91 Farm Equipment Names That Will Boost Your Agriculture Know-How

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As the modern world has developed and advanced, so have the needs of farmers engaged in agriculture on their farms.

Modern farmers' needs won't be similar to what it was 50 or 60 years ago. Many types of equipment exist for their farming jobs, such as manure spreader, irrigation, haymaking, plowing, harvesting, and others.

Modern farmers have a wide variety of equipment and tools available for performing various activities. From highly advanced combine harvesters to simple tractors, a vast diversity of equipment is available for farmers to make their job easier and more efficient than a few decades ago.

Each farm requires different types of equipment, and since there is a lot of equipment available, the number of brands and companies producing these mechanisms has increased over the years. Each tool has its unique purpose, but if one is smart and crafty enough, it can be used to perform different activities. Standard farm tools include rakes, plows, and sprayers, but farms also require seed and fertilizer.

While, as a novice in farming, all these equipment, and their functions may appear confusing, being familiar with the basic farm equipment options can be a huge help. So, without any further ado, let's dive right in!

Brand Names Of Farm Equipment

The Statistics industry of Canada defines agricultural equipment or machinery as an industry that is standing solely on the establishments of machinery produced for performing farm operations. Some top and leading brands make the products used in farm activities such as preparing and maintaining soil, planting, harvesting or threshing; field spraying; and preparing crops for market. Let's go through the names of some of the brands you might consider using!

1st Products are known for its production of turf maintenance equipment which is reliable and cost-efficient.

AGCO Corporation is an American-based company primarily producing some of the finest agricultural products and machinery.

AgriMetal is one of the leading companies at the top that manufactures agricultural and forestry equipment.

Alamo Industrial is one of the world's largest producers of tractor attachments like mowers, cutters, and plows.

AMCO Manufacturing is known for producing some good tilling tools.

Bernhard is popular for manufacturing world-class turf maintenance tools. It's also preferred for maintaining golf courses.

Billy Goat is a popular brand for manufacturing outdoor cleaning devices, including aerators, brush cutters, mowers, and other farm tools.

Boxer has quite the impression on the market because of their lightweight machines, which despite being "lightweight," are capable of doing heavy-duty work!

Buffalo Turbine is one of the leading companies that produce blowers in the market.

Bush Hog is a North American company primarily known for producing fine tools such as cutters, mowers, and other tools along that line.

Cadman is one of the leading companies manufacturing irrigation systems and related products.

Changfa Group has been producing various products related to agriculture and refrigeration. It's quite a diverse and large-scale company.

Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group Co. Ltd is quite a reliable company for producing heavy-duty agricultural machinery and products.

CLAAS is a Germany-based brand primarily focused on producing agricultural machinery and products such as tractors, trucks, and harvesters.

CNH Industrial N.V. is an Italian-American company headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. They manufacture some of the best industrial and agricultural equipment.

Dakota is one of the best companies that produce some of the finest turf maintenance equipment and is mainly preferred for golf courses.

Frontier provides a large-scale production of various farming equipment.

John Deere is an American corporation that primarily indulges in the production of agricultural, forestry, and industrial farming equipment.

Lovol Heavy Industry CO is responsible for producing large-scale machinery for industrial use. Though, their primary production is agricultural machinery.

SDF is a company based in Italy that is one of the leading manufacturers of tractors at the current moment.

Shandong Changlin Machinery Group Co. Ltd. is popular for designing and producing agricultural machinery and other related products.

The YTO Group Corporation is a Chinese manufacturer of agricultural and construction machinery and other parts such as engines and harvesters.

Old Farm Equipment Names

One of the most essential things that makes farming possible is none other than farming tools and equipment! Various implements and applications are satisfied by using different types of farm equipment, as each one has its own unique purpose. In the list below, we have mentioned some of the basic farm tools necessary and every farming enthusiast should know about!

Bolo is a very sharp knife used for cutting purposes, including clearing vegetation, such as weeds or wild grass.

Crowbar is mainly used for digging holes. It's also called a wrecking bar and can be used to generate traction and lift objects.

Grab Hoe is mainly used for crushing hard soil smoothly.

Hand Cultivator is a basic tool used for removing weeds and cultivating garden plots.

Hand Fork is quite a handy tool. It is mainly used to lift the hard layers of soil that could later be utilized for planting seeds.

Hand Trowel is used for maneuvering soil and loosening it around to be used for planting.

Knife is the universal tool for cutting. There isn't much to add about this one because it is self-evident.

Light Hoe is generally used to dig holes for planting, but it can also be used for loosening soil and maintaining its level.

Machetes are important farming equipment used for the maintenance of crops.

Pick Mattock is quite a handy tool mainly used for digging holes and destroying stones. It's a common landscaping and gardening tool.

Pruning Shears are heavy-duty scissors, also known as pruning scissors. They are generally used for cutting hard parts like plant stems.

Rake looks like a broom. To some extent, it is a metallic broom and is used for clearing soil and collecting trash like hay and weeds.

Rakes are simple agriculture equipment widely used by farmers for agriculture.

Shovel is used for clearing soil or mixing it smoothly. It can also be used to dig holes which is generally what ordinary people do with this tool.

Spade has similarities to a shovel in terms of appearance. It is generally used for clearing soil but can also serve as a tool to dig holes.

Sprinkler is a basic tool that is used to distribute water to plants uniformly.

The Spading Fork looks like a rake but with longer teeth. It is mainly used for digging up holes and turning heaps of soil.

Wheelbarrows are essential agriculture equipment.

