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100 King Names From Around The World

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Inspiring, exotic and tantalizingly royal- that's what names of a king are all about!

Names of kings and princes have always been in vogue owing to their timeless king appeal. The name of a king for your character or a child could be empowering and fascinating.

Every royal name has a touch of nostalgic allure. They work like a charm in leaving a lasting impression on other people. When it comes to names, nothing can match the splendor and charisma reflected by kings' names. Every kings name bears a unique, distinctive, and royal appeal in meaning and evoke different emotions. There have been many kings throughout history and are still many across the globe today. So here we have listed all the kings' names you might want for your reference. If you are turning to royal inspirations, have a look at the 100 kings and princes name from around the world.

Whether you are looking for a royal baby name for your little king or a medieval last name, the perfect choice awaits you here.

Ancient King Names

Giving someone the name of a king will make them a great leader. There are a few names like Aldrich, Bardick and Czar etc. that mean "a leader" or "ruler". Ancient kings' names are great name choices for parents and gamers who are frequently on the lookout for an inspiring yet elegant name for their character of a story or game. Old kings' names show authority and sound powerful. Which name from this amazing list of ancient kings names works best for you?

1. Adelio, (Spanish origin) means "father of the noble prince".

2. Amara, (Greek/Sanskrit, African origin) is an ancient name that means "immortal".

3. Adrian, (Latin origin) meaning the "Adriatic Sea".

4. Augustus, (German/ Roman origin) means "magnificent".

5. Andrew, (Greek origin) means "manly"; stands for the mighty, courageous and brave warrior.

6. Arthur, (Welsh Origin) means "bear". Mainly associated with the renowned King Arthur, this name has genuinely undergone a renaissance owing to its soaring popularity off lately.

7. Alexander, (Greek origin) means "defending men".

8. Æthelred, (English origin) means "noble counsel" and is reminiscent of the two renowned Saxon kings of England including Ethelred II "The Unready".

9. Anthony, (Latin origin) is a distinguished name meaning "priceless one".

10. Edmund, (Old English origin) means "wealthy protector".

11. Edgar, (Old English origin) means "wealthy spearman". This name is of the tenth-century English king Edgar- the Peaceful.

12. Fitzgerald, (Old French and German origin) means "son of the spear-ruler".

13. Gerald, (Old German origin) means "spear ruler".

14. Henry, (German origin) is a common name that means "ruler of the home".

15. Lancelot, (French origin) means "servant".

16. Michael, (Hebrew origin) means "who is like God".

17. Madison, (England origin) means "son of Maude" or "son of Matthew".

18. Napoleon, (Greek origin) means "lion of the new city".

19. Richard, (Old German origin) pronounced as RICH-erd, it means "powerful leader".

20. Spencer, (British origin) means "administrator" or "steward".

21. Titus, (Latin origin) meaning "title of honor".

22. Xander, (Greek origin) diminutive of Alexander, it means "defending men".

Current King Names

The names of great kings are always preferred because they own a history and legacy. Every name has a special place and worth. When considering baby names, choices like Roy, Rex, and Rian are ideal as they all mean king. For imposing characters names king from the past is a great choice. Here is a list of the famous kings' names that your child or character can be named after:

