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50+ Hyena Names From Myths And Fiction, As Well As Ideas To Inspire You

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The word Hyena is of Korean origin and means “integrity”.

Hyenas are animals that might look like dogs but are closer to cats. They are usually hunters.

The most popular hyenas in popular culture are the ones who appeared in the animated movie ‘The Lion King’ - Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed. If you find this list of hyenas in mythology and fiction interesting, you can check out other articles from Kidadl, like wolf pack names or wolf names.


Famous Hyena Names

Most of the famous hyenas are characters in ‘The Lion King’ franchise, including movie and animated series. Check out their names.

1. Azizi, one of the new ‘The Lion King’ characters. His name means “highly esteemed” and he is the new character in the movie who was voiced by Eric Andre.

2. Baasho, a hyena in the ‘King of the Jungle’ screenplay based on ‘The Lion King’.

3. Banagi, a hyena who appeared in the screenplay of ‘The Lion King’. He is the leader of the hyenas.

4. Banzai, one of the secondary antagonists of ‘The Lion King’, a follower of Scar.

5. Cheezi, a secondary antagonist in the movie ‘The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar’.

6. Chungu, a major antagonist in ‘The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar’. He is best friends with Cheezi.

7. Ed, a secondary antagonist and one of the characters from 'The Lion King' who is known for his haunting laughter.

8. Haya, a shy and logical hyena who appears in ‘The Lion Guard’.

9. Janja, the main antagonist of the first season of ‘The Lion Guard’.

10. Jasiri, a spotted hyena who made an appearance in ‘The Lion Guard’.

11. Kamari, meaning “great joy” is the name of a new hyena appearing in the 2019 ‘The Lion King’. He  was voiced by Keegan-Michael Key.

12. Madoa, sister of Jasiri who made an appearance in ‘Lions of the Outlands’.

13. Mjomba, a male aardwolf who lives in the Pride Lands and leads his pack.

14. Nne, a recurring antagonist in ‘The Lion Guard’.

15. Ogopa, a bright and bubbly hyena who appears in ‘The Lion Guard’.

16. Prince Nevarhas Bin-Broak, one of the main characters of the episode ‘I Only Have Ice For You’ of ‘TaleSpin’.

17. Shenzi, one of the hyenas from 'The Lion King'. She is voiced by Florence Kasumba.

18. Sydney, an anthropomorphic hyena who appeared in ‘The Animal Kingdom’ episode of the ‘Aladdin’ TV series.

19. Tabaqui, a minor antagonist of ‘The Jungle Book’ who was cut from the movie. He then appeared as a secondary antagonist in ‘The Jungle Book: Mowgli’s story’.

20. Tano, a minor antagonist in ‘The Lion Guard’ who is a member of Janja’s clan and his second-in-command.

21. Tunu, a young hyena who makes an appearance in ‘The Lion Guard’ and is a member of Jasiri’s clan.

22. Wema, another young hyena who is a part of the Jasiri’s clan and appears in ‘The Lion Guard’.

23. Bud, a pet hyena of Joker who appears in the series, ‘Krypto the Superdog’.

24. Lou, Joker’s pet hyena who makes an appearance in ‘Krypto the Superdog’.

25. Flame Hyenard, a robotic hyena humanoid in the ‘Mega Man X7’.

26. Haida, a spotted hyena who makes an appearance in ‘Aggretsuko’, the Sanrio anime series.

27. Hardy Har Har, a hyena who appeared in ‘Lippy the Lion & Hardy Har Har’.

28. Hyena, a fictional supervillain who appears in the comics published by the DC comics.

29. Harry the Hyena, also known as secret agent H, a hyena who appeared in 'Phineas And Ferb.'

30. Zig, a brown-colored hyena who appeared in ‘Zig and Sharko’.

Spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta), also known as the laughing hyena.

Hyena Name Ideas

If you are looking for new, good names for hyenas, here are a few ideas to inspire you.

31. Bandit, meaning “an outlaw or a robber” is one of the best and funny hyena boy names.

32. Banzai, meaning “a Japanese battle cry” is a funny name well-suited for a hyena.

33. Crocuta, a funny name inspired by the scientific name of the spotted Hyena, Crocuta crocuta.

34. Hunter, one of the best names for a hyena, who are predators by nature.

35. Hyen, plural of hyena, is a cool name.

36. Koda, meaning “friend” will be the perfect name for a good hyena character.

37. Nghwazi, meaning “adventurous” suits a hyena well.

38. Misavu, meaning “humorous” refers to the laughing hyena.

39. Rover, meaning “wanderer” is a cool name for a loner hyena.

40. Roxy, meaning “dawn” is one of the most beautiful hyena girl names.

41. Ruff, one of the funny names for hyenas that comes from the ring of hairs around the neck of a mammal is a perfect name for a hyena.

42. Rufus, a common and funny name for a dog that will work for a hyena as well.

43. OofOof, a funny name inspired by the loud barking noises made by hyenas.

44. Shadow, a dark and gloomy name for a hyena.

45. Sharptooth, a name inspired by the bone-crushing teeth of these short and powerful canines.

46. Shikari, meaning “hunter” is a name that refers to the predatory nature of hyenas.

47. Spots, a name based on the hyena species. The spotted hyenas are also called laughing hyenas.

48. Storm, a name that perfectly suits the dark and moody vibe of a hyena.

49. Sunflower, a hyena name for someone who wants to give it a more optimistic and light name.

50. Ximbulu, meaning “to have heart” is a perfect name for an adorable and loving hyena.

51. Xitwisi, meaning “very active” is a funny name for a spry and energetic hyena.

An adult Striped Hyena (Hyaena hyaena) standing in open dry desert scrub vegetation, against a blurred natural background.

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