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60 Funny Dog Names For Your Hilarious Hound

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They say dogs are man’s best friend, and this saying is very true.

Picking out dog names for your little furry friends so easy. You give your dog any name you think fits their character well.

A funny dog name for your protective yet goofy dog will surely put a smile on your face every time you call out for your pet. Some people like to have a name picked out for their new dog, while others prefer to get to know the pet before giving them a funny name. There are tons of punny names like Pee Wee, Sir Barks, Jimmy Chew, and Sherlock Bones that you could give your dog.

Read the list below for funny names for dogs, and check out British Dog Names and Cartoon Dog Names for more ideas.

Funny Dog Names For Girls

Small cute beagle puppy looking up.

For a female dog, then you need some funny female dog names to go with all that attitude. Here are some unique names for your little furry miss.

1. Brittany Ears (English origin) a combination of the name Britany and ears.

2. Barkley (English origin) meaning “birch tree”.

3. Beethoven (English origin) meaning “beetroot farm”.

4. Biscuit (English origin) meaning “twice-cooked”.

5. Blu (Sanskrit origin) meaning “powerful”.

6. Butternut (English origin) and refers to a nut with buttery flesh.

7. Catherine Zeta Bones (English origin) a pretty weird dog name.

8. Cha-cha (Latin origin) refers to a type of Latin dance.

9. Chica (Spanish origin) meaning “young”.

10. Chiquita (Spanish origin) means "little girl".

11. Cutey Honey (English origin) from the sweet nectar produced by bees.

12. Diva (Latin origin) meaning “goddess”.

13. Ellen Degeneruff (English origin) from the name of a famous TV host.

14. Elektra (Greek origin) meaning "amber" is a unique name.

15. Fifi (French origin) meaning "Jehovah increases".

Funny Dogs Names For Boys

Dachshund puppy is sitting in the middle of chaos.

Male dogs are a furball of delight. For a pooch that brings you laughter, here are funny male dog names.

16.  Archibald (English origin) meaning "precious".

17.  Barney (English origin) after ‘Barney the Dinosaur’.

18.  Biggie Smalls (English origin) an ironic name for a small dog.

19.  Boss (English origin) fit for a big bossy dog.

20.  Buster (English origin) meaning "clumsy".

21.  Chubby (English origin) ideal for a chubby dog.

22.  Coconut (English origin) a fruit with hard tusks.

23.  Gumdrop (Englis origin) after the cartoon.

24.  K-9 (English origin) synonymous with the teeth. A tough dog name.

25.  Lollipop (English origin) a type of candy.

26. Mr Magdalene (English origin) a name often given to a woman meaning "tower".

27.  Pistol (English origin) it is a weapon.

28.  Pugsley (English origin) gotten from a place in Warkleigh.

29.  Quixote (Spanish origin) after a famous Spanish character.

30.  Sir-Barks-Alot (English origin) funny name for a dog that barks a lot.

Gender Neutral Funny Dog Names

A gender-neutral name for your puppy is equally as hilarious:

31.  Bacon (French origin) a type of meat.

32.  Bambam (German origin) means "yellow".

33.  Bamboo (Malay origin) a type of tree.

34.  Butterball (English origin) a trademark name.

35.  Doodle (English origin) used to refer to a simpleton.

36.  Eggroll (English origin) a type of pastry.

37.  Hashtag (English origin) used on social media platforms.

38.  Milkshake (English origin) a type of drink.

39.  Muffin Chops (English origin) a type of pastry.

40.  Nugget (English origin) can be used to refer to a piece of something, e.g chicken nugget.

41.  Pancakes (English origin) a type of pastry.

42.  Pup Tart (English origin) meaning "flat pastry".

43.  Sneakers (English origin) refers to shoes.

44.  Spark Pug (English origin) gotten from spark plug used to ignite something.

45.  Sprite (English origin) a type of soft drink.

Funny Dog Names Inspired By Popular Media

Plenty of ideas for funny names for dog draw inspiration from the media.

46.  Balto (Babylonian origin) based on a movie titled ‘Balto’.

47.  Bingo (English origin) from the movie ‘Bingo’.

48.  Buddy (American origin) from the movie ‘Air Bud’.

49.  Chance (English origin) means "fortune", from the movie ‘Homeward Bound’.

50.  Charlie (English origin) means "free man", from movie ‘All Dogs Go To Heaven’.

51.  Django Unleashed (Romani origin) meaning "I awake" after the movie with the same name title.

52.  Fang (Chinese origin) from the ‘Harry Potter series’.

53.  Gus (English origin) means "great" from the movie ‘Iron Will’.

54.  Hooch (English origin) an abbreviation for Hootchinoo, a specific kind of liquor.

55.  Hobert (German origin) meaning "shining intellect".

56.  Lady (English origin) referring to a female head of the house, from the cartoon 'Lady and the Tramp'.

57.  Merely (English origin) means "purely" after the music artist ‘Bob Marley’.

58.  Old Yeller (English origin) from the movie ‘Old Yeller’.

59.  Pencil (Latin origin) from the movie ‘Year of the Dog’.

60.  Scooby (English origin) based on the popular show "Scooby-Doo".

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked these Funny Dog Names, take a look at Australian Dog Names, or for something different, Pokemon Names.

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