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A female boss's nickname has to be something related to her character.

Giving a nickname is an important job that considers all aspects of the persona's character, behavior, job style, and more. So, if it is a female boss for whom you want to select a nickname, make sure you focus on all the aspects that make that woman a hero amongst all.

Depending on the woman's character, behavior, and relationship with the employees, one can decide on either a cool, positive, and catchy nickname or a quirky yet not-so-positive nickname that focuses on the irksome behaviors and characteristics of the female boss. Be it a girl, a lady, or an elderly figure, read on to find a handsome number of nicknames for either kind of your female boss. The following female boss nicknames are divided into a few specific categories. This will make it an engagingly easy task for you to select the perfect nickname for your girl or a lady boss.

Cool Female Boss Nicknames

If your female boss is the coolest leader you have ever had, here are some dandy female boss nicknames that you will want to share with your team right away.

  • The Ace - is the most important playing card. It is a perfect nickname for your female boss who does her job excellently and ensures the entire team aces their work too.
  • Awesome Blossom - refers to one of the sisters from the animated series 'PowerPuff Girls' who is the kindest and best captain of the girls.
  • Boss Lady - this is a good nickname for the boss who is also a mom, a wife, a sister, and someone who handles different roles in life.
  • Champ - this is short for champion and is a good name for hardworking women.
  • Charlie's Angel - refers to the famous pop-culture fiction and the strong characters in the story.
  • Diamond - for the boss who is rough on the edges but a shining star at the core of her personality.
  • Firecracker - is a good name for your female boss who has quite a hot temper and bursts on anyone who doesn't follow the rules or guidelines.
  • Flawless - means someone does not have any flaws and is a great name for a boss who is always on point without any mistakes or flaws.
  • Girl Boss - is a good nickname for the girl in your office who is young and small but makes sure she gets things done like a boss.
  • Horse buckle - if your female boss is quite demanding and authoritative, then this name is the best fit for her personality.
  • Invincible - for a boss who is funny, smart, elegant, and invincible like a God.
  • Khaleesi - referring to the mother of baby dragons from 'Game Of Thrones' who made it a point to overcome any and every hurdle that came in her path to becoming a queen.
  • Leader - an obvious name for the colleague/boss who is a great leader for all the team members.
  • Lioness - is a good name for a boss who is sweet and caring but also fierce and strong, just like a lioness.
  • Mademoiselle - is an elegant French term used to address a 'madam'. It sounds cool and quirky to call your boss this with poise.
  • Miss Skyscraper - is a good name for your tall boss who has, aims to read the clouds or at least skyscrapers.
  • Pearl - if your boss is precious, rolls with a bright and happy face, and makes everyone feel like the company will crumble without her, this is the perfect name for her.
  • Scarlet - for a boss who is smart, cute, and hardworking. Also refers to the dashing actress named Scarlet Johansson, who is beautiful.
  • The Energizer - is a good name for a boss who fills the entire floor with energy the moment she walks in. If your boss is sweet, stylish, adoring, and pumped with energy, no one will be able to say no to her happiness.
  • TP - is short for the boss lady who thinks she is a total package. It is a good name for the boss who acts like she is better than everyone at work or is smarter and cooler than everyone.
  • Wonder Woman - refers to the DC Comic Universe character and superheroine, and is a perfect name for someone who is capable of owning every situation and is always making sure justice prevails.
  • Your Highness - there's no better term than this to call out the ultimate personality of the company, referring to an empress who sits on the high throne.

Catchy Female Boss Nicknames

A female boss can be funny and strict at the same time, based on the office culture.

Names that are unique and quirky stay in everyone's mind for a very long time. Here are some catchy female boss nicknames that you might want to shortlist for your exceptional female boss.

