30 Greek Names For Dogs After Gods And Goddesses

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Originally Published on Nov 17, 2020
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Choosing a name for your dog is a big decision.

You may want to call your dog something meaningful. You might also want a name that imparts good qualities and attributes in him or her.

Taking inspiration from mythological Gods and Goddesses is an amazing way of naming your beloved pet. Greek dog names inspired by mythology are both unique and memorable and that's why we have listed 30 of the best Greek dog names for you right here!

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Names for Dogs Inspired By Greek Mythology

If you're struggling to think of  dog name, we have some of the best Greek mythology names for dogs right here.

1 . Achilles, is one of the best Greek dog names, you cannot go wrong naming your dog after the Trojan War hero.

2 . Atalanta, is a heroine who went on a quest, perfect for your inquisitive girl dog.

3 . Cassandra, is a princess from Greek mythology, perfect for your little princess.

4 . Castor, is an unforgettable hero who saves his brother's life in Greek mythology.

5 . Hector, is another hero of the Trojan War.

6 . Helen, is the name of a beautiful woman in Greek mythology, perfect for your beautiful dog.

7 . Odysseus, is the hero of Ithaca who was immortalized by Homer in his epic poem.

8 . Otrera, is a brave Queen, this is an inspiring name to call your brave girl after.

9 . Pandora, this is the name of the first Greek woman, an iconic name to call your first dog.

10 . Skýlos, this Greek word for "dog" is the perfect name to call your own little pup.

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Cool Greek God Names For Dogs

There is no shortage of Greek God names for male dogs, here are the ones we like the most.

11 . Apollo, is the Greek God of music, this name might be the perfect inspiration for a dog who loves to dance to his favorite songs.

12 . Ares, is the Greek God of war, a great name for little fighter dog who loves to playfight.

13 . Cronus, is the Greek God of time and is a cute Greek dog name for your puppy.

14 . Helios, is the Greek God of sun. Why wouldn't you want to name your puppy after the Greek God of the sun?

15 . Hermes, is the God of travel and is a sophisticated Greek dog name choice.

16 . Hypnos, is the Greek God of sleep and the father of Morpheus, Phobetor, and Phantaus. This makes it the perfect name for a protective dog.

17 . Morpheus, is the God of dreams and a perfect name for sleepy dogs.

18 . Phobetor and Phantasus, were the brothers of Morpheus, these Greek Gods' names are a great choice for a pair of brother puppies.

19 . Poseidon, is the Greek God of the sea, a great name for a water loving dog.

20 . Zeus, is the God of the sky, rain, and clouds and is a powerful Greek dog name.

Greek Goddess Names for Dogs

If you have a good girl instead, here are some greek goddess names for female dogs after deities ancient greek worshipped:

21 . Aphrodite, is a Goddess of love and beauty, this name is an amazing way to honor your beautiful dog who loves you unconditionally.

22 . Artemis, is the Goddess of animals. Whilst there is no exact Greek God or Goddess of dogs, as the Goddess of animals Artemis is the closest choice.

23 . Athena, is the Goddess of wisdom and intelligence and is the perfect name for your clever girl.

24 . Demeter, is the Greek Goddess of grasses, fertile land, grains, fruit, and agriculture is one of the most apt Greek dog names for nature loving dogs.

25 . Hecate, was the Greek Goddess of magic and witchcraft also a perfect dog name for your magical little pup.

26 . Hera, is the Queen of the Greek Gods and Goddesses, this name is the best way to crown your girl who is the ultimate ruler of the house.

27 . Hestia, is the Goddess of the home, this name is perfect for a lazy girl dog who does not ever want to leave the house.

28 . Nike, is the name of the Goddess of victory, a powerful name for a girl dog.

29 . Nyx, is the Goddess of the night, perfect for a girl who loves playing all night long.

30 . Persephone, is the Greek Goddess of vegetation, this is a good name for your dog if she loves munching on veggies.

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