133 Best Triplet Names To Inspire You

Georgia Stone
Dec 12, 2023 By Georgia Stone
Originally Published on Nov 27, 2020
Cute triplet sisters in the field eating bread with milk.

A baby in the house is a cause for happiness.

In the case of triplets, it's three times the amount of happiness. Along with this  happiness though, comes triple the amount of names as you need to pick not one, but three, great names for your triplets.

Babies from a multiple birth are amazing, you may have quadruplets (four babies), quintuplets (five babies), sextuplets (six twins), septuplets (seven babies), or even octuplets (eight twins). Whether it's cleaning, feeding, or putting to sleep, multiples definitely require a lot more work. But there is one job that we can help with right now: naming your new babies!

We've rounded up a list of names for triplets that you'll be excited to give your baby girls or boys. For more inspiration, you can also check out these baby names for twins and these baby names that rhyme for siblings or twins.

Triplet Girls' Names

Looking for popular triplet girl names that will be perfect for your little baby girls? Pick one of the triplets names combinations from this list.

1. Addison, Alison, and Arieon

Alison (French origin), means "noble".

2. Adwen, Gwen, and Helen

Helen (Greek origin), meaning "light" or "bright".

3. Amanda, Johanna, and Mackenzie

Johanna (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is gracious".

4. Amaryl, Cheryl, and Daffodil

Cheryl (Welsh, French origin), meaning "beloved".

5. Amber, Jasmine, and Mulan

Jasmine (Persian origin), meaning "God's gift". Could also be used to refer to the flower.

6. Ann, April, and Leslie

Leslie (Gaelic origin), name meaning "holly garden".

7. Anne, Emily, and Charlotte

Emily (Latin origin), meaning "hardworking". These triplet names are inspired by the Bronte sisters.

8. Anna, Alice, and Bella

Bella (French, Latin, Spanish origin), the name means "beautiful".

9. Annabelle, Isabelle, and Mirabelle

Annabelle (Hebrew origin), meaning "one whom God has favored". Among the triplet names that rhyme.

10. Annie, Grace, and Hannah

Annie (English origin), the name means "merciful".

11. Alice, Elizabeth, and Evelyn

Evelyn (English origin), this name means "wished for child".

12. Alouette, Starling, and Zippora

Zippora (Hebrew origin), meaning "bird". One of the triplets names inspired by birds.

13. Arlette, Avis, and Jemima

Jemima (Hebrew origin), this is among the names for triplets meaning "dove".

14. Azalea, Poppy, and Rosemary

Rosemary (Hebrew origin), meaning "dew of the sea". These names for triplets are nature inspired.

15. Blakesley, Cayley, and Hailey  

Cayley (Gaelic origin), meaning "slender".

16. Calla, Emma, and Olivia

Emma (German origin), this name means "whole" or "universal".

17. Cassie, Cecilia, and Chloe

Chloe (Greek origin), this name means "blooming".

18. Charlotte, Elsa, and Merida

Merida (Celtic origin), this name means "pearl".

19. Cher, Dionne, and Tai

Cher (French origin), this name means "dear one".

20. Claudine, Coraline, and Delphine

Coraline (American origin), meaning "heart".

21. Cordelia, Delta, and Isla

Isla (Scottish origin), meaning "dynamic" or "vibrant".

22. Daisy, Holly, and Marigold

Marigold (English origin), meaning "yellow flower". These baby names for triplets are inspired by flowers.

23. Daya, Deryn, and Lark

Daya (Sanskrit origin), meaning "compassion".

24. Dahlia, Posey, and Zahara  

Zahara (Arabic origin), name meaning "most exquisite". More flower inspired baby names for triplets.  

25. Edith, Mary, and Sybil

Sybil (Greek origin), name meaning "prophets".

26. Ella, Lila, and Mila

Lila (Arabic origin), name meaning "night".

27. Elle, June, and Madeline

June (English origin), name of the month, but could also refer to the Roman Goddess, Juno.

28. Eve, Sarah, and Esther

Esther (Hebrew origin), meaning "star".

29. Florence, Mary, and Rosalie

Florence (Latin origin), meaning "blossoming".

30. Gretchen, Regina, and Karen

Regina (Latin origin), the name means "Queen".

31. Hyacinth,Iris, and Susan

Iris (Greek origin), the name means "rainbow".

32. January, May, and June

May (English origin), among the baby names representing a month, but this could also refer to the Roman Goddess of fertility, Maia.

33. Jade, Opal, and Ruby

Opal (Sanskrit origin), meaning "jewel". These are popular gemstone inspired names for your little girls.  

34. Lark, Wren, and Paloma

Paloma (Latin origin), meaning "peaceful".

35. Lorelai, Rori, and Emily

Rori (Irish origin), meaning "red king". Inspired by the trio from 'Gilmore Girls'.

36. Mary, Sarah, and Winnie

Sarah (Hebrew, Persian origin), meaning "princess" or "joy".

37. Mavis, Raven, and Robin

Mavis (French origin), meaning "songbird".