Smart garden activated with full automatic sprinkler irrigation system

Large Farm Equipment Names

This list includes large machines, such as a combine for hay making, and mechanisms used for performing huge tasks on a farm without much effort that would not have been so easy to do in the past.

Air Seeders is a unique mechanism that uses pressurized air shots into the soil to sow seeds.

Backhoes are the perfect tool for digging holes as they are supported by hydraulic presses, which provide a better function for digging.

Broadcast Seeders are also called rotary seeders due to their mechanism of spreading the seeds and distributing them uniformly in an area.

Chisel Plow can turn the soil to depths of approximately 1 ft due to its long shafts.

Combine is a type of harvester that makes a few jobs more manageable than when done by pure manual labor. Combine harvester has replaced Winnowing machine. Harvester is indeed one of the important farm tools.

Compact Tractors are the most common and versatile machines used in farming that can be used to perform many other activities.

Cultivator is used for stirring and pulverizing the soil before sowing seeds to ensure better conditions for cultivation.

Disk Plow is a smaller version of a moldboard plow in terms of its functions. It digs into the soil but doesn't turn over completely.

Farm Truck is a useful tool for the transportation of many things, including things like weeds, hays, or plants. An important agricultural machine.

Front-End Loaders are quite a useful mechanism on a farm as you can use them to lift heavy stuff and move them around easily.

Large Square Balers also pick up the hay and roll them into square balers, which are relatively easier to transport due to their larger size.

Moldboard Plow is generally used on pieces of land that have never been touched before for cultivation.

Mowers are one of the most basic and versatile tools for a farmer.

Mulch Film is a layer of plastic responsible for controlling the growth of weeds and moisture content.

Orchard Tractor is primarily used in orchard fields for maintenance of the turf.

Plastic Mulch Layer is a versatile tool, suitable for many plants. The plastic Mulch Layer reflects the rays of the sun.

Round Balers are called that because they pick up the hay and roll them into round balers.

Seed Drill is quite a useful mechanical device attached to a tractor for sowing seeds uniformly.

Set of Harrows is a versatile tool used for smoothing out the surface of the soil and breaking down lumps of hard soil.

Square Balers, just as their name suggests, pick up the hay and roll them into square balers, which are relatively easier to transport around.

Subsoiler is a tool used for digging up deep tillage in the soil and providing a better environment for the growth of plants.

The Wheeled Tractors are useful for tilling the soil before sowing or transporting related materials.

Track Tractor is ideal for maneuvering in fields that can't be accessed with other vehicles.

Tractor Attachments are the different types of tools and mechanisms attached to a Tractor to perform different tasks. Tractor-mounted farm equipment and small-scale farm machinery are extremely important for soil cultivation and crop production.

Transplanter is quite a useful tool to sow plants without going through the conventional method of planting them with a spade.

Small Farm Equipment Names

In the list below, we will be mentioning some of the farm tools or equipment used on a small-scale basis on farms.

Agricultural Roller is quite a handy tool that is mainly implemented to break down lumps of hard layers of soil to provide fine soil for farming.

Axe is a basic tool used by a farmer to cut down tree branches and other plant parts.

Box Drill Seeders are used for sowing seeds into the soil at specific depths.

Broadcast Seeder is the most common type of seeder used in residential areas.

Broadcast Spreader helps achieve a more uniform and efficient spread of seeds to get the job done more consistently.

Chain Harrow is a versatile tool for a farmer because it can be utilized in different ways considering the chain's weight.

Cultipacker is quite a handy tool used for crushing tool soil, more specifically, lumps of soil, and loosening the field. An important machine for a farmer.

Disc Harrow has discs attached to a metallic frame used to chop up weeds and loosen the soil.

Drop Spreader is used to distribute seeds on a large scale in certain areas of the field for better cultivation. One of the important farm tools and equipment.

Escardilla looks quite similar to a shovel and has a similar utility of removing soil for farming.

Hydroponics is a popular method of growing plants in water rather than the orthodox way of cultivating them in soil.

Manure Spreader is quite a handy tool for uniformly distributing manure across the field. With the help of a spreader, manure distribution for farming across the field after irrigation.

Milking Machine is a basic tool used for milking cows automatically without using the usual method.

Moldboard plows are extremely useful for farmers looking for enhanced crop production on their farms.

Peak is quite ideal for digging on hard lumped soil due to its sharp edges.

Planters are the most expensive kind of seeder. But with the cost, it surely provides the best sort accurately for the farmer.

Rotary Seeders have a pretty standard method to sow seeds uniformly into the ground at specific distances from each other.

Sprayers are a basic tool used for spraying liquid onto plants or large areas in the field. One of the important farm tools and equipment.

Spring Harrow has several rows of iron teeth used to plow through the soil. One of the important small farm pieces of equipment.

The Motocultor is a convenient engine tool used for gardening.

Tine Harrow is mostly a light-duty machine. It is used for preparing the soil before cultivation.

Wheelbarrow is a handy cart that can be pulled with one hand only. It's mainly used to carry lightweight items like manure, seeds, or other farm materials along with the crop.

Antique Farm Equipment Names

Here are some ancient farm equipment and tools that are still in usage:

Machete was used as a deadly weapon in ancient times, but now, the blade resembles both a knife and an ax and is used for farming.

Plower is quite a useful tool. It is used for plowing the soil and cultivating it for further growth. In ancient times, animals were used to pull the plows, but nowadays, tractors are used.

Scythe is a huge curved blade attached to one end of a stick. It's quite a versatile tool used for cutting plants and weeds.

Sickle is quite an ancient tool for cutting weeds and plants. It's a largely curved blade.

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