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A dolphin is an aquatic animal found predominantly in the ocean.

Many think dolphins are a type of fish, but they are actually mammals. Dolphins are mammals that breathe through their lungs, have body hair, give birth to their young and are warm blooded.

A male dolphin is called a bull, a female dolphin is called a cow and a baby dolphin is called a calf. Isn't that interesting? What's even better is that when you see many dolphins together, they're collectively referred to as a pod of dolphins! How cute?

Did you know? Dolphins actually have unique "names" for fellow dolphins! They have unique whistle patterns, which are used to identify their fellow marine buddies. By humans, dolphins are most generally classified based on where they live, the ocean or the river. Hence, the two main types of dolphin are oceanic dolphin and river dolphin. These dolphin types are further classified based on different oceans and rivers around the world.

So what should you name your dolphin? Take a look and find out.

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Funny Dolphin Names

The movie 'Flipper', was released in 1963. It is all is about how a small boy befriends a wild dolphin. The dolphin, as you probably guessed, is named Flipper. Flipper is a bottlenose dolphin, and he is probably the most famous dolphin in popular culture! Here's a list of names you can use to call your adorable pet dolphin and maybe, they might give you some loud dolphin noises and whistles of joy!

1 . Betty (Hebrew origin) means "diminutive of Elizabeth".

2 . Charlie Brown (English origin) Charlie means "free man", Charlie Brown is the name of a friendly comic character.

3 . Fennell (English origin) refers to a seller of fennel.

4 . Garfield (English origin) refers to an uninhabited piece of land, this is another comic character name that might suit your dolphin.

5 . Grou (Portuguese origin) meaning "crane."

6 . Lemon (English origin) is used as a nickname for a close companion.

7 . Minion (French origin) meaning "little darling."

8 . Snoopy (American origin) this name famously refers to the pet beagle in the comic strip 'Peanuts'.

9 . Whiskers (French origin) meaning "wise."

10 . Yoyo, the origin of this name is unclear, it means "come".

Dolphins are amazing animals that deserve great names.

Cute Dolphin Names

On a beach called Dolphin Cove in Jamaica, visitors get the rare opportunity to pet and swim with a dolphin! This rubbery-looking animal is considered one of the cutest sea creatures for its happy face and gleeful whistle. It's only fair to give these cute animals, even cuter names.

11 . Akai (African origin) meaning "complete."

12 . Boris (Turkish origin) meaning  "wolf," "short" or "snow leopard."

13 . Bunty (English origin) meaning "to butt gently."

14 . Cooper (English origin) meaning "container."

15 . Frankie (English origin) meaning "French."

16 . Gerry (English origin) meaning "spear."

17 . Juanita (Spanish origin) meaning "God is gracious."

18 . Kailani (Hawaiian origin) meaning "sea and sky."

19 . Latoya (Latin/Greek origin) meaning "a flower that blooms and grows despite the darkness."

20 . Leilani (Hawaiian origin) meaning "royal child" or "heavenly flowers."

21 . Luna (Italian/Spanish origin) meaning "moon."

22 . Marley (English origin) meaning "from the boundary field."

23 . Moana (Hawaiian origin) meaning "vast body of water."

24 . Muskaan (Indian origin) meaning "smiling."

25 . Stella (Latin/Italian origin) meaning "star."

26 . Susie (English origin) meaning "lily flower."

27 . Tyler (English origin) meaning "house builder."

28 . Viola (Italian origin) meaning "violet."

Baby Dolphin Names

A baby dolphin is called a calf. A baby dolphins name needs to be as adorable as the animal itself. Having some trouble deciding on a name? Here are some awesome names you can choose from.

29 . Bambi (Italian origin) meaning "child."

30 . Clifton (English origin) meaning "from a town near a cliff."

31 . Dixie (French origin) meaning "ten."

32 . Kenny (Irish origin) meaning "descendant of Cionnaith."

33 . Lorelai (German origin) meaning "ambush cliff."

34 . Nicola (Greek origin) meaning "victory."

35 . Oscar (Irish origin) meaning "friend of deer."

36 . Pilar (Spanish origin) meaning "of strength."

37 . Quigley (Irish origin) meaning "descendant of Coigleach."

38 . Scarlet (Arabic origin) meaning "luxury wool."

39 . Skye (Scottish origin) meaning "sky."

40 . Willy (German origin) meaning "resolute protection."

41 . Yoko (Japanese origin) meaning "child."

Gender Neutral Names

If you want to name your pet something which isn't confined to gender norms, we have got you covered! Let's take a look at some gender neutral names for your pet dolphin.

42 . Bailey (Norman/French origin) meaning "bailiff."

43 . Charlie (English origin) meaning "beautiful."

44 . Finley (Scottish origin) meaning "fair warrior."

45 . Indigo (Greek origin) meaning "the blue dye from India."

46 . Kai, this name has many different origins and meanings in various cultures.

47 . Lennox (Scottish/Irish origin) meaning "with many elm trees."

48 . Marlowe (English origin) meaning "driftwood."

49 . Micah (Hebrew origin) meaning "who is like God".

50 . Oakley (English origin) meaning "from the oak tree field."

51 . Riley (English/Irish origin) meaning "rye cleaning."

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for turtle names then why not take a look at fish names, or for something different take a look at these mythical horse names.

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