131 Cute Nicknames For Daughters

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These are some cute nicknames for daughters!
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Daughters bring so much joy to the lives of everyone around them.

They are easily humankind's most precious creation. The nicknames you give them now will become a part of their identity as they grow up.

Naming daughters might come off as a relatively easy task, but one can always do it with some guidance. So, how do we really name a daughter? She might be the apple of your eye, but is she a flower or a firecracker? The key is to get to know her inner spirit by spending time with her. Understanding how she reacts to certain situations — her habits and traits can help you figure out the perfect nickname for your darling.

Adding to that, we are here to guide you with a list of 130+ cute nicknames for daughters —check it out!

Cute Nicknames For Daughter From Dad

The relationship between a child and her father needs no introduction. It is one of the purest bonds that last for a lifetime, and the amount of passion a father holds for his daughter is incredible! Daughters indeed occupy a special part in their dad's heart and this should reflect in the nicknames that a dad gives his daughter!

Buttercup - Being daddy's buttercup is absolutely the cutest, isn't it?

Daddy's Princess - Who doesn't want to be called Daddy's Princess?

Darling - To be your Daddy's darling - absolute bliss!

Honeybunch - A sweet name for girls who are sweet as honey. 

Kiddo - A playful name for a kid.

Queen - A daughter is the queen of the house!

Rockstar - Papa's rockstar, your baby girl needs to be rightfully called so.

Sleepyhead - For a girl who loves to sleep.

Sweetheart - An adorable name for your tiny heart.

Sweetie Pie - Often called by both parents.

Young Lady - For a cute baby who will soon blossom into a lady.

Cute Nicknames For Daughter From Mothers

Nothing ever compares to the relationship between a mother and daughter. There should be a perfect nickname for encapsulating this perfect bond.

Angel - Cute babies are often said to have angelic personalities.

Cuddle Bunny - For a baby who is as soft and squishy as a bear!

Cutie Patootie - Baby girls who are ever so cute!

Dimples - This is for girls who have the prettiest dimples.

Drama Queen - For a baby girl whose life is full of drama!

Fussy Pants - Fussy girls can be called this.

Goofball - A perfect name for a girl with a goofy personality.

Messy Monster - For a little girl who is messy but cute!

Rolly Polly - This is for a baby girl who rolls.

Nicknames For A Baby Girl

Parents are always on the lookout for names to name their cutie pie. Give your tiny precious baby girl the cutest nickname that she rightfully deserves!

Baby Cakes - A name for someone cute you could eat her!

Baby Boo - This one is for the cutest baby girls.

Babydoll - A baby who is also a doll - a perfect combination!

Blondie - For a girl having blonde hair.

Blue-Eyed Beauty - For a baby with beautiful blue eyes.

Boo Boo - An aww-dorable name!

Breeze - As serene as the breeze.

Bubba - A form of endearment.

Button - A sweet name for a little girl.

Chirpy - Like a bird that chirps!

Diamond - For your baby who sparkles like a diamond.

Doll - A name for a pretty doll-faced cute baby girl.

Missy - Something cute to call your badass baby.

Miss World - A girl who is the world to her parents.

Munchkin - Such an endearing name.

My Love - The end and the beginning of everything.

Precious - For your precious tiny baby.

Sunshine - This one is for girls who embody the sun!

Pop Culture Baby Nicknames

You're gonna love this list!

Alexis - From the popular Canadian Sitcom, 'Schitt's Creek'.

Amy - For a baby who is as prim and proper as Amy from 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'.

Audrey - For parents who are fans of Audrey Hepburn.

Billie - Parents who are Eilish fans, this one is for your baby girl!

Carrie - For all the girls who want to be like Carrie from 'Sex and The City'.

Charlotte - Another 'Sex and The City' reference.

Hermoine - For girls who are perfect students like Hermoine Granger.

Joan - This one is for all the 'Mad Men' fans!

Marilyn - Fans of the 'Blonde Bombshell', this one is for you!

Pam - If you've watched 'The Office', the rest is history.

Penny - We can't possibly forget 'The Big Bang Theory' fans, can we?

Rachel - This name really, really doesn't need a byline.

Rory - From 'Gilmore Girls', Rory embodied the perfect girl.

Samantha - Yet another 'Sex and The City' reference.

Serena - If you've watched 'Gossip Girl', this is the perfect name for your baby.

Taylor - Two words. Taylor Swift. That's it. That's the name.

Bold Baby Names For Your Daughter

For your little lioness! Choose the perfect nickname that will inspire her in each step of life and keep others by her side.

Baby Ruth - Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the inspiration here.

Boss Baby Girl - For the baby who's a boss.

Daredevil - For the cute little brave devil.

Diva - The coolest, most fashionable name ever!

Duchess - For the baby who demands respect like a duchess.

