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40+ Green Dragon Names To Inspire You

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Found in all sorts of fantasy games, films and books, green dragons are powerful and majestic creatures.

These green winged creatures need powerful names and that is where we come in. We have put together a list of the best green dragon names to inspire you when naming your own characters.

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Green Dragon Names From Gems And Jewels

A name derived from gems and jewels defines the quality of your dragon.

Green gems are the symbol of prosperity, fertility, and growth. Select these cool green dragon names based on precious stones so that your dragon character stands out in the crowd.

1. Alexandrite (M) (English origin) means "dark green gemstone". It is believed that this gemstone has good omens.

2. Amaratha (F) (English origin) means "shield stone".

3. Andar (M) (English origin) means "greenish-red or brownish-red".

4. Aquamarine (F) (English origin) means "blue-green gemstone".

5. Aventurine (M) (English origin) means "saganite". A strong and unique name for a green dragon.

6. Beljuril (M) (English origin) means "hard opaque sea-green gem".

7. Chrysoberyl (M) (English origin) means "pale green gemstone".

8. Chrysocolla (F) (English origin) means "green or blue-green".

9. Cleiophane (F) (Greek origin) means “treacherous”. These dragons are pale green colored just like the precious stones they are named after.

10. Emerald (F) (English origin) the name Emerald simply means "emeralds".

11. Jade (M/F) (English origin) means "white gem". This name is ideal for a strong firebreathing dragon.

Green Dragon Names Inspired By Shades Of Green

These green dragons' names are made from different shades of the green color.

We have created a list of brilliant fantasy dragon names inspired by the color of green or other names for green. These green dragon names are suitable for both male and female characters.

12. Absinthe (M) (Greek origin) means "wormwood".

13. Akira (F) (Thai origin) means "sunlight". For a strong female dragon name, this is perfect.

14. Cadmium (M) (Latin origin) means "calamine". In the world of dragons, Cadmium means power.

15. Chartreuse (M) (French origin) means "a clear, light green with a yellowish tinge".

16. Cyan (M/F) (English origin) means "light blue-green".

17. Deco (M/F) (Hungarian origin) means "Lord". This is one of the most famous dragon names. Such names for dragons have a real 'Lord Of The Rings' vibe to them.

18. Hunter (M) (English origin) means "one who hunts". For a hunter green dragon.

19. Ivy (F) (English origin) means "climbing vine plant".

20. Lime (M) (Greek origin) means "lemon". A perfect name for a bright green dragon.

21. Reseda (F) (Latin origin) means "healer".

22. Teal (M/F) (American origin) means "greenish-blue color".

Green Dragons Names From Nature

Dragons are creatures of nature, so why shouldn't their names be derived from nature? Below we have compiled a list of the best green dragon names based on nature and, of course, greenery. One of these could be perfect for your character's fantasy names.

23. Artemis (M) (Greek origin) means "Goddess of the hunt".

24. Blitzer (M) (English origin) means "quick-tempered and fiery person". It's a cool dragon name.

25. Celadon (M) (English origin) means "greenware".

26. Drood (M/F) (English origin) means "most common".

27. Fauno (M/F) (Latin origin) means "half human–half goat".

28. Fern (F) (English origin) means "A green plant that loves shade".

29. Gruna (F) (English origin) means "Green".

30. Hydra (F) (English origin) means "many-headed water dragon".

31. Zelena (F) (Latin origin) means "moon goddess".

Cool Unisex Green Dragon Names

If you are looking for a gender-neutral name for your dragon, then keep on reading our list of names of green dragons. These fantasy names would be truly magical choices for your green dragon character.

32. Eormairth means "the grumpy".

33. Dairrai means "the mysterious".

34. Nudharth means "the great".

35. Iephoa means "the strong".

36. Iannit means "champion of men".

37. Rayvay means "protector of life".

38. Xoakiath means "the gentle".

39. Gurvoilae  means "Lord of the blue".

40. Eorsorior means "the stubborn".

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