100+ Female Archer Names From Mythology, Fiction, And Sport

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An eleven-year-old archer and a formidable giant orc prepare for battle.
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Archers are people skilled with a bow and arrow, either as a form of protection or for sports.

Female archers have gained some recognition in the scene of archery, as it was one of the few sports that permitted female participation at the early onset. It is a skill that requires focus and precision.

Archeress is a term found in most modern dictionaries and is simply defined as a female archer. However, women in this line simply prefer to call themselves archers. The word archer is a good enough name for people in this field because it does not discriminate based on gender. In this list, you will find fantasy girl names and get to know the best archers in history.

We also have female knight names and sassy girl names that are well worth the read.

Female Archers In Mythology

In certain mythologies, the weapon of choice was a bow and arrow used as a form of protection or to hunt wild animals. Some of history's legendary archers were female, and they were also very skilled. A lot of them were warriors who fought and even lead battles against enemy nations, leading their people to victory. These women possessed great archery skills and were known for their talent. Take a look below for the best female archers names that are suitable for your female child.

1. Artemis, the daughter of Zeus and the goddess of the hunt in Greek mythology. She is one of the most respected gods and is a skilled archer.

2. Atalanta, a huntress and a skilled archer in Greek mythology, often beating men in sporting events.

3. Diana, is the Roman goddess of the hunt and had excellent archery skills. She defied all odds and showed how exemplary women could be in certain areas.

4. Skadi, according to Norse mythology is the goddess associated with archery. She is the goddess of bowhunting, archery, and skiing. She was also worshipped by the Vikings for her excellent skills.

5. The Amazons, were expert warriors skilled in the use of various weapons including the bow and arrow. There has been some evidence to show that they were real and not made up.

Female Archers In Popular Culture

Young Caucasian female archer shooting with a bow in a field at sunset.

The big screen has brought some of our favorite fantasy archers from movies, TV shows, comics, and even animes. The name Katniss Everdeen will ring a bell from the hugely popular book and movie franchise 'The Hunger Games.' The list also has anime archers, your favorite archers in movies, and also lovely female fantasy names that you will love. Check the list for archery characters from shows, movies, books, and everything in between. You can also fine the right name for an archer if you plan on doing some fictional work.

6. Abigail Whistler, a character from 'Blade:Trinity'.

7. Ada Wong, the playable female character from the game series 'Resident Evil 4'.

8. Fa Mulan, the main character in the animation 'Mulan'.

9. Guinevere, other than being the kings love she was an archer from the movie 'King Arthur'.

10. Hanna, an archer from 'Hanna'.

11. Hawkeye, also known as Kate Bishop from the fictional comic series the 'Marvel Universe' and is part of the young avengers.

12. Huntress, also known as Helena Wayne is a DC Comics character appearing in American comic books.

13. Inara Serra, a character from the sci-fi series 'Firefly'.

14. Kagome Higurashi, a character in the manga and anime series 'InuYasha'.

15. Karai, a character from the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'.

16. Katniss Everdeen, the main star of the show from 'The Hunger Games' franchise.

17. Kikyo, a  prophetess who was bad but later turned good from the anime series 'InuYasha'.

18. Kimberly Hart, one of the original rangers from the 'Power Rangers' franchise who was the Pink Ranger.

19. Lara Croft, the very famous tomb raider and daughter of an archaeologist, from 'Tomb Raider'.

20. Neytiri te Tskaha, the daughter of the clan leader from the movie 'Avatar'.

21. Park Nam-joo, a character from the anime 'The Host'.

22. Princess Merida, a rebel princess from the animation 'Brave'.

23. Princess Zelda, a playable character from the game series 'The Legend of Zelda'.

24. Queen Victoria, of England from the Victorian era. When she became queen she renamed the archery club.

25. Rosa Farrell, a playable character from the game series 'Final Fantasy IV'.

26. Sara Lance, a character from the series 'Arrow'.

27. Susan Pevensie, a popular archer from the novel 'The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,' later made into a movie titled 'The Chronicles of Narnia'.

28. Thea Queen, the sister of Oliver Queen from the series 'Arrow'.

29. Tomoe Gozen, a legendary female archer from medieval Japan.

Female Archers In Sports

Back of archery athlete aiming at a target in the distance

Archer is one of the most competitive sports in the world today, especially among women. The best archer in the women category is Kim Soo-Nyung from South Korea. Women also hunt wild animals and are some of the top leading big game hunters in the world. Here are the famous archers from sports who have won medals to show for their excellent marksmanship. These are lovely names for archers as well.

