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110+ Great Badass Nicknames For Guys, Girls, And Gamers

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A nickname is an informal name, especially one that you are called by friends or family, generally based on your real name or character.

Nicknames may be based on true names, personality traits, physical characteristics, and interests of a person. No matter where they come from, nicknames are frequently employed as terms of endearment or displays of affection. And if you are active in the online world, especially in video games, you may realize that you might not be as important as you thought without a nickname.

Badass nicknames are a way to raise your status in the gaming community. In the gaming world, a badass nickname also creates a mystery and helps your opponent keep it guessing who they lost to.

So, if you are looking for cool gaming and friendly nicknames, check out this article. Keep on reading, and happy nicknaming!

Badass Nicknames For Guys

Friends jumping happily on a snowy mountain.

If you are looking for badass nicknames for guys, then we are sure that this list is just what you need. We compiled some popular nicknames for boys. You can also use some of these names from the list as cool nicknames for your baby boy.

1. Aspect: a nickname for a fun-loving guy.

2. Axe Man: for a guy who has a good physique or who uses too much deodorant!

3. Basilisk: for a dangerous guy. After the mythical creature Basilisk, believed to have a fatal breath and glance.

4. Big Spender: for a guy who spends too much money.

5. Big Papa: for a guy who always behaves like a boss.

6. Bowser: for a guy who loves eating. This is also one of the coolest gaming names.

7. Bruise: for the one capable of damaging their opponent.

8. Bullet: for a guy who's fast as a bullet.

9. Bullet Proof: for a guy who always has a backup plan.

10. Caltrop: for a guy who can always trap and defeat his opponents.

11. Cobra: for a guy who is as powerful as King Cobra.

12. Colt: for a guy who is fond of horses.

13. Craniax: a cool nickname for a gamer.

14. Crusher: for a guy who can crush obstacles and prevail.

15. Eliminator: for a guy known for eliminating obstacles and winning easily.

16. Frenzy: for a guy who's constantly losing his mind.

17. Grip: a boy having many friends.

18. Hitter: for a guy who is fantastic at baseball.

19. Hurricane: one of the best names for people who are always messing around.

20. Indominus: for a fierce guy. After the fictional Dinosaur, Indominus Rex from the Jurrasic World film.

21. Iron Heart: for a super-genius person, just like Ironheart, the main protagonist in Iron Man Comics.

22. Ironsides: for a guy who is as tough as iron.

23. Jaguar: for a powerful, ferocious, and courageous guy.

24. Javelin: a nickname for a super speedy guy.

25. Kafka: a shy guy.

26. Killer: for a guy who is good-looking.

27. Leon: a boy name who is like a lion.

28. Leviathan: for a guy who is like the devil. After the Biblical mythological sea monster.

29. Lightning: for a guy who works fast as lightning.

30. Manic: for a guy who always panics in every situation. This one has extreme energy levels.

31. Masher: a guy names who loves squash.

32. Maximus: a roman title for generals who defeated their enemies in battle.

33. Minotaur: after the Greek mythology monster who had a body of a man with the head of a bull.

34. Mothman: a name derived from the antagonist of the Batman TV series.

35. Napoleon: after the French military and political leader of the 19th century.

36. Obliterator: for a destructive guy. For a player who completely destroys his opponent in the game.

37. Panther: after a magnificent animal, the panther. It symbolizes courage, magic, and protection.

38. Rage: for a passionate guy.

39. Ram: for a guy who is determined, strong, and a natural leader.

40. Ranger: for a boy who loves nature.

41. Savage: a badass name for a savage guy.

42. Sting: after the famous musician Sting.

43. Thor: name for a guy who is a big fan of Thor.

Badass Nicknames For Girls

Group of girls playing a game of cards UNO.

These nicknames are likely to inspire you, whether you're seeking a fantastic nickname for a powerful and confident gaming name or something to describe someone's individual personality.

44. Athena: name for the most brilliant girl in the group. After the Greek goddess of war, wisdom, and handicraft.

45. Baltimore: for the charming girl. Nicknamed after the 'Charm city.'

46. Benelli: nickname for a girl signifying good health.

47. Black Widow: for a girl who loves strong female superheroes. After the famous superhero from Marvel comics.

48. Camden: a name for a girl that means 'enclosed valley.'

49. Caprice: for a girl who is whimsical and playful.

50. Coffy: a name for a born-winner girl.

51. Crafty: for a girl who is good at craftwork and cunning.

52. Enigma: for a girl with a mysterious personality.

53. Enyo: for a girl with a sparkling smile. After the Greek goddess of war.

54. Eowyn: a name for a girl who loves horses.

55. Godzilla: a name suitable for a girl who goes from adorable to dangerous in a nanosecond. One of the coolest names.

56. Goddess: for a girl who is a firm believer and inspires faith in others.

57. Hostility: for a girl who has no time for nonsense.

58. Ishtar: after the Babylonian and Assyrian goddess of love, war, and fertility.

59. Mademoiselle: for a girl who is in love with Paris. A French word that refers to a young female.

60. Majesty: for a girl with a high sense of dignity and nobility.

61. Malice: a name for a girl who takes pleasure in others' misfortune. A perfect name for a badass gamer.

62. Nightmare: for a girl with long black hair.

63. Siren: a name for a pretty girl, after the Greek mythology creatures called 'Sirens.'

64. Sorceress: for a girl who resembles a magical persona.

65. Soul: a name for a beautiful soul and kindhearted. One of the sweetest names.

66. Stiletto: a name for a super tall girl.

67. Storm: for a girl who is feisty and fierce.

68. Tattoo: a name for a girl having lots of tattoos.

Badass Gamertags

Gaming names should be picked with care, with an eye toward how they will match your personality and playing style. You can select one of the names from the list below or draw inspiration from it and mix it with anything related to your name. Choose a name that you know you'll appreciate for years and reflects your personality from this list of game names.

69. AgentHercules

70. Air Bender

71. AngelsCreed

72. Bad Bunny

73. Blood Warriors

74. Mighty Mafia

75. Accidental Genius

76. Cupid Dust

77. Dahlia Bumble

78. Dark Horse

79. Feral Mayhem

80. Dexter

81. Gunhawk

82. Hurricane

83. Terminator

84. Warth

85. Head-Knocker

86. Slaughter

87. Wildcat

88. Torque

89. Torpedo

90. Hellcat

91. Strike Eagle

92. Wolverine

93. Viper

94. Renegade

95. Albatross

Badass Car Nicknames

Some people like to give nicknames to their cars. It allows them to give their inanimate objects some personality of their own. Just like Dean (Jensen Ackles) from the TV show 'Supernatural' calls his car 'baby.' Whether you're a guy or girl looking for some badass names for your car, we can help you. Check out our list of badass car names.

96. Barracuda: a nickname for a cool car.

97. Fender: for a high-speed car.

98. Silver Ghost: for a car having low noise and silver appearance.

99. Blade Runner: a nickname for a high-speed car.

100. Blunderbus: for a car with big wheels.

101. Blue Moon: for a blue car.

102. Boomer: a name for a car with a bright headlight.

103. Boomerang: for a car with black doors.

104. High Voltage: for a car with comfortable seats.

105. Indestructible: a name for a powerful muscle car.

106. Indominus: for a car that needs repairing all the time but never breaks down.

107. Inferno: the name of a car with a red seat cover.

108. Invincible: best nickname for a powerful car.

109. Iron Man: nickname for an aggressive muscle car.

110. Iron Mold: the car with the noisy horn.

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