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45 Great Goldfish Names For Your Pet

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When you buy a fish, what do you do? Well, your top priority should be properly set up their tank, settling them in, and learning to care for them properly, but after that, they’re going to need a name!

You can't keep calling them fish one or two. They need a name, a name that will help you connect with your fish on a deeper level.

We have heard people say how can we differentiate between two fishes from the same breed. Well, you can if you pay good attention to them. To help you make this decision as well as help you connect with your pet, we've compiled a list of beautiful names for your fish.  

We hope that you can choose a good goldfish names after reading this post. You can also check out our fish names and turtle names articles for more inspiration.

Goldfish Names For Girls

Names like Goldie, Skipper, and others are very common, so let's find some unique names.

How do you differentiate between the gender of a goldfish, simply look at their pectoral fins. If the rays are thicker and longer, then it's a male else a female.

1. Alyssa  (Greek origin) means "alyssum".

2. Amanda (German origin) means "deserving to be loved".

3. Bertha (English origin) means "big Bertha."

4. Dorothy (Greek origin) You can always name your fish after the Muppet Elmo's pet goldfish.

5. Edna (French origin) means "the old lady of goldfish". Such orange fish names are hard to miss.

6. Flower (English origin) means "smell as sweet".

7. Freya (German origin) means "lady". A perfect name for a lady-like personality fish.

8. Gertrude (German origin) you can also use it as Gerty for short.

9. Isla: Acute aquatic name for your pet inspired by actress Isla Fisher.

10. Josephine (Hebrew origin) means "shall grow".

11. Lochte (German origin) means "pay homage".

12. Molly (Greek origin) means "sea of bitterness".

13. Monica (North African) means "to advise".

14. Olga: A name that captures the stoic look of the goldfish.

15. Pixie (English origin) means "fairy".

16. Ponyo: A cute name for goldfish princess named after the fiom with the same name.

17. Spitz: A cute name for a sassy fish inspired by Mark Spitz.

18. Sue: This name is as common as George, but a cute name for your fish friend.

Goldfish Names For Boys

Goldfish are different from betta fish and so should their names be.

Did you know: A young fish is called a fry and soon they develop and become able to find food for themselves.

19. Ace: You can never go wrong when comes to using a classical name like Ace for your little man.

20. Adonis: It may seem an ironic name for a tiny guy, but is a cute nickname for fish.

21. Butch: A tough name for a cute goldfish.

22. Cleo: You can name your pet after the long-lashed fish from the movie 'Pinocchio'.

23. Dara: Just like the U.S. swimmer Dara Torres, your goldfish likes to swim around.

24. Darth: Fish with names like this are strong and resilient just like the character created by George Lucas for the 'Star Wars' movie.

25. David (Hebrew origin) means "beloved".

26. Ebenezer: A perfect name for a grumpy fish.

27. Eugene: will make a unique and nerdy pet fish name.

28. George: It may be an average name for humans but a unique name for a goldfish.

29. Leonard (English origin) means "lion strength". Such names will suit pets with artistic personalities.

30. Lewis This is a great name for fish who loves to explore his surroundings.

31. Lucien (Latin origin) means "bringer of light".

32. Lucifer: Naming your pet after the angel of darkness can be a bit of fun irony.

33. Otto: You can choose to name your fish after the swimmer Kristin Otto.

34. Popov: Russian swimmer Alexander Popov's name also makes an intense goldfish name.

35. Severus (Latin origin) means "stern or harsh". A popular name choice for 'Harry Potter' lovers.

36. Sushi: If you don't mind some twisted humor, then naming your fish Sushi will ensure he is remembered by everyone.

37. Tropicana: Another beautiful name for a fish who lives in a beautiful aquarium.

38. Wasabi: A cute reference to Japanese cuisines made from fish.

39. Xander (Greek origin) means "defending men".

40. Zeus (Greek origin) means "God".

Gender Neutral Goldfish Names

Maybe you don't want to impose the gender binary on your fish, if so, these are the names for you.

41. Bubbles: You can name your pet after the bubbles fish make.

42. Fin (Irish origin) means "fair". It is a perfect play on the word with the fish ‘fin’.

43. Goldie: As in the precious metal gold. It is a perfect name for an orange fish.

44. Google: A cute name for a googly eyes goldfish.

45. Nemo: You can never go wrong with this one.

Kidadl has lots of great baby name articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for goldfish names then why not take a look at dolphin names or, for something different, take a look at racoon names.

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