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40 Japanese Dog Names With Meanings for Your Puppy

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

Several aspects of Japanese culture have made it very popular across the globe.

The Japanese are known to pamper their pets and treat them with the same amount of respect a family member receives. Shiba Inu and Akita are the two most popular dog breeds in this country.

Whether you own a Japanese dog breed or any other breed, there are Japanese name inspirations that will help you pick an attractive name for your pooch.

If you go by the global standards in dog names, Bella is the most popular choice for female dogs, and Max is for male dogs. There are several such names that are very popular among pet parents. But, if you are looking for something unique, then a Japanese dog name that sounds good and also has a beautiful meaning would be a great pick. In Japan, Akira meaning "bright" is the top choice for naming a canine member of the family.

Treating dogs like their own children, they often pick names that have a unique meaning. Nature-inspired, food-based, animal name inspired, and weather-related choices are all common. Sometimes, the Japanese choose a name based on how they consider their dog, like Ichiro, which means the first son, is for families where the pooch is the first kid. The name might often be a reflection of the family's lifestyle. Here are the most popular Japanese names; with "M" indicating a male dog and "F" indicating a female dog. The rest are unisex names for pups. Read on for cute and cool Japanese dog names.

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Funny Japanese Names For Dogs

You might love your pet unconditionally, but for all the funny little things that your dog might do, here are some fun titles you could give them:

1. Bukiyo - Meaning "clumsy"; makes a lovely Japanese name for dog who is silly.

2. Nemui - Meaning "sleepy"  suits a dog that loves napping.

3. Suzu - Meaning "bell" for noisy dogs.

Anime Names For Pets

For all the anime fans out there, here are some of the most popular Japanese dog names based on famous anime characters:

4. Akamaru (M) - Nin-dog with white fur in Naruto with aka meaning "Red" and Maru  for "Perfection"

5. Gin (F) - From Ginga: Nagareboshi, Gin meaning "Silver."

6. Koromaru (M) - From Persona 3 derived from "Tiger" and "Wolf."

Food-Inspired Japanese Names For Dogs

Picking dog names from names of food items is a common practice around the world. There are many who call their dogs "brownie" or "muffin" or "cookie." So, here are some food-based Japanese dog names you can pick for your pet:

7. Momoka - A flower of the peach tree.

8. Ryokucha - A green tea variant.

9. Sushi (F) - From the rice and seafood-based dish.

10. Soba - Meaning "buckwheat."

Names Taken From Nature

(A Japanese dog name could be the perfect name for your pet with many different inspirations.

Nature and natural elements are popular name inspirations for dog names not just in Japan but in many countries around the world. Here are some lovely sounding dog names that denote a natural element:

11. Aki - Meaning "autumn" or "brightness."

12. Ayaka (F) - meaning "flower" or "summer."

13. Hana (F) - means "flower" for the pretty dogs.

14. Haru -  means "Spring" season.

15. Hoshi (F) - means "Star". It is another popular choice.

16. Kiku (F) - means "Chrysanthemum" flowers.

17. Rina (F) - means "Jasmine"

18. Sakura (F) - Denotes "Cherry Blossom".

19. Sora (F) - means "Sky"

20. Yoko (F) - From words "sunshine" and "child."

Animal Name-Based Inspirations

Calling your pet a word that indicates another animal is not uncommon. Here are some Japanese word translations of different animals. These are also popular choices for naming dogs:

21. Hotaru - Is the word for "firefly".

22. Inu - Is a "dog" in Japanese.

23. Kuma - Translates to "bear."

24. Neko - Meaning "cat".

25. Shishi - Is the word that means "lion".

26. Sika - Means "deer".

27. Suzume - Meaning "sparrow".

Happy Japanese Dog Names

Several of the chosen names for the pet depict how cheerful and bright life becomes once the dog enters your life. Akira is the perfect example. Here are some more happy Japanese dog names that never go out of style:

28. Aimi (F) - Meaning "beautiful love."

29. Eiji (M) - From the words "prosperity" and "peace".

30. Haruki (M) - Means the "shining sun".

31. Hikaru (F) - Means "radiance".

32. Hiroaki (M) - Meaning "abundant light".

33. Hiroshi (M) - Means "generous".

34. Keiko (F) - Meaning a "blessed child".

35. Taiki (M) - Means "shine".

36. Takara - For "treasure".

37. Toshi - "Wise" for the matured dogs.

38. Youta - Translates to "sunlight".

39. Yua - Meaning "bind" and "love."

40. Yuki - Meaning "happiness".

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