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71 Fake Country Names From Fiction, Mythology And For School Projects

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

If you are looking for inspiration for some amazing fake country names in different languages, then discover some of the most amazing fake country names here!

If you're a school student looking for some amazing fake country names from fiction mythology then discover all of them here. Here are some of the best ideas for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started on your amazing journey of exploring various fake country and town names for fiction mythology and for your school projects and stories! For some great names, do have a look at the list below!

Funny Fake Country Names

Rather than a name generator, read this compiled list of interesting and beautiful nation names for you to use wherever you wish from different origins. Country names are usually influenced by the state's religion, population, and customs. Nation names are distinct words from other names since they are highly specialized to suit the preferences of all the people who live in that country.

American Brunei is a very common name for fake nations on Earth ruled by existing monarchs.

Austriah, isn’t this the funny version of Austria? Yeah, it definitely is, and almost everyone’s favorite!

Claey Scua is more like an author’s name if you read it really fine.

Cobel is similar to the chemical element ‘cobalt’, isn’t it? So, if you are a science enthusiast having an extreme interest in this field of chemistry then this is definitely something you should go for.

Croatiap is a name very much similar to Croatia in writing.

Cuhu Striabel is again a very cute and amazing name for a country in a fantasy game.

Emi Riinia is again a very simple and funny-sounding name.

Galu Daa, personally, is my favorite fantasy country name with an amazing funny undertone.

Grayce does have a graceful undertone to its pronunciation.

Haan is a very small and funny name.

Hoku Riamukhstan is a very funky name, much unlike names for real countries

Honntebon is again a very famous fictional country name in the English language.

Hova is a very short and funny name for a country in a fantasy game.

Hrainba Culezbe is a very fancy nation's name and tends to be everyone’s favorite.

Huhonsaint is a very funny nation's name because of its spelling and we hope you like it too.

Ikong Maunoga is definitely a name for a nation to ponder.

Israelbo is almost similar to the name Israel with a very beautiful ending, one of the fun random names for countries in fantasy games.

Jathe Bathern Territories, isn’t this really funny? One of the random names in the world of fictional countries suitable to denote war areas.

Modor Myanguamnon is a very fancy and funky name in existing Europe.

Nahe is again a very similar Assamese word for a fantasy game.

Napal is a very funny fake nation name, isn’t it?

Nauru sounds like a very common Assamese word, and is a very cool one for random fantasy countries in games, isn’t it?

Newna Aslandrial is a very famous and cool name in the Latin region.

Nitedbyatrea is a name with a very funny undertone, and sounds like the Bharatnatyam dance, doesn’t it?

Norca Andgal, isn’t this name really funny for random countries? Yeah, it definitely is, hope you like it too.

Norcoszil is again a very cute and funny-sounding name for random fictional countries.

Pusaint Andnga is again a very famous one with a Mexican undertone.

Staujan, if you are really looking for a funny name then this is definitely something you should go for, it's going to satisfy all your expectations.

Thua Snia is a very cool funny fake nation name with a cute Chinese name.

Zewhor is a really cool name, definitely a name one should use to stand out in this crowd of mainstream names all around.

Cool Fake Country Names

Here are some of the good fake country names related to the culture of the world.

Ambrosia was the setting for many of Billy Liar's dreams in Keith Waterhouse's 1959 novel and the 1963 film. Alan Beattie put up the nomination.

Angria, the novelettes created by Charlotte and Branwell Bront have been published by Penguin (Tales of Angria). David Crawford put forward the nomination.

Atlantis, 1669 map by Athanasius Kircher (with north at the bottom). Plato's Timaeus mentioned it for the first time in about 360 BC, making it almost as old as Cloud Cuckoo Land (see below), Graham Kirby, and Xlibris1.

Avalon is an island in Arthurian legend that first appeared in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s 1136 History of the Kings of Britain, Richard Morris.

Averna is from Margery Allingham's novel ‘Sweet Danger’ and is set in this little oil-rich principality on the Adriatic Sea. Simon Draper is a fictional character.

Buranda is from Qumran (later Qumranistan), a dry Middle Eastern republic, and St George's Island which are all part of the Commonwealth nations. 