38. Merle, Paloma, and Rhea

Rhea (Greek origin), meaning "flowing stream".

39. Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel

Monica (Latin origin), meaning "to advise". If you're looking for names of popular trios, this set of names from 'Friends' is perfect for your little girls.

40. Laraline, Loa, and Luscinia

Loa (Scandinavian origin), meaning "spring bird".

41. Odessa, Sedona, and Sydney

Sedona (English origin), referring to the beautiful city in Arizona known for its tranquility.  

Triplet Boy Names

Very cute sisters triplets together.

Want to ensure your sons get some popular triplet names that they can proudly wear for life? Pick one of the combinations from this list.

42. Abel, Alvaro, and Apollo

Abel (Hebrew origin), meaning "breath" or "vapor".

43. Adonis, Atlas, and Damon

Adonis (Greek origin), meaning "Lord".

44. Ajax, Ares, and Castor

Ajax (Greek origin), meaning "from the earth".

45. Alvin, Simon, and Theodore

Theodore (Greek origin), meaning "God given". These are the names of the famous triplets characters from 'Alvin And The Chipmunks'.  

46. Apollo, Hermes, and Zeus

Hermes (Greek origin), meaning "interpreter". Hermes was the Greek God of good luck and speed. These are powerful baby names to consider when naming your little boys.

47. Arthur, Benno, and Callum

Benno (German origin), meaning "bear".

48. Athos, Porthos, and Aramis

Athos (Greek origin), meaning "God's gift". Names of 'The Three Musketeers'.

49. Axel, Diesel, and Jett

Axel (Scandinavian, French, German, Dutch origin), meaning "father of peace".  

50. Barkley, Blake, and Bryant

Bryant (Irish origin), meaning "son of Brian".

51. Billy, Bruce, and Britt

Billy (German origin), meaning "resolute protector".

52. Braden, Corbin, and Hector

Corbin (English origin), meaning "raven".

53. Brandon, Jon, and Robb

Robb (Scottish origin), meaning "famous" or "bright". Inspired by the 'Game Of Thrones' characters.

54. Bruce, Peter, and Clark

Peter (Greek origin), meaning "stone" or "rock".

55. Buck, Draco, and Hawk

Draco (Latin origin), meaning "dragon" or "serpent".

56. Caleb, Jonah, and Kai

Caleb (Hebrew origin), meaning "faithful".

57. Camden, Carson, and Chandler

Chandler (English origin), meaning "candle maker and seller".

58. Chandler, Joey, and Ross

Joey (Hebrew origin), meaning "God increases". If you're looking for names of popular trios, this set of names from 'Friends' is perfect for you.

59. Charles, Clark, and Darcy

Charles (French, German origin), meaning "free man".

60. Cooper, Dylan, and Lars

Dylan (Welsh origin), meaning "son of the sea".

61. Dedrick, Delvin, and Donnell

Dedrick (German, Danish origin), meaning "power of the tribe".

62. Diego, Gordon, and Hank

Hank (American origin), meaning "the home ruler".

63. Don, Ricky, and William

Ricky (American origin), meaning "brave ruler".

64. Dustin, Mike, and Lucas

Mike (English origin), meaning "who is like God".

65. Elijah, Jonathan, and Loki

Jonathan (Hebrew origin), meaning "God has given".

66. Eric, Phillip, and Naveen

Eric (Norse origin), meaning "eternal ruler".

67. Flint, Fern, and Forrest

Forrest (English, Scottish origin), meaning "outside".

68. Fox, Falcon, and Finch

Falcon (English origin), refers to a bird in the hawk family.

69. Frank, Michel, and Pete

Pete (English origin), meaning "rock".

70. Garraway, George, and Griffith

Griffith (Welsh origin), meaning "strong lord".

71. Gunner, Jagger, and Lennon

Gunner (Scandinavian origin), means "warrior".

72. Harvey, Jay, and Kal

Harvey (Welsh origin), means "battle worthy".

73. Jesse, Jock, and Jordon

Jesse (Hebrew origin), means "God's gift".

74. Jesse, Saul, and Walter

Saul (Hebrew origin), means "question".

75. Kaia, Kaiholo, and Kalil

Kalil (Arabic origin), means "friend".  

76. Keane, Kenway, and Rodrick

Keane (Gaelic, English origin), means "fighter".  

77. Kurt, Keith, and Jimmy

Keith (Celtic origin), means "from the battle ground".

78. Lex, Logan, and Lois

Lex (Greek origin), means "warrior".

79. Matt, Max, and Oliver

Max (Latin origin), meaning "greatest".

80. Nick, Schmidt, and Winston

Nick (Greek origin), means "the people's victory".

81. Paul, Pollux, and Troilus

Paul (Latin origin), meaning "humble".

82. Poe, Raoul, and Rosamund

Raoul (French origin), meaning "wolf counsel".

83. Poseidon, Proteus, and Theseus

Proteus (Greek origin), meaning "first".

84. Rowel, Orson, and Auberon

Orson (English origin), meaning "bear cub".