Firecracker - For girls who explode, bringing joy to everyone around them!

Mighty Mama - For a mighty girl.

Miss Marvel - All hail the superior!

Tiny Tornado - For a bubbly hurricane.

Warrior Girl - If you're raising a warrior, this one's perfect!

Flower Baby Nicknames

For your baby girl who is just as pure and pretty as a flower!

Daisy - A daughter who exudes beauty like a daisy!

Holly - Like the evergreen shrub, for a girl who is evergreen.

Ivy - As pure as Ivy, that symbolizes fidelity!

Jasmine - A beautiful name for your baby.

Lavender - A name symbolic of everything beautiful.

Lilly - A name as pretty as a lily flower.

Marigold - For girls exuding a golden hue like a marigold.

Magnolia - Such a pretty name for a girl!

Rose - For a girl who is the most beautiful of all.

Sunflower - For a girl who gives out warmth and love.

Tulip - One word. Ethereal.

Animal Nicknames For Daughters

If your girl loves animals, this list is perfect for you!

Baby Bear - For a tiny girl who is as sweet as a bear.

Birdie - A sweet name for a sweet girl.

Busy Bee - For a busy girl!

Butterfly - A beautiful name inspired by a beautiful creature.

Dove - A name as pure as a dove!

Duckling - A sweet name for a baby girl.

Firefly - A name that shines in the dark.

Kitten - As timid but fiery as a kitten.

Kitty - An adaptation of kitten.

Lady Bird - A beautiful name!

Lamb - For a shy girl.

Lioness - For a fiery girl.

Tigress - For a bold girl.

Sporty Nicknames

For the spontaneous ones, this list will surely catch your eye!

Archie - A sporty name for a girl sporting a suave personality.

Cecilia - Inspired by the goalkeeper for the Mexico women’s national team.

Cynthia - Cynthia Cooper is one of the greatest women’s basketball players of all time.

Katniss - The athletic girl from 'The Hunger Games'.

Lisa - After Lisa Leslie - the former American women’s basketball player, known for playing in the WNBA.

Marta - The inspiration was the forward player of the Brazil Women’s National Team.

Food-Themed Baby Names

No names can be enough for the daughter who is a foodie! Show your unconditional love for the daughter and her endearing nature by giving her cutesy food-themed names!

Apple - For a baby who is the apple of your eye.

Bonbon - A sugary name for a sweetie pie.

Cherry - For the girl who turns cherry red as she blushes!

Chicken Wings - For the kid who loves yummy chicken wings.

Chickpea - A little girl who is a chickpea to her parents.

Chocolate Chip - Round, sweet, and delicious - what can be a better name for this combo?

Coco - A purely chocolatey name for a cutie pie.

Cookie - A cookie is a perfect name for your sweet-as-sugar baby girl.

Cupcake - A sweet sugary name for your girl!

Doughnut - For a daughter who is as fluffy as a doughnut.

Dumpling - For a baby who is as yummy as a dumpling.

Gumdrop - A name for a colorful sugary gumdrop.

Honey - Sweet girls deserved to be called a name as sweet as honey!

Jellybean - Soft and cuddly as a jellybean!

Lollipop - What could be a better name than that of a sugar-coated candy?

Marshmallow - Whether roasted or not, it's the perfect nickname for your snoogums spoogums.

Muffin - An adorable name to call your baby.

Mushroom - For an adorable blob head.

Nugget - For your baby girl who loves eating nuggets!

Peach - For round girls who are as fair as a peach.

Peanut - A pretty nickname for a baby girl.

Pumpkin - For round fluffy babies.

Sugarplum - This name speaks for itself.

Sweet Pea - For a girl who is as tiny as a pea but sweeter.

Colorful Baby Names For Your Daughter

Daughters are as bright as any color gets! Their personality, if anything, resembles the brightest of hues in the color palette. Here, you'll find some beautiful color-inspired names to keep for your little girl!

Amber - Essentially an orangish red color, this is for fiery girls.

Aurelia - Another beautiful term for 'golden' - it's perfect for a girl who shines!

Emerald - A peaceful green for someone who is just as peaceful and calm.

Hazel - Usually for hazel-eyed girls, this is a really pretty name.

Ivory - A vintage nickname that is an embodiment of a rare element.

Lilac - A beautiful name for a beautiful girl whose favorite color is lilac.

Mauve - Yet another variation of the root color purple.

Olive/Olivia - From the olive tree, Olivia is a beautiful name for a girl.

Rainbow - The perfect mélange of all the colors of the spectrum!

Ruby - For girls who love gemstones as well as shade.

Scarlett - A bright reddish hue for girls who personify the color at its best.

Sienna - Is Italian for red, a pretty name!

Violet - A common name for every girl who loves color.

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