30. Aída Román, from México.

31. Alison Williamson, from Great Britain and represented her country in the 2004 Olympic games.

32. Barbara Mensing, contested in the German team during an Olympic game.

33. Bérengère Schuh, was part of the Olympic French team.

34. Chang Hye-jin, one of the tip good medalist from South Korea.

35. Chen Li-ju, from Chinese Taipei team.

36. Cheng Ming, one of the winners who played in the Chinese team.

37. Cho Youn-jeong, from South Korea.

38. Choi Hyeon-ju, played in the South Korean team.

39. Cornelia Pfohl, played in the German team.

40. Deborah Ochs, a member of the United States team.

41. Denise Parker, also a member of the United States team.

42. Doreen Wilber, from the US and played in the 1972 Olympics games.

43. Emma Gapchenko, from the Soviet Union in the 1972 games.

44. Erika Jones, an American archer.

45. Fang Yuting, played on the Chinese team.

46. He Ying, from China.

47. Inna Stepanova, played for the Russian team.

48. Irena Szydłowska, a Polish female archer.

49. Kaori Kawanaka, was part of the Japanese team.

50. Kateryna Serdyuk, was part of the Ukrainian team.

51. Keto Losaberidze, from the Soviet Union.

52. Khatuna Kvrivichvili, played for the Unified team in 1992.

53. Ki Bo-bae, from South Korea.

54. Kim Jin-ho, from South Korea.

55. Kim Jo-sun, played on the South Korean team.

56. Kim Kyung-wook, from  South Korea.

57. Kim Nam-soon, from  South Korea.

58. Kim Soo-nyung, from  South Korea, a three-time winner, holding the title of best of all time.

59. Ksenia Perova, played with the Russian team.

60. Kusuma Wardhani, played on the Indonesian team.

61. Le Chien-ying, member of the Chinese Taipei team in the 2016 Olympics held in Rio.

62. Lee Eun-kyung, part of the South Korean team.

63. Lee Sung-jin, from South Korea.

64. Lilies Handayani, part of the Indonesian team.

65. Lin Sang, a member of the Chinese team.

66. Lin Shih-chia, played for the Chinese Taipei team.

67. Li Lingjuan, from China.

68. Lisa Unruh, is from Germany.

69. Luann Ryon, from the US.

70. Ma Xiangjun, played for the Chinese team.

71. Mariana Avitia, from México.

72. Melanie Skillman, a member of the United States team.

73. Miki Kanie, a member Japanese team.

74. Natalia Valeeva, played for the Olympics unified team.

75. Nataliya Burdeyna, played with the Ukrainian team.

76. Natalya Butuzova, from the Soviet Union.

77. Nurfitriyana Saiman, played in the Indonesian team.

78. Olena Sadovnycha, from Ukraine.

79. Päivi Meriluoto, from Finland.

80. Park Sung-hyun, from South Korea.

81. Ren Hayakawa, was part of the Japanese team.

82. Sandra Wagner-Sachse, played with the German team.

83. Seo Hyang-soon, from South Korea.

84. Sophie Dodemont, was part of the French team.

85. Tan Ya-ting, was part of the Chinese Taipei team.

86. Tuyana Dashidorzhieva, played in the Russian team.

87. Valentyna Kovpan, from the Soviet Union.

88. Virginie Arnold, represented the French team.

89. Wang Hee-kyung, from South Korea.

90. Wang Hong, was part of the Chinese team.

91. Wang Xiaozhu, played for the Chinese team.

92. Wu Hui-ju, was in the Chinese Taipei team.

93. Xu Jing, played Chinese team.

94. Yoon Hye-young, contested in South Korean team.

95. Yuan Shu-chi, represented in the Chinese Taipei team.

96. Yun Mi-jin, from South Korea.

97. Yun Ok-hee, from South Korea.

98. Yun Young-sook, a top competitor from South Korea.

99. Zhang Juanjuan, from China.

100. Zebiniso Rustamova, from the Soviet Union.

We hope this list of female archer names has shown you just how many options there are out there for your child! If this wasn't up your street then Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for female archer names From mythology, fiction, and sports then why not take a look at something different like Troll Names or Blood Elf Names.

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