Carbombya, in the ‘Transformers’ cartoon, an Arab state is featured. 'I'm not making this up,' Tom Doran stated about Carbombya.

Cloud Cuckoo Land is the city created by birds in Aristophanes' play ‘Birds’, 414 BC, and is possibly the oldest example by Van Riel and Steve.

Costaguana is a very famous, fancy, and cool fictional world name.

Drenai Empire is David Gemmell's fictional world that is constantly saved from ruthless antiheroes. It was put up by Blake, John David.

Eastasia is from George Orwell's novel ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ and is legally a province of Oceania.

El Dorado is a 16th-century Spanish legend.

Elbonia, doesn’t this have the same undertone as beloved Estonia?

Erewhon is named after the famous novel by Samuel Butler published in 1872.

Freedonia is from a movie where the Marx Brothers feature in ‘Duck Soup’, which was released in 1933. Stewart Wood, Ian Dunn, and David Crawford are among the cast members.

Grand Fenwick is again a very cool fake country name, and can definitely be used for your homework! People are going to love this name for sure.

Herzoslovakia is again a very famous and cool fake country name in the real world.

Ishmaelia is a very cute and amazing fake country name in English for your work!

Laputa, Ben Ross suggested Lilliput, an island of kingdoms of small people in Jonathan Swift's 'Gulliver's Travels', published in 1726. Other places in the novel include Laputa, a floating island whose smart residents only move when struck by a bladder, which was also featured in Hayao Miyazaki's 1986 film. Jonathan Ford is a writer.

Latveria is in Marvel Comics, the domain of Doctor Doom, Rogan Dixon, and Willard Foxton.

Laurania Winston Churchill's book ‘Savrola’, was published in 1900. Thatcher's Rose put up the nomination.

Loompaland from Oompa Loompa Loompa Loompa Loompa Lo Roald Dahl's ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ was published in 1964. Stewart Wood is a writer and a musician.

Molvania is a very famous name for a middle eastern country, and was featured in the Oscar-winning movie ‘La La Land’, so, if you have watched that movie then this is definitely a name for you.

Neverland, this name was heard in our favorite show ‘The Peter Pan’, isn’t this everyone’s favorite? You should definitely not betray your childhood favorite!

The Isle of Naboombuis is a really cool and famous name, isn’t it?

The Republic of Gilead is from Margaret Atwood's 'The Handmaid's Tale', which was published in the late '90s.

One Piece figurine

Creative Fake Country Names

Looking for some amazing creative fake country names? Here you can explore all amazing creative fake country names to help you with your homework or with any other personal work which requires some fake country names. 

Pimlico is a very famous and cool creative fake country name, also, it sounds similar to Pinocchio, isn’t that an inspiring story to be honest?

Qumar is a very generic creative fake name, it is really creative and is really cool for everyone.

Ruritania is a very funny and really creative name for your favorite homework. 

San Lorenzo is again a very famous name for your homework on fake country names, this name is bound to impress your teacher checking your homework.

San Marcos is a name from the famous Woody Allen’s ‘Bananas’, 1972, and a very important character that was played by an Indian actor called Rhys Needham. ‏San Marcos, isn’t this a really fancy and very attractive name for your homework? You feel it too don’t you?

San Serriffe was heard in the most famous and the most amazing 'The Guardian’s April Fool' of 1977.

Shangri-La is also a very famous restaurant name for all fancy people. Hence, I definitely consider this a fancy and creative-sounding name.

Syldavia is again a very famous and amazing name for your story.

Tazbekistan was a very funny comedian country name, and also a very famous European country name.

The Shire wasn't technically a country but this name can be used as a country name for all your purposes.

Fake European Country Names

Looking for some amazing fake European country names? We have it here! All of them sound unique. Do have a look at it.

The Three Islands is one of the most famous country names all around real Europe, but overall, this is a fake one but worth your use.

Themyscira was the home of the most favorite wonder woman, isn’t that a really lovely movie? And hey! Don’t you all really love this name for a place?

Uqbar is the subject of the narrative 'Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius' by Louis Borges. It's doubly fake since it's also fictitious in the tale.

Utopia is again, a very famous and cool name to create a distinct impression.

Val Verde, isn’t this a creative name for a place?

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