75 Lamb Names For Your Cute Companion

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To get ideas for funny sheep names, refer to this article since we curated some fascinating lamb names for you.

Sheep are social animals; they love having company with other sheep and goats. If you are getting a flock of sheep or only two, you can find good lamb names right here.

Female sheep is called an 'ewe,' and male sheep is called a 'ram'. All immature baby sheep, girl sheep, and boy sheep are known as lambs. Another fun fact is that a male goat is known as a 'billy,' and a female goat is called a 'nanny.'

Some of the most popular lamb names are coffee bean, blackjack, Mr. fuzzy face, Shrek, flock, lambert, shepherd, jack, and house.

Cute Country Lamb Names

Sheep come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. It's fun to call our pet sheep according to their appearances. Here are some cute country lamb names and funny sheep names ideas to reach your pets.

April (Latin origin), meaning 'to open', is famous among cute sheep names for pet sheep.

Bela (Hungarian origin), meaning 'beautiful', is short for Isabela.

Blackjack (English origin), meaning 'herb', is a cool name for your black beauty.

Brownie (English origin), meaning 'brown color', is a cute name for brown sheep.

Cloud (English origin), meaning 'visible vapor', is a good name for pet sheep and goats.

Coco (American origin), meaning 'chocolate beans', is an adorable name for a brown girl lamb.

Coffee Beans (Ethiopian origin), meaning 'beans', is a cute name for black sheep.

Cool Whip (English origin), meaning 'whipped cream', is a suitable name for your white lamb.

Cotton Ball (English origin), meaning 'cottages', is a cute white lamb name.

Cream Puff (English origin) means 'milk fat'. Cream puff is a good name for a white lamb.

Curly (English origin) means 'to have curls'. If your sheep has curly fleece, name it curly.

Daisy (English origin) means 'days-eye'. This is a cute name for baby female lamb.

Eve (Hebrew origin) means 'life and energy'.

Fleecy (English origin) means 'coat of wool'. Sheep with lots of fleece could be named this.

Lambie (English origin) means 'baby sheep'. Lambie is also the name of a cute baby lamb from Disney's 'Doc McStuffins'.

Merino (Spanish origin) means 'royalty'. Merino is also the name of a sheep breed.

Meryl Sheep (American origin) means 'shining'. Name your pet animal after the famous actress as a tribute.

Midnight (American origin), meaning 'dark', is a cute name for a black lamb.

Milky (English origin), meaning 'milk-like', is a suitable name for your white sheep.

Moon (Native American origin), meaning 'beautiful', is a good name for pets.

Mr. Fuzzyface (American origin), meaning 'freedom loving', is a cool name for sheep with excessive wool.

Oreo (American origin), meaning 'a cookie', is a cute name even for goats.

Pepper (American origin), meaning 'hot spice', is for a fiery lamb.

Rudy (Germanic origin) means an 'ill-mannered' and 'one that is impolite'.

Smokey (English origin), meaning 'smoke-colored', is an adorable name for goats and lambs.

Snowball (English origin), meaning 'ball made of snow', is a perfect name for white sheep.

Sweet Pea (Latin origin), meaning 'fragrance', is a famous female sheep name.

Twinkle (American origin), meaning 'sparkle', makes a good lamb name.

Vanilla Bean (Spanish origin), meaning 'little pod', is a cute name for a pet lamb.

Velvet (American origin), meaning 'soft fabric', suits sheep with soft wool.

Disney Lamb Names

Disney has the world's best animals. Their names are cute and funny. They have good options for some male sheep names. Disney movies like 'Zootopia' offer good ideas for your sheep. Read the list below to find some Disney-inspired cute male sheep names and female sheep names.

Bellwether (old English origin), meaning 'bell bearer', is a white sheep who leads the folk of sheep and is the antagonist of the movie 'Zootopia'.

Billy (German origin), meaning 'protection', is a white sheep from 'Toy Story'.

Bo Peep (English origin), meaning 'the act of looking out suddenly'. Bo Peep is the shepherd's name from 'Toy Story'.

Doug (Scottish origin), meaning 'dark stream', is a white sheep.

Goat (English origin), meaning 'homestead', is a white sheep who is friends with Billy and Gruff.

Gruff (Welsh origin), meaning 'prince', is the name of Gruff, the cute male sheep from 'Toy Story'.

Jesse (Hebrew origin), meaning 'lord exists', is a perfect name for a brown female sheep.

Lambert (German origin), meaning 'bright land', is a sheep's name in Disney shorts.

