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Originally Published on Nov 17, 2020
Crystals are an important part of many ancient traditions and cultures.
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The powerful and healing properties of crystals are believed far and wide.

To search for the right crystal for yourself or a loved one is important. There are magical crystals that you should be aware of and get one for yourself only after learning what it can offer to you.

With so many beautiful crystals it can be difficult to understand which one to buy. Some gemstones are rumored to come with healing properties. While some are supposed to enhance mental stability, others boost physical strength. With practise, you can easily identify a crystal by looking at its shape, color, and cuts. The best way to find the ideal one is by visiting your local crystal shop. Here, we have listed 100+ crystal names to help you with your search for the right stone.

Why People Might Choose To Use Crystals For Healing

Crystals come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some people believe they have mind, body, and soul healing properties. Crystals were thought to have medicinal qualities by ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Chinese.

Crystals are believed to, encourage the flow of positive energy and aid in the removal of bad energy from the body and mind, resulting in physical and emotional benefits. However, it's vital to note that the usage of crystals has been backed up with some scientific data.

The Science Behind Crystals

Crystal healing has never been discovered to be the outcome of a so-called energy flow in the body. Hence there is no scientific proof that it can be utilized to cure ailments. Furthermore, no scientific research has proved that the chemical makeup or color of crystals and stones may be used to treat a specific condition. 

Although some research shows that crystals may have a placebo effect, they have usually been discounted as pseudoscience. Research from the University of Waterloo in Canada in 2005 revealed that a person's mind may have far more healing capacity than previously thought. Any therapeutic advantages connected with crystals, according to older unpublished research presented at two international conferences in 1999 and 2001, were most likely the product of the power of suggestion.

Healing crystals are still popular in health spas and are occasionally integrated into massage and Reiki treatments. In such situations, the usage of crystals may aid in relaxing, but there isn't any substantial scientific data.

Most Popular Healing Crystals And What They Do

1. Amethyst: is purple quartz, that calms the mind and improves the hormone system.

2. Clear Quartz: stimulates the immune system and boosts concentration.

3. Carnelia: strengthens metabolism and heals the digestive system.

4. Emerald: enhance the emotional strength of a body.

5. Green Jade: improves the immune system and heart health.

6. Rose Quartz: promotes healing of respiratory issues and strengthens the heart.

7. Obsidian: promotes emotional health and enhances the digestive system.

8. Citrine: balances the hormones and reduces infection.

Names Of Common Healing Crystals

Curing you of your health-related concerns that range from kidney and heart to the digestive and sexual systems, gemstones are believed to be no less than magic.

9. Agate: Strengthens the body and improves the digestive system.

10. Ametrine: is believed to heal the mind and cleanse the body.

11. Amazonite: is supposed to build faith and heal the nervous system.

12. Angelite: heals arthritis and enhances bone density.

13. Apophyllite: helps relax and aids in respiratory diseases.

14. Aragonite: believed to heal bones and nerves.

15. Aquamarine: strengthens the kidneys and thyroid glands.

16. Blue Quartz: aids stress and purify the blood.

17. Clear Calcite: strengthens bones and the immune system and aids stress.

18. Calcite Golden: eliminates toxins and strengthens metabolism.

19. Celestite: lowers eye disorders and hardens bones.

20. Chevron Amethyst: stimulates the organs.

21. Cancritine: known to aid in meditation and protection.

22. Desert Rose: aids dental health and flexibility.

23. Epidote: naturally aids mental stress management.

24. Fire Agate: enhances eye health and strengthens the digestive system.

25. Fluorite: strengthens bones and protects from flu.

26. Green Aventurine: controls blood pressure and aids insomnia.

27.Hematite: improves the blood circulatory system and aids in stress.

28. Jasper Polychronic: improves digestive, sexual, and circulatory systems.

29. Labradorite: lowers blood pressure and balances the hormones.

30. Lemurian Seeded Crystal: heals the body by opening energy channels.

31. Moonstone: helps keep calm and improves the female reproductive system.

32. Moss Agate: heals skin and digestive disorders.

33. Nuummite: helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and other mental problems

34. Peridot: aids the digestive system and helps control anger.

35. Petrified Wood: strengthens muscle tissue and aids arthritis.

36. Red Aventurine: heals nerves and improves blood circulation.

37. Red Jasper: improves the digestive system and sexual organs.

38. Red Phantom Quartz: heals the body through different energy channels.

39. Rhodonite: strengthens the heart and improves fertility issues.

40. Ruby: improves sexual and mental health.

41. Sapphire: enhances mental and physical health, including eyes and blood.

42. Selenite: enhances thinking power and nerve system.

43. Shungite: heals the body by omitting negative energies.

44. Alabandite: is known to help maintain balance.

45. Sodalite: enhances metabolism, boosts immunity, and reduces inflammation.

46. Spirit Quartz: improves emotional strength, we love this name.

47. Turquoise: enhances the skeletal, respiratory, and immune systems.

48. Tibetan Quartz: heals the brain and repairs the body affected with negative energy.

49. Tiger Iron: improves physical strength and blood circulation.

50. Carborundum: it is supposed to encourage intuition.

51. Zebra Marble: helps with skin allergies and strengthens muscle tissue.

healing crystal names that are very common

Black Crystals And Their Meanings

Black crystals are enigmatic, interesting, and have a strong presence that has been recognized throughout history. During meditation, black crystals are used to keep one grounded and protected. Black crystals are believed to assist in accessing profound stages of meditation and introspection, which can be likened to entering a black chamber.

