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100+ Funny Pig Names That Are Perfect For Your Pet

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Did you know that pigs are actually great pets?

Yes, they can be an amazing addition to your family. Despite how they are depicted, pigs are actually pretty clean animals, mother pigs even train their piglets (this the word for baby pigs and small pigs) to keep their food areas clean!

There are different names for pigs of different ages. For example, from birth until weaning, baby pigs are called piglets. From weaning, until they are ten weeks old, they are known as weaners. After that, they become rearing pigs until they reach the age of six months. Pigs that are in the early rearing stage are also called growers, whereas pigs in the last rearing stages are called fatteners.

If you have a pig and want to give it a funny name, here is a list of more than 100 funny and good pig names that are perfect for your pet. If you find this list interesting, you can check out other articles from Kidadl, like these funny animal names for your pets or these funny chicken names that will make you chuckle.

Pig Names From Movies, TV Series And Books

Pigs have been a common character in several children’s movies, TV series and books. If you want to name your pig based on a famous character, here is a funny pig names list.

1. Abigail, the pig character from the movie ‘The Ham What Was’.

2. Arnold Ziffel, a pig character from the TV sitcom ‘Green Acres’.

3. Babe, a super cute pig in the movie ‘Babe’ and ‘Babe: Pig In The City’. It is also among the most common baby pig names.

4. Empress of Blandings, an interesting name for an enormous prize pig from P.G. Wodehouse's books.

5. Gordy the Pig, the main character of the movie with the same name.

6. Gub Gub, another funny pig character from Hugh Lofting’s ‘Doctor Dolittle’.

7. Hamm, a short and sweet name of a toy in the movie ‘Toy Story’.

8. Hen Wen, the name of a pig from the movie ‘The Black Cauldron’ who tells fortunes.

9. Hogzilla, the name of a real life pig which weighed 800 pounds and was about eight feet long.

10. Max, the name of the famous pot-bellied pig of George Clooney.

11. Miss Piggy, Miss Piggy is a character name from Jim Henson’s ‘The Muppet Show’.

12. Monokuru Boo, a pig from Japan who is quite similar to Hello Kitty.

13. Napoleon, yet another pig name from ‘Animal Farm’.

14. Noelle, a real pot-bellied pig who appeared in the comedy ‘Designing Women’.

15. Olivia, a charming name for a charming character from the animated TV series of the same name.

16. Peppermint Pig, a popular name for a pig that has inspired a movie character and a movie.

17. Peter Porkchop, a lovable character from the DC universe.

18. Petunia Pig, the name of a character from ‘Merrie Melodies’ TV series.

19. Piglet, a popular name for a pig that comes from the much loved character from ‘Winnie The Pooh’.

20. Plopper, another character from ‘The Simpsons Movie’, this is a funny pig name.

21. Poppleton, the name of a character from Cynthia Rylant’s children’s books.

22. Porky Pig, a popular pig name that comes from Bugs Bunny’s arch enemy.

23. Puddle, a pig from the TV series ‘Toot & Puddle’ who is best friends with Toot.

24. Pumba, not strictly a pig, but a pig-like character from the famous ‘Lion King’ movie.

25. Sir Oinksalot, the name of a pig who made a cameo appearance in ‘The Simpsons’

26. Slim, a pig character from the TV series of the same name.

27. Snowball, an endearing name from ‘Animal Farm’, George Orwell’s dystopian novel.

28. Squealer, another character from George Orwell’s book titled ‘Animal Farm’.

29. Toot, one of the famous pigs from a TV series and books illustrated by Hollie Hobbie.

30. Wilbur, an adorable piglet from the movie and book ‘Charlotte’s Web’, written by E.B. White.

People all over the world love funny pig names.

Pig Names From Pokemon

Who doesn’t like Pokemon? Naming your pet pig after your favorite pig Pokemon will surely take you down memory lane. Check out this list of famous pig names from Pokemon.

31. Anquer, a Pokemon that looks like a pink boar walking on hind legs.

32. Boarest, name of the Forest Pig Pokemon.

33. Conquer, the Pokemon that resembles a dark red boar.

34. Emboar, the Mega Fire Pig Pokemon that has evolved from Pignite.

35. Grumpig, the Manipulate Pokemon that has evolved from Spoink.

36. Happig, the Derpy Pig Pokemon who will evolve into Anquer.

37. Momoswine, the final form of Swinub is among the cute pig names.

38. Mankey, the Pig Monkey Pokemon who evolves into Prime ape.

39. Pignite, the Fire Pig Pokemon who evolved from Tepig.

40. Swinhub, the Swine Pokemon who evolves into Momoswine.

41. Primeape, the Pig Monkey Pokemon evolved from Mankey.

42. Spoink, the Bounce Pokemon who evolves into Grumpig.

43. Swinhub, the dual-type Ice/Ground Pokemon who evolves into Piloswine.

44. Tepig, the Fire Pig Pokemon who evolves into Pignite.

People all around the world have pet pigs.

