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20+ Best Chemistry Riddles That Are Up And Atom

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Chemistry is a discipline that is full of enigma and that is why it is one of the best subjects to make riddles for smart people.

Science riddles are a great way to understand a complicated subject like chemistry. Fun science riddles about chemistry are not just educative but also provide a good dose of laughter for the young and the old alike.

It does not matter whether you are struggling with bad chemistry grades or have topped your class, riddles about science are for everyone.  In fact, a chemistry riddle or two might just help you know the subject better. So, put on your thinking caps and get ready for some brain-teasing reaction from our smart one-liners and riddles!

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Smart Chemistry Riddles With Answers

Chemistry can be really fun when you have some brain teaser riddles to engage you. Can you solve any one of these funny one-line riddles? These are some smart riddles and answers and include laboratory riddles and periodic table riddles as well.

1. What is the chemical formula depicted like the alphabet series, K,L,M,N and O.

Answer- Potassium Oxide K2O.

2. Shiny like a silver, denser than lead, pricier than gold, could stop a bullet, if I wanted to. What am I?

Answer- Osmium.

3. I may not be gold but I make gold look more beautiful. I help you fly and even though I'm not popular, my prices run high. What am I?

Answer- Rhodium.

4. I'm in your kitchen pantry, waiting for you to wrap me over something. What am I?

Answer- Aluminium.

5. I'm unique in one way but you can find two of me in your daily drink. What am I?

Answer- Hydrogen.

6. You can get me for free, but inside an atom, I add a lot of weight. What am I?

Answer- Neutron, because it has no charge.

7. Kids really love me because I make things float. You can even use me to expand small things. What am I?

Answer- Helium.

8. I may have twice the life-giving gas but I do not give life to you. However, without me, you will never have food. What am I?

Answer- Carbon Dioxide. (It has two oxygen atoms.)

9. I can keep a swimming pool clean, but I can poison you as well. What am I?

Answer- Chlorine.

10. Yellow in color, I can be a laboratory risk. You’ll most often find me used in an explosive. What am I?

Answer- Nitric acid.

Organic Chemistry Riddles That'll Cause A Reaction

Chemistry lab brain teasers are a practical way to test your knowledge.

An organic chemistry riddle makes a good science riddle even better. Check how well do you know the organic molecules.

11. I am present in marshes

And also in the rumen of cattle

To stop global warming

I do very little.

What am I?

Answer- Methane gas.

12. I catch fire easily

But I protect cars in the cold

You can use me as a fuel

And yet I am every distiller’s goal

What am I?

Answer- Ethanol.

13. What is black when you purchase it, red while you are using it, and gray when you discard it?

Answer- Charcoal.

Element Riddles That'll Make You Think

A fun way to understand the Periodic Table elements is through riddles.

If you can solve elemental riddles, you must know the Periodic Table very well. Which one of these is the best?

14. If you mix me with Hydrogen, you’ll sense a nasty smell of rotten eggs. I am also the reason why skunks have an offensive odor. What am I?

Answer- Sulphur.

15. I can protect you from the sun’s strong rays. You can apply me on your skin to prevent sunburn. What am I?

Answer- Zinc.

16. I am bigger than a dime but worthless. What am I?

Answer- Nickel.

17. I am very important for building strong and healthy bones and teeth. You can find me in every dairy product. What am I?

Answer- Calcium.

18. You take me when you have a stomach ache. I am known for speeding up your body processes and I’ll make you dash to the bathroom. Who am I?

Answer- Magnesium.

19. I am a planet, a God, and you use me to measure temperature. What am I?

Answer- Mercury.

20. Which element in the periodic table is named after a Norse god?

Answer- Thorium.

Chemical Formula Riddles With Witty Answers

These funny science riddles on chemical formulae will make chemistry more fun!

21. I'm the element which a dead chemist or grave-diggers has to deal with. What am I?


22. If bananas were to have a chemical formula, what would it be?

Answer- BaNa2.

Lyrical Chemistry Brain Teasers

Here are some fun and poetic riddles for science and chemistry that are really good head-scratchers.

23. I am a part of everything that lives

Combine me with oxygen and I’ll do the fizz

Mold me into a finger ring or use me to write

One of my many forms is called graphite.

What am I?

Answer- Carbon.

24. You call me a metal but I flow like a liquid

Even though I can kill you, you will keep me around

I am not as dense as gold yet my shine is like silver

I will always be up when you are feeling down

What am I?

Answer- Mercury.

25. My atomic number is evil if it’s a Friday

But I can be recycled the right way

You can use me to keep your food hot or cold

Or shape me into any kind of mold.

What am I?

Answer- Aluminium.

26. Sometimes I am sparkling

But other times I am still

I am a liquid

And I am something you can spill

What am I?

Answer- Water.

27. If you get me as a medal

It means that you have done your best

I am what you find in abundance

In a hidden treasure chest

What am I?

Answer- Gold.

28. I am a type of color

But I am not red or blue

You will need a bullet made of me

If ever a werewolf is after you

What am I?

Answer- Silver.

29. You can use me to flatten clothes

Or in industry to make steel

I am in a movie before a man

And on the rim of cart wheels

What am I?

Answer- Iron.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly riddles for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Chemistry riddles then why not take a look at Science riddles, Sphinx riddles or Chemistry puns.

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