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46 Hilarious And Heartwarming Hedgehog Names

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Hedgehogs names can be both hilarious and heartwarming, depending on the style you choose.

Use wordplay for the perfect name or get inspiration from a famous character. Cute hedgehog names are easy to come by as long as you're willing to search a little.

You can also use their particular species as inspiration. There are 17 different species of hedgehogs, some named after their native regions and others from their characteristics. The Indian long-eared hog is named after both.

Find your pet hedgehog the name he or she deserves with some of the best hedgehog name choices around.

For more naming fun, take a look at these lists of the best earthy boy names and the best nature-inspired names.

Easy Hedgehog Name Choices

You can find some of the cutest hedgehog names by considering the size and characteristics of your particular species- Hugh's, Daurian, Amur, and bare-bellied are a few.

1.Brillo - represents a spiky sponge

2.Button - used to describe something cute and small. Your Indian hog could use this name, as it likes to roll up into a small ball.

3.Dig - Many of the species like to dig in the ground to create a spot to sleep.

4.Hedge - simply using the first half of the word hedgehog

5.Hog - using the second half of the word hedgehog

6.Needles - reminiscent of a hedgehog's pokey spines, Mr. Needles is a cute option for a male

7.Nugget - used as a nickname for something small, perfect for a North African hedgehog that tends to be very small in size.

8.Prickles - a hedgehog's spikes can be prickly to the touch

9.Quill - technically hedgehogs have spines and not quills, but it's still a commonly used name for the little creatures.

Wordplay Names

A play on a name can help you create some funny hedgehog names for your spiky pet that work whether you have a Southern African, Somali, long-eared, European, or any other species.

10.Bruce Quillis - after Bruce Willis

11.David Hasselhog - after David Hasselhof

12.Hokey Pokey - this dance name works well for a hedgehog moniker

13.Paris Quilton - like Paris Hilton

14.Quillenore - instead of Elenore

15.Quilliam - play on the name William

16.Quillma - like Willma

17.Quill Smith - like Will Smith

18.Quillson - like Wilson

19.Quilly Wonka - in place of Willy Wonka

Hedgehog Names Beginning With H

H names pair well with 'Hedgehog' for cute name options.

20.Ham (Hebrew Origin ) for "hot"

21.Hank (American Origin ) "ruler of the home"

22.Henry (German Origin ) means "home ruler"

23.Harley (English Origin ) for "hare's meadow"

24.Hickory (Native American Origin) "of the tree", this name works for a Gaoligong forest hedgehog.

25.Honey (American Origin) for "sweet"

26.Hope (English Origin) means "hopeful"

Sonic The Hedgehog And Friends

Plenty of famous characters have inspired some good hedgehog names for your tiny pets. Most people know of the most famous hedgehog character, Sonic, but plenty of others came from the franchise as well.

27.Amy Rose (Latin Origin) meaning "beloved flower", she's friendly and pink

28.Luna - (Latin Origin) she's the daughter of Shadow. Luna means "moon". It works well for the dark-haired, girl hedgehog.

29.Scourge - this green, male hedgehog is the opposite of Sonic. It would be a good-sounding name for the desert hog.

30.Shadow (English Origin) means "shade from sun"

31.Silver (English Origin) representing riches, he's sent from the future to protect his time

32.Sonia (Russian Origin) "wisdom", she's Sonic's fuchsia-colored sister

33.Sonic (English Origin) represents one who's "fast", the blue hedgehog is the most famous of them all

Over The Hedge Hedgehog Names

The 2006 film, Over the Hedge, has a whole family that can inspire a name for your hedgehog.

34.Lou - (German Origin) means "famed warrior", he played the dad

35.Penny - (English Origin) meaning "weaver", she played the mom, she had three triplet boys whose names are below.

36.Bucky - (American Origin) means "little buck"

37.Spike (American Origin) represents a "long, heavy nail"

38.Quillo (Greek Origin) meaning "crossing swords"

Hedgehogs The Movie Names

This 2016 movie boasted how every hero has a spine, and hedgehogs have hundreds.

39.Bobby (German Origin) means "bright flame"

40.Rose (Latin Origin) representing a flower

41.Warrior (French Origin) meaning "soldier"

Other Notable Hedgehog Names

Two hedgehog holding apples figurines

Find other names for hedgehogs with these notable character options.

42.Hans (German Origin) from the fairy tale, Hans My Hedgehog. The name means "gift from God".

43.Harry - (German Origin) from Super Mario, meaning "ruler"

44.Mr. Pricklepants - (German Origin) from Toy Story 3 and 4, he's a snobby actor.

45.Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle - (English Origin) from The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle book, she's a tidy mother figure

46.Russell - (Old Norse Origin) from the animated film, Once Upon a Forest, representing "red hair"

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