Funny Pig Names

Check out this pig names list for people who like cute pig names and puns.

45. Autumn, a beautiful name for your cute and adorable pig.

46. Calvin, a pig name inspired by the famous brand, Calvin Klein.

47. Bacon, an adorable name for a pig inspired by the salt-cured pork.

48. Albert Swinestein, a pig name inspired by the theoretical physicist Albert Einstein.

49. Amy Swinehouse, a female pig name for fans of Amy Winehouse.

50. Arnold Porkzenegger, a name for your pig who is as strong as the retired professional bodybuilder, actor and businessman Arnold Schwarzenegger.

51. Eva Gaboar, an adorable name for a pig inspired by Eva Gabor, the Hungarian-American actress, and singer.

52. Barak Oboarama, a pet name for pigs inspired by the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.

53. Beatrix Trotter, a pig name that resembles the name of author Beatrix Potter.

54. BLT, a sandwich with bacon, tomato and lettuce as the primary ingredients will be a great name for your pig.

55. Boaris Johnson, a pig name that comes from the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson.

56. Cedric Piggery, a pig name for all the 'Harry Potter' fans who want to honor the Hogwarts champion.

57. Chewbacon, an adorable name for a pig that will remind everyone of the lovable Chewbacca from ‘Star Wars’.

58. Colonel Bacon, an adorable name that will suit your pig well.

59. Count Porkulaa, a play on the name Count Dracula.

60. Duke of Pork, another funny name that is quite popular among pig lovers.

61. Elvis Pigsley, a musical name for all the Elvis fans out there.

62. Frank Swineatra, a name inspired by one of the most influential singers of all time, Frank Sinatra.

63. Frankenswine, a pig name for all the 'Frankenstein' fans.

64. Frankfurter, an interesting name for a pig taken from sausage of the same name.

65. Good Chop, an adorable name inspired by the famous ‘Good Cop Bad Cop’ routine used by movie police officers.

66. Ham, one of the cutest piglet names inspired by pork.

67. Ham Solo, a lovable name inspired by the lovable character Han Solo from ‘Star Wars’.

68. Hamlet, a name for your pig inspired by Shakespeare's classic play of the same name.

69. Harry Trotter, for anyone who wants to name their pig something magical.

70. Hermione Hamhock, one of the most adorable girl pig names that will display your love for pork and the 'Harry Potter' series.

71. Jennifer Lopig, a cute pig name for fans of the famous pop star Jennifer Lopez.

72. Jimi Hamdrix, a musical name for your pig inspired by American musician, singer, and songwriter, Jimi Hendrix.

73. Jimmy Dean, a pig name created from a sausage brand of the same name.

74. Kevin Bacon, an adorable name for a pig that comes from the American actor of the same name.

75. Lindsay Loham, the perfect girl pig name for all the ‘Mean Girls’ fans out there.

76. Nugget, one of the most endearing and funny names for male pigs or guinea pigs.

77. Oinkers, a funny name for your pig who loves to oink. It is among the most interesting boy pig names.

78. Paloma, a funny and adorable name for your pig.

79. Piggy, a simple name for people who don’t want to put in a lot of effort while naming their pig.

80. Pink, for all the pink colored pet pigs and pink loving owners.

81. Pinky, another color based name that can be used as female pig names.

82. Pirate, one of the funniest pet names for pigs that go "Arrrrr".

83. Porkchop, a cute name for a guinea pig inspired by the meat chops.

84. Porsche, one of the best pet names for your fast running pig you can’t catch.

85. Proton, an adorable science based name for a pig you can use.

86. Reebok, another funny and adorable name you can use if you are searching for cool pig names.

87. Romeo, an endearing name for your lovable guinea pigs.

88. Sapphire, a bright, beautiful and funny name for your pig.

89. Sausage, another food inspired pet pig name.

90. Shrimp, another food based name for your pet friend.

91. Slobber, a character based funny name you can use for your pig.

92. Smokey, a guinea pig name inspired by the smokey food specials.

93. Snort, a funny name for your pig who can’t stop snorting. Perfect for those looking for funny names for pigs!

94. Tabby, the name of a cat species that also works well for pigs.

95. Teddy, an adorable, funny male pig name.

96. Top, a pig name for your pig who rules the roost.

97. Twinkle, a cute pig name for a pet pig.

98. Via, one of the best pet male pig names for pigs.

99. Yoda, a funny and adorable pig name inspired by the character from the famous ‘Star Wars’ series.

100. Yoshi, a Japanese name that will perfectly fit your pig.

Kidadi has many names articles that can inspire your next character. If you love these ideas for funny and clever pig names, why not take a look at something different like these super funny fish names for your pet or this list of the best cockatiel names that are cute and funny?

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