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40 Interesting Nicknames For Maria

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Maria is an adorable name that is usually given to baby girls.

The name stands for femininity and is an all-time favorite name for girls. The name Maria originated from the Latin name Maryam or Miryam.

This popular Biblical name was also derived from the name ‘Mirjam’, which has Hebrew and Egyptian origins. There are several meanings of the name, which are - 'rebellious', ‘sea of bitterness’, 'beloved', 'wished for child', and 'Lady of the Sea'. Maria is also said to be one of the variations of the name of the mother of Jesus, Mary.

There are various eminent personalities with the name, for example, Maria Cantwell, Maria Bartiromo, Maria Bello, Maria Canals Barrera, María Capovilla, Maria Doyle Kennedy, María Fernanda Neil, Maria Francisca Perello, Maria Gregersen, Maria Menounos, Maria Montessori, Maria Montez, Maria Sharapova, Maria Robotnik, Maria Von Trapp, Mary Poppins, Maria Kochetkova, Maria Muldaur, Maria Muldaur, Maria Rohm, Maria Salinas, Mariah Carey, Maria Schell, Maria Rita, Maria Thayer, María Valverde.

Funny Nicknames For Maria

The below-listed Maria nicknames are really funny and engaging. Let's have a look.

1. Mad Hatter Maria- A nickname to describe someone loony.

2. Mad-Nuts Ria- This nickname is used to address a crazy Maria.

3. Margarita- A Maria who likes pizza or beverages after the same nickname

4. Marinate- Given to a person who can cook well.

5. McFury Maria- Use this nickname for a Maria who is always raging with anger.

6. Moo- It is a funny nickname related to the sound a cow makes.

7. Mookie-Pookie-Mariakie- It is a very charming and delightful name but a little embarrassing for a grown-up lady.

8. Mother Of Dragons Maria- Use this nickname for someone named Maria, who is a big-time 'Game of Thrones' fan.

Cool Nicknames For Maria

Nicknames are often given to the closest friends and partners. Here are some cool and catchy Maria nicknames.

9. Aria Maria- The last three letters of the name and Maria.

10. Em- This nickname has been derived from the name Maria.

11. La Mari- It is a French nickname for Maria.

12. Marge- A cool short nickname for Maria, meaning ‘child of light’.

13. Mariam- an original Latin variation of the name Maria, meaning ‘beloved’ or ‘drop of the sea’.

14. Masha- A Russian version of Maria, meaning ‘star of the sea’ or ‘beloved’.

15. Mayra- An Irish variation of the name for Maria.

16. Mini Maria- It is a nickname for a short Maria.

17. Minion Maria- Who loves minions or looks or behaves like one.

18. Miriam- It is an Arabic version of Maria.

19. Mia- A shortened name for Maria.

20. Re- A very sweet nickname for your loved one.

Cute Nicknames For Maria

Get some extra cute nicknames to adore your loved ones. These names will definitely suit all the cute Maria's out there. 

21. Aria- It is an Italian nickname that denotes ‘melody’.

22. Ave Maria- Derived from the common phrase for 'Hail Mary'.

23. Mar-Mar- Given to Maria, who loves mischief.

24. Marie- Named after the Marigold flower, making for a darling nickname.

25. Marika- A famous nickname for those who are residing in Poland, meaning ‘from the sea’ or ‘bitter’.

26. Mashunechka- It is a unique nickname for Maria.

27. Mimi Mari- A cheerful nickname that is given to a little baby girl named Maria.

28. Ree- A lovable nickname of Hebrew origin that means ‘to bind’.

Popular Nicknames For Maria

There are several nicknames for Maria that are more prominently used, or associated with popular things. Have a look to find out the best nickname for your loved one, named Maria.

29. Mama Maria- Means ‘woman’ or ‘wife’.

30. Mariel- Meaning 'star of the sea'.

31. Mars- is gender-neutral, which means 'God of war'.

32. Marykins- It is a name that is dedicated to a person who is highly charged with various creative ideas.

33. Melvin- Means 'Gentle Lord'.

34. Merlot- It is a French name meaning ‘blackbird’.

35. Mia Mariel- A popular combination of two names.

36. Mithi- It is a Hindu name that means ‘truthful and sweet’.

37. Mooky Maria- It is a cute nickname that means ‘introverted and lovable’.

38. Moon- This nickname allows a kinship with the beautiful night sky.

39. Munchkin- It is given to a person who is often endearing and notably small.

40. Ria- It is a cute female nickname meaning 'river'.

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