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200+ Cute Gecko Names For Your Lizard

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Geckos are small, usually nocturnal reptiles who possess soft skin.

Among the Geckos, leopard geckos are most popular as house pets. Geckos are unique among the various species of lizards due to their vocalizations, which differ from species to species.

So, it goes without saying that these unique creatures deserve unique names befitting them. If our article about Gecko names interests you, do check out our snake names and lizard names articles as well.

Popular Gecko Name List

Here is a list of the most popular Gecko name ideas. We hope you will find the perfect one for your pet gecko!

1. Abe, a short nick great for your lizard friend. The best lizard name.

2. Adelaide, “noble and serene”.

3. Aiden, a name meaning “little fire”.

4. Ali, a name meaning “champion”.

5. Athens, the lovely Greek name signifying “wisdom and courage”.

6. Barbie, one of the best name of lizards.

7. Bowie, a wonderful nickname.

8. Brutus, a Latin name meaning “muscular” or “heavy”.

9. Cleo, a cute nick perfect for your female Gecko.

10. Dart, a cool name for a female leopard gecko.

11. Delta, a beautiful name that means “mouth of a river”.

12. Dexter, a cool and jazzy name that is just right for your pet lizard.

13. Echo, a cool name for your pet Gecko.

14. Fergie, a name with the grand meaning of “strength of man”.

15. Fetch, a cool name for a sporty little dude.

16. Kylie, for that one smooth pet who dances like a “ballerina”

17. Lemon, a cool and refreshing name.

18. Lila, for the one who has a lovely presence in your life.

19. Maggie, perfect for your little ray of sunshine.

20. Mojo, for the one lucky charm which actually works.

21. Nina, a Spanish name meaning “little girl”. Perfect for your female gecko.

22. Ovie, the short and cute version of the name Overton.

23. Ozzy, a cute and fuzzy name for your fuzzy buddy.

24. Pascal, for the one who is born on Easter.

25. Pinch, a chirpy nick for your chirpy buddy.

26. Puff, perfect for your lizard buddy.

27. Randal, a cool name that was also featured in “Monster Inc.”

28. Rango, for the one who loves to sleep.

29. Reef, for the one who has a bubbly personality hidden behind the surface.

30. Sammy, perfect for your obedient pet Gecko.

31. Savanna, a beautiful Spanish name. A good name for a girl lizard.

32. Scooter, for your energetic little lizard.

33. Sid, perfect as a short nick.

34. Spike, for your bubbly Gecko.

35. Squirt, for your energetic buddy.

36. Steggy, an endearing name stemming from Stegosaurus.

37. Tank, a cool name exuding strength. Perfect for leopard geckos, who are the friendliest geckos.

38. Yoshi, a name spreading happy vibes. Perfect for female leopard geckos.

39. Ziggy, for the one bursting with energy.

40. Zippy, perfect for your energetic little fellow.

Your pet deserves a cute name.

Cute Gecko Name Ideas

Here is a list of the cutest Gecko names, they would also work for all kinds of lizards names! While browsing through these lizard names, we hope you find a name as cute as your new pet lizard.