Mr. Woolensworth (fictional origin), meaning 'wool and worth', is a white sheep from the animation 'Chicken Little'.

Page (English origin), meaning 'attendant', is a cute fluffy lamb of Princess Belle.

Ram (Biblical origin), meaning 'sublime', is a holy sheep from the 'Bible' and the pair of male Dall's sheep in 'Brother Bear'.

Wooly (English origin), meaning 'made of wool'. Wooly is another Disney sheep. Name your pet sheep Wooly if they shed wool a lot.

Wooster (German origin), meaning 'commander of the army', is the name of a brown Disney sheep.

Cute little lamb on fresh spring green meadow during sunrise

San Francisco Lamb Names

North America is home to bighorn sheep. California, where San Francisco is located, ranks in the top states among those with sheep. Here are some name ideas for sheep with horns and other famous sheep who have made history.

Beast (French origin), meaning 'monster', is a cool name for any sheep.

Dolly (English origin), meaning 'gift of God'. Dolly was the famous first cloned Finnish Dorset sheep.

Dumbledore (Celtic origin), meaning 'noble', makes an excellent male sheep name.

Faun (French origin), meaning 'young deer', is a cute name.

Lance Corporal Derby (English origin), meaning 'land', was the highest-ranking sheep in the British army.

Lucifer (Latin origin), meaning 'morning star', is a perfect name for a sheep with horns.

Methuselah (Hebrew origin), meaning 'one who was sent', is the only sheep in the world to live 25 years and 11 months.

Montauciel (French origin), meaning 'climb to the sky', was the first mammal to fly and ride in a hot air balloon.

Pumbaa (Swahili origin), meaning 'slow-witted', is a cute Disney-inspired name.

Shrek (German origin), meaning 'fight', is a famous male Merino, who didn't get his wool removed for six years.

Cute Cartoon Lamb Names

If you are looking for a famous sheep name to call your pet, a favorite cartoon character of goats and sheep will make the perfect name. But, of course, you can go with classic names like Shaun or Gruff. Read the list for more ideas for black sheep names.

Derek (German origin), meaning 'the people ruler'. Derek the sheep is a famous fictional character from the British sitcom, 'The Beano'.

Hazel (English origin) means 'hazel tree'. Hazel is a black sheep, and this name is famous among female sheep names.

Nuts (Egyptian origin), meaning 'mythical sky goddess', was one of the black sheep on 'Shaun's Farm'.

Samuel (Hebrew origin) means 'God has heard'. A sheep 'Charlotte's Web' fans love.

Shaun the sheep (Irish origin) means 'God is gracious'. Shaun the Sheep is a famous black sheep cartoon character.

Shirley (English origin), meaning 'bright meadow', is a female sheep who is a black sheep and has white fleece. She is a fleece machine of the flock.

Suzy (Hebrew origin), meaning 'lily, rose'. Suzy sheep is Peppa pig's best friend.

Timmy (English origin) means 'honoring'. Timmy is a baby black sheep on Shaun's farm. So if you are looking for cute baby lamb names, Timmy makes for a good name.

Funny Sheep Names

Sheep are adorable and funny animals. They love to mess around and play with other mammal friends. So here are a few ideas for funny sheep names, mostly that don't make any sense, like their funny actions.

Baa-cchus (Greek origin), meaning 'God of wine', is a wordplay on the word baa.

Baa-hula (Indian origin), meaning 'star', is a cute wordplay with baa sound.

Baa-njamin (Hebrew origin), meaning 'son of the right hand', is a wordplay.

Baabaa (English origin), meaning 'sound of the sheep,' is a funny name for a pet.

Biryani (Middle-East origin), meaning 'meat and rice cuisine', is a cool name for a lamb.

Bread (English origin), meaning 'baked good', is a funny name for a white lamb.

Cheese (English origin), meaning 'milk product', as their milk is rich and nutritious.

Jumper (English origin), meaning 'knitted wear', a name fit for sheep with heavy wool.

Lamborghini (Italian origin), meaning 'flash of lightning', is a funny name for sheep that like to run.

Mutton (Middle-East origin), meaning 'meat of lamb', is a funny name for a pet.

Pirate Sheep (English origin), meaning 'sea robber', is a pun on the ship and sheep.

Ramsey (English origin), meaning 'male sheep', is also the name of Gordon Ramsey.

Sweater (English origin) means 'woolen vest', for obvious reasons.

Wooly Bully (English origin), meaning 'made of wool', is a funny name for dorky lambs.

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