Because black crystals are the most 'absorbent,' they are supposed to have a cleansing effect. Below is a list of black crystals and their meanings.

52. Ilvaite: works to bring forth confidence and improve stability.

53. Hypersthene: is used for its ability to maximize clairvoyance.

54. Indigo Gabbro: connects one’s body with its higher self.

55. Onyx: eases anxiety and other mental health concerns.

56. Black Kyanite: a crystal to enhance mental strength ends with this.

57. Arfvedsonite: is used by healers to heal from different mental and spiritual concerns.

Crystals To Strengthen Romantic Relationships

Here are eight popular love crystal names to strengthen romantic relationships.

58. Amber: enhances desires and develops the energy of love.

59. Garnet: create passion and balance energy.

60. Rhodochrosite: enhances emotional healing and compassion among souls.

61. Lapis Lazuli: protects the harmony of relationships.

62. Opal: enhances and balances desire, passion, and love.

63. Rose Tourmaline: perfectly blends love, compassion, and spirituality among partners.

Crystals For Luck

To manifest the energy of your luck, crystals play a vital role. Now, remember, they work only to create a path to help you raise. You, too, should do your part to make an effort and strategize in enhancing your financial strength. Here are ten popular crystals that could work wonders in terms of money.

64. Andalusite: Willing to make money with your goals? Andalusite gemstone is a must!

65. Malachite: builds the courage and strength to overcome obstacles.

66. Tiger’s Eye: brings in all the energies required to focus and prepare.

67. Pyrite: works to build confidence and move ahead, finding new opportunities.

More than anything else crystals look wonderful in the home.

Crystals To Heal The Mind

Some powerful grounding stones can help reveal the true soul of those who put the work in. Here are 20 popular crystals that are known to heal the mind and keep you calm with the flow of positive energy around.

68. Black Tourmaline: controls anxieties and eliminates negative energies.

69. Lava Stone: throws away negative energies and channels in positive energies.

70. Kyanite: calms the mind and heart.

71. Smoky Quartz: builds the courage to face the obstacles.

72. Blue Lace Agate: helps bring clarity and confidence.

73. Morganite: helps keep the mind and heart calm.

74. Lepidolite: is popular as a magical anti-depressant.

75. Septarian: Improves mental health.

76. Bloodstone: It's believed to help with blood circulation.

77. Jade: is thought to bring wealth and success.

Some Uncommon Crystal Names

78. Chrysocolla: believed to cleanse the chakras.

79. Adularia: allows one to revitalize physically and spiritually by bringing clarity.

80. Anatase: It can be used to relieve stress, confusion, and lack of clarity.

81. Angel Wing Calcite: opens the door to psychic powers.

82. Aura Quartz: utilized to improve the healing properties of other minerals.

83. Azurite: It's thought to protect your beliefs against skepticism.

84. Bismuth: relieves mental and spiritual isolation.

85. Boracite: Increases the user's own vibration and makes them feel more awake.

86. Bornite: is used to defend against negativity and to clear blockages.

87. Brucite: believed to boost one's overall vibrations.

88. Dragon's Blood Calcite: This stone stimulates energy and motivation.

89. Cat's Eye: is well-known for its ability to bring wealth and success.

90. Diaspore: Thought to boost psychic skills, intuition, desires, and goals.

91. Dumortierite: is believed to boost include enhance memory, intellect, and perception.

92. Euclase: is said to be a stone that provides strength and clarity.

93. Enstatite: aids in the recharging of the body's energy flow.

94. Blue John Fluorite: offers a relaxing influence that clarifies a confused mind.

95. Franklinite: promotes hair growth and is used to treat male reproductive disorders.

96. Fuchsite: helps rejuvenate one's emotional body.

97. Gaspeite: It is said to have potent therapeutic properties and helps in weight loss.

98. Golden Enstatite: It is believed to align and activate the main chakras.

99. Goldstone: It is thought to relieve stress, rejuvenate, and promote a happy mood.

100. Heliodor: It can be used to alleviate anxiety and tiredness.

101. Apache Tears: Ithelps navigate feelings of fear and loss.

102. Iolite: it aids visualization and intuitive understanding.

103. Jet: helps with headaches, migraines, and the common cold.

104. Larimar: is said to heal in a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual way.

105. Mookaite: used to re-establish a sense of self-worth and self-confidence.

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