41. Amy, a cute and short nickname.

42. Angel, for your little angelic female gecko. One of the good gecko names.

43. Aspen, for the one who doesn’t want to stay rooted to the ground.

44. Baxter, a cool Scottish name perfect for your little lizard buddy.

45. Bean, a short English name that is just right for your cute little pet gecko.

46. Beanie, for the cute one who is also “bean-sized”.

47. Bear, a fuzzy name meaning “strong and brave”.

48. Berry, perfect for your little one. One of the cool crested gecko names.

49. Blizzie, for the little one who came into your life like a storm.

50. Bobby, a cute and bubbly name for your energetic pet.

51. Bumps, for the one who likes to jump around.

52. Bun, a good name for your small and round buddy.

53. Candy, one of the sweetest names you can find for your sweet friend.

54. Cathy, means “pure and clear”.

55. Chomper, for your little foodie.

56. Coco, for the one who is sweeter than chocolate.

57. Cocoa, for the one who keeps you awake.

58. Coconut, for the one with a hard exterior but a sweet personality inside.

59. Cookie, delicious as a cookie.

60. Croco, built like tank.

61. Cub, perfect for your tiny guy.

62. Cupcake, for your sweet and happy pet.

63. Cutie, perfect for your little cute one.

64. Diamond, for your brilliant gem of a pet.

65. Dino, for your little dinosaur.

66. Dot, means “gift of God”.

67. Emma, for your little “Miss Universe”.

68. Fizzy, for your energetic buddy.

69. Fudge, a sweet nickname.

70. Gizmo, perfect for your quirky buddy.

71. Glitter, for the one who shines bright.

72. Grin, for the one who makes you grin.

73. Gumball, means “sweet candy”.

74. Ham, for your furry meatball.

75. Happy, for the one who spreads happy vibes.

76. Izzy, for fuzzy buddy.

77. Laurie, means “symbol of victory”.

78. Leap, for your restless one.

79. Lizzie, means “God is abundance”.

80. Lumpy, for your chunky buddy.

81. Luna, means “moon”.

82. Magic, for your little ball of wonder.

83. Maisey, means “child of light”.

84. Maxi, refers to the “greatest”.

85. Minnie, for your little critter.

86. Molly, for your beloved one.

87. Moose, for your little furball.

88. Munchkin, a name perfect for your little endearing pet.

89. Mushu, means “fearless and smart”.

90. Noodle, for your little dumpling.

91. Nutty, for the one who likes nuts.

92. Olly, means “the peaceful”.

93. Patch, for your little noble gecko buddy.

94. Pea, means “beloved”.

95. Penny, for your priceless little one.

96. Pip, a cute and short nick.

97. Pixie, who adds a little magic into your life.

98. Popcorn, for your movie watching buddy.

99. Poppy, for your energetic buddy.

100. Pringle, for the one who is bursting with energy.

101. Rainbow, for the one who has a multi-faceted personality.

102. Rose, for your beautiful female gecko.

103. Sandy, means “man’s defender”.

104. Spot, for your tiny buddy.

105. Sprinkles, means “beautiful”.

106. Spud, for your round little lizard buddy.

107. Stubbles, for your lovely buddy.

108. Sugar, for your sweet female gecko.

109. Sunset, for the one who is there for you at the end of the day.

110. Tilly, one of the best gecko names for a strong little pet gecko.

111. Toast, for who your day begins.

112. Toffee, for your sweet gecko.

113. Toothless, one of the best gecko names that means “the generous one”.

114. Trix, for the one who adds a little magic into your life.

115. Turnip, one of the best gecko names for your closest confidant.

116. Walnut, for the impassive friend.

117. Wiggles, for the one who makes you laugh.

118. Whiskers, a lovely name for your beloved pet lizard.

119. Winnie, for the one who always cheers you up.

120. Zilly, whose silliness amuses you.

Choose an adorable name for your gecko.

Cool Gecko Names

Still did not find your perfect gecko name? Here is a list of the coolest Gecko names to help you out.

121. Alaric, means “ruler”.

122. Anakin, means “warrior”.

123. Archer, means “genuine”.

124. Archie, for your genuine little lizard friend.

125. Ariel, one of the best gecko names that means “lion of God”.

126. Ash, for the one Gecko who spreads happy vibes.

127. Avi, one of the best gecko names for your charismatic lizard.

128. Bella, for the one who grabs your attention.

129. Blade, for your sporty little guy.

130. Bones, one of the best names for your lizard buddy.

131. Boom, for the messy one.

132. Boss, for the authoritative guy.

133. Bullet, for your speedy buddy.

134. Carmen, means “charming”.

135. Champ, for your little champ.

136. Danielle, for your closest confidant.

137. Denim, for the stylish one.

138. Devon, one of the cool names for your lizard friend.

139. Dozer, one who leaves a mess everywhere.

140. Draco, the commanding one.

141. Drew, means “wise”.

142. Ember, like a “little fire”.

143. Estelle, for your little star.

144. Eva, means “full of life”. Perfect for your energetic gecko.

145. Falco, means “speedy like an eagle”.

146. Fang, your protective little one.

147. Flash, means “vivacious”.

148. Godzilla, for the one Gecko who messes your room up.

149. Gunner, for your restless one.

150. Harper, for your eternal lizard friend.

151. Hook, the attention grabber.

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