23. Bradley, (English origin) means "from the Broad Meadow" and is the name of Fuhrer king.

24. Chad, (English origin) is a cool-sounding name meaning "from the Warrior's Town".  

25. Cedric, (Old English origin) pronounced 'SED-rik', it means "kind" and "loved".

26. Daniel, (Hebrew origin) means "God is my judge".

27. Eric, (Scandinavian origin) means "eternal ruler".

28. Edgar, (Old English origin) means "wealthy spearman".

29. Frederick, (German origin) means a "peaceful ruler".

30. George, (Greek origin) is an extremely popular royal name meaning "farmer" or "tiller of the soil".

31. James, (English origin) means "supplanter" or "replacer".

32. Juan, (Spanish/ Hebrew origin) is a romantic name that means "God is gracious".

33. Julian, (Latin origin) means "youthful".

34. Jerrick, (English/American origin) means "strong, gifted ruler".

35. Kingsley, (Old English origin) means "king's meadows".

36. Kaiser, (Latin/German origin) meaning "emperor".

37. Lad, (Middle English origin) means "young man" or "manservant".

38. Philip, (Greek origin) means "lover of horses".

39. Ricardo, (Portuguese and Spanish origin) meaning "powerful leader".

40. Robb, (German origin) an abbreviation of 'Robert', it means "bright with fame" or "shinning".

41. Ralph, (Old English origin) pronounced 'Ralf'/ 'Rafe', it means "wolf counsel".

42. Solomon, (Hebrew origin) means "peace".

43. Steve, (English origin) is a more contemporary name for a king, and means "crown" or "garland".

44. Terry, (German origin) means "the power of the tribe" or "people's ruler".

45. Ted, (Old English and German origin) means "God's gift" or "wealthy guard".

46. Torvald, (Scandinavian origin) means "Thor's ruler".

47. Thad, (English/Arabic origin) means "heart".

48. Vlad, (Russian origin) is a popular name meaning "to rule".

49. Vladimir, (Slavic origin) means "universal ruler" or "renowned prince".

50. William, (Old German origin) means "determined protector" and is one of the English king names.

Fictional King Names

names for king that are cool

Classic name or a contemporary name? -- this is undoubtedly one of the biggest dilemmas parents, authors and gamers face while selecting a king name for their baby boy or character. While some are inclined towards chic and trendy names, a few have their hearts set on timeless classic royal ones. If you believe in experimenting with names, what could be a better way than naming your character after a fictional king/prince; it is a real attention-grabber. There are some good names for kings. The best names for a king are  Alexander, Henry, Charles and Reagan etc. Below is a list of famous fictional king/prince names:

51. Arkin, (Norwegian origin) means "eternal king's son".  

52. Baron, (Hebrew origin) means "son of Aaron".

53. Earl, (Anglo-Saxon origin) is a common baby name meaning "chief".

54. Herald, (English origin) means "one who proclaims".

55. Joffrey, (English origin) means "peace of a stranger".

56. Ladomir, (Russian origin) means "famous ruler".

57. Leroy, (French origin) means "the king".

58. Leroi, (French origin) meaning "the king".

59. Quinton, (English origin) means "Queen's manor".

60. Quicksilver, (English origin) means "element".

61. Rian, (Irish origin) means "little king".

62. Rex, (Latin origin) means "king".

63. Sire, (English origin) means "regal".

64. Sargon, (Greek origin) means "a true king".  

65. Thanos, (Greek origin) diminutive of Athanasios, it means "immortal".

66. Windsor, (Old English origin) meaning "riverbank with a winch".

67. Zoltar, (Greek origin) means "life".

Unique King Names

There is no question that a name is a crucial aspect of bringing out a person's individuality. The name equates to the identity of that person. Do you want your king to appear just and strong? Do you want him to exhibit leadership qualities and hold office in the future? If you are searching for a name to make your king stand out, then this kingly names list is for you. And if you want commanding names for your fearful character, these will also make good options. A king's name has an aura of power and majesty. Every author and parent wants their child to have a powerful name. A king's name is the best choice for any individual. Select one that you think will suit your needs.

68. Alaric, (German origin) is a unique name that means a "noble ruler".

69. Balder, (English origin) means "courageous", "brave" or "prince". Baldur, a variant stands for 'spreading light'.

70. Basil, (Greece origin) means "like a king".

71. Baron, (Old English origin) means "young warrior".

72. Conrad, (Old German origin) means "bold ruler". Its English version 'Konard' is fairly more popular and was held by a few German rulers.

73. Cyril, (Greek origin) meaning "master" or "lord".

74. Cyrus, (Greek origin) is a beautiful sounding name that means "lord".

75. Delroy, (French origin) means "of the king".

76. Darian, (Persian/ Kurdish origin) means "kingly".

77. Donovan, (Irish/Gaelic origin) means "brown or dark-haired leader" or "chieftain".

78. Griffith, (Welsh origin) meaning "prince" or "strong lord".

79. Gentian, (Latin origin) means "ancient king of Illyria (Croatia)".

80. Hector, (Greek origin) means "steadfast".

81. Idris, (Greek, Welsh/ Arabic origin) means "lord", "prince", or "like a king".

82. Keats, (English origin) is a simple name that means "kite".

83. Malik, (Arabic origin) means "sovereign" or "king".

84. Minos, (Greek origin) representing a king of Crete who developed the complicated labyrinth.

85. Neil, (Irish origin) is a short kings name meaning "champion".

86. Percy, (French origin) is an endearing name that means "Pierce Valley".

87. Rooney, (Gaelic and Irish origin) is a modern-sounding name that means "red-haired".

88. Shelley, (English origin) means "clearing on a bank".

89. Simon, (Hebrew origin) means "hearing" or "listen".

90. Silvio, (Italian/Portuguese/ Spanish origin) means "forest" or "wood".

Popular King Names

The names that you give your children and characters will make a difference in how the world sees them. If you want your character to have the qualities of a good king like strong leadership skills, bravery, administration skills, boldness, courage, selflessness, devotion and kindness, you should select names that mean king. If you aim to select a name with a newer vibe,  choose one from the below carefully curated list of popular and famous king names:

91. Archie, (English origin) is among the favored baby names and means "bold", "brace", or "genuine".

92. Andrea, (Greek origin) meaning "brave".

93. Alexis, (French and Greek origin) means "helping".

94. Charles, (English origin) means "free man".

95. Duke, (Latin origin) is a good choice among baby names and means "leader".

96. Edward, (English origin) means "a happy guardian".

97. Richie, (English origin) means "dominant ruler".

98. Tor, (Nigerian origin) is a unique and short name that means "king".

99. Wilson, (English and Scottish origin) a patronymic name form of Will which means "helmet" and "protector".

100. Wang, It is a Chinese name for King and is a popular name in China.

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