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100+ Raptor Names From Film & TV, As Well As Ideas For New Names

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In the, Triassic period, the Earth was rule by the majestic group of creatures called Dinosauria, otherwise known as Dinosaurs.

The name 'dinosaur' literally translates to 'terrible lizard '. A British Scientist Richard Owen coined this term when he discovered the fossil remains of one such creature.

He picked the word dinosaur by joining two Greek words, 'deinos', which means horrendous, and 'sauros', which means reptile). Though we have found many of them already, scientists believe there are many Raptor fossils still to be discovered all over the world. They are regularly named by the individual who discovers them or by the scientist who affirms the types of variety the dinosaur belongs to. At times, their name reflects the kind of dinosaur they are believed to be. So, in case you are looking for cool raptor names for your pets, characters for movies or book, then keep on reading.

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Names From Films & TV

3D rendering of Deinonychus.

In 'Jurassic Park 3', there are three particular varieties of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, letting dozens of raptors loose on the park. Echo was orange or earthy colored raptor, who died when she fell to the floor. Did you know that Blue was the only raptor who survived the events of Jurassic Park 3? Without the rest of the raptor pack, she has to figure out how to make do all alone for a very long time in the now wild Isla Nublar.

If you're looking for dinosaur names from films & TV, then this list will help you out.

1. Jaws (French origin) means "cheek or jaw". This is a perfect name for raptors living in a dense forest by the sea.

2. Charlie, was one of the Velociraptors that are being prepared by Owen Grady that shows up in 'Jurassic World'. She meets her end when she gets exploded by an InGen Security Trooper in the wake of turning on the people during the attack on the Indominus rex.

3. Delta, was a Velociraptor that was prepared alongside the remainder of her pack by Owen Grady.

4. Echo, was among the Velociraptors in 'Jurassic World'. She was trained by Owen Grady.

5. Haxx, among the extraordinary dinosaurs. It is an American vivified arrangement delivered by DIC Productions, Dinosaurs from an earlier time that possessed monstrous strength and human capacities by an interdimensional voyager. They figured out how to get away from the dinosaur elimination and arrive at current occasions with the assistance of another outsider spaceship in the pursuit of the crook.

6. Indominus Rex, was one of the two principal rivals of the Jurassic World film.

7. Princess Dei Deinonychus, is a 1987 enlivened TV arrangement. Individuals from the Tyrannos, a gathering from an outsider planet known as Reptilon, endeavor to vanquish the Earth.

8. Raptor Zord Velociraptor, Force Rangers Dino Charge is the twenty-second period of the long-running American kids' TV program known as 'Riley'.

9. Zakutor Velociraptor, is related to the Japanese 'Tokusatsu' TV series.

10. Barney, is an American youngsters' TV arrangement focused on kids aged 2 to 7 years of age, made by Sheryl Leach and created by HIT Entertainment. It debuted on PBS on April 6, 1992. The arrangement includes the title character Barney, a purple human Tyrannosaurus rex who passes on instructive messages through tunes and little dance schedules with an amicable, idealistic disposition.

11. Baby Bop, is a minor character in the 'Backyard Gang' video series and the main character in the 'Barney and Friends' network series.

12. Riff, is a Hadrosaurus who is six years old. It's orange in color and the cousin of BJ and Baby Bop. Also, a companion of Barney.

13. Earl Sinclair,  is one of the lead characters in the TV arrangement Dinosaurs.  Earl is the 43-years old and is married to Fran, and together they have three children, Robbie and Charlene, who are teenagers, and their newborn baby Sinclair. They also take care of their relative Ethyl Phillips.

14. Fran Sinclair, is an allosaurus, and one of the stars of Dinosaurs. She is the daughter of Louie and Ethyl Phillips and she is married to Earl Sinclair.

15. Robbie, is a Hypsilophodon and the most seasoned kid in the Sinclair family. He's one of the principal heroes from Disney's 1991-94 TV arrangement, Dinosaurs.

16. Spike, is an insubordinate understudy who became Robbie Sinclair's closest companion on Dinosaurs, in spite of the fact that he regularly offered Robbie genuinely questionable guidance.

17. Charlene, is Earl and Fran Sinclair's fashion-conscious girl. She's more interested in materialistic things, like boys and popularity in college. However, as time progresses, she develops an appreciation for family and bigger things in life.

18. Indoraptor, was another crossbreed dinosaur that was made secretly by Dr. Henry Wu in the Lockwood Manor storm cellar lab.

