy last names, then why not take a look at something different like these top ancient Latin boy names for your baby or these Twilight names to inspire you.

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