85. Tobin, Torrance, and Varden

Torrance (Gaelic origin), meaning "hillock".

Triplet Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Three twin sisters are sleeping sweetly.

Want to explore some names that are popular for triplet boys and girls? Pick a combination you like from this list when naming your little babies.

86. Abbott, Belinda, and Charmaine

Belinda (Italian origin), meaning "beautiful".

87. Ada, Albert, and Altman

Ada (German origin), a girl name meaning "nobility".

88. Adam, Belinda, and Cleantha

Cleantha (English origin), meaning "glory".

89. Adrian, Braedyn, and Cathia

Cathia (Greek origin), meaning "pure".

90. Alastair, Federica, and Victoria

Victoria (Latin origin), meaning "victory".

91. Alexandra, Margaret, and Philip

Margaret (French origin), meaning "pearl".

92. Alvin, Brittany, and Corissa

Brittany (English origin), meaning "from Britain".

93. Andrew, Abigail, and Agatha

Abigail (Hebrew origin), meaning "father's joy".

94. Anne, David, and John

David (Hebrew origin), meaning "beloved".

95. Ash, Carwyn, and Freya

Freya (German origin), meaning "lady".

96. Austin, Brishen, and Christina

Austin (English origin), meaning "great".

97. Barbara, Daniel, and Irene

Irene (Greek origin), meaning "peace".

98. Barrett, Beatrix, and Bethany

Beatrix (Latin origin), meaning "traveller".

99. Bernice, Darwin, and Leonardo

Bernice (Greek origin), meaning "bringing victory".

100. Birch, Basil, and Briar

Briar (English origin), meaning "shrub".

101. Blossom, Branch, and Canyon

Canyon (English origin), meaning "big ravine".

102. Calithea, Elqenna, and Marcus

Calithea (Greek origin), meaning "beautiful view".

103. Catherine, Christian, and Eloise

Eloise (French origin), meaning "renowned warrior".

104. Carlos, Caressa, and Kiera

Carlos (Spanish origin), meaning "free man".

105. Clinton, Felix, and Judith  

Felix (Latin origin), meaning "happy".

106. Constance, Cornelius, and Clifford

Cornelius (Latin origin), meaning "horn".

107. Coral, Cypress, and Colt

Colt (American origin), meaning "young horse".

108. Chanel, Darcia, and Juan

Juan (Spanish origin), meaning "God is gracious".  

109. Diana, Henry, and Laura

Diana (Persian origin), meaning "messenger of beneficence".  

110. Dolores, William, and Teddy

William (German origin), meaning "protection".

111. Edward, Eleanor, and Elizabeth

Elizabeth (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is my oath".

112. Ethel, Florence, and Robert

Robert (German origin), meaning "fame bright".

113. Ginger, Garland, and Glenwood

Glenwood (Gaelic origin), meaning "wood in the valley".

114. Han, Luke, and Leia

Leia (Latin origin), meaning "lioness".

115. Harry, Ron, and Hermione

Hermione (Greek origin), meaning "earthly". The trio from 'Harry Potter'.

116. Hawk, Owl, and Sparrow

Hawk (English origin), meaning "like the bird".

117. Jack, Rose, and Cal

Rose (English origin), the "flower".

118. Jack, Kate, and Sawyer

Kate (Greek origin), meaning "pure".

119. Laredo, Regina, and Rio

Rio (Spanish origin), meaning "river".

120. Mabel, Nellie, and Thomas

Nellie (English origin), meaning "light".

121. Mia, Mason, and Matthew

Mia (Slavic origin), "darling".

122. Miguel, Maria, and Maud

Maud (German origin), "powerful battler".

123. Oceanus, Olive, and Pembroke

Pembroke (Welsh origin), "edge of land".

124. Peter, Tris, and Tobias

Tris (Celtic origin), "noble".

125. Polly, Parker, and Patrick

Patrick (Latin origin), "nobleman".

126. Sophia, Samuel, and Sebastian

Sophia (Greek origin), "wisdom".

127. Tabitha, Tess, and Tyler

Tabitha ( Aramaic origin), "graceful".

128. Zara, Zachary, and Zayyan

Zachary (Hebrew origin), means "God remembers".

Famous Twin And Triplet Names

Want to use names inspired by famous twins and triplets of celebrities when naming your little boys and girls? Pick the set of names you want from this list.

129. Douglas, Jordan, and Paulina

Jordan (Hebrew origin), this name means "one who descends". These are the triplets of Dr. Drew and Susan Pinsky.

130. Eddy and Nelson

Eddy (Old English origin), the name means "guardian of his property". Twins of Celine Dion and René Angélil.

131. Ella and Alexander

Alexander (Greek origin), this baby name means "protector of the people". George and Amal Clooney's twins.

132. Moroccan and Monroe

Monroe (Scottish origin), the name means "from the hill". Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey's twin boys.

133. Rumi and Sir

Rumi (Japanese origin), it means "beautiful". Names of Jay-Z and Beyoncé's popular twins.  

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for triplet names, check out these sibling names, or for something different these gemstone baby names.

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