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Your list of DnD dwarf names must feature some DnD dwarf names and Dwarf last names DnD.
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In the DnD society, average dwarfs are stubborn, have long beards, trust the law, and love to fight in the army.

Dungeons Dragons is an extremely popular fantasy game that is played across the world. Dwarf names and Dwarf clan names enrich the world of this fantasy game.

Dwarfs are examples of greed as they love to mine jewels and minerals to trade with others.

Dwarfs love to use an axe or Warhammer to kill orcs in mountains and sport armor to protect their skin from attacks. If you also love Dungeons Dragons and are ready to immerse yourself in the story world of mountains, dungeons, and clans, then check these interesting dwarf names. Dwarfs have a staunch belief in gods and after becoming clerics, they like to pray to gods.

After reading some examples of dwarf names, also check female dwarf names and dwarf last names.

Male Dwarf Names

The significance of a name cannot be disapproved, especially for fictional characters. Out of the limited information that we have about a character, its name holds the prime spot. It makes or breaks the individual’s image. The same goes for dwarves. Given below are some of the most enticing male dwarf names, along with their origins and meanings.

Addanc/Afanc (Welsh), is the name of a lake monster from Welsh mythology, which resembles a crocodile, beaver, or dwarf-like creature.

Alius (Latin), meaning ‘the other one’, is perfect for a dwarf with an alter ego.

Alviss (Nordic), meaning ‘all-wise’, can be used to name an all-knowing or intelligent sage-like character

Anak/Anaq (Hebrew), meaning ‘collar’ or ‘neck chain’, sounds like a good name for someone who emits power and wisdom.

Andvari (Nordic), meaning ‘the careful one’, was the name of a dwarf in Norse mythology who lives underneath a waterfall and has the ability to change himself into a pike.

Apep (Egyptian), meaning ‘to slither’, is the other name for Apophis. It goes without saying how flawless this name would fit a crooked and cunning dwarf.

Apophis (Egyptian), meaning ‘to slither’, is the name of an Egyptian deity of utter chaos and sheer evil.

Argos (Greek), meaning ‘bright’, ‘shining’, ‘swift’, and ‘vigilant guardian’, was the name of a 100-eyed guardian giant in Greek mythology. Any dwarf who acts as a powerful protector would perfectly embody this name.

Austri (Nordic), meaning ‘one in the East’ or ‘Eastern’, is one of the beautiful unisex dwarf names.

Bes (Egyptian), meaning ‘one who brings joy’, is the name of an Egyptian god who is a dwarf that acts as the patron of music and pleasure.

Bifurr (Frisian), meaning ‘hard worker’ or ‘the diligent one’, is one of the apt dwarf names for dedication and determination.

Bláinn /Blaine (Scottish), meaning ‘yellow’, is a gender-neutral name that works for any dwarf that’s joyful.

Blôvurr (Scandinavian), meaning ‘to shine’, is a great name for a jolly and humorous dwarf.

Bömburr (Nordic), meaning ‘the swollen one’, is a suitable name for a funny and plump dwarf.

Bran (Welsh), meaning ‘crow’ or ‘raven’, is well suited for an eerie character.

Brökk /Brock (Nordic), meaning ‘a mythical dwarf’, is a name that sets up an air of enigma.

Búinn (Icelandic), meaning ‘finished’, is a great name for a male dwarf.

Chrysaor (Greek), meaning ‘golden sword’, was the brother of Pegasus in Greek mythology and is an apt name for a leader.

Dáinn (Nordic), meaning ‘the dead one’, is a really good name for a disturbed and outcast dwarf.

Darri (Nordic), meaning ‘long lazy bloke’, is one of the best dwarf names for that idle and sloth-like dwarf.

Duneyrr (Nordic), meaning ‘thundering in the ear’, depicts a powerful and authoritative character.

Durinn (Nordic), meaning ‘slumber, is a name that works for both a male and a female dwarf.

Dvalinn (Nordic), meaning ‘the dormant one’, can be given to a mighty, but introverted character.

Gidal (Hebrew), meaning ‘giant’, can be given to a physically towering dwarf. Or maybe even a dwarf with huge feet.

Grendel (Anglo-Saxon), meaning ‘legend name, is the name of the feared creature of darkness in the epic poem “Beowulf”.  

Huffie (French), meaning ‘peaceful warrior’ has been derived from Humphrey.

Humfridus (Latin), meaning ‘giant peace’ is a name that can be used for a sophisticated dwarf.

Panoptes (Greek), meaning ‘all-seeing one’, is derived from the Greek giant Argus Panoptes, who was a servant of the goddess Hera.

Shen (Chinese), meaning ‘spirit’ or ‘god’, can describe a spiritually awakened or self-aware dwarf.

Titan (Greek), was used to call any member of the race of deities born of Uranus and Gaia.

Female Dwarf Names

Much like the males, names shape the personality of female dwarves too. Be it the keen sensed, intuitive, and resilient hill dwarf or the strong, hardy, and rugged mountain dwarf; here are a few names that you can grant your female dwarves.