19. Triken, is a sort of herbivorous ceratopsid dinosaur that initially showed up during the late Maastrichtian phase of the Late Cretaceous time frame, around 68 million years back (mya) in what is presently North America.

20. Minmi, was a cute-looking plant-eating dinosaurs. Ankylosaurus was also a part of the same group. It exhibited some features that were previously not seen on heavily armored dinosaurs. It showed protection on its belly and also spikes and spines on its shoulders and neck.

Ideas For Scary Raptor Names

Delta was a Velociraptor who slaughtered Hoskins. If you are looking for some cool ideas for scary raptor names, this is a perfect list for you.

21. Fearme

22. Flaay

23. Greenback (American origin) means "paper currency ".

24. Hammerit

25. Hannibal

26. Helm (English origin) means "instrument by which a ship is steered". This would be one of the coolest mythical raptor name for world building myths and legends.

27. Cruel

28. Slasher.

29. JurasskickMark

30. KingTerror

31. Kyouryuu,

32. Largepaw

33. Longfang

34. Lumos (Latin origin) means "have something". Perfect lost world raptor names.

35. Overbite

36. Paleosaurus

37. Phearsome

38. Philosoraptor

39. Quickfang

40. Raho (Persian origin) means "Doaba". Ark raptor names for scary raptors like delta echo in Jurassic Park.

41. Relish (English origin) means "to be pleased or gratified by". New Delta Echo raptor names in Jurassic world were well known.

42. Rexette

43. Rhedosaurus

44. Ripmaw (English origin) means "wood saw". New raptor dinosaurs pretend to be scary with big sharp teeth in the Jurassic park series.

45. Ripper

46. Ryp

47. Scaly (English origin) means "covered with, composed of, or rich in scale or scales".

48. Scyther (Japanese origin) means " is a dual-type bug".

49. Shaaux

50. Sharpclaw

51. SirSlicey

52. SliceNDice

53. Sly (Norse origin) means "skillful, clever, dexterous". Among the famous velociraptors in 'Jurassic World'.

54. Speilberg

55. Spike (Latin origin) means "ear of grain". It is one of the new names for raptors with a scary nose.

56. Stompy

57. Ter

58. Titan (Greek origin) means "capitalized". Among the good names for a dinosaur with a long tail.

59. Titanosaurus

60. Twinkletoes

61. Tyranitar

62. Tyrannos

63. Velocity (English origin) means "fast". A cool name for new velociraptors from the Jurassic world.

64. Xero (Greek origin) means "dry". It's a scary raptor with feathers. Among the funny names for dinosaurs.

65. Yellow Tooth

66. Zulzin

Ideas For Cute Raptor Names

Below is the list of great ideas for cute raptors' names.

67. Andy

68. Bravo (Italian origin) means "brave". Raptor types are famous for sharp claws.

69. Cherryx

70. Dor

71. Forx

72. Giroux

73. Herbs

74. India

75. Juliet (French origin) means "youthful or sky father". One of the dinosaur raptor types who can also fly.

76. Kilo

77. Lima (Spanish origin) means "capital of Peru". White raptors in the Jurassic Park series are related to velociraptors.

78. Mike

79. November

80. Oscar

81. Papa

82. Quebec

83. Romeo

84. Sierra (Spanish origin) means "mountain range".

85. Tango

86. Uniform

87. Victor

88. X-Ray

89. Yankee

90. Zulu

Ideas For Funny Raptor Names

Baryonyx was a large carnivorous spinosaurid theropod dinosaur that lived in Cretaceous era Europe.

Are you looking for some great ideas for funny raptor names? This is a perfect gateway for you.

91. Daffy

92. Dingo (Spanish origin) means "wild dog".

93. Dino

94. Donald

95. Donna (Italian origin) means "woman". It is one of the types of raptors known for their special wings.

96. Emerald

97. Fluffy (English origin) means "containing or resembling". A picture of a raptor describes its scariness.

98. Fossil fuel

99. Ivory

100. Junior

101. Lollipop (Roman origin) means "lolly". One of the famous velociraptors in the 'Jurassic World' series.

102. Lizard face

103. MCbitesalot

104. Mr. Hugges

105. Pickles (Dutch origin) means "something piquant".  Velociraptors from 'Jurassic World' are known all over the world.

106. Slim Shady

107. Smiley (Scottish origin) means "smile".

108. Smileysaur

109. Stevosaur

110. Blue, a popular snacks bar brand in the US and the UK. It would make a great fit for a blue colored raptor.

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