20+ Confusing Riddles With Answers That Are Real Head Scratchers

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Originally Published on Dec 22, 2020
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Tricky riddles and brain teasers are the ones that trick your brain into thinking about one thing in particular hence building your concentration levels and IQ.

Really confusing riddles that are hard to crack can have you thinking all day, thereby helping your brain to focus. It is a great exercise for your brain if you give yourself or your kid a time in the day where you sit and come up with the answer to a set of very confusing riddles.

Tricky riddles can actually help a kid get smarter and sharper, increasing their problem-solving skills and helping them to think, which prove to be great life skills once they grow up.

You can have a list of some tricky riddles with answers and quiz them every other day, which is not only a great way to spend quality time with your child but will help get some heavy workout for both yours and your child's mind.

Focusing on one thing, in particular, helps build concentration levels and is a great memory booster as well.

If you are looking for some of the best riddles for you and your child and like to think about the answer to a challenging riddle, this list is bound to leave you head-scratching.

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Confusing Riddles With Easy Answers

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Are you looking for some confusing questions with answers? Here is a list of very good riddles you will absolutely love.

1. I do not have locks, but I have keys. I have no room, but I have space. You cannot go outside, but you can enter. What am I? Answer: A keyboard.

2. What do you usually get once in a minute, twice in a moment but never comes in a thousand years? Answer: The letter 'M'.

3. Which dictionary word is misspelled? Answer: The word 'incorrectly.'

4. What is one question that will get different answers at different times and yet would still be correct? Answer: "What's the time?"

5. Two sons and two fathers go out fishing. They catch one fish each, but they only bring home three fish. Why? Answer: They were father, grandfather, and son.

6. There are three types of stoves: a brick stove, a glass stove and a wood stove but you have only one match with you. Which one would you have to light up first? Answer: The match.

7. What starts with T, finishes with T, but also has T inside? Answer: Teapot

8. I have forests with no trees, cities with no houses, water with no waves. What am I? Answer: Map

9. Helen, George, and Ellen are having a cup of coffee while Max, Barb, and Dave are having 7up. What is Elizabeth drinking; coffee or soda? Answer: Elizabeth is having coffee. (In her name, the letter E appears twice just like in the other coffee drinkers' names.)

10. What is something that you get to keep after you give it to someone? Answer: Your word.

11. I have no mouth but I always reply when you speak to me. What am I? Answer: An echo.

12. In one year, how many months have 28 days? Answer: All the months.

13. What can run but never walks and has a mouth? Answer: A river.

14. What has a neck but no head? Answer: A shirt.

15. What has a face and hands, but cannot smile or hold anything? Answer: A clock.

16. What belongs to you, but others tend to use it more? Answer: Your name.

17. What is the only thing in the world that is perfect? Answer: The word "perfect."

18. What are the only two things cannot have for breakfast? Answer: Lunch and dinner.

19. Which word becomes shorter when 2 letters are added to it? Answer: The word "short."

20. What is France's capital? Answer: The letter F.

Challenging And Funny Riddles And Answers

Looking for some funny and confusing riddles with simple answers to crack up your kids? This list has some great questions to confuse people and will help you get the best riddles!

21. A cowboy rides to town on Monday and stays for three days, then he leaves on Monday. How? Answer: Monday is the name of his horse.

22. What can travel the world but can never leave a corner? Answer: A stamp.

24. What weighs less when it gets bigger? Answer: Popcorn.

25. What can fill up an entire room, but take up zero space? Answer: Light.

The Hardest Riddle In The World

Here is the hardest riddle in the world that 97% of Harvard graduates failed to solve. However, 84% of students from kindergarten were able to solve it in 6 minutes or even less.

26. I can make polar bears turn white and I can even make you weep. I make guys want to pee and girls want to comb out their hair. I can make famous people look silly and normal people look famous.

I can make pancakes turn brown and make a glass of champagne bubble. If I am squeezed I will pop and if you look towards me, you will pop too. Can you guess the riddle? Answer: No. (The last sentence is "Can you guess the riddle?")

The Hardest Brain Teaser In The World

Here is the hardest brain teaser in the world quoted straight from the mouth of Richard Smullyan who is a mathematician and has been nicknamed as the "the undisputed master of logical puzzles." This puzzle has been considered the toughest logical puzzle and is yet to be solved.

You can, however, try your luck with it if you are up for a good challenge.

27. There are three gods named A, B, and C. They are called, in some order, True, False, and Random.

True is known to always speak the truth. False is known to speak falsely always. However, it is completely random if Random speaks falsely or truly.

You have to find out the identities of A, B, and C with only three questions of yes-or-no. Each of the questions has to be presented to one god only. The gods know English but can give the answer to all your questions in their own language.

In their language, "yes" and "no" are translated as "da" and "ja," in some order but there is no way for you to know which word means what. How would you identify each god with each question?

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly riddles for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Confusing riddles then why not take a look at Long riddles, Scary riddles or Love riddles.

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