Bylgja (Nordic), meaning ‘billow’ or ‘wave’, can be used for a soothing and peaceful dwarf.

Dagrún (Nordic), meaning ‘secret day’, is apt for a sly and crooked dwarf.

Demeter (Greek), meaning, ‘mother Earth’, is the name of the Greek goddess of plants and farming.

Eirene (Greek), meaning ‘peace’, is the name of the deity of peace in Greek mythology.

Elsuba (Hebrew), meaning ‘God is my oath’, is the original form of the name Elizabeth.  

Emorette (French), meaning ‘tiny’ or ‘innovative’, is the perfect name for a sweet girl dwarf.

Farli (Old English/Gaelic), meaning ‘from the far meadow’, is a beautiful name that can be used on a male as well as a female dwarf.   

Geira (Latin), meaning ‘just’, is a beautiful name that can be used to name a dwarf princess or even a lowly servant.

Groa (Nordic), meaning ‘gardener’, in Norse mythology, is the wife of Aurvandil the Bold and is a seeress.

Jade (Spanish), meaning ‘precious gemstone’, can be the name of both a female as well as a male dwarf.

Kaia (Scandinavian), meaning ‘pure’ or ‘life’, is also a variation of Gaia, the Greek personification of Earth.

Kara (Nordic), meaning, ‘wild’ or ‘stormy one’, is what you should name a care-free, playful and wild dwarf.

Lovisa (German), meaning ‘famous warrior’, is perfect for what it means.

Revna (Old German), meaning ‘raven’, can be bestowed upon a strong female dwarf with a grand personality.

Runa (Nordic), meaning ‘moon’ or ‘secret lore’, is a great name for a mysterious dwarf lady.

Signa (Scandinavian), meaning ‘signal’, is once again a good name to describe a mysterious stranger.

Solja (Faroese), meaning ‘buttercup’, is a great choice for a female dwarf character.

Svanna (Icelandic), meaning ‘swan in battle’, is the best name for a beautiful and elegant warrior dwarf.

Tova (Swedish), meaning ‘good’ or ‘beautiful’, can describe a pretty female dwarf.

names for your characters which is dwarf

Dwarf Surnames

Giving a surname to fictional characters is like bringing them to life. It refines their edges and makes them appear more real. Dwarves too have a rich library of surnames and assigning a random last name would neither be fair to their personality nor their cultural history. We have collected a few surnames to help you name your dwarves the right way.

Ashflayer, is a unique last name for a dwarf.

Ashguard, is a great dwarf last name.

Dwothuc, is a different and intriguing family name for a dwarf.

Elkhid, sounds great for a wise and intelligent family of dwarves.

Gozludch, is for the sophisticated dwarf.

Horrog, can be bestowed upon a dwarf of any characteristic.

Ingotblade, is perfect for a dwarf family skilled in sword-fighting.

Koboldgrip, strikes an image of strength.

Kragtank, is a surname for a shady or dark dwarf family.

Oreriver, is a good surname for a dwarf family.

Thardreak, gives the picture of a rugged and strong dwarf.

Thunderbender, is a surname that emanates power.

Vorhoc, is a great surname for a family of warrior dwarves.

Dwarf Clan Names

While naming the males and females of the dwarf community is essential, it is equally important to properly designate their clan. With the numerous clans of dwarves out there, it is important to find both a unique and a thematically appropriate name. It should be either a compound name or a dwarven-sounding name. So if you’re having trouble, here are our suggestions.

Bloodfog Clan, is an eerily powerful name for a clan.

Brewtoe Clan sounds like where all the drunk dwarves can be found.

Caskbeard Clan is a name that emits an air of mysterious skill and intellect. 

Clan Krakhammer, is perfect for a group of no-nonsense dwarves.

Clan Stoneshaft, sounds like a group of rugged and brawny dwarves.

Deadsword Clan is a fear-mongering title that deserves a deadly set of dwarves.

Deeprock Clan can either be a lazy band name or a really good dwarf clan name.

Stoneborn Clan is an excellent name for any clan of dwarves.

The Ashenforge, is a name that’s mighty and subtle. 

The Battlejaw is an amazing name for a clan of battle-crazy dwarves.

The Bloodgrog can be a clan of warriors or any sort of combat-skilled dwarves.

The Duskbuster is a great name for a clan of any sort. 

The Eldersheild is a name that should be given to a clan that is worthy of it.

The Honorforged is the clan where dwarves value to honor the most.

The Ironjaw is another great name for a dwarf clan.

The Khag, seems like where the dwarf jocks hang out.

The Quakerock is perfect for any dwarf clan.

The Shadowmaul, sounds like a clan exclusively for the dwarves with a dark side.

The Stormbreaker paints a powerful image. 

The Wargrog is a name that holds menacing energy.

The Warmborn, is a clan name that sounds inviting.

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