190+ Leopard Gecko Names For Your Lizard

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Originally Published on Dec 21, 2020
Brown Lizard on the tree
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A leopard gecko is a nocturnal lizard that usually dwells on land.

The beautifully striped leopard geckos are super cute and fun. Likewise, names for a lizard and gecko names can also be super cute and hilarious.

Did you know that baby geckos are called hatchlings? Before you own a pet gecko, you should also know to never let their vivarium reach about 34 degrees celsius, as any warmer than this will be too hot for a leopard gecko. These tiny and cute creatures eat a diet mainly consisting of live insects, such as crickets, yuk!

Whether it is a male or a female leopard gecko, cute leopard geckos deserve similarly cute and fun names. Finding or brainstorming names of geckos can be tough because it may be hard to find a name that will suit their personality well. This is why it can take quite a while to find out lizard names.

If you are looking for cool lizard names or pet lizards' names, your search is finally over. Here are more than 160 cute gecko names and names for lizards for you to choose from.

You can find and pick one name as it is or give it a twist to suit the personality of your own cute gecko.

Also look out for our list of  gender neutral names for pet lizards and cute leopard gecko names for both genders at the end, for some great gender neutral choices! If you’d like, you can also have a look at these cute gecko names for your lizard and these lovely lizard names with meanings.

Leopard Gecko Names For Females

If you are looking to find a name for your cute geckos that are female, look no more. Leopard geckos are incredibly fun and sweet animals that can be found in zoos or even kept at home as pets.

These leopard geckos are a pet favorite amongst kids since they are pretty harmless and stay super quiet. A female gecko name can be super cute or even hilarious. No matter what tone you want, here are some really fun reptilian names for your female leopard gecko.

1. Amazon

2. Baby Lila

3. Bethany

4. Birdie Girl

5. Blizzard

6. Blizzie Bella

7. Bonnie

8. Cactus Love

9. Coco Coconut

10. Dancing Maya

11. Dancing Queen

12. Donut Queen

13. Dotty

14. Eggroll

15. Eggy

16. Friendly Fi

17. Freckles

18. Ginger Tails

19. Hydra

20. Izzy

21. Kilo Kitty

22. Kiwi

23. Lilac Wonder

24. Lizzie

25. Lilo

26. Meatball

27. Mozzarella

28. Nagini

29. Neo Rose

30. Pancakes

31. Peaches

32. Pretty Peanuts

33. Princess Noodles

34. Princess Patty

35. Princess Pumpkin

36. Princess Sally

37. Princess Slimes

38. Princess Stripes

39. Princess Tails

40. Queen Juno

41. Queen Zora

42. Rosie

43. Sahara

44. Scylla

45. Slinky

46. Snickers

47. Spotty

48. Sugar Cubes

49. Tiki Thunder

50. Tuna Nugget

51. Yamori

52. Yoshi

53. Ziggy

54. Zilla Stripy

Lizard on the rock

Leopard Gecko Names For Males

Looking for a leopard gecko name for a male gecko? For males, a leopard gecko name should be fun and charming. Cute leopard gecko names aren’t limited to just female lizards.

You can also pick a cute one for your male lizard. If you want to give your leopard gecko a cute name, you have got to brainstorm a bit and land on that one special name that you really love.

You need not spend hours to find the perfect match for your leopard gecko. Here is a list of some of the best leopard gecko names for male lizards that you will ever come across. We hope that you will find that one special name in this list.

55.Aero Boy

56. Apollo Stripes

57. Bronto Boy

58. Charlie Scoot

59. Cheddar Chips

60. Chipper

61. Chomper

62. Claws

63. Clyde

64. Daiki

65. Delta Dawn

66. Dino Ducky

67. Fangs

68. Frito Fellow

69. Funky Fergie

70. Ginger Gus

71. Jaffa Jakes

72. Jakey Boy

73. Jazz Bananas

74. Jazzy Beans

75. Kebab King

76. King Leopard

77. King Spots

78. King Tails

79. Kobe

80. Lemony Spikes

81. Little Foot

82. Maximus

83. Mr. Slithers

84. Norio

85. Ozzy

86. Pascal

87. Prince Flakes

88. Prince Leon

89. Rambo

90. Raptor

91. Razor

92. Rex Ricko

93. Rocky Roads

94. Rolo

95. Rusty Russ

96. Severus Snape

97. Spartacus

98. Speedy Spots

99. Spikey

100. Spino

101. Taiki

102. Taz

103. Thanos

104. Tiberius

105. Twitches

106. Twitchy Tails

107. Wylie

108. Yukio

109. Ziggy Boy

110. Zippy Boy

Leopard Gecko Lizard on tree

Leopard Gecko Names That Are Gender Neutral

Apart from looking for strictly male and female leopard gecko names, you can also look for gender neutral gecko names. These names suit both male and female leopard geckos and can really bring out their unique personalities.

If you want to pick one of the best leopard gecko names for your cute gecko lizard, here are some superb unisex and gender neutral names for you to choose from.

Look for gecko names that would make your gecko a hero and truly make them shine amongst your friends and family. They are fun, cute and will always put a smile on your face.

111. Alligator

112. Beanie Bird

113. Bumpy Bobby

114. Charmander

115. Cinnamon Sly

116. Cosmos

117. Cygnus

118. Dasher

119. Ducky

120. Fancy Fellow

121. Ganon

122. Gecky

123. Geeko

124. Goomba

125. Goosebumps

126. Heliolisk

127. Humunguana

128. Hyperion

129. Indigo

130. Inkpot

131. Kaiju

132. Karma

133. Lizzo

134. Majora

135. Mocha

136. Penne Pasta

137. Puma

138. Slinker Ball

139. Slinky Wafer

140. Smiley Sammy

141. Sonic

142. Sandy

143. Spicy Pepper

144. Sprinkles

145. Squishel

146. Toothless

147. Treecko

148. Yuzu

149. Wooden Fang

150. Zipper Zan

Unique Gecko Names For Your Lizard

One might want to find a unique name for their gecko so that they feel incredibly special. Coming up with rare names can be tough because people tend to use the best names, and then they aren’t rare and unique anymore.

Here is a list of superbly unique gecko names for your lizard to help you find inspiration for a name for your own leopard gecko.

You can pick one from the list or simply get inspired and find a superb name of your own. This list of leopard gecko names has names for a male as well as female leopard gecko names.

151. Angela Houston

152. Baragon

153. Becky Bubbles

154. Bill The Lizard

155. Cardassian

156. Cleo Claw

157. Destroyah Dude

158. Donatello

159. Draco Dragon

160. Dragaunus

161. Fluffy Freckles

162. Formidable Friend

163. Gargoyle

164. Honeybug Henry

165. Junebug Jolly

166. King Koopa

167. King Rool

168. Kinyonga

169. Madam Mim

170. Master Viper

171. Michelangelo

172. Mini Moon

173. Miss Maya Marbles

174. Mr. Man

175. Orangino

176. Patrice

177. Pampers

178. Princess Consuela

179. Princess Pinky Cherry

180. Perry

181. Rainbow Tongues

182. Rodan Rocky

183. Sal Manders

184. Scampers

185. Shupavu

186. Skrull

187. Slider Skelly

188. Slither

189. Speedy Spikes

190. Tick Tock

191. Trace

192. Twinkle Toes

193. Xindi

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for lizard names then why not take a look at these seriously cool snake names with meanings or something different like these Lizardfolk names for your characters?

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