  • Amiga - is a Spanish term that means friend and is a perfect nickname for the female boss who is not just a boss but also a friend.
  • Black Diamond - refers to carbonado, which is the toughest form of a diamond in its natural form.
  • Black Widow - although the term has 'widow', it refers to one of the strongest female fighters from the Marvel comics and the movie 'Avengers'.
  • Chardonnay - if your boss is someone who adores wine and all the sophistication associated with it, this is the best nickname for her.
  • Cheerleader - a great nickname if your boss is supportive and always makes sure to cheer and motivate the entire team to do their best even when things go sideways.
  • Duchess - a catchy term to use for an authoritative female boss.
  • Enchantress - if your boss is almost like a magical being, then this is the best name for her. It also refers to the fictional character from the DC comic universe, shown in the movie 'Suicide Squad' part one.
  • Gangsta Baby - for a strong female boss who is maybe young but like a gangster. Hence, a quirky name like gangsta baby for that boss girl.
  • IG Boss - for the boss who is addicted to Instagram just like a baby or teenage girl.
  • Katniss - refers to the character played by Jennifer Lawrence in the movie 'Hunger Games'. The character is known to be a fighter and a survivor of battles.
  • JUST - is short for a female boss who says 'just get it done' way too often than not.
  • Mirage - actually means an illusion but is a quirky name to use for a boss who appears to be funny but is quite sarcastic as a whole.
  • Moonshine - for the boss who has a calmness like a moon and brings brightness just like the moon's beams.
  • Muggles - for a very naive boss who is unaware of in-office politics.
  • Ninja - is a perfect term for a highly skilled boss and an expert in the given departments and activities.
  • Punkin - if you have a no-nonsense female boss, this is the nickname you are looking for.
  • Sparky - is a perfect name for a female that makes the office better with her presence.
  • Starlight - for a bright boss just like the starlight. It also refers to the superhero character from 'The Boys'.
  • Victoria - refers to the empress Victoria and can also be used for someone obsessed with the style and fashion brand Victoria's Secret.

Unique Female Boss Nicknames

A female boss can surely be magnificent, so why settle for a basic nickname for her? Here are some unique female boss nicknames and terms that you'd want to keep for your queen-like female boss.

  • Big Mouth - is quite a funny yet creative term for a boss who cannot stop saying things that are bigger than they are.
  • Bubbies - is a term similar to baby or boo that can be used for the boss you care about.
  • Excused Bubbies - refers to the boss who isn't your baby or anyone close to you.
  • Eye Candy - for a boss who is the cutest and sweetest at work and is thus an eye candy for most.
  • Four Eyes - for the boss who cannot see a single thing with her spectacles.
  • Gaia - refers to a Greek goddess who personified earth.
  • Iphiel - is a creative term that can be used for your female boss who's always different than the rest of the team.
  • Ivy - is a perfect name for a well-educated boss who is a hotshot at work and probably belongs to an Ivy League.
  • Office Ninja - for a boss who is almost invincible and is amazing at her management skills.
  • Perfect 10 - for the boss who is everything at once - a perfect 10 on 10.
  • Petal - is a good name for a lady boss who has a fragile personality, especially if your boss freaks out when under pressure and cannot handle the same.
  • Queen Bee - is a nice name for your lady boss, with whom the entire team has no option but to carry along.
  • Slay Queen - if you have a foxy and fashionable boss who makes sure she slays not just with her style but also with her smartness.
  • Ultra - refers to a person with an extremist personality. It is a perfect name for a boss who is obsessed with perfection and is always in ultra mode, even at fun events.

Funny Female Boss Nicknames

Irrespective of all the know-how, some bosses can be funny and still manage to get work done. Here are a few funny nicknames one can use for the best female boss at their job.

  • Angry Bird - is a funny name for the boss who is always frustrated or angry with everything that goes on in her life and at work.
  • Bambino - for the boss who acts like a small child and needs every team member to pamper her.
  • Barbie - for a female boss who is a spoilt brat and makes everyone bend to her wish.
  • Blondie - is quite an obvious name for a female boss with blond hair.
  • Bug - if your female boss is a constant nagger and doesn't let you work at your own pace or with your ideas and has a bothersome personality, then this is a short and perfect name for her.
  • Cloppity Clop - for a boss that wears high heels at work and walks with noisy movements across the work floors.
  • Copycat - if your female boss is always passing others' work as hers and always taking credit for all the successes that come through the company's way, then this is what you need to name her.
  • Cruella - quite a literal name for the cruel boss. It also refers to the Disney character who was featured in the film 'Cruella' and was recently played by Emma Stone.
  • Cubicle vampire - is a name for a boss who is not productive and just keeps moving from cubicle to cubicle, making everyone's life dreadful.
  • Dollface - a funny and cute name for a boss who has a doll-like face.
  • Frankenstein - for a boss who never seems to look fresh but in pieces like the monster.
  • Monica - refers to the character played by Courteney Cox in 'Friends', the control freak and someone very particular about the things in the office, especially on her desk and in her cabin.
  • Shoulder Beast - if your female boss keeps lurking around your shoulder and peeps at what you are doing, this is the name you are looking for.
  • The Control Freak - another literal yet funny name for the female boss who is obsessed with how others work and tries to control everything, even after delegating tasks.

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